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I had this dream on 11 Jul 2008. It had something to do with California brushfires. The dream came true the very next day (12 Jul 2008), when my sister's apartment building was destroyed by a fire.

the dream

On 11 Jul 2008, I had a dream that consisted of 4 scenes, and each dream scene was associated with 2 words. Three of the scenes were related to each other, and were symbolically about an alien abduction. But one scene was unrelated to the other scenes, and simply consisted of an image and 2 words. The image was lifted out of a news story that I saw the night before, about the brushfires in California. In that news story, they showed an inset map of California in white, and inside of the map, the areas affected by brushfires was shown in green, surrounded by little fire symbols. My dream showed the same map of California, but the affected area was shown in purple instead of green. This map dream scene was associated with the words 'threat' and 'fear' (which were heard but not seen).

When I awoke, I wondered how this dream could be precognitive, since California brushfires had been in the news for several weeks. I recorded what I could recall of the dream, but I assumed that it meant nothing. Then about 18 hours after having this dream, my sister's apartment building was consumed by an accidental fire! Fortunately there were no injuries, but my sister lost everything that she owned (so sad!). This was not her first close brush with fire, and here is the connection to my dream: 20 years earlier, when she was living in Santa Barbara, she nearly lost her home to a California brushfire!

I wish that I could have warned my sister of the very real danger she was in, but the dream just didn't provide enough clues for me to guess what was about to happen. I feel so bad for her!

I had this dream on 10 Jun 2008, about a storm that threatened some kids who were wearing tan uniforms, while they stood next to a one-story house in a park. This dream came true the very next day (on 11 Jun 2008), when a tornado tore apart a stone bunkhouse at a Boys Scout camp in Iowa, killing 4 scouts and injuring 48 others.

the dream

On the morning of 10 Jun 2008, I had a dream that I was with some school boys who were wearing tan uniforms that belonged to an organization. We were outdoors in an open field surrounded by trees, and we were standing next to a one-story structure that looked like a small house. I felt that everyone was anxiously waiting for the arrival of something, and the overall feeling of the dream was ominous.

I reached for the front door of the house, and at the same time I looked straight up and saw grey skies, along with a darker storm cloud that was descending toward me. In the dream, I thought the dark cloud was falling rain that would be reaching us within moments, and I heard the words "It's coming soon!" Then I took cover under a bed frame that (for some reason) was outdoors next to the house.

The bed frame had no mattress, so it wouldn't have given me much protection from rain. But this image of the bed frame led to another dream scene of a man who was asleep in his bed. Earlier the man had said something offensive about extraterrestrials, so some extraterrestrials came in the middle of the night and zapped him with a death ray as he was laying in his bed (very strange!). The man had begun to raise himself up on his elbows – then the death ray struck him, and he was instantly turned into a skeleton that fell back lifeless onto the mattress.

When I woke up from this curious dream, I immediately recorded what I could remember of it. There were parts of the dream that I couldn't recall, and I thought that so much of the dream was missing that I wouldn't be able to understand its meaning. But because of the storm clouds and the skeleton, I thought one possible meaning could be that a tornado might kill me soon in the night as I slept. I figured that if my time was up, there would be nothing I could do to change it, so I didn't give the strange dream much more thought.

The following day (11 Jun 2008) brought dangerously unstable weather, and my city was in a tornado caution area all day. At approximately 6:15 pm, the sky began to turn very dark and our tornado warning sirens wailed on and off for the next half-hour. The warning sirens are rarely used, and only go off when a tornado is thought to be near. Then at 6:35 pm, the television weatherman said that a funnel cloud was touching down in the city's center, which is the part of town where I live! Actually, although there was a wall cloud directly above us, it didn't form a tornado funnel here, and my location escaped serious damage.

But at that same time a tornado was touching down further north over a Boys Scout Camp in Iowa, and the storm there killed 4 young scouts and injured 48 others. All 4 fatalities and many of the injured had taken shelter in a stone cabin which was completely demolished by the tornado. The scene at the scout camp was a very close match to my dream: The park represented the camp, which was in a rural area near Little Sioux, Iowa. The kids wearing tan uniforms and belonging to an organization were boy scouts at the camp. The dark descending storm cloud was the EF-3 tornado that struck the camp. The one-story house was the stone cabin where the 4 young scouts died.

The reclining man that was killed in his bed seemed to represent me as the dreamer, and apparently was meant as a warning of grave danger for me. In the dream, I heard someone say that it was a question of "whether the man would be allowed to continue." The skeleton symbolizes the threat of death, which was literally hanging over me at the same time that it was taking 4 lives only 80 miles away. There is probably a reason why it was the sleeping man's death that was shown in my dream rather than that of the 4 young scouts, but the meaning of the alteration remains unclear to me.

So far as I recall, the camp's name (Little Sioux Scout Ranch) wasn't mentioned in my dream, so it wasn't possible for me to have warned the scout camp ahead of time. But because of tragic events like the tornado last week, I try to understand my dreams so that potential victims can be forewarned whenever possible. There just wasn't enough time to decipher the dream on this tragic occasion.

I had this dream on 02/08/08, and then posted a prediction based on it that same day. The prediction came true the very next day, on 02/09/08.

the dream

On 31 Dec 2007, I posted to 3 different websites my predictions for the new year. Among these was a premonition I had about a major new UFO sighting, which I felt would eventually become as well-known as the "Phoenix Lights" of 1997. Eight days later, (on 08 Jan 2008) the mainstream media reported a series of sightings around Stephenville TX. Strange UFO sightings continued in that area for a couple of weeks after that, and this UFO flap (which many call the "Stephenville Lights") is now considered to be the most important UFO event and largest mass sighting since the Phoenix Lights event.

Then on 08 Feb 2008, exactly one month after the first report, I awoke from a dream that ended with the word STEPHENVILLE in bright red letters (all caps) that floated above a black background. I viewed it from different angles, beginning with straight on and then gradually becoming so slanted that it seemed I was seeing it from the bottom edge. Later that evening, I posted this dream to websites and speculated that perhaps the UFOs would be returning to Stephenville soon.

About 30 hours after my dream (and about 22 hours after I posted my dream-based prediction), Stephenville was revisited by UFOs. To my knowledge, that was the last appearance of UFOs in the area around Stephenville. There are very few documented examples of someone correctly predicting the imminent appearance of a UFO at a specific location, and this dream is one of them!

I had this dream on 02/10/08. I saw "October 19" as if it were written with connected pipes. May mean that a disruption in oil supply will occur on Oct 19, 2008.

the dream

On the morning of February 10, 2008, I awoke from a dream in which I saw the date "October 19" as if written in thick, tan-colored pipe connections. This dream image also seemed to be associated with the unseen date of "November" or "November 5".

I think this dream implies that there will be an 'October Surprise' for voters in the weeks before our presidential election. The pipe-like style of the letters and numbers reminds me of either plumbing or pipelines. To me, this means that on October 19th, a significant event may seriously disrupt the global oil supply.

My hunch is that al-Qaeda will attack an oil refinery within U.S. territories on October 19, 2008. I believe these Sunni extremists intend to influence our presidential election by eliciting support for the Christian candidate whom they see as less formidable (John McCain), while creating a backlash against the more formidable Christian candidate who also happens to have an important Shiite middle name (Barack Hussein Obama). I think al-Qaeda fears that if Obama wins, his election may soften the hatred and distrust against America that has accumulated to unprecedented levels within the Muslim world.

Alternatively, my dream may instead indicate the date of an attack by the U.S. and Israel against nuclear facilities in Iran, which would be expected to wreck havoc with the price of oil. In that case, instead of Bin Laden, it would be Bush who tries to throw the election in favor of the Republican candidate. But I'm more inclined to believe that this dream provides the date of the next long-awaited spectacular terrorist attack on the American mainland; which al-Qaeda must hope will surpass the economic damage incurred by their infamous 9/11 atrocities.

Christmas Day of 2004 is when I finally became convinced of my psychic ability. The devastating Sumatran tsunami was reported that evening in the U.S. (it was the morning of Dec 26th local to the event). The largest earthquake ever recorded by modern seismographs had created the deadliest tsunami in history, and in doing so, had exactly fulfilled a premonition that came to me on Christmas Eve of a tsunami originating off the coast of Sumatra.

Christmas Day of 2006 gave me another jolt when I awoke suddenly from sleep and bolted up in bed, saying "4-1-7" out loud. I had dreamt about a 6-foot wave crashing through a classroom, and those numbers came to me as if it was a lesson to be learned and remembered. I immediately saw it as a warning that another tsunami would occur on 04/01/07. Four months later, on that exact date in the U.S. (it was April 2nd local to the event), the deadliest tsunami of 2007 occurred off the coast of the Solomon Islands.

Christmas Day of 2007 (just a few days ago) I awoke from another ominous dream. This time there was no vision or dream of a large wave. What I dreamt of seemed to symbolize a major flu pandemic; the first in nearly 40 years and possibly the worst in nearly 90 years. Because this dream came to me on Christmas Day, I believe that it will come true within the next 12 months. The dream had several scenes, but I could recall only 3 of them upon awakening, which I'll describe as follows.

the dream

[i]I was in an elementary school, waiting in the nurse's office for someone or something. I was the only person in the office, and looking around, I saw a ledge about 2 feet high and covered with black carpet. Indented on the top of the ledge were words saying something like "If you are sick, do not proceed past this point." The top of this ledge continued on, becoming an angled floor (like that of a theater or auditorium) that was also covered with black carpet, and the walls and ceiling were similarly black. It seemed to be an enormously large waiting room, and had no furniture or ceiling lights, but was lit by an opening on the far end, formed by either a contiguous row of windows or a stage. Leaning out over this row of windows (or leaning over the stage) was a young girl in a pink dress, with her back to me. It struck me that she was leaning over a ledge looking onto a sunlit exterior (or into a well-lit stage) just like I was leaning over a ledge looking into this black, barren quarentine area.

Then I found myself in a bookstore, looking at a magazine rack that displayed a row of magazines with very similar covers. These covers showed a photo of a man and woman embracing as they stood together before a white background. On each cover, they were in a slightly different pose, as if the cover images were showing variations on a theme. I wanted to purchase one of the magazines, but the store clerk refused to let me have it, and seemed to imply that they were porno magazines. I asked how that could be, since the covers only showed two people standing together. The store clerk wouldn't answer, but only shrugged his shoulders in response.

In the last scene, I was on the sidewalk of a busy city street. I carried a cream-white blanket, with which I covered myself as I lay down on the sidewalk. Peeking out from under the blanket, I could see a woman walking past and perhaps looking at me but acting as though she didn't see me. Other people were also walking nearby, and all of them pretended not to notice me. Then I became one of the passers-by, seeing a black man laying on the sidewalk where I had been, and now he was the one covered by a white blanket. He had a kind, careworn, sympathetic face with a pencil-thin moustache. Suddenly, instead of seeing him laying there on the sidewalk, I saw a massive 4-foot-high marble crypt-like structure with his name chiseled on top of the crypt (his last name seemed to start with an S). It was as if the man had laid himself down to die on the sidewalk, and was now memorialized on the same spot where he expired.[/i] [end of dream]

[b]Interpretation:[/b] My immediate impression of this dream was that it represents an impending influenza pandemic. The immense black waiting room for sick students that I saw in the nurse's office suggests that many schoolchildren (not only infants and elderly) will die from the next flu pandemic. The two people in slightly varied poses on the covers of supposedly porno magazines symbolize the HA and NA variations of the influenza subtype, and imply that one or both antigenic viral proteins will be derived from [u]H3N2 swine flu[/u] (porno ~ porcine) rather than from the highly pathogenic [u]H5N1 bird flu[/u] (perhaps the pandemic subtype will be an [u]H3N1 combination[/u] of swine flu and bird flu antigens). The scene where I became a black man who was covered by a white blanket probably represents my 'Shadow'; a Jungian archetype representing instincts or impulses that are not necessarily bad or evil, but are disapproved or repressed by social norms, and therefore concealed by more socially acceptable behavior or beliefs. In this case, I feel the creative impulse is my desire to foretell the future, despite the derision and scorn that most of society has for "fortune-tellers." But this time, their inability to perceive or heed my warning will result in death for some of them (or perhaps for me, or for someone that I love). I hope not, but since this dream came to me on Christmas Day, I view it as more predictive than a dream from any other day of the year.

On 11/16/03 I had a dream that the Bush Presidency would be abbreviated roughly 6 years into his term. On 7/5/07 I've had another dream that suggests Bush will be assassinated (probably shot). Based on these 2 dreams, I believe Bush is in grave danger from July 9th thru July 19th, especially on July 12th.

POSTSCRIPT: Fortunately, as we all know, Bush was not assassinated as my dream had forwarned. However, on July 21st, just 2 days after my prediction expired, President Bush underwent an unannounced operation. During the 2 hours that Bush was sedated, presidential powers were ceded to VP Chenney, so at least that part of my prediction came true, if only temporarily. On other websites, I had posted my prediction with the subject line "President Bush will be taken out by July 19th" and he was indeed temporarily 'taken out' only 2 days later, on July 21st! However, my title for this website entry was more specific, and because of that, I won't count this as even a partially confirmed psi dream.

the dream

On November 16 of 2003, while Bush was at the zenith of his popularity, I had a what felt like a precog dream that seemed to indicate the Bush presidency would end prematurely. My dream began in the White House briefing room, which coincidentally will reopen tomorrow. Since this was nearly 4 years ago, I've been expecting to have another dream shortly before the event. Sort of like a reminder or confirmation that the long-term prediction is about to come true.

In that regard, on July 5th (Thursday) I had an very disjointed dream about having dreams (at least that's how it began). My previous precog dreams that came true were represented by a group of strange-looking objects lined up in a row, almost like a parade of toys. What did they look like? I can only remember one of them, a bright orange object with a brown spiney ball on top of it.

Then I saw a fat woman with black curly hair. She reminded me of the exceedingly heavy actress who played Ringo's Auntie Jessie in the movie version of "Magical Mystery Tour". Next there was a voluptuous woman in a flowing white dress. She was a platinum blonde and very beautiful. Lastly, I saw a slice (like a thin cross-section) of part of a human brain - from about the midbrain to the back of the head - laying on a table as the lady in white swirled around it, and Auntie Jessie gleefully looked on.

My interpretation: The blonde symbolizes Marilyn Monroe (JFK's mistress). The slice of brain tissue represents JFK's autopsy. And it ain't over till the fat lady sings, but she's already in the house! Why is she Auntie Jessie from the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour" movie? Because of what happened to John Lennon.

This new dream confirms my fear of an assassination attempt on President Bush. Whether it confirms my earlier dream of an abbreviated term for him remains to be seen. I assume this new dream will come true within 2 weeks of my receiving it. When my dreams do come true, sometimes it's exactly 1 week or exactly 2 weeks after the dream, so an assassination attempt may occur on either the 12th or the 19th of July. But the danger may begin as early as July 9th, since the briefing room will reopen then, and my Nov '03 dream began there. I believe the danger period for Bush is from July 9th to July 19th; with particular concern for July 12th.

To put this dream in context, I should add that I saw a film clip from 'Magical Mystery Tour' on TV Monday. Also, the opera singer Beverly Sills pasted away Tuesday. Plus I checked out a book Tuesday that deals with the Kennedy assassination, including a chapter on Marilyn Monroe. And Wednesday night I was posting at a predictions website and alluded to my Nov '03 dream. So this may just be my brain's way of assimilating recent events (or at least that's what the scientists would say). But I think it may be more than that.

December 30th, 2006

My 4-1-7 dream

Dream by frangelico posted in Disaster, Confirmed psi

My recent dream relates to a spontaneous mental image I had on Christmas eve 2004 of a giant wave and the words "TSUNAMI OFF SUMATRA". The Sumatran tsunami occurred within 36 hours of this last premonition.

POSTSCRIPT: My 4-1-7 dream came true on 04/01/07, when an earthquake struck near the Solomon Islands and created another deadly tsunami. It was the deadliest tsunami to occur in 2007, but was far less destructive than the 2004 tsunami.

Exactly one week before the 04-01-07 tsunami, I had a 'confirmatory' dream in which I saw a wave of water carrying debris through a river bed.

the dream

Awoke Christmas morning with a start, saying out loud the numbers 417. All I could recall of the dream was an image of a classroom in which a chest-high wave of water was surging at me from the farthest wall. It seemed that the "lesson" to be learned was 317 becoming 417, whatever that means.

It also seemed to refer to the lesson I learned from a daydream that I had on Christmas eve of 2004, which led me to nearly post a prediction on the internet about a tsunami occurring off the coast of Sumatra. But I didn't take it seriously at the time, and 2 days later over 270,000 people were killed by the Sumatran tsunami. Now I always take seriously whatever dreams and daydreams come to me.

I think the numbers in this dream refer to the date when the next major calamity will occur. Since precognitive dreams are usually fulfilled within 2 weeks, it may mean that something terrible will happen next Wednesday or Thursday, which is 03- or 04-01-07 (dd/mm/yy). If I had to guess what it is, I'd say there might possibly be two imminent assassination attempts on President Bush, the first of which fails on the 3rd of January, and the second of which doesn't fail on the next day. But that's just a guess based only on these and other dreams I've had. I am fairly certain, however, that *something* really awful will occur on January 4th.

Based on images from a recalled dream and from a 'daydream' I had on 10/30/06.

the dream

I was listening to music as I suddenly recalled a dream image of a brightly decorated gift box exploding in a massive fireball. A few minutes after this recollection, in my mind's eye I saw a clump of trees surrounded by a wheat field; with articles of clothing strewn over the top branches of the trees as if they were dropped from the sky.

Assuming that these two images are connected, I predict that a plane will explode in-flight over the American Midwest (or possibly over the Ukraine). At least a dozen people will be killed in this event, which will be attributed to a bomb in the cargo hold of the plane. If this comes true, it will occur within the next 2 weeks.

I've had 3 related dreams about Al Qaeda attacks; 2 of the 3 have been partially fulfilled. The first dream (Sarin) was on 9/7/02 and has yet to be fulfilled. The second dream (White House) was on 11/16/03, and may have been partially fulfilled last week by reports of a British documentary called "Death of a President" which depicts the assassination of President Bush. The third dream (Mausoleum) was on 11/25/03; this last one was a 'retrocognitive' dream about jihadist plans to release cyanide in NYC subways - the plot was postponed by Zawahiri by 3/03 and it was not made public until 5/06. My interpretation of it at the time (Nov. '03) was as follows:

"This may be a dream about a chemical attack. The colors of the hallway gave me a sick feeling, as though the walls were a toxic yellow and the floor and doors were a dark blood red. I associate this with cyanide, which is a yellow compound that kills mainly by binding irreversibly to hemoglobin, preventing it from conveying oxygen. In effect, it turns bright-red oxygenated blood into dark-red deoxygenated blood. If there was a reason to see doors instead of bodies, it might be to symbolize the chemical nature of the attack. The persons behind these doors were sensed as being dead but their bodies were intact (unlike most of the 9/11 victims). As for the mausoleum, aside from the obvious symbol of being buried underground, it may suggest that the chemical attack will occur underground, perhaps in a subway or train station. The long hallways filled with doors meant to me that several hundreds or even thousands of people who are alive now will soon be dead and buried as a result of an attack instigated by bin Laden. Reference to him was juxtaposed with scripture; an incongruous mixture made doubly so because I'm not very religious and rarely dream of Biblical references." Note that this was before Al Qaeda began to target trains, starting in Madrid on 3/11/03.

As I see it, the first 2 dreams are connected by the incongruous reference to a cafeteria in each dream. To me, the term 'cafeteria' symbolizes American democracy, which is still open in the White House dream, but is closed in the Sarin dream (i.e. the sarin attack will cause martial law to be imposed in America. If a sarin attack occurs, it will result in approximately 3,500 fatalities.

the dream

*****1st dream (sarin attack)*****
I find myself in a dormitory room, listening to music. I think to myself that it’s getting late in the evening (approximately 10:30pm) and that maybe I should turn down the volume. I look at a clock and to my surprise, it says 12:30. Wondering if that’s right, I look across the room at another clock and it says 1:01. I assume this means it’s after midnight, so I turn the volume down or off.

Then I go downstairs to what seems like a large lobby of the dormitory. I’m looking around and I see a Japanese man that I used to work with. We start up a conversation – I don’t remember what about – when suddenly a public service announcement comes on a nearby TV set. Its advising people that exposure to CS agent (a chemical weapon) is not invariably fatal. To demonstrate this, they show a young army woman who allows a person to take a canister of CS gas and spray it directly into her face. She quickly dips her face into a stream of water to wash it off. Then her face is shown as it looks 24 hours after exposure; she has a large rash or welt near her left eye, but otherwise seems alright. I turn to my Japanese friend and say something like “It’s really not all that reassuring, since people might not have water nearby, and then what do they do? And even if there is some water there, how can it be given simultaneously to 500 people?” He agrees with what I’ve said, and says something like “It should never have been used.” As he says this, we are standing at the end of a hallway next to a very large glass window, which he pushes open. I ask him something like “Where was it used?” To answer this, he leads me down the hallway and out the front entrance around to the side of the building that we were just looking out of.

It is bright daylight and the light blue sky is filled with billowing clouds. I see a lake next to us as we walk over to a stone monument that is situated between the building and the shore. The monument is about waist-high and has a slanted top, which has an engraving on it. I bend over to read the words carved there; they are from a saying or passage of scripture, and says something like “It is tragic when (cats) and dogs and (birds) and snakes and women and men cannot live together in peace.” Below this is “September 13, 200(6)” and the words “Note that the attack began in America.” I believe the inscription also names a location that sounds something like 'Tumarik'. Suddenly I recall my assumption that it was after midnight, and yet the sky shows that it is midday. I ask my Japanese friend what time it is, and he replies “12:30” I ask “morning or evening?” and begin to explain why I’m asking.

Just then we hear an alarm that sounds like a series of beeps. Right after that, everything including ourselves is covered with a thin, white, oily mist. We look up and see an enormous white cloud drifting at us over the horizon; from a great distance. We realize this is the CS attack that the TV announcement was warning about, and we run back to the front entrance to take cover inside the building. A Japanese policewoman is standing at the entrance, waving at us to get inside quickly. As we climb the building
stairs, she shouts what sounds like “Keftria Kallosed!” I wonder what she means by this, then realize that she is speaking in English, with a Japanese accent, the words “Cafeteria closed!” As I reach the entrance to the building, I turn to look back at this woman. I worry that in doing her duty and staying outside, she is placing herself in great danger. I’m about to ask her if she will be OK when I suddenly wake up.

*****2nd dream (White House)*****
I’m crouching in the back of an auditorium in the White House, listening to a presentation that I can barely hear or see. Several surly men enter and begin to sit in the row in front of me. Not having a seat, and thinking that they would block my view, I try to step into the seat that I’m crouched behind, but one of the men has already taken it and they react angrily at my attempt to sit in that row. Rather than put up with their hostile comments throughout the rest of the presentation, I decide to go leave the auditorium and go to the end of a hallway.

I am carrying two items of great personal interest to me. One object is a large poster filled with gold-painted lettering; I sense it was a gift from a neighbor in sympathy for the recent loss of my father. As much as that means to me, the other object is even more important. It is a picture in a black-frame; there is nothing in the picture except for a thin vertical line and thin horizontal line that evenly divides the white space like a cross-hair, and there is a large black apostrophe mark to the side of the cross-hair center: +!

At the end of the hallway, I set aside the poster and take the framed picture into a room to examine it closely. A man in a suit comes into the room and asks if the poster belongs to me, and if so, why would I leave it laying where it might get thrown away. I explain to him that I couldn’t carry both items and didn’t want to lose the +! picture which I then show to him. He becomes very interested and wants me to let him study it alone in the room. I leave the room as he studies it, and as I’m walking down the hallway the building suddenly tilts and seems to stand on end. That is, in my dream, I see a long gray building that swings up onto the leftmost smaller side. It is as if the man at the end of the hallway with my +! picture became so heavy that he tipped the whole building on end. In my mind’s eye, I see a large wooden column in the room at the end of the hall that had been sawed through, causing the building to collapse on that end.

Everyone begins to evacuate the building, and somehow are still able to navigate the hallways. On my way out, I stop at a cafeteria for a few bites of ravioli, and this means I’m one of the last to leave the building. I worry that security officers will assume I had something to do with the building being up-ended. Sure enough, as soon as I leave the building, an officer with his gun drawn catches up with me and tackles me from behind.

*****3rd dream (Mausoleum)*****
I find myself in a large subterranean mausoleum, several floors underground. I’m looking down a very long, dimly lit hallway with sickly yellow walls, a dark red carpet, and a long series of red doors along both sides of the hallway. I sense that I’m the only living person in this place, and that behind each door is a dead person. To my left, a stairway leads up and I begin to climb it quickly, 3 or 4 stairs at a time. I’m afraid that someone will turn off the lights and leave me in the dark with all these dead people. Each higher level has a long hallway, just like the lower level that I started from, with rows of red doors going as far as the eye can see. The only difference is that I hear Psalm 23 being read out loud, one line at a time, as I reach each higher level. But for every 3rd or 4th line, instead of scripture I hear a verse that I think is about Osama bin Laden. The only one I remember now went something like: “Not he, but his daughter, was slain.” I don’t remember getting out of the mausoleum, just seeing level after level, each one lined with about a hundred doors, and behind every door lay a dead American citizen.