The dream started out of me and my mom going to look for houses to by but it was weird because we were like in the forest with abbanded houses and the houses were really crappy beat up houses with metal doors and wooden structure. and the was this abbanded road that wasnt in use anymore so we just started walking down this road and the road took us to this beach/ocean shoreline. like the road cut off and all you could see was this shoreline. so my mom stayed on the road and i went down walking down the shoreline. i started running for some reason and then i stopped and started walking again. i was looking straight ahead and not at the ocean. all of a sudden i seen this family of a about 5 people just walking. and then BOOM i get hit by a huge wave out of no where and all of a sudden it was pitch dark and i couldnt see anything. i was thinking to myself this is a dream and i kept trying to wake up and wake up but i couldnt, then all of a sudden i woke up and took a big breath for some reason. and i got up to go pee and my right side of my head was hurting because when i was walking on the shoreline the ocean was to the right of me therefore it hit my right side.

i seen the dream in 1st person view. it was by far the weirdest dream ive ever had. but for some reason i always dream about water.