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January 19th, 2011


Dream by ws34nipissing posted in Remote viewing

1 week ago

the dream

I was in Russia, walking outside, there was snow on the ground and all around there were farmers fields. There is something there, maybe underground, somehow I just knew it. A government bunker?

January 19th, 2011

the man in black

Dream by ws34nipissing posted in Remote viewing

2 days ago

the dream

I don't know where I was, but there was a man in my dream, a good looking man in black. I was apologizing to him for something and he looked at me and said " you know who I am ". I am finding that people in my dreams now talk to me, they know me, my name, even though I don't recognize them.?

I had this dream last night, right after the US Economy vision posted yesterday. This vision was very similar, the last vision focused on a Chinese "Plasma TV" factory, while this vision focuses on a Russian Weapons Plant.

the dream

I’m not sure what I saw in vision last night…

I was looking at a Russian weapons manufacturing plant. It was a large warehouse filled with mechanical assembly lines. There were people are various stages, either checking the line or hand assembling certain parts.

I noticed most of the metal being used in construction saw more advanced than anything I’d ever seen. It was black, rough, and completely stealthy; it was invisible to any modern technology. Some of the factory people were working with advance microchips, adding them to different weapons.

At this point, all I really remember was dreaming all night long about Russians having far superior weaponry technology than we are aware of. I remember hundreds of high tech missiles, satellites, and things I didn’t understand. It was all man made, constructed over the last 50 years in secret, but the technology was so advanced that it seemed to be from UFO aliens (it wasn’t, just the result of 50 years for focused development).

Dreamed on October 31, 2007. Still incubating for my GVR6 Project.

the dream

On a construction site where concrete is being poured. The concrete truck is unbalanced and flips over backwards all the way until it lands upside down. Diesel immediately starts spilling onto the ground, and there is already smoke in the air. I yell for the driver and on other person in the truck to get out, and together with some other people start looking for fire fighting equipment.
There is food messed about. It is leftover food from a meal, and it gets everywhere, in drain, on some old newspapers and everywhere on the table.
At T’s Dads place. My bike is standing outside, but when I come out her brother had stripped the thing into parts just for the fun of it. I am furious. I scream at him to go and look at how many kilo’s the bike has on the clock. He looks very sorry for what he did. I take a piece and start screwing it back together, but the wheels and everything has been taken apart, so I don’t know what I’m going to do.

September 24th, 2007

GVR6 - The Dam

Another dream incubated for my GVR6 project. This was last night, 23 September 2007

the dream

23 September 2007
At a body of water. There is a little float made of polystyrene drifting on the water, and fishing line leads from this float to something that looks like fishing bait under the water. The line also goes from the float to me, but I’m not on the bank of the river like a person fishing would be, I’m drifting about a meter above the water. I think of some kind of invention, where I would throw the float far out into the water, but then a boat comes along and snags the line.
I start drifting along the bank to where some other people are fishing. At the edge of the dam there are barriers like those next found next to roads, the broad steel ones with short thick wooden poles. There is also a concrete ledge about 400 mm thick. I start walking towards the end of this barrier, thinking I will fish from there. There are fish jumping in the water I’ve got a fishing rod in my had, but I somehow lose my balance and the fishing rod falls in the water. I take off my shirt and reach down and pull the rod back up, and in the process find another, broken fishing rod in the water.
There is a woman sitting there fishing. I ask her what she is fishing for, and she says Salmon. She also tells me what bait to use and where they are casting. For some reason my line is crossed with some of the other fisherman’s lines, and they’re none too pleased about it. All the line is off my reel. As I real in the line is going onto the spool wrong, but ignore it, deciding to first sort out the immediate problem of and I’ll worry about the spool later.
When I get the line reeled in I find a couple of other fishing jigs attached to my hook, some of them very complex works of steel wire, while another one is just two rusted old hooks. My own bait seems to be still fine.
At a building, on the ground floor. To get from one end of the building to the other, it is easier to go up one floor, walk along the hallway, and then down again. There are some people who have never been at this building before. They are going to try this route, but they’re not sure if they will be able to find the way.

Dreams of the 19 and 20th September 2007

the dream

19 September 2007
At a shopping mall, I am some kind of living toy. I’m about thirty centimeters tall, and somehow I landed up in some woman’s shopping cart. Now I’m outside with her, and she is moving the groceries from her shopping trolley to her car. I am on the ground, and I decide to get into her car so long. The woman looks very big above me.

20 September 2007
At some person’s house, I think he might have said his name was Morne. First me and him are in a room, but there’s a party on and we go outside. There’s about seven people in all, but they look like a boring bunch. I make some kind of negative comment about the party and the garden, something about how I don’t like either. Everybody starts to do little things to irritate me, trying to get me to leave, and I decide to take the hint. There are two small dogs in the yard. I go to my bike and Morne opens the gate for me so I can get out.
At the bottom of the street there are two vehicles parked in the road, and I think one of them was broken down but had already been fixed. I help the drivers to move the vehicles. I think one had a shredded tire, because I try to get the old tire off the rim by pulling at it.
In an airplane that is about to make a crash landing. Something is wrong with the safety equipment, there is not enough for everybody.

Because the previous missing persons for whom I was dreaming has been found, I am trying another case. I incubated for the first time on the night of 15 September 2007 and again on the 16th.
To save emotional strain on families of missing persons involved, I am going to name this project the GVR6. This particular case comes from many years back, so I can't even imagine what the result are going to be.


the dream

15 September 2007
Incubate for GVR6
In a butchery. I order meat and watch as the butcher cuts long bones on a band saw. (Not sure what this machine is called, its one of those saws they use in a butchery, in any way) He doesn’t hold the bones down on the cutting surface like he should, he holds them in his high and pushes them against the blade.
I take my bag of meat, but I cannot leave the shop, because the bag must be marked or sealed or something, because it is ‘wildsvleis’ (Meat from a wild animal, very popular in South Africa).

16 September 2007
There is a machine where people pay for parking. Some person (I think female) is trying to get her change from the machine, but she doesn’t get all the change. When I look in the slot where the money must be I see the money, but it is wedged in the bottom, because the slot is very thin. I try to get my hand in there, but the slot is too thin to allow my hand to go in.
In a little shop where there are gambling machines. I am gambling at one machine, then move one machine to the left. A young person comes over and tells me the machine to my right always pays out big money. I don’t trust this person, and decide to cash out my gambling machine and leave. The machine pays me out 40 pounds, some in loose change but mostly in 2 pound coins. It is a whole lot of coins, and I keep it in a pocket of the coat I am wearing.
I turn on the youth and become really aggressive towards him, telling him that things will go very badly for him if he tries to follow me. He leaves the shop ahead of me, and after watching him go I turn and leave through the other door of the shop, going into the parking lot at the rear. It is dark outside. There are only a few vehicles parked in the parking lot, and not many people around. I am smoking a cigarette, but when I remember I had quite smoking I only take one more drag from the smoke and then throw it away.
This action triggers lucidity, and suddenly I know I am dreaming.
For a moment I’m at a loss of what I want to do, but I do know I want to fly, so I take a running jump and lift into the air and do a wide turn. Then I remember my task of the GVR6, but as soon as I think about it I wake up.

Date: Night of 30 July 2007
I'm trying to incubate a couple of dreams to see if it would be possible to solve crimes using dreams. To make checking facts later easier, I'm only incubating dreams for my area.
I'm going to post a couple of them here on the dream registry as a checkpoint in time. I have to admit though, that the last time I tried something like this the dreams were emotionally stressing, so I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up. For this dream, the incubation was about a child on the SAPS missing children website.

the dream

30 July 2007
First, I am riding around on my motorbike. There is another person that is riding with me. We land up in a city that looks a lot like Centurion, it is a place with the same type of waterfront. The other person goes into a hotel, while I stay at the waterfront. There are a lot of people. There is a person on a go - ped that comes past, but it’s one of those jobs where the rider still has to do some of the pushing, and he has to do a lot of work to keep going.
Then a person on a off - road bicycle catches my eye. He also has some kind of motor attached to his bike, and it makes a huge racket as he weaves his way through the crowds. I follow the person on the bicycle a short way, and come to a place where an off – road vehicle is parked right in the water, with water up to its bonnet. There is a woman in the vehicle, and she explains to the crowd that the vehicle will keep on going even while in the water because it has a snorkel attached to the air intake. She revves the engine, and it makes a huge noise.
I look at the water. There is a black oily dust on the water, but where the oily dust parts I can see through the water a bit. Then the vehicle in the water is sinking, and water is coming into the air – intake snorkel. The end of the air intake snorkel is silver, or chrome plated. The vehicle sinks right down, going down with the back first, but the woman inside does not seem bothered at all. After a while the vehicle simply drifts back into sight and comes up again.

I am in the hotel room where my friend had been. I have a bath and then I sleep for the night, and wake in the morning. In the morning I have a laborious task getting dressed, and I start worrying about the hotel room. My friend didn’t sleep in the room, he slept outside the hotel somewhere. Had we actually booked the room?
First I decide I’m just going to leave the hotel and find my friend and ask him, but then I decide to find out if the room had been paid for. If not, I will pay for the room before leaving.
As I’m sitting on the bed I look into a big mirror on one wall, and there is another man sitting on a second bed that is behind me. I’m a bit surprised to see him sitting there, and I turn around to look at him, but there is nobody on the bed. When I look back at the mirror there is nothing in the mirror either.
The man had sandy colored hair, grown straight almost like a thatched roof, with just about no style. He had a matching moustache. His face wasn’t fat or thin, and I think he was somewhere in his forties.

I had this dream on the night of 9/10/2001. The very real feeling of the world ending and the ending of this dream worried me so much I had to tell my wife as we drove to work the next morning. As the tragedies of that day started to unfold I began to make a connection with my dream but still thinking it was just odd and nothing more to worry about. I didn’t believe in the supernatural and I attributed the timing of my dream and the events on 9/11 to be extreme coincidence. But today after several more “unusual” dreams and events I believe the barrier between the present and the future can be circumvented.

the dream

I remember the feeling as if the world was ending – extreme fright and panic as if a nuclear explosion went off. The feeling was vivid and real. I was really feeling as if the world was going to end. There was burning, orange flames and smoke around a city – feels like a big city like New York. I can see tall buildings. Things were on fire. Then there is a shift. I am now falling. I am falling spread eagle from some were very high. I have time to think to my self - I am going to die I am really going to die. I see myself from above now. I impact spread eagle very hard on to the angled part of a boat deck. The boat is a large passenger ferry. It is white.

I do not die! I do not understand but I am too happy to question why. I feel an immense sense of relief as I pick myself up. I am surprised at how little of what just happened is affecting the people on the ferry. Why don’t they wonder why I am not dead? They seem to be ignoring me. I walk toward the stern of the boat and I see my wife in the middle isle between the two rows of bench seats. She is surprised that I am okay. She tells me she was so worried when she saw me falling but I tell her I’m okay now. We are both very emotional and we embrace and kiss each other over and over again in joy. I’m not sure what is going on with everyone else. I think they are all heading toward the front of the boat.

While kissing her head I repeat to my wife and try to reassure her, “it’s okay”, “I’m okay”, “I’ll protect you”, “everything will be okay”. At that moment as I have her in my arms I see two men suddenly appear behind her. They are wearing black leather jackets. One is bald and looks African American while the other is taller and gangly. He is wearing dark glasses. The bald one says to me “no it will not be – you will not be okay”. I am startled awake.

August 31st, 2006

Pirates scheme in Thailand? Asia?

Dream by Theresa posted in Remote viewing

Aug 30thpm or am of Aug 31. I feel that I was seeing a remote event. It took place in asia. It may have been off of Thailand? China? The locals did not speak french, spanish, or japanese (I would recognize the language.

the dream

Aug 30thpm or am of Aug 31. I feel that I was seeing a remote event. It took place in asia. It may have been off of Thailand? China? The locals did not speak french, spanish, or japanese (I would recognize the language).

Tourists, middle-aged and primarily from the UK, one couple from the US - maybe some from Canada were on a vacation. They were upper, upper middle class and had arranged to "rent" big boats. The couple I "followed" were telling me their story, saying that they were assigned a sail boat with another (unknown to them) couple and a crew. They had some sailing experiance and had rented the boat for a 7 day trip.

If they had gone with some one they knew the destination would have been pre-determined, however all regional destinations were attractive. The Husband wanted to chart the trip. The crew had real experience, but the tourists would receive 7 days provisions and could "captain" boat/ship/yacht.

Turns out the "other" couple were "pirates". They had a deal with the crew and a complicated scam. It involved getting tourists to pay (these people paid like $15,000 us) and then stealing the charter. They pirate couple said that 70% of the identifying information/value of the boat was in the sails and softs (I think they meant upholstered custom cushions?).

They had the boat name off before they were ten miles from port and planned to kill the "good" couple. The innocent Husband told me several times that they were giving their killers $4000 to kill them out of the $15,000 he paid to go on holiday.

The innocent couple were very annoyed with me-pleading for help. Saying if I could see them - why couldn't I help them? Asking if I could at least get a travelers advisory released to warn others.

Their death seemed likely, but i didn't see before waking. I do know the pirate couple was getting between 3-5 hundred thousand dollars for delivering this boat.

I send this dream as a warning. It is all I can do. I don't know where these people were/are.

August 29th, 2006

Flood Waters

Recurring dream.

the dream

I can't help but wonder why I continue to dream of flooding. When my stepdad was alive, I could go to him, and he would interpret the dream for me. Now, some of my dreams leave me in awe.
Several times this year I have dreamed of flooding. One of the dreams was unusual because the water just seemed to flow down the streets, and we were standing on the sidewalk looking at it.
Another time I dreamed we had to be rescued from our house as it was being washed away by the flood waters. Maybe all the talk about Katrina has been planted in my subconscious. But, other dreams were during a time when it was not hurricane season.
If someone out there knows how to interpret dreams, I would like to know what it means when I constantly dream of bodies of water?
There is a river that flows through a certain part of our city, and it used to flood every year. There hasn't been a flood for over five years now.
Is it normal for dreams to repeat themselves?

May 28th, 2006

The Group

Dreamed on 27/28 May. Freaked me out completely. I didn't do any incubation for this dream, and didn't watch much tv yesterday either.

the dream

I am something like a thoughtform drifting on what I perceive to be a planet. It is dark, there is no light yet, no sun or stars.
Then, like the coming together of a few factors, I see the first light appear, as if in the palm of my hand, two filaments of light twisting and turning together, but then immediately it is far off, and it is the first light ever, a dim red sun.
Now I can see I am on a big beach, by an ocean.

Now there are others like me, two others, I think. I now have form, but we are too primitive to communicate. (I perceive myself to be female?) Something is there to teach me. I am told to take a small stone (of about such size that I can close my fist around it). This stone resembles me. The group (myself and the other two) is vulnerable, we are too few. I must pick up another two stones, one for each of the group. I think I can use the stones to communicate. I am the (female) leader energy of the group.
I must pick up another stone. This is for doing special things with, I think it will protect us. I must teach the other two how to use the stones.
I am very old now.
I am shown that I can protect the group by picking up more stones, as if the group is bigger. One of the stones I picked up was actually the shell of a brown garden snail.

The time of the group is over, we must perform the ritual and end ourselves. The group is bigger now, there are about six of us, I think we are all female. Each has two sticks and a piece of string, and we are going to commit group suicide. I am very old now, and very scared. We are standing in a hole in the ground, and inside this hole is a deeper hole, perhaps filled with water, or is it just thick darkness?
Each of us plant one of our sticks in the ground and tie the other stick to it with the string. So one string is horizontal and the other is about vertical. The strings still have a long loose end, and this goes around our necks. I am scared of dying. We all jump at the same time, and for a moment I don’t want to do this anymore. I feel the string (rope?) tightening around my throat, and I make a strange choking sound. Then I am blacking out, and I except death.
The entity on my right does not want me to die, because I was the first, I am the oldest. She pulls me back up to the ledge, and unties the string from my neck.
I am relieved, but furious with her. Death had been so close, within my reach. I call out her name, and call her a bitch.