i woke up, dont know what day it was it ws just like any other day i made breakfast turned on the tv and the news was on, they reported that there was going to be heavy flooding around the area that i lived. the day went on and i had dinner, then i noticed it began raining it was flooding really bad so i put sandbags up to stop the water it was no use and the water came up as far as my stairs so i had to stay on the second floor.

anyway the power was dead there was no phone no lights and no tv then there was a bright light coming through my window so i peeped out and it was a tripod from war of the worlds walking past my house it then made the sound that tripods make, it really vibrated my house and shook it i was really terrified by now and wanted my parents they had gone out i heard somone at the door i swam downstairs and opened it it was an alien from one of he tripods it gave me an empty packet of marshmellows, i slammed the door shut and went to bed thinking this must all be a dream.

i woke up the next day still in the dream i thought i had woken up not in the dream until i looked out the window, the floods had cleared and the place where i lived was in ruins, houses were smashed and there were black clouds and snow i heard somone else at the door so i went down and opened it, it was somone from a bus company taking people to a safe place i went with them on the way there i saw my parents jeep on its side with scratches along it i burst into tears i the heard the tripod sound again and the bus got blasted off the road i escaped and hid in a small house on the side of the road i heard screams and crowds of people fleeing i looked out and saw aliens devouring people then i came face to face with an alien that was behind me the house got destroyed by an explosion from a tank witch had opened fire on it i lay in the snow and suddenly woke up with a sweat and crying.