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March 21st, 2006

Glad to meet you game

3/20/06 I went to bed wanting to see someone I will meet this week.

the dream

I woke up several times thru the night, not remembering anything. In the early morning, I woke up and saw a dark shadow which appeared to be a figure. I looked at it for quite awhile trying to bring it into focus but it wouldn't budge. Then, appearing in the bottom left of my sight was the face of a little girl with shoulder length dark hair, her eyes were a little crossed. (I'm hoping I will meet her this week.)

March 21st, 2006

Nice to meet you

Dream by lesismore posted in Celebrities, Remote viewing

A couple of months ago I was remote viewing and I saw many different eyes at different angles. Just one pair of eyes at a time though. I was wondering who was watching me.

the dream

Two men appeared. The taller and thinner man was on the left and the shorter, heavier man was on the right just looking at me. The names Mr. Rogers and Captain Kanagroo came to mind. I think because their body types were similar. Now, I'm thinking they are two gentlemen that work at my place of employment. We have been having interesting classes on our types. I'm a INFJ and one of the gentleman is a INFP. The other one says he hasn't taken the test and isn't going to. I thought I would ask the INFP if he has any interest in dreams this week. Two weeks ago, I asked if anyone would come to me that is watching me. Last week a customer came up to me and said she had been watching, but the conversation went on to something else. Last night, all I could do was forcus on these two gentlemen. Tonight I will try to have an open mind so my thoughts don't get in the way.

February 28th, 2006

Shoes hidden among clothing

Dreamt in the morning of Tuesday, February 28th. I submitted the dream to the Turkish Dreamers group on Yahoo, as they organized a Remote Viewing.

the dream

I'm looking at a somewhat abstract painting, in which shoes are hidden. I get the keyboard of my computer, looking at the painting like it is a computer screen. I use keys on the sides of the keyboard to manipulate the hidden shoes, and to move and rotate them, into the front, making one whole row of shoes visible, and a second one underneath, but with an empty spot in the middle where more shoes could fit in.

The painting wasn't really abstract, but like a collection of clothings.

February 4th, 2006

Runaway Bride in GA

4/30/05 - I had the below dream about the exact time the police found the missing Runaway Bride in GA that was all over the news in April 2005! It was around 4:00 a.m. in the morning and according to the news coverage she was found at the exact same time.

the dream

The missing GA woman's Fiance' receives a telepathic message from her, she tells him "Help me, I am in the mountains all alone." I am on the ground on a sled with wheels (similiar to a mechanics tool that he uses to lay on to get underneath cars). The sled with wheels is moving along the ground and I am searching for the missing woman. There are leaves and large branches covering the ground, the wind is blowing. There are some piles of leaves that are so high that it appears a body could be covered underneath the leaves. As I moved along I kept brushing away the leaves and I there wasn't a body to be found. I was walking around a large cement building and I became frightened because I didn't want to find a dead body. I didn't know if I could handle seeing such a sight. The sled with wheels then took off towards a corner and went through a large glass window which broke and glass dropped to the ground. I knew it was pointing me in the direction of the missing woman. I looked and I saw a woman moving in a plastic box. I walked over to her and she was in water and cold. She was wearing only her bra and undewear. I wrapped her in a blanket and we walked outside and it felt like we were in an Industrial area. A van drove by and Mike was driving (by boss who is a attorney, bald and short with a slim stature), he stopped and he was the woman's fiance and was so glad to see her. They were arm and arm and she said, "she was so scared about her wedding and getting married." I could tell she was having some emotional problems.

January 31st, 2006

Good company / Tsunami

I had this dream in the morning of December 26th, 2004, hours after the disaster, but before we heard about it. I live in the Netherlands. The dream looks like it could have played in real time. It feels more like a remote viewing than a precognitive dream.

the dream

We have been traveling, arrive somewhere. Most people have gotten out, and are standing on the street waiting. It looks like we are stranded here. I'm standing on the roof of a kind of coach (the transportation we arrived with), looking at the situation from some distance. The next moment I'm standing on the street, next to the coach or bus. It looks Asian here, and it is crowded with people. I'm now standing at the pavement. Somebody tells me that it is dangerous here, although I don't feel uneasy myself at all.

We have been sent into a building with a large cellar. A long row of people is walking down a lane down into the cellars. I'm walking next to B (friend from Indonesian origin). The lane splits, and B disappears on the other lane. I call out to him a few times, but no response.

At the deepest level the lane runs into a dead end. The corridor is full with people. I see thin matrasses lying. I pass them on to the others. The people around me look nice. Good company. I assume we will spend the night here, and see again tomorrow.