AC DCI was born in a time when everybody forgot their dreams. Many of us still do. Between falling asleep and waking up there’s only amnesia. However, dreams can be remembered . Once remembered, if you don’t like them, dreams can also be changed. That’s dreaming 101. The next step is even more exciting, because it looks like we're all connected in dreams.

I found my very first experience with connecting to somebody else in a dream unsettling. A friend showed up and he seemed to have some unspecified emotional problems that surprised me. I found this a bit too challenging to check with him. It may or may not have been a true connection, but it was convincing enough for me to reconsider many of my assumptions about dreams and reality in general. Suddenly dreams were much more than a virtual world inside my own head. Anybody could step into those dreams, friends and family, but also an unlimited number of strangers.

Dreams were considered extremely obscure at the time, so I didn't quite know how to proceed. I knew that mystics sometimes say that we’re all connected. I never expected that this would be so clearly visible in dreams. I wasn’t quite sure whether I liked it.

Many years later I had a partially confirmed meeting in a dream with a stranger. In that dream I met a man who had a remarkable interest in the rock band AC/DC. I woke up being amazed by the emphasis on this band. Assuming that this dream was all about me, I couldn’t figure out why a band that didn’t hold any meaning to me should be so important. Later that day I received an email from a stranger who had written a book that he wanted me to read. Something about our email interaction reminded me of the dream, so I asked him about music he liked. I don’t remember the exact details of that conversation, except that he indeed confirmed that he was a huge fan of AC/DC.

Somehow I could handle this second experience much better already. Still, it leaves one wondering. During sleep we have many dreams every night again. How many of these dreams could be shared with others? Given that most of our world is inhabited by strangers, we could be dreaming with others all the time without knowing it. Even worse, it may just be possible that we’re dreaming with people we do know without recognizing it. There is quite some support for the possibility that we're mutual dreaming all the time. I’ll tell more about this later.