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August 25th, 2011

Missile Launches

Dream by KuernoDeChivo posted in Other News, Disaster

Approx 0400 Mountain time Aug 25 2011

the dream

Last night I had a crazy and somewhat alarming dream. I was looking North (not sure on location possibly here in Utah County).

It was night and I saw tens if not hundreds of rockets or missiles launching up into the sky. There were so many launched it almost looked like a firework show but they did not "report" or explode. They continued up into the atmosphere.

It seems like I did also hear one explosion.

Shortly there after the Electrical Power went out.

A little later it was light maybe a day after. There was no food in the super markets. There were soup kitchen's set up the next day or so for people with no food. The power was still out. We were trying to decide if there was anything that we could do at all for my job but pretty much all of society had stopped including my job as I remember talking to my workmates trying to decide if there was anything we could do when all the computer systems were down. I remember sitting in the quiet with friends and family discussing the situation.

December 10th, 2009

dream characters can be communicated with

Dream by al posted in Other News, Future dream


the dream

Dream character: eyebrows lift in surprise and I realize that I got through to him.
Harlan Ellison

September 15th, 2008

"Death of my mom?"

I had this dream on the morning of September 15, 2008

the dream

While I was having an odd dream about a group of elderly, cancer victims sitting at a picnic table eating lunch, there was a strange interruption in the dream. Right in the middle of my dream I heard my youngest daughter (18 yrs old) ask, very loud and clear, "Where is Chris?" (Chris is my boyfriend) I answered "Right here", and then she said, very loud and clear, "Your mom died in the hospital." and her voice was so loud and clear, as if she were right in my room, that it made me jump awake. She isn't even home right now. I can't shake this odd feeling that it was some sort of a warning, but I don't know exactly of what? My mom is going to die in a hospital? Or maybe since she asked where Chris was, his mom is going to die? It's really making me feel creeped out for some reason. This dream was not a "normal" dream.

August 27th, 2008

Daddy's Death?

Today I had this weird dream. I dreamed of myself moving, my dad visiting me and telling me he was dead or going to die soon.

the dream

I was living somewhere with some unknown buddies. My dad would come and visit me sometimes. Once a roomie told me my dad was out there waiting for me. I got to the other room where he was sit on stairs. I noticed that my dad was curiously serious. So I thought someone might have died. And he said: "I died". And I answered: "No way (you are here). Maybe you are going to die soon". And stared at me as if it were true.

Then I woke up.

I had this dream on 02/08/08, and then posted a prediction based on it that same day. The prediction came true the very next day, on 02/09/08.

the dream

On 31 Dec 2007, I posted to 3 different websites my predictions for the new year. Among these was a premonition I had about a major new UFO sighting, which I felt would eventually become as well-known as the "Phoenix Lights" of 1997. Eight days later, (on 08 Jan 2008) the mainstream media reported a series of sightings around Stephenville TX. Strange UFO sightings continued in that area for a couple of weeks after that, and this UFO flap (which many call the "Stephenville Lights") is now considered to be the most important UFO event and largest mass sighting since the Phoenix Lights event.

Then on 08 Feb 2008, exactly one month after the first report, I awoke from a dream that ended with the word STEPHENVILLE in bright red letters (all caps) that floated above a black background. I viewed it from different angles, beginning with straight on and then gradually becoming so slanted that it seemed I was seeing it from the bottom edge. Later that evening, I posted this dream to websites and speculated that perhaps the UFOs would be returning to Stephenville soon.

About 30 hours after my dream (and about 22 hours after I posted my dream-based prediction), Stephenville was revisited by UFOs. To my knowledge, that was the last appearance of UFOs in the area around Stephenville. There are very few documented examples of someone correctly predicting the imminent appearance of a UFO at a specific location, and this dream is one of them!

I had this dream last night, right after the US Economy vision posted yesterday. This vision was very similar, the last vision focused on a Chinese "Plasma TV" factory, while this vision focuses on a Russian Weapons Plant.

the dream

I’m not sure what I saw in vision last night…

I was looking at a Russian weapons manufacturing plant. It was a large warehouse filled with mechanical assembly lines. There were people are various stages, either checking the line or hand assembling certain parts.

I noticed most of the metal being used in construction saw more advanced than anything I’d ever seen. It was black, rough, and completely stealthy; it was invisible to any modern technology. Some of the factory people were working with advance microchips, adding them to different weapons.

At this point, all I really remember was dreaming all night long about Russians having far superior weaponry technology than we are aware of. I remember hundreds of high tech missiles, satellites, and things I didn’t understand. It was all man made, constructed over the last 50 years in secret, but the technology was so advanced that it seemed to be from UFO aliens (it wasn’t, just the result of 50 years for focused development).

Like many who have posted before me, I sometimes have dreams of the future. I believe I had one last night:

the dream

I was in some other country, I think China (maybe India). I was shown how expensive basic elements were including metals and plastics. I could then see the Americans trying to buy raw materials with a devalued dollar; terribly expensive it was. Then I saw China buying the same raw materials with another high value currency and it was very very cheap.

This alone confirmed the US was in recession and heading for something worse.

Then I saw the Chinese take these raw materials and make Blue-Rays, DVDs, Plazma TVs, etc. The Chinese workers were being paid in their high value currency, earning more money than ever before. For the first time, the average Chinese person could afford to buy luxury items, build luxury homes, and live luxurious lives. This new currency and social/economical advance spread in Asia, to include China, Russia, India and more.

Within months, the American dollar was worth very little. Americans could not afford basic living expenses, let along luxury items. Before I woke-up, I saw a once Wall Street American, now jobless, about to throw a handful of US cash into a fire for warmth. I'm not sure, but I think I saw Americans on the brink of chaos brought on through financial desperation.

This confirmed the US was heading for total economic collapse (and the Chinese would benefit).

It also seemed like the time from Recession to Collapse was 6 to 9 months, maybe by the end of the year.

March 14th Approx 7:30 AM

This is one of the craziest dreams I have had for a while. Although this was very intense and realistic I hesitated posting it.

Last night we had a blackout for about 4 hours so my alarm clock turned off allowing me to sleep in later than normal.

Keep in mind while we do have some of the animals seen in this dream they cannot be heard from my room in the basement.

the dream

Here is the dream.

I heard allot of commotion outside my house. I heard our small baby goat (which we do have) crying. I heard the chickens carrying-on loudly (which we also have just not that many).
I heard our calf (which we don't have) "mooing" and causing a ruckus. Basically the dog and all the animals, even those we do not have were acting strangely. I hurried to get dress and go outside.

I saw the baby calf out of our fence on the side of the road and figured I better go get it. I was looking for a Rope and saw the rope when I noticed the chickens.

We have a very beautiful plump and strong rooster with a long tail that takes care of our hens. Lately we have had only one breed of chickens called black-star. As you might guess they are shiny-black. As I was walking to get the rope for the calf I saw all the Hens huddled around the rooster. This was outside the Chicken coup and fenced in range where they should have been. Normally the hens get pecked by the rooster and even loose feathers on the back of their head and neck. This was the opposite. The rooster was week sitting on the ground almost like a hen while all the hens were around it. It was like they wanted what the rooster would normally give them but he was too weak. They had begun pecking at him and I was shocked to see how many feathers the rooster was missing. I have seen this on hens when there were too many roosters around but I was totally shocked to see the rooster in this condition. I thought he might die.

At that moment I figured the Calf in the road could wait a second while I placed the rooster back in the chicken coup with fresh grain and water to see if he would regain his strength but I was worried about all the hens and that they might not let him rest and they would peck at him in his weakened condition.

When I went and grabbed the bag of chicken-scratch grain I must have grabbed the wrong bag and it tore and ripped open pouring sugar on the ground. I figured I must have mixed up the bags and would have to now buy additional bags of sugar for my food storage. At that time the wandering calf could smell or sense the sugar and voluntarily came into the yard to see what sugar it could get from the ground while I was trying to clean it up.

I scooped up what I could and went to check the chickens that I had placed back in their coup and range. All of a sudden I saw a hen darting for the fence to get in with the rooster. That part of the fence was the bigger 4X4 inch square wire fence which some hens can manage to squeeze through. As she squeezed through the fence I could hear her feathers breaking and snapping. As she came out the other side she turned or "morphed" into a Mexican or Hispanic Lady. I marveled how her chicken feet turned into a pair of boots with very visible spurs and noticed a few long feathers on her leather clothing.

Then I saw other Hens some flying begin to enter the chicken coup and range. These were not black-star chickens so obviously not of my flock. Bewildered I sat and watched as I tried to figure out what was happening.

Then I woke up.


It was still fairly dark so I had to light an oil-lamp as I made my way to the bathroom to draw water for a bath. As the water filled I was still in the haze of sleep and reliving and remembering the dream. I chuckled to myself thinking maybe I would be the rooster and there would be too many women for me to take care

No sooner had I thought that when I heard an inner voice proclaim the rooster was our country and the hens were other countries that were used to taking what they could get from the rooster and now that the rooster is weak they still want whatever they can get and will peck at him to get it even if it will kill him.

I did not think much about the hen that turned into a lady and it made no sence during the dream but after looking at this closer it was quite obvious.

In fact most Americans are familiar with the term "Coyote" as the human trafficker that smuggles undocumented immigrants over the Southern border. While we think of a "coyote"m there is another common term most Mexicans are familiar with that most Americans don't know, which is "Pollero" which literally is someone that works with chickens and farms, raises or slaughters them and the "pollos" are the chickens or the customers of the polleros, the illegal immigrants.

I have not found any meaning for the Calfe but I do find it interesting that it came back around when the sweet sugar was spilled and lay upon the ground.

I had this dream early this morning 3:30 AM - 4:30 AM and arise to write.

the dream

I saw a great asymmetrical power pole (electrical?) that had rounded smooth curved full bodied beams that formed the shape of the sign of Neptune, but was off-center with one part of the Neptunian folk being lower than the other. The pole could be described as being rounded and "fat" or of a rounded kind of "fatness," if that makes any sense for those wishing to envision this particular characteristic.

I will leave full interpretation of this dream for another time, but suffice to say that the dream, again which lasted far less than a second, may have to do with power grids going down as we recently witnessed this week in Florida, USA.

Perhaps the dream is saying that electrical power failures will continue to occur in the USA and around the world to a very strong degree that has never been seen before.

The dream could also be pointing to the fall in political power of certain great leaders, people, organization(s) and/or countries, supported by Jupiter being in a "fall position" in Capricorn (exalted in Cancer) currently at 16 degrees and 11 minutes of Capricorn in the Tropical Zodiac.

The very strong Neptunian aspects of the dream, as symbolized by the Greek God Poseidon, need to be considered carefully as well with respect to its implication for the seas, rivers, lakes, lake dams and oceans of the earth, basically anything having to do with WATER in all its forms: steam, snow, storms and ice. Poseidon reported only to Zeus and is the ruler of the oceans and earthquakes; hence, we should expect that earthquakes are involved as well, coming from the seas, and that we may soon see some very big earthquakes occurring around the world within the next two weeks, i.e., 14 days to March 15, 2008, especially in southeast Japan and off-shore California, Canada and Central America, but other off-shore places are likely as well.

At the time of this dream, the Sun was at 11° Pisces 09’ in the Tropical Zodiac, and 17° Aquarius 11’ in the Sidereal Zodiac. Uranus being in mutual reception to Uranus makes this a more powerful combination. At the time of the Dream, Jupiter and Pluto are in Capricorn in the 12th House, meaning that power, or the powers that be are secretly at work! With Mercury, Venus, Neptune and the North Node rising one can expect 'electrifying surprises" in business, the economy, partnerships and earthquakes.

IMPACT ON LABOR NEGOTIATIONS: Pallas Athena in Pisces in the 2nd House squaring Mars at a critical and extremely sensitive 29° of Gemini in the 6th House means that labor, in negotiating with those who have financial resources, will make serious strategic blunders and mistakes that will cause them to lose a lot of money at this time (four day period ending Tuesday, March 4th, 2008). The reverse is also true that those who have financial resources can lose a lot as well to labor interest though ill timing of not coming to agreement sooner.

I will end here and return to the interpretation of this dream at another time.

Comments are welcome!

February 29th, 2008

10 Predictions for March and Beyond

Dream by psychicmind posted in Other News, Other psi

These are "clairvoyant" predictions, very different from my precognitive "visions"

the dream

1. The recent rash of large to moderate earthquakes, as well as those in odd locations, throughout February will continue in March. Earthquakes from 3.5 to 5.0 were seen on the New Madrid Fault, Texas, and New England states. This increase in odd and frequent earthquakes will continue throughout the 2008 year and are a connected to the earth current pole reversal. The polarity of the earth’s magnetic pole is in flux, moving from north to south in a slow but fluidic manner,

2. Barack Obama will win the Democratic nomination. As soon as he does, he will be embroiled in one controversy after another. Mr. Obama will also face up to three assassination attempts, one that becomes highly televised; probably captured on live TV.

3. I see Russian Troops being deployed and mobilized along the Eastern
Russian boarder. This is a direct response to the US missile shield, especially when concrete agreements with the US form between the Czech Republic and Poland and intensifies when actual construction begins in each country.

4. I see a major scandal in England over on of its’ Prime Ministers. The scandal looks dug up by the English tabloid media to try to pump sales.

5. I see a large earthquake hitting north of Japan. The magnitude is between 6.5 and 7.5. There is a tsunami warning, but waves of only 4 feet are generated and dissipate before reaching land.

6. I see more spring melt off for Greenland and far less melt off for the rest of the artic. This raises questions and debate over global warming verses natural weather shifting.

7. I see Dmitry Medvedev as the new president of Russia. I also see President Bush making a negative statement about Dmitry Medvedev’s election, referencing to the lack of democracy involved. I see a response from Dmitry, referring to anti-US foreign policy and Mr. Bush. I also see Mr. Putin standing in the background, becoming darker in tone and making militaristic threats (worse than we are used to) while Dmitry stands forward speaking Peace, Peace, Peace.

8. I see a state ruling against gay marriage being over turned on the basis of being unconstitutional. This turn over become a concern to conservatives as to whether this ruling will influence future anti-gay marriage laws. The “gay” issue will again be used to bring republicans out to vote

9. I see a lot of happy announcements for people I general. There is a huge amount of pregnancies being announced and happy soon to be parents and grandparents. I see many newscasters, famous people, and family members and friends announcing pregnancies. In addition to pregnancies, I also see people happy about goals materializing this month.

10. I see NASA receiving or announcing a second clue that biological bacterial life once existed on mars. This evidence is similar to the evidence found on the Martian meteorite. I also see more and more focus on Mars, specifically life on Mars. I see a probe at the Martian probe sending more evidence of life on Mars. I soon see confirmation that bacterial life currently exists on the surface of Mars near the Polar Regions.

February 20th, 2008

Psychic Start to My Morning

February 20th - I woke up about 10 minutes before my alarm went off. I’m laying in bed, half awake and the music alarm goes off…and Celine Dion is singing “I Drove All Night”. The next announcement that the radio personalities mention is tonight is a lunar eclipse and the moon shadow will be red.

I have a few psi-triggers in my dreams that I have noticed over the years. Telephones and photo albums usually indicate a psychic dream for me.

the dream

February 19th -
I am dreaming about a radio contest. They are playing slices of a song, and you have to call in to name at least two other artists who have covered it. They start playing Roy Orbisons “I drove all night”. I don’t have access to a phone, but I know that Cyndi Lauper and Celine Dion are two popular artists that have covered this song. I’m listening to the callers, and they continue to make wild but inaccurate guesses. I am trying to find a phone to call in because I know I would win this contest, but I can’t and they finally declare that there's no winner and move on to another song. EOD.

This dream occurred today late in the morning hours and lasted far less than a second.

the dream

Dreamt that I saw a business card printed in a vertical position instead of the traditional horizontal lay out. This was the most beautiful business card that I have ever seen, almost as if it was not from this planet, yet the lay out and design was very simple. Crop circle design comes to mind to give a sense of the symmetry, proportion, design, lay out and style of the business card. At the top of the business card was a rectangular box with many small squares filling up the box in emerald green and other colors. The squares were very small, perhaps a hundred or more in this small rectangular space at the top of the business card. Below the emerald green logo-type rectangular box was multi-colored script showing information that I could not read because the dream flash imagery occurred so fast and went by very quickly. I did not have the opportunity to read or figure out what was written in the text of the business card that was positioned at the middle to bottom of the vertical business card. However, this text was in different colors and was also very beautiful as well. The text was below the emerald green rectangular box. To the right of the multicolored text was the letter “M.” The letter M was large in size and proportion to the rest of the business card. The M was oversized and was very prominently displaced on the right side of the business card. The M looked like the M in the golden arches of McDonalds. However, this M was bright blood red and was also very beautiful.

Since a business card was seen in the dream flash image, we can safely assume that business or the business world is involved.

The letter M is the 13th letter of the alphabet. In numerology, 13 is expressed as 1+3 = 4; hence, the number 4 is also very important. From this, we know that “Metaphysical” energies that start with the letter M are involved and are definitely at work. M is for movies, mother, metaphysics, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri and Montana to name states in the USA. Some countries include Madagascar, Malawi, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Mauritius, Micronesia southeast of Japan, Mongolia and Myanmar. Some cities include Montreal, Mandeville and Miami. People names include Maurice, Michael, Max, Monica, Mary, Mandela and Marian. Planets in the solar system include Mercury, Mars and the Moon. M is also for money, which could mean the monetary system. Colors include Maroon, Magenta, Mustard and Mauve.

Aaron Rents, Inc. CL-A is the 13th listed company in alphabetical order on the New York Stock Exchange trading as RNTA at $17.35 at close on Friday, February 15, 2008 at a volume of 300.

M & F Worldwide Corporation is the first company listed under the letter M on the New York Stock Exchange. Its symbol is MFW. MFW last trade is $34.76 on Friday, Feb 15, 2008 at a volume of 107,789.

The 13th company on the New York Stock Exchange in alphabetical order under the letter M is Macy’s, Inc., a company that I know very well. The NYSE symbol for Macy’s is M. The company closed at $25.38 on Friday, February 15, 2008 on a volume of 16 million shares. Given this information, I strongly suspect that this dream may be about Macy’s.

We should look at what will happen to these stocks or other events involving the letter M 13 days from today.

Thirteen days from today falls on Saturday, MARCH 1, 2008, which is close to the NYSE close date of Friday, FEBRUARY 29, 2008, which is a leap year.

13 business days from tomorrow falls on Wednesday, MARCH 5, 2008.

The 13th week from today falls on Sunday, APRIL 13, 2008. (April is the 4th month of the year!)

Thirteen months from today fall on Tuesday, MARCH 17, 2009.

The only day of the week starting with the letter M is Monday.

The months of the year that start with the letter M are MARCH and MAY.

The week of Monday, MARCH 3rd - 5th 2008 seems to be a key date to watch with respect to the performance of these stocks and other “M” occurring events.

We should closely watch Macy’s stock and operations over the next 13 days, weeks and months. The impact may be good or bad, but good is mostly expected based on the strongly positive tone and imagery of the dream.

In addition, we should watch for expression of the color GREEN and the meaning of the color GREEN as well. Green is for regeneration and growth and also for envy. Green also represents money in terms of regeneration. Green represents the deep forest versus the tree and is said to be the natural color of the Sun if seen without its bright sun light. Green Kryptonite destroys Superman, the state of our super technologies and modern scientific culture.