Aug 30thpm or am of Aug 31. I feel that I was seeing a remote event. It took place in asia. It may have been off of Thailand? China? The locals did not speak french, spanish, or japanese (I would recognize the language).

Tourists, middle-aged and primarily from the UK, one couple from the US - maybe some from Canada were on a vacation. They were upper, upper middle class and had arranged to "rent" big boats. The couple I "followed" were telling me their story, saying that they were assigned a sail boat with another (unknown to them) couple and a crew. They had some sailing experiance and had rented the boat for a 7 day trip.

If they had gone with some one they knew the destination would have been pre-determined, however all regional destinations were attractive. The Husband wanted to chart the trip. The crew had real experience, but the tourists would receive 7 days provisions and could "captain" boat/ship/yacht.

Turns out the "other" couple were "pirates". They had a deal with the crew and a complicated scam. It involved getting tourists to pay (these people paid like $15,000 us) and then stealing the charter. They pirate couple said that 70% of the identifying information/value of the boat was in the sails and softs (I think they meant upholstered custom cushions?).

They had the boat name off before they were ten miles from port and planned to kill the "good" couple. The innocent Husband told me several times that they were giving their killers $4000 to kill them out of the $15,000 he paid to go on holiday.

The innocent couple were very annoyed with me-pleading for help. Saying if I could see them - why couldn't I help them? Asking if I could at least get a travelers advisory released to warn others.

Their death seemed likely, but i didn't see before waking. I do know the pirate couple was getting between 3-5 hundred thousand dollars for delivering this boat.

I send this dream as a warning. It is all I can do. I don't know where these people were/are.