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February 20th, 2008

Psychic Start to My Morning

February 20th - I woke up about 10 minutes before my alarm went off. I’m laying in bed, half awake and the music alarm goes off…and Celine Dion is singing “I Drove All Night”. The next announcement that the radio personalities mention is tonight is a lunar eclipse and the moon shadow will be red.

I have a few psi-triggers in my dreams that I have noticed over the years. Telephones and photo albums usually indicate a psychic dream for me.

the dream

February 19th -
I am dreaming about a radio contest. They are playing slices of a song, and you have to call in to name at least two other artists who have covered it. They start playing Roy Orbisons “I drove all night”. I don’t have access to a phone, but I know that Cyndi Lauper and Celine Dion are two popular artists that have covered this song. I’m listening to the callers, and they continue to make wild but inaccurate guesses. I am trying to find a phone to call in because I know I would win this contest, but I can’t and they finally declare that there's no winner and move on to another song. EOD.

May 25th, 2006

Flying Games

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There may be a cultural disconnect on the reference to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, but the general plot of the children’s animated Christmas movie is: A misfit reindeer and his friends look for a place that will accept them. Even though the misfit and his friends struggle for acceptance, in the end, their talents are required to save the day. It would be great if I could find this animated sequence of them learning to fly. And as I am typing this out, their actions were called: “The Reindeer Games” so I feel a slight connection with “The Precognition Games”

The music of “Oh Father” may be a trigger to notice the reference to a man and his daughter who are learning to fly. Is there anyone who is taking part in the Precognition Games that fits this description?

the dream

I dreamt that I am observing a classroom where there are children and adults who are learning how to fly. (Even while dreaming, I realize the best way that describes their movements is like the scene in “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” where the young reindeers were learning how to fly. Running start…a leap into the air….and then they would either fly or fall to the ground.) There is music playing in the background, the instrumental version of “Oh Father” by the artist Madonna. The only part of the song that is playing is the music box violin and piano introduction. There are no lyrics being sung.

The instructor is being supportive, giving tips on how to fly for the first time. He instructs a father with a semi-muscular build, who has dark brown, short, straight hair, that he would gain more height if he raised his arms up above his head right before the final leap step. The man takes his advice and begins to fly. His daughter stays on the ground, giggles and beings to clap her hands showing she is happy that her dad learned to fly.

May 16th, 2006

Dismantling the Statue of Liberty

Dream by Laura A posted in Politics

A very brief dream, unusual in the aspect I rarely dream of anything political. I am thinking this is more symbolic of what the Statue of Liberty represents in terms of immigration, and the points of her crown symbolizing the seven seas and continents. This is already a hot news topic, but I think there is much more political controversy to come down the line.

the dream

I am watching the CNN news. White House key speaker is making an announcement that the Statue of Liberty is going to be dismantled. President Bush has caused a riff with the French government, and the Prime Minister announces they are happy to see it taken down, but would like it returned to their country. Engineers are already on site, and scaling scaffolding that has been set up around the statue. They are being guarded by the Army. The first thing the engineers are removing are the points of her crown.

April 20th, 2006

Vlod - Priest and Sermon

Dream by Laura A posted in Dreamt on request, Water
the dream

A large crowd has gathered. The main lecturer is a priest. (And older man, white thinning hair, but I think he is holding a cardinal hat-but isn’t wearing it.) A medium sized barge, flat raft is on water. It has a canopy to provide shade for congregation. Rows of chairs have been set up for people to sit in. He plans on giving his lecture in the middle of a lake.

Once the last person has arrived, the raft sets out slowly to the middle of the lake. The edges of the horizon begin to bend and distort. Many people start to see the same thing. It starts slowly, but then the raft begins to rotate a bit more rapidly, and the land on the horizon begins to wave and ripple. The water is still. The shore bends towards the raft, the best way I can describe it is like bending and straightening a paperclip.

The priest stands up and asks the crowd: “Is anyone else experiencing VLOD?” He motions his hands and raises them like it is a sign from heaven. A woman sitting next to me explains that VLOD is “Virtual Linear Optical Distortion” I suspect that this is some sort of group hypnosis or hallucination. I yell out – “The motion is making me sick to my stomach.” He looks me right in the eyes and replies: “If you aren’t ready for Vlod then you must get off the raft.” EOD

April 15th, 2006

1987 Art Class

Dream by Laura A posted in Other psi

I wake up feeling that this has some sort of connection. I've no idea if he still works at Marshfield High, or if he is still living. I'll do some online research to see what I can find. This may be no other connection other than personal connection to artwork.

the dream

I dreamed that I was walking through my old high school (Marshfield High). I was looking for my former art teacher, S.Boczanowski. What are the chances that I will find him here? I go up the stairs to room 205, and see the classroom. There are a few students working under flood lights, working on large self portraits in charcoal. Mr. B is looking over the shoulder of a boy working on a computer program. When I tap him on the shoulder, he snaps at me - "Couldn't you please make an appointment for next Wednesday?" I am surprised by his reaction, but then I realise that I have interrupted his day. With persistance I ask to speak with him when he gets a moment. He agrees and we will meet in his office in 10 minutes. I walk towards the photography dark room and it is almost exactly how I remember it from 1987, with the same steel film tanks, wheels, trays and sinks. Its nice to see that he still teaches the manual method of processing black and white 35 mm film.

I sit in his office, and he walks in looking a bit frustrated. "Have students changed?" I ask. "Yes, their attitudes seem anthopoid. So what can I do for you?" "I am just here to thank you for inspiring me while I attended school here. Its something I carried forth with me my entire life." He starts to mention sponsorship, and that's where the dream ended. EOD

the dream

I’ve received a silver ticket invitation to a gallery artist opening. The show opens at midnight. It is sponsored by "The Little Rosebud Alliance" I think that’s an odd time for a show to open. The name of the show is “Fused Geometry”.

When I arrive at the gallery there are about 100 people jammed into one dark, small room, sipping on red wine and eating fruit. The buzz of conversation is “So, where is the artwork? Is this some type of joke? I should be asleep now.” Although the gallery room itself is small, it has very high ceilings.

Someone says something funny (I can’t remember what was said) and when I laugh, I look towards the ceiling and begin to stare. From the ceiling area are large geometric patterns, mostly squares and circles in primary colors. They are somehow constructed into a false ceiling. It is very colorful. There are fiber optic threads that begin to shine, and depending on where the light shines, it changes the colors of the patterns. (must be many layered ceiling to accomplish this). Everyone begins arching his or her necks to look at the artwork on the ceiling.

March 25th, 2006

Sinister Package - Aisle 10

Dream by Laura A posted in Crime, Disaster, Future dream

I fell asleep after dinner, and this is what I dreamt. My first impresions on waking is that this mall cannot recover financially after such a hazardous threat, that small town Americana malls are a new target. It didn't seem important that I saw a couple from 15 years ago.

the dream

Sinister Package Aisle 10

I am in K-Mart or WalMart - an anchor store to a small mall in a small town. I have a shopping carriage with a few items in it. A security guard passes me and I over hear on his walkie-talkie radio: "Attention, Sinister Package, Aisle 10" He begins to run.

I begin to walk towards the front of the store in disbelief of what I just heard, and I see people in the check out line with their items. The overhead speaker now announces: "Due to emergency, please leave your items, stay calm and evacuate the store immediately." People rush to the door, many put items in bag and don't pay for them. (Like looting). Clerks are putting yellow "PAID" stickers on items as fast as they can.

Now outside in the parking lot, I see Jilda and Charles who I haven't seen in at least 15 years. She doesn't seem to remember me. It doesn't seem important. I walk on.

I try several times to call my parents on cell phone, and cannot get a signal. I see at least 10 people on the sidewalk in the distance, aiming their phones at a radio station tower hoping to get a signal too. An operator comes on the line and gives me a number: 06940 I tell her that at least 500 people need a telephone signal immediately.

Firetrucks, police and a hazardous materials team begin to arrive on the scene. It seems very unorganized as to how they are directing people where to go.

I see the HazMat team take a dark green garbage bag to a bomb squad area and they begin to do some sort of metalic analyzis on it. They put the entire package into a large cement box and lower it into the ground as if it will detonate. I am very suprised that the authorities allow me to get so close to see what they are doing. Once I understand that this is a very serious situation and not a training excercise, I run in the opposite direction.

March 21, 2005 woke up at 4:09 a.m. smelling my Nana's perfume. I can recall this happening only two other times in my life. 1) with my other grandmother, I could smell her cigarettes smoke and perfume / roses --- happened the same time she passed away 2) with this same Nana, dreamt that she fell down a flight of stairs, and days later she called from the hospital to tell us that she broke her leg. Did she call anyone when it happened? No! So, generally, this dream makes me concerned.

the dream

I dreamed of my Nana (Marguerite). Her face appeared, she was wearing her blue tinted eye glasses. She didn't say anything, she just looked at me with a small lopsided smile.

It was a very simple dream except for the fact that it woke me up, and I could smell her perfume in the air. She wears a scent called "Red Door".

March 20th, 2006

Ilze's Disguise

Dreamed as requested for "Nice to meet you" goal. It would be a miracle if I could see this happen within a weeks time....but something I imagine could happen far into the future...maybe on my next trip :)

the dream

I dream of Ilze again ... not sure why she keeps appearing in my dreams. This time, she was playing “dress up” putting on play clothes (clothes from her mom’s closet). She put on a dark wig and was trying to fool me as to who she was: My name is NOT Ilze, spoken in Dutch, followed by a giggle, and then went on to pretending to be a lady living in a castle.

February 28th, 2006

Car Exhaust Fumes

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the dream

I've brought my car to the garage for RI State inspection. While talking with the mechanics, they insert the calibration hose into the tailpipe. My car starts to smoke and fill the garage up with smoke. They two mechanics that I can see start fanning their faces with a look on their face "pheeeew" and one shuts off the car while the other opens the garage door.

February 28th, 2006

Zero Blood Count

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February 28, 2006

the dream

My cell phone rings, and it is my cousin Sean. His voice is scattered, and he's telling me that his mother (my Aunt U.) has a zero blood count and is in the hospital. He cannot reach my father or uncle R, and that they are needed to go to the hospital to say goodbye. Then he says that R. is on his way, so I am confused by the message. Does he need me to reach the uncle as well? I say that I will be there as soon as possible. I call my father on video phone, and his knees are shaking. I relay the message that Aunt U. has zero blood count.

February 20th, 2006

Conversation & a Cigarette with B

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The dream was extremely lucid, like B learned some type of astral projection or something. It was like he materialized right in front of me, and I could hear his voice as clear as day, like a waking life conversation. But for whatever reason, I had no voice in this dream, I couldn't participate in the conversations. Maybe he's trying to get a message through?

I have emailed his ex-wife (who I am close friends with) and this was her reply: "He did cut his hair and shave when he went into the shelter. Not sure what he's looking like now, but I wouldn't be surprised if he looked just like you saw him. I will e-mail him today and see if I get a reply. I'm always concerned for his well-being. If he is reaching out this much, he may need to hear from me. Thank you....."

the dream

I am in a building, it appears to be a warehouse of some sort. I am on the second floor - a coffee shop/ magazine store where people can buy cigarettes and buy coffee, sit an relax on large sofas.

I sit down on one really large sofa that is tucked into a small hallway in the back of the floor. The sofa is covered in printed Indian patterns. I begin to open my book when suddenly B sits down next to me. "Hi Boots" he says. (Huh? Am I dreaming?) He appears that he has cut his hair very short, trimmed his beard and was wearing a black t-shirt, jeans and matching black motorcycle boots.

He lights up a cigarette, offers me one, and I accept. (Okay I must be dreaming) and politely asks if I have time to speak with him. His voice is clear. He begins to well up with tears. "I shouldn't have let her go". I don't how to reply. He looks me straight in the eye and says with conviction, "Laura, I am going to Georgia to bring her back home." Then "Let's go take a walk"

We get up from the sofa and start to slowly walk to the stairs. Suddenly, he throws himself down the stairs and tumbles to the bottom. I see him at the bottom of the stairs with the cigarette still in his mouth, and he is crying. This unexpected action shocks me so much that it triggers me to wake up.

End of Dream.