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December 10th, 2009

precognitive of Fringe episode

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Thursday, Dec. 10

the dream

I'm a passenger in a car and there are poisonous snakes slithering around under the seats and coming out to bite us on the legs. I'm so horrified, and I think about how this is my worst nightmare — even though it doesn't occur to me that this IS a nightmare.

Then I'm in a mob of gangsters riding in the same car and we’re coming up to a toll booth leading into the Prudential Tunnel in Boston (dream memory, there is no toll booth there). We blast through the booth, shooting the attendants as we crash through. Unlike how I am in real life, I have no remorse as we do these terrible deeds, and indeed don't seem to have any emotional reaction at all to what I'm doing.

We switch to walking on foot, and end up in South Boston. In a building we enter there are shower heads in the ceiling spraying acid, and we have to run different directions in order to avoid it. One by one my gangster cohorts are felled by the acid, but I keep running and dodging the deadly liquid without getting any of it on me. (This whole dream was precognitive of the episode of Fringe that I recorded last week, but had no knowledge of until I watched it today while I was on my treadmill; the show had large parasites that bit like snakes; a Chinatown gang; and the setting was Dorchester Landing, which is in South Boston. I tend to have a lot of precognitive dreams about TV shows I watch the next day).

giant, coffin shaped containers made out of white styrofoam that contain thousands of units of blood

tests on them to make sure they are safe for transfusion

green jellyfish that are shaped like coins, and people tell me the latter attach to your skin like barnacles. Before I can get out, I get one on my leg and I fear that it will have to be surgically removed (this was precognitive of the Fringe episode parasite creatures as well).

a small car on the Champs Elysées in Paris

a TV that was in a bicycle rack fell off and sort of folded flat, like a cardboard box would

they have been painting a black, wrought iron staircase and that employees of a school are helping people get over the parts of it that are ready to break, so there won't be any accidents. Someone helps me across an area that has no metal, but then as I'm going up the steps, one of the trustees of the school is testing the banister with his cane. Annoyed, I tell him to stop doing that, because I'm afraid it will break with me on it. However, when I get to the top I suddenly slide all the way back down on a canvas surface that has wet caulking material on it.

December 10th, 2009

dream characters can be communicated with

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the dream

Dream character: eyebrows lift in surprise and I realize that I got through to him.
Harlan Ellison