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I work a very late second shift so it was around 7:00 am, January 6th.

the dream

I have never had a dream like this or heard anyone who has had a similar dream. I fell asleep in my recliner, as I am inclined to do, so in my dream I was also sitting in a chair. I am very sure I was about 80% lucid and in REM because, even though I felt paralyzed, I tried to speak, I think outloud, but it took all the focus and energy I could muster. Ok, here's the dream...

I was sitting in a chair and was explaining to some people who were all dressed in long flowing satin robes that were a very dark flat grey, but not black. I was explaining that every time I closed my eyes for more than a few seconds, even though I was in a building at the time, I would see a very dark sky with lots of dark grey clouds. There were also many rectangular objects just floating in the sky. These were barely distinguishable from the clouds.

But the strangest part is that some kind of symbols would appear for what seemed like 1 or 2 seconds, but it was so brief it was hard to focus on any one of them so I could remember them. I did remember a couple. One was a geometric shape like an octagon, but it could have had 10 or 12 sides. It was neon green. there were also neon green beams of light coming out of it, similar to the way a child draws a sun. All of the symbols were thin neon lights, very specific in design as if they were drawn by a draftsman.

It seemed like dozens of these symbols flashed in front of me, up in the sky with the dark clouds and rectangular shapes as a background. they were NOT alien space ships or anything like that. They looked like neon lights and seemed like they were different colors.

The people there wanted me to describe what i was seeing, but it was very hard because it was so scary. I had to force the words out of my mouth. There were 2 or 3 people walking around my chair. I kind of got the impression that the symbols meant something to them, but they meant nothing to me. I just wanted it to stop.

I dreamed this 3/24/2011

the dream

I dreamed I was running from a rising flood going towards a mountain top. I arrived at a place where other people where gathered and there was a man preaching. Also there where wild animals and insects. There where people standing around and wasp in there hair and dogs barking and growling it was so surreal. The preacher was saying the anti Christ had arrived and the end was near. He made reference to Sara Palin how we where all fooled.I am not a political person and have never voted in my life just saying this is so unreal. What could this mean? I use to be a strong Christan and led many souls to Christ but I have known the holy ghost very closely. Don't know if this is a vision or just a bad dream my great uncle was the Great Criswell but I didn't know him.

This witting is based on 3 lucid dream visions from the late 1990s

the dream

The Mark of the Antichrist

Russian Leaders and the Final Russian Antichrist (Vladimir Putin) will blame the US for the near-future world economic crisis. This will be one of Russia's international justifications for going to war with the US alone (no EU attack, only on the US). Soon the US financial crisis will really hit the world economy severe enough to make Russia and China think they can create a new global economic system. The new Russian/Chinese economic system is the Mark of the Antichrist.

When Russia and China invade the US, they will be called "peace keepers", but they will be vicious, sadistic, and ruthless. They will take Americans and offer them "freedom" and "help" and "money" and "wealth for all" and "a new life".

To accept, one must agree to take a microchip implant in the right hand. In that chip will be ID, medical coverage/records, criminal history/records, and financial history/records. Also in those microchip implants will be $100,000 to help you start your new life.

To deny the mark does not mean freedom, it means military camp imprisonment. There, people will be forced to take a retinal eye scans for imprisonment camp IDs or die. Many Christians (and non-Christians too) will reject the $100,000 microchip implants and be shipped to temporary internment camps. There, many people will refuse the retinal eye scans too and those people will be beaten, tortured, killed, or worse.

The world will see video images of "happy" and "free" Americans with $100,000 implants, now saved by Russia and China. Europe will soon willfully agree and follow this new economic system, the last continent to do so. When Europe joins Russia and China economically, the final Antichrist will have full control over the entire world, all seven continents. No one in the world will know or see the US prison camp horrors.

Only Americans will hate the Antichrist. The rest of the world will come to praise the Antichrist once he has all seven horns (continents) on his head. He will not only claim to be God, he will show the world his godly dominion and control over earth and her people by destroying Israel, God's Holy Land and His original Chosen People. Only then will the rest of the world finally see the hideously evil monster that always was the Russian Antichrist.

The Mark of the Antichrist is what will turn World War Three into a Christian Holocaust, but the final Battle of Armageddon will be when Israel is destroyed through a Russian/Chinese nuclear attack, as ordered by the Final Russian Antichrist.

Both Russia and China have been planning this for years. They will help to create this near-future world economic crisis so to blame the United States of America.

The US economy is going to get worse very fast. People with money better pull out, consolidate, relocate and stock-up NOW. There will not be many more financial warnings before US Natural Disasters wreak havoc on the remaining US economy.

Leon S. L.

August 14th, 2008

The Zombie Lord

Dream by Alex posted in One of my scariest

This is a nightmare in which, as if of a genre, has the form of a narrative in which I must witness the goings-on of horrible events, which are either narrated by a third party or a participant, usually in a non-embedded tone. This time the narrater is the protagonist, what I call a "zombie lord".

the dream

In this dream it begins as a narrative. I see a scene of a sloping portion of undeveloped land lot in an urban setting, near an abandoned strip mall. The only activity seen at first is the view of a rather normal looking, if a bit "Bishop"-from-Aliens sort of man, dressed in a white dress shirt with rolled sleeves and simple black slacks and having an accountant's parted hairstyle, sitting leaning back in a hollow in the ground behind a thick, long dead but still standing tree. He muses, as a thought we can hear, of how he likes to develop a personal relationship with his food (ala a character's comment in the movie "Hostel").

The view pans up the slope, which is mostly dirt with areas of grassiness, toward a copse of trees similarly delapidated as the one behind/under which our protagonist dwells currently. As if within earshot to the former, three ladies are listening to loudish music from a radio that seems to be (impossibly) plugged in somewhere, and which seems to be properly from the early '80s using D batteries with a cassette player. They talk about this and that sort of gobblygook, and they tra-la-la down the slope to the abandoned strip mall to do whatever sorts of sorority-type things they plan to do there (incongruous, I know, but that's what happened)

Then something happens.

A vision ensues, with the visage of the man transforming in collage along with the the image of a female trapped in a room with him, she reacting with horror to the transformation, which is ghastly. His eyes begin to glow a yellowish orange as his skin takes a pallid and chalky tone with greenish blue highlights. His supernatural aura grows daunting and nightmarish as his voice takes on a draconian aspect when he says to her in a baleful yet strangely placid voice, "You shouldn't drink so much, it not good for your brains, especially when I am smacking them UP." The view shifts to a scene of our zombie lord with greatly disfigured visage distored like something out a certain '80s video from Genesis, his mouth as wide as and shaped in the circumference of a cantelope, taut and suctioning as it lifts from the evacuated head of the girl, strands of baige goo still joining the orifice to its freshly explored meal.

His inner hunger seems to light up now, as his feast properly begins. Scenes emerge and recede to each other of him jaunty and jubilant, cooking and preparing various bodily parts and organs in the near darkness of the place, with a dim light seeming to come from a quiet fire somewhere nearby as his hand busily moves the tissues about on fine ceramic plates, using some glinting metal instrument with a sort of chef-like gaity. The screams of the others visit us as his trapping them one by one is implied. Yet an ominous scene arises where two of the three girls are dramatically altered, with an appearance of having been transformed into some sort of quasi-zombie underlings themselves as they join him in the feasting, no doubt partly consisting of their own bodies.

As if the denoument, the zombie lord explains in transcendent narrative as our view recede from that horrible place, that his several-thousand year existence has been thusly nourished, and he takes great satisfaction in his long tradition of such conquests, having now raised his exploits to the level of an artform.

The dream, or rather nightmare, thankfully ends at that point, but not without making me wonder just WHERE IN HELL such visions come from, such visions which seem as independent of the mind which they visit as our waking experiences seem.

I ponder the strange cruelty of my dream, and of similarly cruel dreams from months and years ago in my past, which seem thankfully few and far between, but unfortunately come unbidden and by surpise even to this day.

January 9th, 2008

Post Apocolypse?

Near future

the dream

This has been a recurring dream I've had over the past 6 months...sometimes it occurs in different places, but always with the same people(whom I have yet to meet) and the same atmosphere....

The first dream begins after some great disaster...I find myself among a group of people ranging from teenagers to people in their early 30s. Noone knows oneanother...we just find ourselves seeking shelter in this unusually shaped building(octogon shaped) atop a hill. Everything is dark and covered in puddles and mud. There are large windows and everyone has their faces pressed against the glass watching the skies(which are totally obscured by clouds of dust?...looks almost like night time it so dark). Then the clouds begin to swirl...just like in the painting"Starry Night" and a few of the men rush outside to see the sky. We know noone is to leave the building as they most likely shall never return, but the men are so awestruck by the skies that they go outside anyway. We lock the doors behind them even though they are the husbands and family of the many others inside the building, knowing that those who are exposed to the outside conditions at that time can never return. The rest of us are forced to wait it out until its deemed "safe".

My following dreams occur in the episodes where myself and my new companions travel westward or inland (we are trying to escape the flooding water)seeking shelter in old, nearly destroyed buildings, and seeking food, drinking water, and medicine in what used to be cities. Though many of us are injured, the healthiest of us are sent out in scouting teams into contantly collapsing building structures in search of these things( and many of these parties dont make it out alive). One thing is always constant, though: never get in the water. Though there are decaying bodies, debris, and chemicals in the water, our biggest fear is the unspeakable creature(s) that live in the water(perhaps a chemical mutation of a previously existing harmless animal?). No matter what the circumstances, noone enters the water.

On one of our food scouting missions, myself and three other women return with canned food and a bottle of antibiotics and must pass through a partially collapsed building to get back to the path. We find that the building was once a fine clothing store filled with the most beautiful designer gowns, shoes, etc., and we stop and examine the merchandise. One of the girls even puts on a gown. Then we all shake our heads and begin to laugh almost hysterically about how simple and different life was and that such rediculous things as fashion and beauty had so much meaning before...

December 1st of 2007

I am 15

The football field was were my dad use to coach football at his old high school.+

My friend is a girl named Maddy and her and I are really good friends and we don't have anything going on between us.

The Hispanic Lady seemed to be dressed in a dress that African American woman wear.

The house was all different shades of blue and some white thrown in.

The two worlds thing was weird it seemed we could spread our legs and be in two different places at once.

The older guy was tall with brown hair and a beard but young and the baby was bundled in a blue blanket.

You'll see everything below.

the dream

I was running across a football field with one of my friends and we were carrying these packages. We ran out into the middle of a play and my friend said, "Come on Kevin, before you get hit." We ran and there was the stands with stairs and then there was this very steep rocky hill covered in brush beside it. My friend took the easy way up the stairs and I went up the steep hill. I kept climbing to the top, getting cut by rocks and pricker bushes. I got to the top and sat there in all this brush. I cleared all of it away and looked out over what seemed like a cliff. I saw miles of green forest and there was just spots of water that I think were lakes. I thought in the dream it was beautiful. I was still cut by everything. It was so sunny.

Then I looked down at where the football field use to be and saw a long house right along the beach. It was very close to the ocean and it seemed peaceful. I ran down to it and the cuts and package was gone. I felt bran new. It was very calm where I was. I walked inside the house and my friend reappeared and started screaming at me. She was saying how I betrayed her and along those lines. She then left. I ran into this room where it looked like an altar. I started praying to God there. (I was still in the house) This lady that was Hispanic came out from the door and said she owned the house and that that wasn't an altar to God. I just froze and felt I did something wrong. She said she was one of the few people who worshiped the ocean or the water. She was dressed in a colorful dress with Fall colors. I went to the door beside her and my friend appeared and started screaming at me in front of the lady. I collapsed on the floor crying. My friend left and I got up and walked out. I looked out the door and saw the sky was pitch black with black clouds and the ocean was tumbling back and forth. Winds were picking up. I thought it was maybe a hurricane. Lightning was shattering all around the house and the ocean. It hit the water and made terrible booms like a bomb exploded. Five people then appeared. It was me, that Hispanic lady, my friend, a baby and some 30-40 year old guy I didn't know. I said lets go everyone something is going to happen to the house. The Hispanic lady said, "I can't leave." I said lets go. I grabbed the baby who was bundled up and not crying. I looked out the front window and water was crashing against the house in a fit of rage and lighting was coming down everywhere and pieces of debre was flying around outside. I said to them to lets go and I kicked out the back window of the house. My friend didn't have her package anymore. We all ran out of the house and jumped out the bottom window.

We started running up this hill towards this big old castle where it was really sunny. All my family and a couple other people I didn't know were up there. We kept running for our lives. We stopped when we hit green grass and you could the feel the warmth of the sun.

I looked and saw it was like we were in two different worlds. If I took one more step back I would be on the beach. It was like light vs. dark. I said look down at the house. We looked down and this wave brought this gigantic rock and it crushed the house and it was swallowed by the sea. I ran up with the other 4 with me still carrying the baby and my family said welcome and glad to have you here and things like that. My friend went over to her family and the Hispanic lady went to hers but the baby and the older looking guy stayed with me.

Then it ended.

November 22nd, 2007


11/23/07 Tornado dream

the dream

- I was in my car with my dad and my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I were in the backseat and my dad was in the drivers seat. We were outside a party. parked. and it was nighttime. then all of a sudden the sky got lighter, and green. and it was loud and i knew the tornado was there even tho i didn't see it. then, it was gone, and the sky was blue. weird..

November 4th, 2007

war of the worlds

on a saturday night i had the most terrifing dream i have ever had, and there was nothing that could have caused it. i have searched and found one other dream about war of the worlds but not similar to mine for the rest of the day after i kept looking out te window for the tripods (i know it sounds stupid).

the dream

i woke up, dont know what day it was it ws just like any other day i made breakfast turned on the tv and the news was on, they reported that there was going to be heavy flooding around the area that i lived. the day went on and i had dinner, then i noticed it began raining it was flooding really bad so i put sandbags up to stop the water it was no use and the water came up as far as my stairs so i had to stay on the second floor.

anyway the power was dead there was no phone no lights and no tv then there was a bright light coming through my window so i peeped out and it was a tripod from war of the worlds walking past my house it then made the sound that tripods make, it really vibrated my house and shook it i was really terrified by now and wanted my parents they had gone out i heard somone at the door i swam downstairs and opened it it was an alien from one of he tripods it gave me an empty packet of marshmellows, i slammed the door shut and went to bed thinking this must all be a dream.

i woke up the next day still in the dream i thought i had woken up not in the dream until i looked out the window, the floods had cleared and the place where i lived was in ruins, houses were smashed and there were black clouds and snow i heard somone else at the door so i went down and opened it, it was somone from a bus company taking people to a safe place i went with them on the way there i saw my parents jeep on its side with scratches along it i burst into tears i the heard the tripod sound again and the bus got blasted off the road i escaped and hid in a small house on the side of the road i heard screams and crowds of people fleeing i looked out and saw aliens devouring people then i came face to face with an alien that was behind me the house got destroyed by an explosion from a tank witch had opened fire on it i lay in the snow and suddenly woke up with a sweat and crying.

October 29th, 2007

Jumpoint to other worlds

Dream by Harry posted in One of my scariest

I looked it up, and I had this dream in October 2001. That is much longer ago than I thought. The memory to this dream still seems so very fresh. The main fear here is that I'm afraid to get myself into something that I won't be able to get out of.

the dream

I'm riding my bike on a busy street. I'm aware of the dream. The road brings me inside a building. I descend and end up in a multi dimensional space that offers a view of several other worlds. All of these worlds are very different to our world, and I wonder whether perhaps some may even have different laws of physics. I see life forms moving around in one world, again very different from anything we know at Earth. I know that I could simply step into one of these worlds, and I'm very curious about all of these worlds. But at the same time this makes me quite afraid.

October 22nd, 2007

Huge crab

Dream by uncle posted in One of my scariest

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to post my scariest dream ever in a separate thread or to put it here, but it was long ago and far away in any way. It was one of the first two dreams I had as a child that got me into dreaming right up to now.

I’m not going to post the other dream, because it came true and was very personal and scary for me.

the dream

In the dream, I am standing close to a river, where a dry riverbed that only carries water after rains connects to the river. There is water there now, and there is a crab walking in the water, but the crab is huge, even bigger than me. That’s about all I remember, but I was only about 10 years old, so it was big time scary.