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October 29th, 2007

Jumpoint to other worlds

Dream by Harry posted in One of my scariest

I looked it up, and I had this dream in October 2001. That is much longer ago than I thought. The memory to this dream still seems so very fresh. The main fear here is that I'm afraid to get myself into something that I won't be able to get out of.

the dream

I'm riding my bike on a busy street. I'm aware of the dream. The road brings me inside a building. I descend and end up in a multi dimensional space that offers a view of several other worlds. All of these worlds are very different to our world, and I wonder whether perhaps some may even have different laws of physics. I see life forms moving around in one world, again very different from anything we know at Earth. I know that I could simply step into one of these worlds, and I'm very curious about all of these worlds. But at the same time this makes me quite afraid.

I had this dream at the morning of Friday, July 27th, 2007. I'm currently in the Netherlands, which means that it takes another six to nine hours before morning arrives in the USA.

I didn't think of posting it to the Registry, as I had had a rough dream earlier this week where three lions ripped me up. I assumed the plane crashes were a strictly personal dream. I did however log the dream at my website, although that doesn't prove anything of course.

I put notes with pictures on my website. Basically, there was a double helicopter crash later that day in Phoenix, Arizona. There was a double plane crash later that day in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The day after, a plane that was doing a duo show, crashed in Dayton, Ohio.

the dream

We're standing in our front yard, Kropswolde house. I see a plane flying far too low. I only got a very short view of it, before it the house obscured the sight of it. When it turns up from the other side, I notice that they are two planes, one resting on top of two thirds of the other. The first one has a helper rotor to keep it all in the air.

The planes disappear behind another house. When I see them again, they have gained height, but also starting diving to the ground. They crash hard.

Throughout this story, a second story develops where my dad demonstrates how fast he can set up an ecologically sound building, and how fast he can take it down as well.

December 22nd, 2006

Extreme sadness

Dream by Harry posted in Other News, Other psi

Two dreams in the morning of Friday, December 22, 2006. The initial girlfriend is my actual girlfriend, although I doubt that the dream really refers to her. I think that the dreams are related to a highly dramatic event yesterday. The train I was traveling with hit somebody. I'm logging this in case the dream turns out to reveal background information.

the dream

I see myself meeting my girlfriend, standing on a hill. We embrace. It's as if we've been separated for a long time.

She has changed to a different woman. We hang out for some time (I don't remember specifics here). We separate. She's standing on a street, near a crossing. I walk to the other side of the road, towards a parking lot. A bus drives by on her side of the road, stops at the crossing. She's still there, but now leaves without giving me much of a chance to really say goodbye. Or so it feels. I'm very sad.

On the parking lot. I see my dad on the street, while my mom is trying to do something with a car and trailer, which doesn't work out. It ends with my mom exploding in thousands of small pieces.


I'm sitting in a home. The older brother says that I've been very silent. He tries to cheer me up by reading a story from a book. I'm very sad.

June 10th, 2006

Remote Viewing Performance

Dream by Harry posted in Uncategorized, Celebrities

Morning of Saturday, June 10th, 2006. Interesting idea for remote viewing. I guess Kathy's dream, or comments - which I read again two days ago - must have got me thinking. Thanks for that dream by the way, Kathy!

the dream

(Some scenes at a party, me exploring another room first while the others start dinner, getting back to the party where somebody baked lovely cookies for dessert, and some interactions with my two year old nephew.)

Some people will do a remote viewing. Four guys enter the floor, I recognise them as the Rolling Stones. The crowd stands around them in several rows along the walls of the room. The Stones stand in a square, then start moving, like a silent dance right at the spot where they're standing. One of them - I think Bill Whyman - blurbs out "hey, I think I saw a guy do this at a festival". I look at it, they are performing the remote viewing completely in a physical way, acting it out. Most of the movements seem rather abstract to me, although some look like waving movements, something that moves along on waves. Then I see two of the guys throwing a large fishing rod out, then realing something in. There are many more movements, which I still don't get. I wonder how they will summarize this remote viewing. For concentration they have their eyes closed most of the time so they don't know what the others are doing. Assuming that they understand what they are acting out themselves.

I had this dream somewhere in the morning of Friday June 9th, 2006. I later heard from Laura that she also had had a framed dream this same morning.

the dream

I'm seeing people from a helicopter view. They walk around over a square. Overlaid on the view I see lines connecting the people. They seem to connect with everybody near, but also with some people further away. The connections change as they walk around; lines appear and disappear.

My view has a border or frame aound it, that smoothly blends into the view. The density of lines is much higher in the frame, also changing I think. When I spot the border, I'm even more aware of the dream, but not sure why I'm looking at this.

May 27th, 2006

A warning

Dream by Harry posted in Uncategorized

The morning of Thursday May 25, 2006.

After reading Rita's dream I decided to post this one. I got this dream I think after replying to a teleportation dream Olivia posted to the IASD Psi Dreams group at Yahoo. The following is a translation of what I recorded earlier.

the dream

I'm floating several feet above a toilet pot, with my legs folded in a half lotus. I'm doing something with my mind. I kind of know what (there is no physical world equivalent, but perhaps I'm trying to teleport the "shit" of the world into the pot). A friend is at the door, he needs to go. I tell him to wait, I haven't finished my experiment yet.

Still, the interruption ended the process. The door's open. I see urine spots on the closed seat cover. I walk away and see urine spots in the hallway too. Yikes.

The living room has a large and wide window all along the front side. We're sitting in the middle of the room on dinner table chairs. The view - or perhaps more the mood - reminds me of a period in my early teenager years. I'm talking with an immigrant from the north of Africa. He points out how populair I am, and how excited people are to welcome me here. He is right. Outside on the street I see people passing by, all excited. It's a little unreal. The man states that they will attack everyone who isn't unconditionally on my side, even though I'm perfectly fine with a variety of opinions myself (and perhaps even known for that as well). From the way he tells this, I understand that this is not a trivial problem, but almost an unavoidable group mechanism. He asks me "what are you going to do about that?"

May 21st, 2006

Public meeting room

Dream by Harry posted in Dreamt on request

Dreamt during the morning of Sunday, May 21, 2006.

The word is "collaborateur", which has a very specific meaning in Dutch, going back to the war. People working together with the enemy were called "collaborateurs". I'm unsure about the required degree of the collaboration to qualify as a "collaborateur". Unfortunately, in the decades after the war the Dutch were rather eager to jugde people as either good or bad.

The more general meaning of collaboration is of course entirely positive. More recently, with the rise of the internet, collaborative tools and envirionments have gotten more interest. Wikipedia also defines and describes collaboration as a stronger form of cooperation, aimed at innovations and dramatic improvements.

the dream

The poet and I are crossing a market square in the center of a city, diagonally from one corner to the opposite. He's citing stories and poems. I ask who he is citing. He explains historical and cultural backgrounds, but no, I really wanted to know who wrote it. That seems a difficult question. He tells me that for that to answer, we have to go back.

We turn around, and go towards the building next to the corner restaurant we were previously. The front consists of huge glass windows. The interior seems rather uncommercial. There are no signs that anything can be bought. We enter.

We sit around a high dinner, two or three in fact, joined together to make one long place for people to sit together. The poet still tells stories. I'm also wondering about the place, as it does not seem to have any owner or custodian, yet it seems well maintained. We are the only ones sitting here right now, but other people enter the room. They sit down right next to me. I see the light in the eyes of a man that came in, and his wife that sits next to me. They are enjoying our company, our the entertainment. More people are entering.

We've moved on to a puzzle, started by the poet. I think it's a puzzle. I'm writing down a word. I'm annoyed to discover that I can't spell it. My memory won't work with me. Corrabateur. No. Corrabarateur. I keep trying. A woman smiles at me, indicating that I can no longer play. Apparently there's a time limit. But I'd really like to know how that word is written.

May 8th, 2006

Information seed

Dream by Harry posted in Dreamt on request

Morning of May 8, 2006. I wanted a dream predicting a big news item, but no luck. Instead this dream perhaps reflects concerns about the Precognition Games.

the dream

I'm on a large cruise ship. I mentally insert some abstract information in a sealed and empty room. (As a kind of seed information?)

We're driving back home. Mom's at the wheel, I'm sitting behind her. The car is crowded with people, among others my cousin K. We come to a part in the road where we have to drive around a undeveloped business property surrounded with fences. The road goes around this square area with 90 degree angles corners. I tell mom she's driving too fast. Oh, she's already breaking out of the corners.

We now cleared the property. I see how the car tumbles over the side, around and around and around. That does it, I'll take over the wheel. I imagine myself announcing to the others that "the expected time to destination has just significantly increased".

April 22nd, 2006

Dog dreams and a cat

Dream by Harry posted in Other psi, Water

Dogs showed up in a dream at Wednesday, at Thursday, and at Friday. I didn't want to mention it here - coincidences happen, and this morning I saw no dog anymore. Instead, there was a cat, playing about the same role as the dogs.

One theme has to do with fear that the dog will bite me in the face. In the last dream the dog licked my face, so all seemed well. The cat however, this morning, did bite. Nasty animal.

The following is a short version of the Thursday 20th dog dream. Short, because I could copy the original Dutch version here, but that won't do much good.

the dream

In a building with a hallway in the middle, rooms on both sides, ground floor. I'm late for yoga class, but the teacher is late as well. We both are doing things, in various rooms, except the yoga room. She finally calls me, that the lesson starts.

I get a far too short yoga mat. I also notice that I've got little space. Without giving it a second thought I insert that I want more space. The women next to me immediately move up, and the one om my right produces another short yoga mat, so I can add the two together for a larger mat.

The space has changed to outdoors, on the edge of a garden and a beach. We are standing in one line. I break out of line, a few steps forwards, because I wonder in what kind of environment we just ended up.

After careleslly interrupting the whole group several times more, I want to take a look at the other side of the line, but decide to walk around the back. I walk along the side of the building.

At the front of the building, a dog walks up to me. Again a dog! This one too comes up right in my face. I fear it will bite me in my face. Probably not, but I won't take any risks. I press the dogs jaws together as if it's a crocodile.

April 18th, 2006

Undermining worries

Dream by Harry posted in Uncategorized

A personal dream, but I wanted to post something. I had this dream on Sunday morning, April 16th.

This is more a warning than a precognitive dream. I needed some time to check and research this ominous message, to really make sure of that. Perhaps I'll try to incubate a dream for the Precognition Games later this week, hopefully showing up a more light hearted theme.

I think this dream reflects worries that many people have who come out of a situation like mine. There is a small but ever present fear of yet another relapse, but I'm fully aware of that one, so I can somewhat deal with that. Apparently there are also more general doubts that everything will be okay from now on, so I'll try to keep those in check as well.

the dream

In an undetermined space. A man explains to me that as a result of my long history of health problems, I now have become susceptible to all kinds of diseases like cancer, long problems, and also illnesses not common in my family. I can follow his reasoning, but I'm not convinced that he is right.

Emotional response to the dream: relatively calm, but I should address the worries that surfaced in this dream.

Morning of Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

I never quite understood Bowie, but I like Johnny Depp. Reality check: is Depp really a likely actor for Bowie? Don't think so! :-) That would be too much of an eccentric thing.

Find another Mann in Ilkin's dream.

the dream

[Earlier in the dream I'm trying to play a LP at my uncle's dream home, one by Manfred Mann. I have to be careful with it, because he borrowed it from a friend.]

I'm sitting next to Johnny Depp who's playing the piano. There's a man sitting at the other side of him, on Johnny's left side. Same age as us two, but I don't know him.

Johnny plays and sings a song. He overacts, he must be impersonating somebody. It could be David Bowie. The music could be David Bowie's, although I don't recognize the song. Johnny constantly lowers his head, lets it sink between his arms. That doesn't look like Bowie, what's the point of that?

March 29th, 2006


Dream by Harry posted in Future dream, Water

I had forgotten about it. After I woke up, I read in the newspaper that the (partical) eclipse will happen 40 minutes after noon, but may not be visible due to expected cloudiness. When I look outside, I also see fog.

the dream

I'm walking in an open area, slightly upwards. In the sky I see two disks. It takes a short moment before I realize that one has to be the sun, and the other one could be the moon. Hey, this looks like an eclipse. I wonder why I can look at the sun, but I think the air is foggy. I notice that the moon is moving towards the sun fast enough to see it.