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August 25th, 2011

Missile Launches

Dream by KuernoDeChivo posted in Other News, Disaster

Approx 0400 Mountain time Aug 25 2011

the dream

Last night I had a crazy and somewhat alarming dream. I was looking North (not sure on location possibly here in Utah County).

It was night and I saw tens if not hundreds of rockets or missiles launching up into the sky. There were so many launched it almost looked like a firework show but they did not "report" or explode. They continued up into the atmosphere.

It seems like I did also hear one explosion.

Shortly there after the Electrical Power went out.

A little later it was light maybe a day after. There was no food in the super markets. There were soup kitchen's set up the next day or so for people with no food. The power was still out. We were trying to decide if there was anything that we could do at all for my job but pretty much all of society had stopped including my job as I remember talking to my workmates trying to decide if there was anything we could do when all the computer systems were down. I remember sitting in the quiet with friends and family discussing the situation.

March 14th Approx 7:30 AM

This is one of the craziest dreams I have had for a while. Although this was very intense and realistic I hesitated posting it.

Last night we had a blackout for about 4 hours so my alarm clock turned off allowing me to sleep in later than normal.

Keep in mind while we do have some of the animals seen in this dream they cannot be heard from my room in the basement.

the dream

Here is the dream.

I heard allot of commotion outside my house. I heard our small baby goat (which we do have) crying. I heard the chickens carrying-on loudly (which we also have just not that many).
I heard our calf (which we don't have) "mooing" and causing a ruckus. Basically the dog and all the animals, even those we do not have were acting strangely. I hurried to get dress and go outside.

I saw the baby calf out of our fence on the side of the road and figured I better go get it. I was looking for a Rope and saw the rope when I noticed the chickens.

We have a very beautiful plump and strong rooster with a long tail that takes care of our hens. Lately we have had only one breed of chickens called black-star. As you might guess they are shiny-black. As I was walking to get the rope for the calf I saw all the Hens huddled around the rooster. This was outside the Chicken coup and fenced in range where they should have been. Normally the hens get pecked by the rooster and even loose feathers on the back of their head and neck. This was the opposite. The rooster was week sitting on the ground almost like a hen while all the hens were around it. It was like they wanted what the rooster would normally give them but he was too weak. They had begun pecking at him and I was shocked to see how many feathers the rooster was missing. I have seen this on hens when there were too many roosters around but I was totally shocked to see the rooster in this condition. I thought he might die.

At that moment I figured the Calf in the road could wait a second while I placed the rooster back in the chicken coup with fresh grain and water to see if he would regain his strength but I was worried about all the hens and that they might not let him rest and they would peck at him in his weakened condition.

When I went and grabbed the bag of chicken-scratch grain I must have grabbed the wrong bag and it tore and ripped open pouring sugar on the ground. I figured I must have mixed up the bags and would have to now buy additional bags of sugar for my food storage. At that time the wandering calf could smell or sense the sugar and voluntarily came into the yard to see what sugar it could get from the ground while I was trying to clean it up.

I scooped up what I could and went to check the chickens that I had placed back in their coup and range. All of a sudden I saw a hen darting for the fence to get in with the rooster. That part of the fence was the bigger 4X4 inch square wire fence which some hens can manage to squeeze through. As she squeezed through the fence I could hear her feathers breaking and snapping. As she came out the other side she turned or "morphed" into a Mexican or Hispanic Lady. I marveled how her chicken feet turned into a pair of boots with very visible spurs and noticed a few long feathers on her leather clothing.

Then I saw other Hens some flying begin to enter the chicken coup and range. These were not black-star chickens so obviously not of my flock. Bewildered I sat and watched as I tried to figure out what was happening.

Then I woke up.


It was still fairly dark so I had to light an oil-lamp as I made my way to the bathroom to draw water for a bath. As the water filled I was still in the haze of sleep and reliving and remembering the dream. I chuckled to myself thinking maybe I would be the rooster and there would be too many women for me to take care

No sooner had I thought that when I heard an inner voice proclaim the rooster was our country and the hens were other countries that were used to taking what they could get from the rooster and now that the rooster is weak they still want whatever they can get and will peck at him to get it even if it will kill him.

I did not think much about the hen that turned into a lady and it made no sence during the dream but after looking at this closer it was quite obvious.

In fact most Americans are familiar with the term "Coyote" as the human trafficker that smuggles undocumented immigrants over the Southern border. While we think of a "coyote"m there is another common term most Mexicans are familiar with that most Americans don't know, which is "Pollero" which literally is someone that works with chickens and farms, raises or slaughters them and the "pollos" are the chickens or the customers of the polleros, the illegal immigrants.

I have not found any meaning for the Calfe but I do find it interesting that it came back around when the sweet sugar was spilled and lay upon the ground.

It has been along time since I posted anything I would consider an End-Time dream. It was like someone had turned off the switch. Well last night they were back... at least one dreams worth. I was very asleep so what I remember is fairly short.

the dream

I was pretty deep asleep so this dream is a little cloudy.

I am about 80 percent sure I was in a medium size town near where I live. I was in a two or three story building that allowed me to look down to the streets below. I had headed up to the top so I could watch what was happening as I noticed military streaming into the town out of the east.

I was on a street that connects to a highway that heads East through the mountains.

Within minutes there were Olive-Drab Vehicles and armed troops walking down the streets.

Shortly after there were probably 20 -30 people in the upper room where I was watching what was happening. They had began to sit in rows back in the room like we were going to start some impromptu meeting. Everybody was very worried. Most people in the room were men. One man in O-D colored uniform mentioned that he would help protect us. In my mind I thought "Well there is only one of you... How will you protect us?... You might be the one needing protection if you get caught with us".

Everyone was talking about Martial Law and the consensus of the crowd was that we were now under Martial Law.

Looking down on the street many of the troops had exited their vehicles and began walking around starting some operation.

I heard some words being mentioned about that time but I am not sure what I heard. Then I woke up.

Early AM Maybe 3 AMish11/27/06

A quick snippet of a dream I had last night. It has been quite a while since I have had any of these apocalyptic type dreams. This section of the dream caused me to wake up and subsequently remember what I had seen.

the dream

Here’s what I remember.

I was looking at the news on the PC. I came across the “Drudge Report” and found an article about “Earth Changes” namely due to the increasing activity on the Pacific Coast and the “Ring of Fire”. There was a map pf projected changes along the West Coast. I do not remember all but what I did see and remember was alarming.

I could see loss of land mass all up and down the coast. Most of San Francisco area was flooded but what was surprising is how far the water went inland into the Northern and Central Valleys and particularly the Sacramento Valley. The words in the article as well as the narrative voices in the dream mentioned that it was a combination of rising ocean levels as well as land mass changes and even Tsunamis caused my earthquakes and volcanoes out in the Pacific Rim. As I looked at the map again it looked like the water went straight in eastward around the Bay area and then spread North and South once it reached inside the central valleys.

Oh and I remember thinking I needed to call someone to ask them if they had seen the news. It was someone who had been predicting changes but I don't remember who it was.


Needless to say I was shocked at what I saw. After the fact I wished I had looked at Oregon and Washington since have Family in the PNW. I also failed to get a good look of So-Cal. I only saw that out of my peripheral vision but I can say the Blue encroached upon the land along the entire coast line but I focused on the Sacramento-Fresno area since it seemed to take up the most area.

Now being quite alarmed I looked up the Elevation of the Sacramento Area when I got into work today. In my mind I was saying that such an event could never happen. After seeing that the elevation was only between 20-60 feet in that area I was really taken back.

This is the first dream I have had like this. The only other thing close to it was the re-occurring “Big-Waves” dreams I used to have where I could see the waves getting higher and eventually hitting the houses along the coast in places like Oxnard Ca.

Here is a quick piece of a dream from a couple nights ago. I don’t remember the whole thing. I wasn’t planning on posting this but it keeps flashing back. (early morning June 29th)

the dream

I remember only part of this dream. I was seeing a meeting where they were discussing the internet. There was a lighted map of the United States on the wall. There were lights on spots that represented network convergence points. They were talking about changing 2 of the major “Hubs” (note: to me a hub is a step down from a layer 2 switch but they meant something bigger). They were talking about how this would change internet communications.

They were discussing the ground work of the new network and referred to it as the new internet and Internet 2. They were discussing how they would have much more control over the new network. I was slightly alarmed as I thought it might infringe on the free sharing of ideas and information. I remember thinking, “I knew this was going to happen”.


June 16th, 2006

Caldera - Twilight Talkers.

Dream by KuernoDeChivo posted in Other News, Disaster

June 16th 2006 approx 4:30 AM MST

the dream


I mentioned before I sometimes hear those “twilight talkers” when I am half way between being awake and asleep.

This morning at about 4:30 AM I could hear a whole myriad of people carrying on talking about something. There where so many voices I could not understand what they were saying. They were both Male and Female voices (I usually hear mainly female voices). There was no imagery but the voices were very loud.

All of a sudden there was a stern loud male voice talking about a “Caldera”. I think he was talking about a volcano but he spoke loud it caused me to wake all the way up and the voices went away.

Anybody hearing or seeing anything along the lines of a “Caldera” or Volcano”?

May 17th, 2006

Another Tornado Dream

Dream by KuernoDeChivo posted in Disaster

I have been having these ever increasing dreams over the past few years. Many times I see tornado after tornado and in some cases when my point of view permits I have seen 2-3 tornados visible at the same time.

the dream

Anyway this morning May 17, 2006 I woke up to another tornado dream. This time I was in a very populated area – possibly Southern California. I was riding as a passenger in a car and we were trying to find a good place to watch the lightning of a thunder storm that was blowing through.

We were just getting ready to stop when my eye caught a major tornado almost black with debris. It was a little scary because this thing was close, only a few hundred yards away. I told the driver to get us out of there.

The next minute seemed to take forever as the driver maneuvered the car in the parking lot to get us back out on the open road to try to escape this large vivid tornado. We got back on the major thoroughfare where we drove like crazy as the tornado seemed to wind back and forth following almost the same path.

About a mile up the road we found a large concrete garage structure that we drove into like many other of the cars around us. Now again I can’t say exactly where this was but I can say where it reminded of. The main drag had the feel of Foothill Blvd in San Gabriel Valley California. Once we were under the concrete garage structure and got out of the car along with other people. We moved towards a window or opening to look outside to see the damage.


May 10th, 2006

Meteor Fireballs Spirits

Dream by KuernoDeChivo posted in Other News, Disaster

It has been a few years sine I had this dream. It was such an intense dream that I cannot forget it. I don't think I go a month without having flash backs from this dream.

I originally posted this on the Twisk registry 28/03/2002 4:53:22.

the dream

Sometime ’98 or ‘99 I was leaving my house in a mountainous area of Utah where I lived at the time. When I looked down towards one of the nearby small towns I noticed a bright red meteor falling from the sky. I believe I was on my way down to the town to pick up a member of my family.

On the way down to the town I noticed more of these meteors becoming even more intense. As I passed the city office and fire station of the very small town where I lived I wondered if I should stay in town to help with the situation. (at the time I was a member of the fire department and also served as an EMT)

By the time I got down to the town the meteors were hitting everywhere. I remember being by a building that had a corner or area that provided some protection from the elements. In this area the wind was being caught and papers and debris were being blown in a small whirlwind (like most of us remember in grade school) the only difference is that many of these papers and trash were on fire.

By the time I left the town there was a feeling of panic and being out of control (I lived in LA during the ’92 riots. The over all feeling was similar). As I headed back up to the hills where I lived I saw these meteors hitting the mountainside. It was at this point I realized it would most likely be useless to go to the fire station and that I might as well just go home. (it was typical during emergency weather or conditions for all available firefighters to be paged to the station to await possible calls).

Now in my opinion this is where the dream gets just a little weird. I ran up the porch to go into the house. I could see spirits…I guess…? Floating and flying through the air. Some came as animals and would kind of transform into a human type form.

I was more than a little freaked out so I opened the sliding glass door on the house and stepped inside. When I got inside I looked out and a small girl type spirit flew up to the door. She hovered off the ground and looked through the door and without making any sound she talked to me through the door. As far as I could tell she didn’t talk with here mouth but here words penetrated my body. I don’t recall exactly what she told me but I do remember my initial feeling that I wanted to do her harm was replaced by a more trusting feeling.

One of the things that I thought I understood at this point is that the meteors changed something or signified the change in something that allowed for the communication between us. At this point the dream fades…

I had originally posted this on the Twisk registry 25/02/2003 11:59:04

the dream

This is a reoccurring dream that varies a bit from time to time. Over the last 5 years I have tornado dreams about 5 times a year. Many times I am watching them from the window of my parents house. They seem to line up a few minutes apart. Sometimes I see them from my house or from places I have never been. Many times we will have 5 or more tornadoes in the course of the dream. During most of these dreams I stay near the window until the tornado is nearly touching the house. I have seen these dreams over and over with little variance. Probably the strangest one I think was when I dreamt I was watching these massive storms and tornadoes when a young native American boy maybe 12 years old picked up some item he had and hurled it high in the air. As soon as the object hit the high point of it’s trajectory it got hit by a bolt of lightning then I woke up on that dream. I know there are many, many people seeing the tornado dreams almost like the reoccurring “big wave(s)” dream. Just recently I actually heard of other people seeing the tornadoes along with some ties to native Americans as well. Is anyone seeing these massive tornado storms?

I originally posted this dream 4/03/2003 8:07:17 on the TWISK dream registry.

the dream

Major Protest Gets Out Of Control. This dream became clear as I saw an aerial view of a major protest or march taking place. The problem with this protest is that people had begun to crowd down onto a freeway. Many police were called out. I saw many police in wearing dark or navy-blue riot gear. They had the typical shields and helmets. It seemed as though a large number of people were gathering under an overpass. This freeway reminded me of the typical freeway in Los Angeles. Not the type that is above the average terrain but the type that is lower in a gully with sloped embankments. I remember thinking that it may have not been L.A. since there were heavy weeds growing on the embankment and no ice plants. The police started to ‘push’ or herd the group of people upon to the side of the freeway. As I continued to watch this from above and different angles. I was in shock at what happened next. In one or two seconds the entire side of the freeway burst into flames. I could not tell if it was just the weeds burning or if some type of accelerant had been used on the side of the freeway. Both the protesters and police were engulfed in flames.

I originally posted this to the TWISK registry 18/09/2003 8:06:42

the dream

Disclaimer: As usual with these reoccurring dreams I do not feel it is a prediction but rather relay the dream to see if others are having similar dreams.

I have now had enough of these type of dreams that I now must consider this a reoccurring dream.

************* Start of dream *************

The dream started at a plant nursery and they had any plants that were left on sale. This gave me the feeling that it must have been the late summer or fall season. Next I was outside with work-mates and friends. I was smacking rocks with a club or stick I had found. One of my friends offered me a golf ball to hit around. This was kind of a joke since I don’t play golf. We were basically just playing and joking around.

Next I heard and felt a weird rumbling sound. I jokingly said, “ there goes a fifty megaton” and began to laugh. The rumbling increased and continued and one of my friends said, “a fifty megaton something that’s for sure”! With the rumbling and noise we went around the edge of a house and looked to the west. There was a huge plume of smoke and dust shooting skyward.

I couldn’t see the exact place of the blast since because there were buildings and houses blocking my view. I could not tell exactly how far away but I thought it may be about or over 100 miles away. The plume started to become thicker and seemed to churn with smoke and fire. The fire looked extremely red as though atmosphere, dust and smoke were filtering the light.

As the light form the visible fire would break through the smoke in the churning plume I could feel major amounts of heat maybe three times that of a noon day sun during the summer. The heat sort of “flickered” with the churning of the great cloud. At this point it became recognizable as the familiar “mushroom cloud”.

I did notice that this mushroom cloud looked a little different then the typical mushroom clouds I have seen in pictures as the “stem” portion of the mushroom seemed to be nearly twice to three times as wide or as “thick” as the typical picture I had seen. The heat was still intensifying and I thought I better take cover so I went into a house. Everybody including myself was yelling and screaming “Nuclear Bomb”. At first people didn’t know what we were talking about and some said, “a new what”? And we yelled back, “a nuke….a nuclear bomb”. The house I went into I urged the people inside to immediately fill any tub or tanks they had with water as I felt the water supply would quickly become contaminated.
---This is where my son woke me up---

May 10th, 2006

Small Dirty Bomb...(In a pillow..?)

Dream by KuernoDeChivo posted in Crime

I originally posted this to the TWISK Registry 20/10/2003 8:20:20

the dream

I am going to take a minute to convey the basic concept of a recent dream I had. As most of you know I do not record every dream I have. I really only record dreams that seem to “shake” my soul.

I dreamt I was in some type of an indoor arena. I believe it was an ice-skating rink. I do not remember exactly but there was something about “Walt Disney”. I think we were in the middle of the ice. There was a round pillow maybe a foot or so in diameter and 3 inches thick. In this round pillow there was cotton fluffing type material packed fairly tightly. This material was impregnated with some type of radioactive material. I remember looking at the pillow wondering what was planned for that material. It was my feeling that it was to be exploded and dispersed and that the light cotton type of material would then be caught in the air currents and spread through the air as some type of small dirty-bomb. It wasn’t obvious but that was the feeling I had as I looked at the pillow.

End of dream