The world as seen through dreams

I work a very late second shift so it was around 7:00 am, January 6th.

the dream

I have never had a dream like this or heard anyone who has had a similar dream. I fell asleep in my recliner, as I am inclined to do, so in my dream I was also sitting in a chair. I am very sure I was about 80% lucid and in REM because, even though I felt paralyzed, I tried to speak, I think outloud, but it took all the focus and energy I could muster. Ok, here's the dream...

I was sitting in a chair and was explaining to some people who were all dressed in long flowing satin robes that were a very dark flat grey, but not black. I was explaining that every time I closed my eyes for more than a few seconds, even though I was in a building at the time, I would see a very dark sky with lots of dark grey clouds. There were also many rectangular objects just floating in the sky. These were barely distinguishable from the clouds.

But the strangest part is that some kind of symbols would appear for what seemed like 1 or 2 seconds, but it was so brief it was hard to focus on any one of them so I could remember them. I did remember a couple. One was a geometric shape like an octagon, but it could have had 10 or 12 sides. It was neon green. there were also neon green beams of light coming out of it, similar to the way a child draws a sun. All of the symbols were thin neon lights, very specific in design as if they were drawn by a draftsman.

It seemed like dozens of these symbols flashed in front of me, up in the sky with the dark clouds and rectangular shapes as a background. they were NOT alien space ships or anything like that. They looked like neon lights and seemed like they were different colors.

The people there wanted me to describe what i was seeing, but it was very hard because it was so scary. I had to force the words out of my mouth. There were 2 or 3 people walking around my chair. I kind of got the impression that the symbols meant something to them, but they meant nothing to me. I just wanted it to stop.

August 25th, 2011

Missile Launches

Dream by KuernoDeChivo posted in Other News, Disaster

Approx 0400 Mountain time Aug 25 2011

the dream

Last night I had a crazy and somewhat alarming dream. I was looking North (not sure on location possibly here in Utah County).

It was night and I saw tens if not hundreds of rockets or missiles launching up into the sky. There were so many launched it almost looked like a firework show but they did not "report" or explode. They continued up into the atmosphere.

It seems like I did also hear one explosion.

Shortly there after the Electrical Power went out.

A little later it was light maybe a day after. There was no food in the super markets. There were soup kitchen's set up the next day or so for people with no food. The power was still out. We were trying to decide if there was anything that we could do at all for my job but pretty much all of society had stopped including my job as I remember talking to my workmates trying to decide if there was anything we could do when all the computer systems were down. I remember sitting in the quiet with friends and family discussing the situation.

April 13th, 2011

My Dream

Dream by Maia posted in Disaster

April 01,2011 approximately 2-3am

the dream

I see the world crumbling down.The earth is covered with dark clouds.The sun exploded, the lightning and thunder deafened my ears as it divides the clouds.There will be an earthquake. A name of a certain tower flashed in my mind as swift as the flying jet. A name of a tower I have never heard in my life. I hope it's just fruit of my dream and that the name I read is not existing. I have wished and prayed that my dream be buried as just a dream and remain as a dream ... even though the name of that tower in my dream .... I found out that it EXISTED in this crumbling world....not just a tower but it was a HOTEL TOWER.

April 13th, 2011


Dream by Maia posted in Disaster

earthquake, the sun exploded

the dream

I dream of an earthquake that will hit a certain place. Then the name of a place flashed in my mind as swift as a flying jet. The name is so clear that i was able to remember when i wake up. It's Myangat Tower. When I wake up, I was wondering it that certain name existed in the world. Three days later, I decided to look for that name in the web and I found out it's existing. It is located in Mongolia. A hotel which have split tower.
Why did I dreamed that place or thing when in fact I still haven't hear that name of a place or thing.

I dreamed this 3/24/2011

the dream

I dreamed I was running from a rising flood going towards a mountain top. I arrived at a place where other people where gathered and there was a man preaching. Also there where wild animals and insects. There where people standing around and wasp in there hair and dogs barking and growling it was so surreal. The preacher was saying the anti Christ had arrived and the end was near. He made reference to Sara Palin how we where all fooled.I am not a political person and have never voted in my life just saying this is so unreal. What could this mean? I use to be a strong Christan and led many souls to Christ but I have known the holy ghost very closely. Don't know if this is a vision or just a bad dream my great uncle was the Great Criswell but I didn't know him.

January 19th, 2011


Dream by ws34nipissing posted in Remote viewing

1 week ago

the dream

I was in Russia, walking outside, there was snow on the ground and all around there were farmers fields. There is something there, maybe underground, somehow I just knew it. A government bunker?

January 19th, 2011

the man in black

Dream by ws34nipissing posted in Remote viewing

2 days ago

the dream

I don't know where I was, but there was a man in my dream, a good looking man in black. I was apologizing to him for something and he looked at me and said " you know who I am ". I am finding that people in my dreams now talk to me, they know me, my name, even though I don't recognize them.?

April 24th, 2010

earth crack

Dream by Vanwinkie posted in Disaster, Future dream

thur.4/22 early am

the dream

I was in an occilating earthquake and the tall building split in half and revealed the sun I emerged through glass windows unscathed.

December 10th, 2009

precognitive of Fringe episode

Dream by al posted in Future dream, Confirmed psi

Thursday, Dec. 10

the dream

I'm a passenger in a car and there are poisonous snakes slithering around under the seats and coming out to bite us on the legs. I'm so horrified, and I think about how this is my worst nightmare — even though it doesn't occur to me that this IS a nightmare.

Then I'm in a mob of gangsters riding in the same car and we’re coming up to a toll booth leading into the Prudential Tunnel in Boston (dream memory, there is no toll booth there). We blast through the booth, shooting the attendants as we crash through. Unlike how I am in real life, I have no remorse as we do these terrible deeds, and indeed don't seem to have any emotional reaction at all to what I'm doing.

We switch to walking on foot, and end up in South Boston. In a building we enter there are shower heads in the ceiling spraying acid, and we have to run different directions in order to avoid it. One by one my gangster cohorts are felled by the acid, but I keep running and dodging the deadly liquid without getting any of it on me. (This whole dream was precognitive of the episode of Fringe that I recorded last week, but had no knowledge of until I watched it today while I was on my treadmill; the show had large parasites that bit like snakes; a Chinatown gang; and the setting was Dorchester Landing, which is in South Boston. I tend to have a lot of precognitive dreams about TV shows I watch the next day).

giant, coffin shaped containers made out of white styrofoam that contain thousands of units of blood

tests on them to make sure they are safe for transfusion

green jellyfish that are shaped like coins, and people tell me the latter attach to your skin like barnacles. Before I can get out, I get one on my leg and I fear that it will have to be surgically removed (this was precognitive of the Fringe episode parasite creatures as well).

a small car on the Champs Elysées in Paris

a TV that was in a bicycle rack fell off and sort of folded flat, like a cardboard box would

they have been painting a black, wrought iron staircase and that employees of a school are helping people get over the parts of it that are ready to break, so there won't be any accidents. Someone helps me across an area that has no metal, but then as I'm going up the steps, one of the trustees of the school is testing the banister with his cane. Annoyed, I tell him to stop doing that, because I'm afraid it will break with me on it. However, when I get to the top I suddenly slide all the way back down on a canvas surface that has wet caulking material on it.

December 10th, 2009

dream characters can be communicated with

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the dream

Dream character: eyebrows lift in surprise and I realize that I got through to him.
Harlan Ellison

August 18th, 2009


Dream by elizabeth bickford posted in Disaster

August 16, 2009-Sunday night

the dream

I dreamt that I was returning home (to Virginia?) from Chicago and decided to take a sea kayak rather than fly. For some reason I was going to go via the Panama Canal.

I got in my sea kayak in the ocean and as I approached the eastern side of the Panama Canal there was a tremendous (30 foot high?) wave curling up behind me. I was struggling to get my sea kayak into the locks of the canal. I felt like I would be safe there.

The dream ended with me trying to get my kayak over into the locks and being worried that I would sucked down in a whirlpool.

April 11th, 2009

The man that made light with his hands

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the dream

I had this dream in the morning when I liked to sleep a bit more than normal. In my dream, I was in a room, no very big, full of woman sitting around. They were all dressed smart, long dress mostly color blue or green, with some hats or masks in the head. There were two guys in the center, one of them I knew immediately because I was in his course in the last evening.

He was using his hands to make a ball of light and I saw the bright light reflecting from the wall. The light came from his arm. I did not show much interest although what he was doing was extraordinary thing. I saw myself siting in the bed in the same room when other gay came near to me and I again was disinterested. After that I felt that this energy was already in my bedroom when I was sleeping and was all collected in a ball of light. I felt this energy and I become a flow of energy in resonance with the energy in my room. I was no more a person but only energy. I was paralised, I wanted to shout but I was not able. I felt that someone was pulling this energy and I became scared. I wanted to make the sign of the cross with my hand but I could not move my hands only finger; with them I made, in both hand, the letter "U" and my mind called the name of my salvator J. Christ. After that I awake up immediately.
I had a low mood for all the week and many thought.