While I was having an odd dream about a group of elderly, cancer victims sitting at a picnic table eating lunch, there was a strange interruption in the dream. Right in the middle of my dream I heard my youngest daughter (18 yrs old) ask, very loud and clear, "Where is Chris?" (Chris is my boyfriend) I answered "Right here", and then she said, very loud and clear, "Your mom died in the hospital." and her voice was so loud and clear, as if she were right in my room, that it made me jump awake. She isn't even home right now. I can't shake this odd feeling that it was some sort of a warning, but I don't know exactly of what? My mom is going to die in a hospital? Or maybe since she asked where Chris was, his mom is going to die? It's really making me feel creeped out for some reason. This dream was not a "normal" dream.