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About a year ago I had a dream that there was a assasination attempt on President Bush (or some other important person). With his up coming visit to the Middle East I wanted to put this down just in case this get's confirmed. I'm not a big Bush fan but I still hope it doesn't.

the dream

I've told a few about the details of this dream already but in summary the biggest things that I recall are

1) Confusion. There was confusion about who exactly got shot. At first someone said the President was shot but then it turned out it was a bystander - like a reporter.

2) This happend in a building with a tall entry way (grayish stone) and tall ceiling with a throng of people. There are cars waiting outside maybe waiting for the President to escort him when he is leaving. This happens as he is leaving. Many reporters are around.

3) As time goes by it turns out the assasination attempt was a semi-inside job.

June 28th, 2007

Dream about future technology

Dream by Austin posted in Other News, Future dream

I had this dream last night 6/28/07. It seemed vivid but could be nothing. Just in case I'm adding it to the registry. I've had some in the past that contained truths that seemed to defy the laws of probability.

the dream

I remember being in a room with some other people. Things were a blue hue and a bit hazzy. Another person was there but I can't remember exactly who. It seemed to be my mother but that doesn't exactly feel right. I was watching who ever this was playing with what looked like a holographic screen. It was in a small box and was blue. This person was asking some nonsense questions but intelligence in the box seemed to answer everything. I was now very interested. I could sense the program or intelligence in the box was getting tired of the questions but it had to do it. Finally it just stopped answering questions. This frustrated the user.

I asked politely if I could give it a try. I asked some easy questions like math equations and some trivia. I thought wow this thing is great it answers everything! I had an uneasy feeling though since this device seemed to be alive and had somewhat of a bitter personality. It seemed very impatient.

I was going to try to stump it with some questions about some graduate work I did but it still answered the question! That was esoteric knowledge too! I then asked how it knew all the answers to these questions not thinking that was a valid kind of question. It gave me a smart remark and told me to ask another question. It said it could answer any question I could think of. So I here getting frustrated and asked a stupid question "what is the next greatest technological advance man will make.". I was thinking it would get mad at that question and stop answering me.

I was surprised when it sayed something about a new metal that would be invented that was similar to copper but weighted almost nothing. I was dubious and was wondering how could it possible know that but just to play along I asked how those properties were possible for a metal? To my utter surprise I started talking about Quatum Electrodynamics and a element, can't remember which, that had something to do with Fermi and Feynman. This element would have like a twin isotope and the way the electrons were arranged would give it some unique properties of only one being extremely low density. It went on to give more details and I was wishing I had taken a quantum mechanic course back in college. I was floored - this seemed to make some sense.

I was now asking how it knew that and what database it was using? I was asking now about the machine I was talking to and how it was setup. At that point it started to ignore me.

I knew if this was true then yeah this would be the next technological leap man would make. Everything metal could be replaced with this super metal that weighed almost nothing. Space exploration would become possible, cars, boats would become more efficient. The possibility would be endless - everything we know that has to do with metal would change.

I then asked how this would change the world kind of leaving it an open question about the future. The darn machine was then telling how this would change the future. Very specific stuff. I was wait a minute your telling things that are going to happen. It answered affirmative.

I came to the sudden realization that this "machine" was not a machine in the sense you and I are used to. This was almost like some piece of alien technology had just been discovered. I was then asking the other person in the room whether or not they thought this was insane. They didn't seem to understand all the ramification of what this meant. They just liked that it could give them great cooking recipes and that sort of nonsense. I was left just starring at the machine and then my dream ended.

I had this dream on the night of 9/10/2001. The very real feeling of the world ending and the ending of this dream worried me so much I had to tell my wife as we drove to work the next morning. As the tragedies of that day started to unfold I began to make a connection with my dream but still thinking it was just odd and nothing more to worry about. I didn’t believe in the supernatural and I attributed the timing of my dream and the events on 9/11 to be extreme coincidence. But today after several more “unusual” dreams and events I believe the barrier between the present and the future can be circumvented.

the dream

I remember the feeling as if the world was ending – extreme fright and panic as if a nuclear explosion went off. The feeling was vivid and real. I was really feeling as if the world was going to end. There was burning, orange flames and smoke around a city – feels like a big city like New York. I can see tall buildings. Things were on fire. Then there is a shift. I am now falling. I am falling spread eagle from some were very high. I have time to think to my self - I am going to die I am really going to die. I see myself from above now. I impact spread eagle very hard on to the angled part of a boat deck. The boat is a large passenger ferry. It is white.

I do not die! I do not understand but I am too happy to question why. I feel an immense sense of relief as I pick myself up. I am surprised at how little of what just happened is affecting the people on the ferry. Why don’t they wonder why I am not dead? They seem to be ignoring me. I walk toward the stern of the boat and I see my wife in the middle isle between the two rows of bench seats. She is surprised that I am okay. She tells me she was so worried when she saw me falling but I tell her I’m okay now. We are both very emotional and we embrace and kiss each other over and over again in joy. I’m not sure what is going on with everyone else. I think they are all heading toward the front of the boat.

While kissing her head I repeat to my wife and try to reassure her, “it’s okay”, “I’m okay”, “I’ll protect you”, “everything will be okay”. At that moment as I have her in my arms I see two men suddenly appear behind her. They are wearing black leather jackets. One is bald and looks African American while the other is taller and gangly. He is wearing dark glasses. The bald one says to me “no it will not be – you will not be okay”. I am startled awake.