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I had this dream early this morning 3:30 AM - 4:30 AM and arise to write.

the dream

I saw a great asymmetrical power pole (electrical?) that had rounded smooth curved full bodied beams that formed the shape of the sign of Neptune, but was off-center with one part of the Neptunian folk being lower than the other. The pole could be described as being rounded and "fat" or of a rounded kind of "fatness," if that makes any sense for those wishing to envision this particular characteristic.

I will leave full interpretation of this dream for another time, but suffice to say that the dream, again which lasted far less than a second, may have to do with power grids going down as we recently witnessed this week in Florida, USA.

Perhaps the dream is saying that electrical power failures will continue to occur in the USA and around the world to a very strong degree that has never been seen before.

The dream could also be pointing to the fall in political power of certain great leaders, people, organization(s) and/or countries, supported by Jupiter being in a "fall position" in Capricorn (exalted in Cancer) currently at 16 degrees and 11 minutes of Capricorn in the Tropical Zodiac.

The very strong Neptunian aspects of the dream, as symbolized by the Greek God Poseidon, need to be considered carefully as well with respect to its implication for the seas, rivers, lakes, lake dams and oceans of the earth, basically anything having to do with WATER in all its forms: steam, snow, storms and ice. Poseidon reported only to Zeus and is the ruler of the oceans and earthquakes; hence, we should expect that earthquakes are involved as well, coming from the seas, and that we may soon see some very big earthquakes occurring around the world within the next two weeks, i.e., 14 days to March 15, 2008, especially in southeast Japan and off-shore California, Canada and Central America, but other off-shore places are likely as well.

At the time of this dream, the Sun was at 11° Pisces 09’ in the Tropical Zodiac, and 17° Aquarius 11’ in the Sidereal Zodiac. Uranus being in mutual reception to Uranus makes this a more powerful combination. At the time of the Dream, Jupiter and Pluto are in Capricorn in the 12th House, meaning that power, or the powers that be are secretly at work! With Mercury, Venus, Neptune and the North Node rising one can expect 'electrifying surprises" in business, the economy, partnerships and earthquakes.

IMPACT ON LABOR NEGOTIATIONS: Pallas Athena in Pisces in the 2nd House squaring Mars at a critical and extremely sensitive 29° of Gemini in the 6th House means that labor, in negotiating with those who have financial resources, will make serious strategic blunders and mistakes that will cause them to lose a lot of money at this time (four day period ending Tuesday, March 4th, 2008). The reverse is also true that those who have financial resources can lose a lot as well to labor interest though ill timing of not coming to agreement sooner.

I will end here and return to the interpretation of this dream at another time.

Comments are welcome!

February 20th, 2008

Psychic Start to My Morning

February 20th - I woke up about 10 minutes before my alarm went off. I’m laying in bed, half awake and the music alarm goes off…and Celine Dion is singing “I Drove All Night”. The next announcement that the radio personalities mention is tonight is a lunar eclipse and the moon shadow will be red.

I have a few psi-triggers in my dreams that I have noticed over the years. Telephones and photo albums usually indicate a psychic dream for me.

the dream

February 19th -
I am dreaming about a radio contest. They are playing slices of a song, and you have to call in to name at least two other artists who have covered it. They start playing Roy Orbisons “I drove all night”. I don’t have access to a phone, but I know that Cyndi Lauper and Celine Dion are two popular artists that have covered this song. I’m listening to the callers, and they continue to make wild but inaccurate guesses. I am trying to find a phone to call in because I know I would win this contest, but I can’t and they finally declare that there's no winner and move on to another song. EOD.

This dream occurred today late in the morning hours and lasted far less than a second.

the dream

Dreamt that I saw a business card printed in a vertical position instead of the traditional horizontal lay out. This was the most beautiful business card that I have ever seen, almost as if it was not from this planet, yet the lay out and design was very simple. Crop circle design comes to mind to give a sense of the symmetry, proportion, design, lay out and style of the business card. At the top of the business card was a rectangular box with many small squares filling up the box in emerald green and other colors. The squares were very small, perhaps a hundred or more in this small rectangular space at the top of the business card. Below the emerald green logo-type rectangular box was multi-colored script showing information that I could not read because the dream flash imagery occurred so fast and went by very quickly. I did not have the opportunity to read or figure out what was written in the text of the business card that was positioned at the middle to bottom of the vertical business card. However, this text was in different colors and was also very beautiful as well. The text was below the emerald green rectangular box. To the right of the multicolored text was the letter “M.” The letter M was large in size and proportion to the rest of the business card. The M was oversized and was very prominently displaced on the right side of the business card. The M looked like the M in the golden arches of McDonalds. However, this M was bright blood red and was also very beautiful.

Since a business card was seen in the dream flash image, we can safely assume that business or the business world is involved.

The letter M is the 13th letter of the alphabet. In numerology, 13 is expressed as 1+3 = 4; hence, the number 4 is also very important. From this, we know that “Metaphysical” energies that start with the letter M are involved and are definitely at work. M is for movies, mother, metaphysics, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Montana to name states in the USA. Some countries include Madagascar, Malawi, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Mauritius, Micronesia southeast of Japan, Mongolia and Myanmar. Some cities include Montreal, Mandeville and Miami. People names include Maurice, Michael, Max, Monica, Mary, Mandela and Marian. Planets in the solar system include Mercury, Mars and the Moon. M is also for money, which could mean the monetary system. Colors include Maroon, Magenta, Mustard and Mauve.

Aaron Rents, Inc. CL-A is the 13th listed company in alphabetical order on the New York Stock Exchange trading as RNTA at $17.35 at close on Friday, February 15, 2008 at a volume of 300.

M & F Worldwide Corporation is the first company listed under the letter M on the New York Stock Exchange. Its symbol is MFW. MFW last trade is $34.76 on Friday, Feb 15, 2008 at a volume of 107,789.

The 13th company on the New York Stock Exchange in alphabetical order under the letter M is Macy’s, Inc., a company that I know very well. The NYSE symbol for Macy’s is M. The company closed at $25.38 on Friday, February 15, 2008 on a volume of 16 million shares. Given this information, I strongly suspect that this dream may be about Macy’s.

We should look at what will happen to these stocks or other events involving the letter M 13 days from today.

Thirteen days from today falls on Saturday, MARCH 1, 2008, which is close to the NYSE close date of Friday, FEBRUARY 29, 2008, which is a leap year.

13 business days from tomorrow falls on Wednesday, MARCH 5, 2008.

The 13th week from today falls on Sunday, APRIL 13, 2008. (April is the 4th month of the year!)

Thirteen months from today fall on Tuesday, MARCH 17, 2009.

The only day of the week starting with the letter M is Monday.

The months of the year that start with the letter M are MARCH and MAY.

The week of Monday, MARCH 3rd - 5th 2008 seems to be a key date to watch with respect to the performance of these stocks and other “M” occurring events.

We should closely watch Macy’s stock and operations over the next 13 days, weeks and months. The impact may be good or bad, but good is mostly expected based on the strongly positive tone and imagery of the dream.

In addition, we should watch for expression of the color GREEN and the meaning of the color GREEN as well. Green is for regeneration and growth and also for envy. Green also represents money in terms of regeneration. Green represents the deep forest versus the tree and is said to be the natural color of the Sun if seen without its bright sun light. Green Kryptonite destroys Superman, the state of our super technologies and modern scientific culture.

I had this dream within the past hour and awake from my sleep to post it here on the Dream Reistry. At the exact time of this dream and after a relative period of calm, an earthquake of 2.5 magnitude just now struck the southeastern section of The Big Island of Hawai about 8 miles from Fern Forrest at a depth of 4.4 miles at local Hawaiian date and time of Janaury 31, 2008; 11:18:36 PM (-10 hours GMT/UTC), which in my opinion is an affirmation of the dream.

Please visit USGS website within the next seven days up to February 8, 2008 to see this relatively minor earthquake, after which USGS will remove it from their website as they normally do.

the dream

In the dream that occurred within the last hour, I saw Barack Obama very happy with many people, "tons of people", surrounding him to the point where no one could get close to him - it was like seeing a mob of people surrounding him! He was all smiles, and the more I looked on the farther he went into the background surrounded by people. At this point his head can hardly be seen as a hand reaching up in the sky to wave at him blocks my view.

Based on this dream, I can now confidently project and predict, fait accompli, a Grand Obama Victory on Super Tueday, February 5, 2008 that will secure his nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention on August 25-28, 2008 in Denver, Colorado.

I saw this one as plain as day lasting far less than a second. I felt the energy. It was not good - it moved my soul. Spiritual people around the world should pray. This one will happen. Where and when I do not know, but perhaps very soon? No interpretation is offered since this dream is self-evident.

the dream

Today, on Sunday, January 27, 2008 at about 4:00 AM EST very early in the morning, I dreamt, i.e., saw in my dreams, a great mighty wall of brown, dirt-filled water bubbling at every dimension of visibility, with large and small bubbles, rushing forward at a great and mighty speed. The wall of water rolled forward like a mighty tsunami maintaining its wall-like status along the way, not breaking into a wave that would allow one to see over the wall or beyond the horizon. Although I cannot estimate the height of this wall of brown, dirty, bubbling water, which was very high indeed, if I were to make an awake-state “rational” guess, I would estimate the wall of water to be at about 15-30 feet high, but again I really do not know its height at all! Immediately after the dream I felt that this was NOT a tsunami, and certainly not a WAVE of those forms. What it is I do not know? Your imagination can take it from here!

As to place, date and time, I do not know but could use astrology based on the date and time of the dream to figure out where, when and how? For the time being, let your imagination soar as we watch to see the outcome of this dream!

Had this dream very early this morning before dawn on Thursday, January 17, 2008.

the dream

Saw a map of the State of California in a pronounced, outlined manner with other areas faded out to give definitive focus and attention to the State of California as opposed to any other surrounding states or places in the west coast region. Suddenly white glistering, crystal-like snow flakes where scattered almost evenly throughout the center of the state map in a circular formation almost as if from out of the mouth of a high, overhead, centralized wind force. These snow-flake-crystals were bright white and magical in their appearance and display. Dream ended.

Possible interpretation is that a major, perhaps historic, snowfall will strike CENTRAL CALIFORNIA soon, perhaps within the next 7-14 days. We will watch to see. Other interpretations are possible as well, which will not be explored at this time.

1 of 100s of dream vision detailing a series of earthquakes in San Francisco.

Events: 7.0 Marin County, CA; 8.0 San Francisco, CA

This vision detailed extraterrestrial intervention, rescue, and rapture.

the dream

I had a very real feeling vision of the coming San Francisco Earthquakes.

I was sitting in my living room, on the couch, watching TV. I heard a loud explosion and suddenly very strong and violent shaking. Within moments, before I could react, the room collapsed in on me. The ceiling crushed my legs and broke my bones while cracked beams punctured my gut.

It felt very real and hurt very bad. I started entering shock, becoming very dizzy, nauseated, ready to throw-up, and thinking I was going die. I blacked-out.

Next thing I knew, the collapsed building started carefully lifting of my body and disintegrating. I found myself in a large room like hanger. I could feel the ground beneath me; it felt solid, but soft and made of light. I looked around the room and could see the whole room was made of light. There were six beings standing in the far corner and a control window with a female extraterrestrial nurse controlling everything.

I was still very hurt by the earthquake, but the nurse started passing these gold beams through my body. I could feel my broken bones mending. I could see the rips in my gut healing. The extraterrestrial nurse was talking to me in my head, showing me how the earthquake crushed me and she was repairing the damages.

Once my body was repaired, she continued healing my body. This time she was cleaning out the cells, molecules, and atoms. She was taking out the Darkness, Luciferian influence, and the Dark Grid Particles from my body. She was giving me a new body. She said that this darkness within my body would need to pass through.

I felt great after, ready to stand up and meet the ETs; I thought this was it, I’d spend the Final Days on this ship and the worst of earth life was over. The nurse said no that I was being shown what would happen when the San Francisco and global earthquakes come.

The nurse said this is what will happen to people who die in the Last Day disasters. She said when the earthquakes come, only a few hundred bodies will be found. But many others who would have died in the earthquake will be taken in this fashion, healed from their injuries, and given new divine bodies while they wait to return with Christ.

Next thing I knew I was back in my apartment awake.

The whole thing kind of scared me. The pain from the collapse and the shock that set in felt very real. Remembering all that alien information was freaky. I don’t think that was a dream or vision, I think I was psychical contact.

Leon S. L.

Had this dream last night about Barack Obama. Felt I should have posted it earlier today on the Dream Registry, but am just getting around to it. The dream was more of an image as seen in a flash.

the dream

Dreamt that Barack Obama was walking coming forward with a long horizontal rope in front of him and another long horizontal rope behind him. The ropes were stretched out fully from left to right running from one end of the dream image to another – east to west, west to east. He was in the middle of both ropes by himself. Behind Obama were people in a single PYRAMID formation. They were all behind the second rope following Obama. Only Obama stood between the two ropes as they all moved forward. The group of people behind Obama numbered, for example, two, followed by three, followed by seven, etc. to build up the group in triangular or pyramid formation. Obama was corded off by these two horizontal ropes that ran east to west – these are not the actual number of people seen in each line of the pyramid of people that were behind Obama. This is as best as I can describe the dream.

I just heard on the news that there is an incident involving Obama’s campaign staff, but not much detail is being released by the news media. I feel that this dream pointed to this event. But as many dreams are symbolic, I believe that one possible interpretation is that from hence forward, due to winning the Iowa primaries, security around Barack Obama will tightened like never before with only a few people having direct access to him as suggested by the dream of last night. He will be roped or corded off from having direct access to the public, very much as the president is today.

December 30th, 2007

The Fall of Japan

This is one of several dream/visions that detail the following:

* World War Three - between Russia/China and the US (including US alies in Asia like Japan)
* Severe increase in earthquakes in Japan
* Rapture - of a paranormal nature; related to quantum physics and UFOs

the dream

I saw the country of Japan like a map out in front of me. Above the country there was a large contract/agreement. It was very thick with thousands of pages. It represented a subconscious agreement between all the people of Japan. The agreement was to learn from a disaster.

It wasn’t exactly clear what the disaster was. Earthquakes and war, but war seemed the clearest. The agreement looked like a war agreement, the agreement to learn from it. It was almost like the disaster was carved in stone and people were now choosing what they would learn from it.

In the dream I could see Japan as a 3D holographic map. When I looked at the whole of the country, I could see the islands, the mountains, the trees and the landscape. If I looked at a city, the holographic map would zoom in and I could see the streets, buildings and trees in much the same way one would see a city while circling in a jet. I also was able to look at specific buildings and blocks; a bird’s eye view, close enough to see people walking on the street.

When I looked at Japan, it had already fallen and I couldn’t see exactly what caused it. When I looked at villages, I could see some homes and buildings off their foundations and moderate fires were thought the country; all of this looked consistent with earthquake damage. Major cities were also damaged, but the exact cause was less clear. When I looked at the lager map, I had the impression earthquakes had hit and the holographic map highlighted the earth deep below the islands (it was represented as a red and black energy grid several miles beneath the islands).

The weird thing was that there were no Japanese people thought the country, only a few Chinese. The Japanese were missing from all of the islands. It was very clear, both when looking at the large map and also the close up shots above the streets. At most there were only 8 to 10 Japanese left and they looked either crazy or demented.

The people I did see on the streets were Chinese military men. There really weren’t that many and they were also confused about the missing Japanese. I could see that the Chinese had set up a few command and military centers in “Abandoned Japan” and one city was Tokyo. They were setting up a defensive posture within the Japanese Islands against American naval and air fleets (China and the US are at war in this dream). In Tokyo, I could see several hundred troops setting up portable missile launchers.

When I looked at smaller Japanese villages, I could see Chinese military men in jeeps investigating the villages and looking for the missing Japanese. I looked at two men in particular as they drove through a deserted village and I could deeply feel their fear; it was paranormal fear, a fear of God. The Chinese knew something extraordinary happened to the Japanese people and they covered-up it up and acted like they took Japan (which is half true). When I looked at the large map, I could tell that China didn’t want the world to know what happened because an act of God would make them look weak.

There were moments in the dream where I flashed into the recent past, when the earthquakes first started to hit. Japan was highly populated when the first earthquakes hit. Seconds before a killer earthquake, those people who would have died were physically taken in Rapture and no one knew what happened to them but they were assumed dead or missing. The Japanese people were being taken in Rapture, but not all in one day. If one island was to be destroyed by earthquakes, seconds before, the Japanese people were physically taken in Rapture. If another Island was to be invaded by the Chinese, seconds before they break down the doors, the Japanese people inside were psychically taken in Rapture. To see so many, entire cultures, taken back to God and protected from harm and horror. Wow, now that is compassion.

Once Japan fell as a power (it looks like they loose electrical power, global communication or become isolated from the world somehow before the Raptures begin), the remaining 99.99% of all Japanese (native and those living by the law of Japan) were physically taken by God in Rapture and they never even know the danger or fear.

God’s love and compassion felt like a lesson:

* I felt God protected the Japanese because they suffered enough from nuclear war in the past and as a result, Japanese war policy repented from their old war like ways.

*I felt the Japanese were symbolic of what would happen through the world; those with love in their heart will never know disaster or war.

*I felt the Japanese were a lesson to Christianity and other religions, letting the world know that it is not what you call yourself, but it is how you behave and treat your fellow human.

*I have had other visions about rapture and in all of them 75% or more of the current population on earth at Rapture time would be taken (compassion of God and a great ending to tell our children in the new world).

This is not a vision of death, but of life, love and compassion.

Leon S. L.

This vision was one of the most detailed and complex visions I have had to date.

the dream

I woke up in a dream. I found myself on board an extraterrestrial ship. There were about five extraterrestrials manning the ships, each with a different post. They all looked human. I was facing the front of the ship, near the right side, next to the front view screen, a window, and a television monitor.

We were in the near future, watching recent solar activity on the surface of the sun. For the past year, the sun had been undergoing violent solar flare activity that had a profound effect on earth as well as other planets in the solar system.

We then moved over to the earth. To the right of the earth, on the main view screen, there was a comet heading toward the earth. It was the same comet I seen in an earlier vision. The comet was closer to the earth compared to the first vision. The extraterrestrials were on full alert. We all watched with intensity as the comet impacted earth.

The impact was worse than I ever imagined. I though, "This is worse than the movie 'Deep Impact'." It looked like the comet hit Southern Africa, three-fourths on land, one-fourth in the sea. A huge tsunami headed toward South America and Antarctica. The tsunami was big, several miles high. Dirt from the land and the ocean floor was thrown into earth's atmosphere, causing the sun to turn black and the moon to turn blood red.

Back on board the ship, the television monitor turned on. Jesus Christ appeared, on the monitor; He looked like a handsome 28 year old man wearing a futuristic commander's uniform. All of the extraterrestrials were listening to his commands with complete attention for he was in control of what was happening. There were countless extraterrestrial ship around earth and the other planets in the solar system. They too were receiving commands from Jesus.

From the monitor, Jesus was explaining what I was seeing on the view screen. What I next saw on the view screen was what had been occurring on earth just before the impact. In addition to the solar activity, which was a sign of the coming impact, the earth had suffered from a series of major natural disasters. Earthquakes were clearly one form of those disasters. Just before the impact, there were possible futures that could have manifested, depending on the choices of the human population.

Then the images on the view screen jumped back to the point we had left off (the sun turning black and the moon turning red from the impact.) Jesus continued to explain what I was seeing on the screen. The human population experienced a few days of darkness. Then, through Jesus, God intervened. I could see the entire planet on the screen. The hand of God (literally) grabbed the planet. I then saw people on the earth loosing consciousness. Jesus explained that God was causing humanity to loose consciousness during the worst of the fallout. God was protecting 50% to 75% of the population of the planet. It was as if people were entering a cryogenic freeze. People remained unconscious for as little as three months to as long as three years. God kept them alive no matter what the conditions were on earth.

On the earth, the planet was reaching freezing temperatures. The impact would have been a planet killer if God had not intervened. After the dust settled and the temperature of the planet reached a livable level, the humans, as well as selected plant and animal life, were revived. Humanity had no knowledge of their lost time. From that point on, humanity experienced the daytime darkness dimmed by one-third and the nighttime darkness deepened by the same amount.

After the revival, there were some more possible futures that humans could go through, but there was only about three years left before the next event.

The sun was still going through violent solar flare activity. As I looked at the earth through the view screen, something was happening to the earth. Light was beginning to bend around the planet. As the anomaly got stronger, the planet disappeared as if it was clocked. All I could see was a mild blur where the earth was supposed to be. Jesus said from the monitor, "The demons and evils in the universe can no longer see or find the earth".

Over the blur, energy began to swirl around like water swirling down the drain. At the center, there was a black hole, a doorway. The earth was beginning to move through that black hole. The extraterrestrials on the ship moved into the next phase of their mission. They engaged the ship and moved from our current dimension and into the dimension where the earth was supposed to appear.

On the other side, the same blur appeared, followed by the swirling and the black hole. The extraterrestrials were on high alert again. They said amongst themselves that they had to make sure that earth's atmosphere was intact. It was a tense moment as the hole began to open. The earth began to appear and there was a great sense of relief as we could all see the atmosphere of the planet was intact, but it was better than that. The atmosphere was crystal clear and the earth was cleaner than ever before. There was on residue of past human activity. Nuclear weapons, waste, pollution was all gone. The earth was alive and totally rejuvenated. It was like the Garden of Eden.

I realized then that there were countless humans on neighboring ships and in places that may have been more comfortable for them. They had been taken up in the rapture and were waiting to repopulate the planet.

I woke-up then, thought about what I had just seen, then went back to sleep. Throughout the rest of the evening, I heard one of the extraterrestrials talk to me about what I had seen. We went over it and over it all night. He wanted me to remember and know what I had seen.

Leon S. L.

Two Earthquake Predictions:

1) 7.0 Marin County, California
2) 8.0 San Francisco, California

the dream

To whom it may concern,

A magnitude 7.0 earthquake is going to manifest on the San Andreas Fault Line in Marin County, California. Most of the force from the earthquake will be directed toward the populated eastern side of the county. The following is a list of specific damages that will result:

Within Marin County

• Highway Damages: Highways and roads throughout the county will be severely damaged by the quake. Ninety percent of the overpasses along highway 101 will collapse.
• Marin County Isolation: As a result of the highway damages, most of Marin County’s residents will be isolated from the world for three to six days. That is the time it will take the military to begin evacuating the population. Many will be evacuated by air and end-up in the Sacramento Valley.
• Sausalito Slides into Bay: The city of Sausalito, closest to San Francisco, will experience the worst structural damages throughout the earthquake zone. Hundreds of homes and businesses will slide down the steep hillsides and into the bay.
• Landfill Settlement: Landfill where the county and the San Francisco Bay meet will shift and settle below the bay water level, creating flooding issues as far west as highway 101. Some of the worst flooding caused by landfill settlement will occur in the city of San Rafael.
• Petaluma River Shifts: The Petaluma River, which borders Marin and Sonoma counties, will change its path, causing severe flooding to highway 37.
• Fires: Broken gas lines will create fires throughout the county. Major fires will breakout in the hills next to the Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael.
• Human Reaction: Although everyone throughout the San Francisco Bay Area will initially react with shock and fear, the general human reaction will vary from county to county. The residents in Marin will work their best to help each other through this disaster

Within San Francisco County

• Movement on the Golden Gate Bridge: The Golden Gate Bridge, connecting Marin County to the city, will be severely damaged. The north tower of the bridge will move three to five feet, causing the bridge to be shut down indefinitely.
• Chaos in Golden Gate Park: Hundreds of thousands of people will crowd into Golden Gate Park creating a danger in itself. Military teams will have a very hard time landing and setting up emergency facilities due to being swamped and mobbed by the crowds.
• Escape at Crissy Fields: US military has prepared for an earthquake like this; the most militarily organized area in the entire earthquake zone is at Crissy Fields Park and along the north shore of San Francisco. Several large cruise ships as well as many military craft will begin evacuating people within hours of the earthquake. People will arrive on foot, get medical attention and treatment if necessary, and simply wait a few hours for the next cruise ship headed for Los Angeles or San Diego. Unlike most of the earthquake zone, help is abundant here.
• Looting and Violence: Extremely severe looting, riots, and violence will manifest throughout San Francisco including south of Market Street.
• Human Reaction: The residence of San Francisco will have a variety of reactions. Many will be in a state of shock, wandering the streets dazed and confused or in total denial. Low income neighborhood will become very unsafe, while wealthy neighborhoods have strong fathers/men who will prevent violence from spreading

Within the East Bay Counties

• Damage to the Richmond Bridge: The Richmond/San Rafael Bridge will experience the worst visible damage out of the four major bay bridges. A piece of the lower deck will break off and fall into the day.
• Highway Damages: Highway damages will be severe from Richmond, north to Alameda along highways 80, 580, 880, and 24, particularly near the Bay Bridge and within a five mile radius of downtown Oakland.
• Severe Firestorms: Oakland will also experience the worst fire damages throughout the earthquake zone. In the downtown area, three distinct fires will erupt, then move east up into the hills.
• Looting and Rioting: The city of Richmond will experience the worst looting and rioting throughout the earthquake zone.
• Landfill Settlement: Landfill in the East Bay will also settle below the bay water level, particularly between Richmond and Oakland along highway 80 and 580.

A second stronger earthquake will hit San Francisco three months later

Three months after the San Francisco Bay Area is hit hard by a 7.0 Earthquake in Marin, the San Andreas Fault Line moves again, producing an 8.0 or 8.1 earthquake. The epicenter will be located south of San Francisco along the peninsula. All four of the major bay bridges will be destroyed. San Francisco will catch on fire, completely burning the city to the ground. Most major cities around the bay will be seriously crippled and destroyed.

Thankfully there will be a mass exodus of people leaving the San Francisco Bay Area during the first three months after the 7.0 Marin County earthquake, this saves many lives when the 8.0 comes.

Leon S. L.

Another of many dream/visions of a coming war between Russia/China and the US

the dream

I had this very vivid vision/dream December 26th 2007 at approximately 5:00am.

I saw a new Russian submarine off the coast of California and in the Bay of San Francisco.

The submarine had sophisticated stealth technology and was armed with both conventional and nuclear missile technology. The crew in this submarine was the best of the Russian fleet and on a specific mission.

I then could see the submarine inside San Francisco Bay, southwest of the city itself. The submarine needed to be as close to Central California as possible to conduct its mission.

The crew was working with complex technology that included navigational missiles and some form of radar mapping technology within the submarine. They were also using a satellite in space to pinpoint and triangulate their mapping of west coast military targets; getting specific coordinates to program missiles back home in Russian silos. California’s missile defense systems were top priority, followed by various (if not all) military basses throughout the west coast.

The submarine’s location, inside San Francisco Bay, combined with satellite triangulation, gave the Russian crew very specific coordinates within California. Farther out, in states like Washington or Colorado, the coordinates were less accurate.

I could clearly see, that with this technology, they could hit a specific building without damaging surrounding infrastructures. The mathematics and satellite triangulations were complex, beyond my full understanding, but the focus of what the Russians were doing.

Next thing I knew, the submarine was detected in or around San Francisco Bay. News of a Russian submarine penetrating San Francisco was worldwide, but the mission was misinterpreted and downplayed. I saw news reports about Russia being back to their old cold war maneuvers and this incident was viewed as Russia testing their abilities and nothing more. Being detected made it look as if Russia (or the submarine) were weak and their mission a failure. Western countries, including the US, simply shook their finger at Russia and nothing more was done.

The submarine returned home, no one knowing that the mapping mission was a complete success. Russia has the coordinates to target and destroy California’s missile defense systems and most of California’s military bases.

This vision lingered on mathematics and triangulation between the submarine and their satellite. By the end, I was crying in the vision and scared of what was to come. I woke-up crying too, horrified by what I saw.

Leon S. L.