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January 1st, 2008


Dream by Kevin1976 posted in Uncategorized
the dream

December 31st, 2007


Dream by Kevin1976 posted in Uncategorized
the dream

The dream beging with me in my car driving along a coastal city in Northern California. It is a beautful warm, breezy Spring morning, and the sun is still low to the horizon. As I am waiting at an intersection people become agitated and point toward the sky and are becoming visibly frightened. Suddenly a large shadow flies over head and I get out of my car, looking up to see a huge, large building size alien flight craft slowly and silently flying low over the streets and coming to a hover and a loud but slow landing in a neighboring large construction yard, in which the ground literally gently shook when it landed with a loud thump.

Suddenly two military fighter jets fly over head and circle around the area, and people are gathering around on their cell phones, taking pictures and trying to phone family and news agencies, while others begin running away in fear.

A few mintues pass, when the large alien craft lifts, making a loud sound that is reminescent of recharing sound for the flash of desposable cameras. The pitch rises quickly to an inaudible frequency as the craft lifts up and momentarily hovers and then suddenly shoots up hundrends of feet into the air.

At this moment, another smaller, but still frightingly large alien craft quick flies over head. Whereas the first craft resemblied a retangle whose edges were rounded with one of the long ends completely rounded, the second craft resembled a large bowling pin where on the head section were two large oval semi-transparent, shiny ares that resembled large owl-like eyes. In addition a large mound like protrusion, giving the appearance of a "nose" was also visible, above which the "eyes" rested. In addition, this entire upper section could rotate independently, much like a head turning, able to turn in one direction while flying in another.

Whereas in the dream the first craft was seen as a mysterious visitor, this second craft filled me with genuine fright, as it did the other people in the area. My feeling was that although this was a technologically advanced vechicle, it was sentient and seemed almost predatory. It hovered with and manuvered with agility and with surprising precission for its size.

The craft stood approxamately 120-150 feet tall, its base some 40-50 feet in diameter. And when it moved suddenly, it made a similar sound to the larger craft. Unlike the first craft, which seemed almost cautious and robotic, this second craft targeted the gathered people below and hovered low to the ground, circling around them, its large upper head-like section turning in their direction. The impression was that this craft was not like the first in that it possessed intent and consciousness and if it wanted could easily kill us. It's interest in us was impersonal and analytical and I felt that the large eye-like structures were sensor arrays and that the nose-like hub was capable of an unknown sinister capability.

As the jet fighters continued to circle, this second craft suddenly stopped moving, hovered, and then uprighted itself and jetted quickly thousand of feet in a blink of an eye into the sky, as if to catch up to the first craft, which had long since disappeared over the horizon, heading out west over the ocen.

In my dream, I intuitively knew that these crafts were unoccupied and scouts and probes, which were part of yet a larger convoy of ships that were in our system, sent to explore other planents and gather infomation.

The dream was incredibly vivid and realistic and has reoccured several times now.

September 11th, 2007

Fire like the sun

Dream by Blossom posted in Uncategorized

Flying dream - 10 September 2007

the dream

The beginning of the dream was unpleasant.

It involved some people who showed to the back of a building like a barn or outhouse. Inside a young woman with long black hair had hung herself from the ceiling. I became very uncomfortable and started to walk around outside. It was quite dark but for a large moon.

I felt an invisible string wrap around my right hand and lift me up into the sky. Cool I thought because I often fly in dreams.

I flew up into the air for a while, controlling flight through positive thoughts and singing praises to Jah and Jesus.

People were on the ground but couldn't see me except for a black woman who looked up and saw looked me right in the eye. I flew on being dragged along by the string and I made shadow on the moon with something that was on the end of the string.

In the sky suddenly appeared a very large ball of yellow and white light that had licks around it like flames. It filled my entire body with an amazing energy and I felt the sensation of complete love and fulfillment. It licked me again and I felt wonderful.

When I woke, I still felt complete peace and joy.

June 10th, 2006

Remote Viewing Performance

Dream by Harry posted in Uncategorized, Celebrities

Morning of Saturday, June 10th, 2006. Interesting idea for remote viewing. I guess Kathy's dream, or comments - which I read again two days ago - must have got me thinking. Thanks for that dream by the way, Kathy!

the dream

(Some scenes at a party, me exploring another room first while the others start dinner, getting back to the party where somebody baked lovely cookies for dessert, and some interactions with my two year old nephew.)

Some people will do a remote viewing. Four guys enter the floor, I recognise them as the Rolling Stones. The crowd stands around them in several rows along the walls of the room. The Stones stand in a square, then start moving, like a silent dance right at the spot where they're standing. One of them - I think Bill Whyman - blurbs out "hey, I think I saw a guy do this at a festival". I look at it, they are performing the remote viewing completely in a physical way, acting it out. Most of the movements seem rather abstract to me, although some look like waving movements, something that moves along on waves. Then I see two of the guys throwing a large fishing rod out, then realing something in. There are many more movements, which I still don't get. I wonder how they will summarize this remote viewing. For concentration they have their eyes closed most of the time so they don't know what the others are doing. Assuming that they understand what they are acting out themselves.

May 27th, 2006

A warning

Dream by Harry posted in Uncategorized

The morning of Thursday May 25, 2006.

After reading Rita's dream I decided to post this one. I got this dream I think after replying to a teleportation dream Olivia posted to the IASD Psi Dreams group at Yahoo. The following is a translation of what I recorded earlier.

the dream

I'm floating several feet above a toilet pot, with my legs folded in a half lotus. I'm doing something with my mind. I kind of know what (there is no physical world equivalent, but perhaps I'm trying to teleport the "shit" of the world into the pot). A friend is at the door, he needs to go. I tell him to wait, I haven't finished my experiment yet.

Still, the interruption ended the process. The door's open. I see urine spots on the closed seat cover. I walk away and see urine spots in the hallway too. Yikes.

The living room has a large and wide window all along the front side. We're sitting in the middle of the room on dinner table chairs. The view - or perhaps more the mood - reminds me of a period in my early teenager years. I'm talking with an immigrant from the north of Africa. He points out how populair I am, and how excited people are to welcome me here. He is right. Outside on the street I see people passing by, all excited. It's a little unreal. The man states that they will attack everyone who isn't unconditionally on my side, even though I'm perfectly fine with a variety of opinions myself (and perhaps even known for that as well). From the way he tells this, I understand that this is not a trivial problem, but almost an unavoidable group mechanism. He asks me "what are you going to do about that?"

I originally posted this dream 4/03/2003 8:07:17 on the TWISK dream registry.

the dream

Major Protest Gets Out Of Control. This dream became clear as I saw an aerial view of a major protest or march taking place. The problem with this protest is that people had begun to crowd down onto a freeway. Many police were called out. I saw many police in wearing dark or navy-blue riot gear. They had the typical shields and helmets. It seemed as though a large number of people were gathering under an overpass. This freeway reminded me of the typical freeway in Los Angeles. Not the type that is above the average terrain but the type that is lower in a gully with sloped embankments. I remember thinking that it may have not been L.A. since there were heavy weeds growing on the embankment and no ice plants. The police started to ‘push’ or herd the group of people upon to the side of the freeway. As I continued to watch this from above and different angles. I was in shock at what happened next. In one or two seconds the entire side of the freeway burst into flames. I could not tell if it was just the weeds burning or if some type of accelerant had been used on the side of the freeway. Both the protesters and police were engulfed in flames.

April 18th, 2006

Undermining worries

Dream by Harry posted in Uncategorized

A personal dream, but I wanted to post something. I had this dream on Sunday morning, April 16th.

This is more a warning than a precognitive dream. I needed some time to check and research this ominous message, to really make sure of that. Perhaps I'll try to incubate a dream for the Precognition Games later this week, hopefully showing up a more light hearted theme.

I think this dream reflects worries that many people have who come out of a situation like mine. There is a small but ever present fear of yet another relapse, but I'm fully aware of that one, so I can somewhat deal with that. Apparently there are also more general doubts that everything will be okay from now on, so I'll try to keep those in check as well.

the dream

In an undetermined space. A man explains to me that as a result of my long history of health problems, I now have become susceptible to all kinds of diseases like cancer, long problems, and also illnesses not common in my family. I can follow his reasoning, but I'm not convinced that he is right.

Emotional response to the dream: relatively calm, but I should address the worries that surfaced in this dream.

Dreamed 4/14-4/15. So, Harry... like Rita I think I'm a day early... But since it resonates with Rita's dream, I'm in!

the dream


I dream of being in a "condominium" type house. A woman owns this house of several condominiums, and there are three buildings here: one on the front of the property, two in the back.

The dream interjects a dream scene of me observing a VW Bug automobile flying overhead, driven by a woman, with a poodle dog inside.

The car lands. The woman tells me that I can buy a "poodle dog" and tells me that the dog will keep me busy, but that they are hyperactive, and assures me that since I am out of work, I have the time to deal with this.... I however feel that I really don't want to deal with a "hyperactive" dog....

Then I am in the primary building of the "condominium cluster of buildings" and a woman lives here. She has many Cats. She tells me not to let the cats out. Yet, for some reason, some pet I own chases one of the cat's out of the house; then all ten cat's have run loose outside of the house, and escape up the street. I search for "kibbles and bits" type food to gather up in a cup, to take outside, and lay in a trail outside on the ground, to lure the cat's back to the house. I feel horrible thinking that I am responsible for letting the Cat's get out of the house!

I am also foraging for mint candies, as well as "kibble and bits" cat food, to bring the Cat's home. This is offered to me by the woman who lives here. And then I meet a man by the name of George, who's last name begins with Y, like Yezowa. George has had surgery, and I dream of a surgical suite; but the person in the surgical suite wants time alone, in another room, before they have to be in the surgical suite having surgery. George is then referenced in the dream as having offered a skin graft to my elder sister, in order to save her breast, in a breast surgery that she needed. She and George coordinated their surgical schedules to coincide, so that George could be a skin donor, and my sister could be the recipient. It is an amazing arrangement, and a gift they have given each other....

An additional dream I had during this night was of a sacred site, and I worked in an office as a temporary worker. This site was sacred, but someone lived here, hidden in the ground/temple underneath. I felt like I was a librarian/archeological assistant in this job. And I discovered a secret of someone living below ground, in this sacred place, that wasn't supposed to be living here. And it was a woman... She was in her early 60's, and I saw her emerge from an underground tunnel from the temple below.

End of dream....

Blessings for Easter to those who celebrate this Holiday. And Happy Spring and welcoming to Summer, for those who don't

Much Love,


March 29th, 2006

Reinhold Von Tilden Von Walden

Dream by Harry posted in Uncategorized, Named strangers

In the morning of Tuesday, March 28th (night Monday to Tuesday)

This is the lucid end of a dream, with a slightly larger than life vividness to it. I seriously doubt that somebody with this name really exists, as the name parts sound a bit too symbolical. For example, Von Walden = From the Forest.

the dream

I'm flying over a crossing, faintly familiar as the crossing of Willem de Zwijgerstraat with the Emmastraat and the Laurentiusstraat. I then come up on a raised plateau. I fly by swimming. It's going fast, and at the same time not so fast. I decide to try flying on my back. I see that I passed a rectangular stage with an object on it. The object - I can't quite determine it - looks like a pipe of three and half meters long, with several black cross bars. The pipe itself seems to be red, or red and white. I can't make anything of it.

A voice announces that I'm reaching the borders of my life. I notice that I'm flying into an area with a wall of wind, yet it doesn't really stop me. I ask who he is. He introduces himself as Reinhold Von Tielden Von Walden, and then even more. I ask whether it's dangerous to go through. Reinhold says that perhaps, he doesn't know. He will ask the conference board, and recommends me to wait. However, I've already passed through.

At some point, somebody comes or came after me, also interested in learning this voice's name.

Uncategorized dreams
Dream 3/11 Determine if there is a sale and breaking into my memory. The dream "narrator" tells me to determine if this constitutes a sale but the dream that follows isn't about selling anything.

On 3/12, there was an article on eminent domain that made me wonder if it is truly a sale when the seller is forced to sell.

3/17-3/19 The dreams are seriously studying all the legal documentation of a sale. Since the "narrator" is again saying to decide if the sale is legitimate, I'm really getting curious what it is about. Maybe something will present itself later. On a funny note, the day I posted a note about the repeating dream in my journal, I had a draft of a post stuck in there that somehow duplicated itself and over as a repeating paragraph. At least it didn't post itself.

3/20 Breaking out of a dream inspired by my mother's memories of an unidentified type of bombs that fell in her town when she was young. She remembers it had many sides, so we've been calling them octagons, although she uses a Japanese word that means fire. After hearing her story, I thought it was interesting that the threat in my dream wasn't a bomb but the shape of it.

Anyway, Hi Harry! Thanks for the new events. I'm too late, but I thought I'd throw these in there as others had some cars and spaceships. Hi all!

the dream

This had to do with an old mustang hatchback I once owned 25 years ago. It would be sold. My dream goes to an homework insert or a commercial where the definition of sale is discussed, and drops me off back at the car with the instruction "Determine whether this is truly a sale."

Back at the car, which I assume is going to be sold to a junk yard, I want to retain the license plate. In the dream, the license would read "RYANSMOM". I never had a license plate like that, but was sure that I did in the dream. The door is locked and the windows are rolled up most of the way on the old car. I find a large stake of wood and pry down the window. I am breaking into a memory and it is difficult. I crawl in through the driver's side and the scene changes. The interior of the car is like a warehouse to be walked through. It hasn't been maintained with piles of papers and trash on the floor. I am sifting through the papers spread as thick as leaves in the forest to find the remembered license plate. I find a plate and read three letters (which now I think were the first three letters of the real license plate...but I'd have to dig through records to find out for sure.) It wasn't "RYANSMOM". Below the print were dots. It was braille. I wish I could get into that, lol, better not. But if you ever have to have something written in braille, always be sure to check the results.

I dig around some more thinking there must be another plate. There was and it said "KITTENIA". I thought what a dumb plate. Did I really think that up and put it on a car? Actually I didn't, but gave myself a mental kick for being silly when I was younger. I didn't recall thinking up cutesy ideals for myself, but imagined in the dream that I had.

3/17 - 3/19 Determine if the Sale is legitimate
A dream is repeating. An analysis of a sale keeps returning to my mind. The process with queries, data and results are displayed. It's not like schoolwork or textbook problems, but incorporated into legal documents. The purpose again is to decide if the sale is legitimate. The night before last, I recognized the dream and tried to pull the information out of the dream, memorizing each test of data and reviewing the accuracy of my interpretation, several times over. "There's no way I'll forget," I thought, and of course I did. All I remember is that the basis is $640,000.

This morning I thought about 640,000, 64,000 64. Maybe it's the 64,000 question, not a number. I wonder what is for sale. I did not find anything wrong with the documents, but there must be something I should find.

In an early dream last night there was a classic Chevy, black and white, a 1950's model. I shouted out, "Well this isn't mine, not a part of the past." A shadow (of myself?) draws me back further away from the car to look again at every scene and identify (while still dreaming) how it was a part of the day that created the images. I'd admired someone's new car yesterday. it was a black Chevy, new. The design seemed retro or classic, a cross between a limo and a station wagon. It didn't look anything like a 50's Chevy, but the word classic stuck with me and the car I saw during the day was revised in my dream into how I would imagine a classic Chevy.

The Octagon Bomb
The late dream was a sort of nightmare. I was on a UFO that was on the ground. There were a few people inside a black room and we heard a faint noise. A few minutes went by and the ceiling started to descend. There was hardly time to get out, but I found an opening at a lower corner of the room to roll out under the walls into another area. The amount of time that elapsed in the dream to the time that the ceiling met the floor could not have been more than 45 seconds. We were all in an all white room. The walls went around so it appeared as if we were on the inside of a flying saucer. There were windows going around the room. In the center of the floor was what remained of the previous room, a large black octagon. Some time passed and I heard that sound again. I instantly knew that in a few moments the ceiling would descend and once it began there would be 45 seconds before we were crushed. I looked to the others in the room but they were no longer alive. They were shadows burned into the walls. There was a window that had previous damage from the inside so I took my trusty crowbar (good thing I carry that around with me in dreams) and began to pry the inner window apart, but was pretty sure that the exterior window would be unbreakable. (You wouldn't want breakable windows in a spacecraft.) My thoughts are screaming "Move, MOVE!" The alarm goes off and jolts me awake.

March 20th, 2006

The European Play

March 17-18, 05

The funny thing about this is that my wife's birthday is the 17th, so I had forgot to incubate about meeting others -- then I had this strange European stage dream --- it made no sense to me until I recalled Harry's request to get together! Cheers!

the dream

I seem to be in Europe in an old building. I sit in the room, off to the right of a stage, where two tall, thin guys are dressed in colorful medieval outfits (with red and green diamond patterns -- kind of like "jokers" might wear). I think a woman or two joins them on stage.

A couple of us are in the side room watching. I can't quite see an audience -- or hear what is happening.

March 20th, 2006

Not much

Dream by Joy posted in Uncategorized

Dreamed on the night of March 18/19 in response to Harry's "Nice to meet you!" game.

the dream

Not much - lots of people in my dreams but nothing that stood out especially as likely psi. The two people I remember best were a fat, pale woman in a sleeveless shirt who was very pushy about her fundamentalist religious beliefs, and a man in a suit and tie (a very rare sight in the rural area where I live!) whom I met at the old people's home where my elderly friend lives.