I was running across a football field with one of my friends and we were carrying these packages. We ran out into the middle of a play and my friend said, "Come on Kevin, before you get hit." We ran and there was the stands with stairs and then there was this very steep rocky hill covered in brush beside it. My friend took the easy way up the stairs and I went up the steep hill. I kept climbing to the top, getting cut by rocks and pricker bushes. I got to the top and sat there in all this brush. I cleared all of it away and looked out over what seemed like a cliff. I saw miles of green forest and there was just spots of water that I think were lakes. I thought in the dream it was beautiful. I was still cut by everything. It was so sunny.

Then I looked down at where the football field use to be and saw a long house right along the beach. It was very close to the ocean and it seemed peaceful. I ran down to it and the cuts and package was gone. I felt bran new. It was very calm where I was. I walked inside the house and my friend reappeared and started screaming at me. She was saying how I betrayed her and along those lines. She then left. I ran into this room where it looked like an altar. I started praying to God there. (I was still in the house) This lady that was Hispanic came out from the door and said she owned the house and that that wasn't an altar to God. I just froze and felt I did something wrong. She said she was one of the few people who worshiped the ocean or the water. She was dressed in a colorful dress with Fall colors. I went to the door beside her and my friend appeared and started screaming at me in front of the lady. I collapsed on the floor crying. My friend left and I got up and walked out. I looked out the door and saw the sky was pitch black with black clouds and the ocean was tumbling back and forth. Winds were picking up. I thought it was maybe a hurricane. Lightning was shattering all around the house and the ocean. It hit the water and made terrible booms like a bomb exploded. Five people then appeared. It was me, that Hispanic lady, my friend, a baby and some 30-40 year old guy I didn't know. I said lets go everyone something is going to happen to the house. The Hispanic lady said, "I can't leave." I said lets go. I grabbed the baby who was bundled up and not crying. I looked out the front window and water was crashing against the house in a fit of rage and lighting was coming down everywhere and pieces of debre was flying around outside. I said to them to lets go and I kicked out the back window of the house. My friend didn't have her package anymore. We all ran out of the house and jumped out the bottom window.

We started running up this hill towards this big old castle where it was really sunny. All my family and a couple other people I didn't know were up there. We kept running for our lives. We stopped when we hit green grass and you could the feel the warmth of the sun.

I looked and saw it was like we were in two different worlds. If I took one more step back I would be on the beach. It was like light vs. dark. I said look down at the house. We looked down and this wave brought this gigantic rock and it crushed the house and it was swallowed by the sea. I ran up with the other 4 with me still carrying the baby and my family said welcome and glad to have you here and things like that. My friend went over to her family and the Hispanic lady went to hers but the baby and the older looking guy stayed with me.

Then it ended.