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May 10th, 2006

More Earthquake dreams

Dream by KuernoDeChivo posted in Disaster

This was originally posted on the TWISK registry 30/12/2003 7:40:33

the dream

I will be the first to admit that today’s dream may have been triggered by current events although I have probably had over 20 or 30 such dreams over the last 5-8 years. Over the years I have had many dreams of major earthquakes here in Utah so large with such long duration that houses seem to lean to the sides and sink into the ground as if the ground turns into quicksand….liquefaction?

Today I had a new dream of an earthquake in my area. This earthquake seemed to have long smooth movements and not the real fast shaking that is usually felt near the epicenter. This made me believe that the epicenter was a ways off. It seemed to move some furniture in my house and topple some stereo equipment off a shelf in my house. When the quake ended I was going to call 911 but then told myself that the quake was big enough that they authorities must be aware of it and the phone lines would be needed for reporting emergencies. Then I woke up wondering if there had really been an earthquake.


Although the earth seems to be very active seismically as of late I have been having these for years now. We have not seen anything like I have seen in my dreams in this area. Many people I have talked to have had these same dreams. How 'bout y'all? Any earthquake dreams?

May 10th, 2006

Race Riot / Race War

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I originally posted this 3/03/2004 16:34:45 on the TWISK registry. This one is actually starting to make some sense now.

the dream

This is a real quick dream I had Monday. I was standing in a parking lot some place on the Northern edge of the Mojave Desert. I was looking at some Oleander trees or bushes that seemed to have been killed by the cold winter. There was a row of them at the edge of the parking lot. It looked as though one third of oleander plants had been “toasted” by some extremely cold weather and some were starting to sprout-out again. Some one mentioned that there was a major riot taking place covering many cities. The person said that something had happened to spark a major riot among the Latino population. I “felt” as though it was mainly in the Los Angeles. I remember looking out towards the horizon in the South-West an trying to imagine how this riot was spreading and wondering if it would make it to where I was. That’s all I remember.

May 10th, 2006


Dream by KuernoDeChivo posted in Disaster

I have had dreams of warning out of the blue for about the last 10-15 years. I will post some of my older dreams as time permits. I had a few of them posted on the old "Twisk" dream registry that went out of business. The admin there will still sometimes ask about any current dreams. I generally only post very intense or re-occurring dreams.

the dream

The morning of May 8th I had the second of what seems to be becoming a re-occurring dream. The first was about a week earlier.

In these dreams I find myself in a city away from the main traffic flow and pedestrians. I find myself in a room or complex of rooms with people that have open sores and some so bad that they have lost finger tips. In the dreams I believed it may be leprosy.

I remember feeling very subconscious when I shook one guys hand and wondered if I would catch what he had. In the first dream my wife and children were with me. I was worried that my kids might catch what they had.

It seemed like the majority of the folks there were Hispanic. This had impact on me since my wife is from Mexico.

I did see a few other people there including “white” Americans that where there to help.

It has been quite a while since I had such an intense real life dream as this. For a while I had thought maybe the blessing/curse had been removed. I immediately began researching leprosy and other like diseases on the internet. I can always tell the high impact dreams as they will affect me actions in my “awake” time.