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I had this dream on 02/10/08. I saw "October 19" as if it were written with connected pipes. May mean that a disruption in oil supply will occur on Oct 19, 2008.

the dream

On the morning of February 10, 2008, I awoke from a dream in which I saw the date "October 19" as if written in thick, tan-colored pipe connections. This dream image also seemed to be associated with the unseen date of "November" or "November 5".

I think this dream implies that there will be an 'October Surprise' for voters in the weeks before our presidential election. The pipe-like style of the letters and numbers reminds me of either plumbing or pipelines. To me, this means that on October 19th, a significant event may seriously disrupt the global oil supply.

My hunch is that al-Qaeda will attack an oil refinery within U.S. territories on October 19, 2008. I believe these Sunni extremists intend to influence our presidential election by eliciting support for the Christian candidate whom they see as less formidable (John McCain), while creating a backlash against the more formidable Christian candidate who also happens to have an important Shiite middle name (Barack Hussein Obama). I think al-Qaeda fears that if Obama wins, his election may soften the hatred and distrust against America that has accumulated to unprecedented levels within the Muslim world.

Alternatively, my dream may instead indicate the date of an attack by the U.S. and Israel against nuclear facilities in Iran, which would be expected to wreck havoc with the price of oil. In that case, instead of Bin Laden, it would be Bush who tries to throw the election in favor of the Republican candidate. But I'm more inclined to believe that this dream provides the date of the next long-awaited spectacular terrorist attack on the American mainland; which al-Qaeda must hope will surpass the economic damage incurred by their infamous 9/11 atrocities.

truck accident at an intersection

the dream

my dream was in the last week, very vivid, there will be a tractor trailer accident with a truck full of skids of tiles, it will be at an intersection, there will be significant damage to the trailer(rear) and the skids of tiles will be all over the road at the intersection, there will be 3 witnesses(teenagers) who will also be suspected of being involved in the accident, the police will want to question them and they have to inform their boss that they have to leave work(pizza place)nearby. i am there watching but as a third person, nobody saw me... lets see if this happens!

November 26th, 2007

Murdering people

Dreamed last night 25 November after not just incubating but actually meditating a long time for my GVR6 project - Not a nice dream, very bad feelings during dream.

the dream

Dream I kill three or more woman just for fun, or because I’m just totally upset with the human race. This all happens while living in the house in H. I think I killed two by the river, and one in a house.
When the cops come looking for me I am hiding in a house, but I know they will find me quickly. I have hidden at least one of the bodies in the river.
I am hiding in a house where there is building work going on. One of the builders asks me to hand him a hosepipe through the window and I do so, but then he messes the water everywhere, including in a plate of sandwiches I was about to eat, so I yell at him. M comes after me to talk to me, and meets me in this house, but the dream ends before we start talking.

November 24th, 2007

A broken car and a store

Dreamed on night of 22 Novemeber 2007, incubation for my GVR6 Project.

the dream

There is something wrong with the car. It is broken or completely smashed. I pull at some plants, meaning to pull them out of the ground, but they break off just above the ground.
In a large department shop, I think Macro, looking to buy a Swiss army knife. The first department I go to hasn’t got them, so I go to the tools department. I’ve got a measuring tape in my pocket, but it’s a very old tape, so I don’t worry about security thinking I’ve taken a new one. I ask the guy behind a counter for the knife, but he says he doesn’t have them.
There are machines working in this part of the shop. They are back – actors, (those huge digging machines). One is a display only, and the other is also going to be part of a display once it has finished its job.
The first one picks little orange balls out of a container, swings around and drops them in another container. As is swings around lots of the little balls fall around and on me. From here the second machine will later pick up the balls and put them back in the first container.
For now, the second machine is digging, picking up building rubble and putting it on a second storey gallery like place, where a person is overseeing the job.
There has been a fire in this department, there is a large area that is devastated, and only ashes remains. Some of the store workers are picking through the ashes, look for a steel rack of some kind that was supposed to have survived the fire.
I go outside, and it’s dark. I want to look through some of the rubble outside to see what survived. There is a single thread of spider – web glinting in the dark. I decide to walk through it and break it. It catches on my forehead, but as I pull to break it, it is surprisingly strong, and for a moment I wonder where the spider is.

November 21st, 2007

The raw meat train

Dream by uncle posted in Crime, Dreamt on request, Other psi

Dreamed last night, night of 20 November 2007, incubated for my GVR6 project. Had some other dreams as well, but they disappeared very quickly after I woke up.

the dream

There is a train that is delivering food to a restaurant, but the train is not on tracks. The food that is being delivered is taken directly to the customers in the restaurant, on large dishes. There is only raw meat, but each dish is packed with a whole rack of pork ribs, a massive steak and more red meat. The customers start eating the raw meat.

Dreamed on 17 November 2007 after incubating for my GVR6 project

the dream

In a small town somewhere in South Africa. There is a crossroads and a big signboard showing the names and directions to other towns. I am high up on some building or something built out of steel, don’t know which, and I’ve got a huge set of something like pliers or a bolt cutter with me. I cut off a looped piece of steel from something – the looped piece of steel is about a meter in diameter, it was holding together some plastic thing.
There is a café, I remember going into this café which was filled with people.
At a body of water. I think it might be the see, but there was no waves so it might be a dam. There is a large bay, and some small pleasure boats, like speed boats, on the water. A road runs next to the water, and I watch a truck on the road.
At an unknown location. I have parked my car (blue Toyota I owned long ago) and now I am in a house. I open a drawer and I’m surprised at finding more of my stuff than I though I would find. There are two screwdrivers, some keys and other stuff. I pull open more drawers and find even more of my stuff, small things like my wallet, keys and so on. I go out to my car. There are other people also on foot, some woman.

November 17th, 2007

The Fish

Dream by uncle posted in Crime, Dreamt on request, Other psi

Dreamed 15 Nov 2007. Still incubating for my GVR6 Project

the dream

There is a big pool, like at an aquarium, with two fish in the pool. Both fish are carnivorous fish, and both are aggressive, but one is chasing the other, intent on eating it. They’re as big as sharks, going around and around in the pool.

Dreamed on October 31, 2007. Still incubating for my GVR6 Project.

the dream

On a construction site where concrete is being poured. The concrete truck is unbalanced and flips over backwards all the way until it lands upside down. Diesel immediately starts spilling onto the ground, and there is already smoke in the air. I yell for the driver and on other person in the truck to get out, and together with some other people start looking for fire fighting equipment.
There is food messed about. It is leftover food from a meal, and it gets everywhere, in drain, on some old newspapers and everywhere on the table.
At T’s Dads place. My bike is standing outside, but when I come out her brother had stripped the thing into parts just for the fun of it. I am furious. I scream at him to go and look at how many kilo’s the bike has on the clock. He looks very sorry for what he did. I take a piece and start screwing it back together, but the wheels and everything has been taken apart, so I don’t know what I’m going to do.

More water

the dream

See a large body of water from above. See lots of fish in the water. Looks like fresh water, a lake or a dam.

October 9th, 2007

The Crane

Dream by uncle posted in Crime, Dreamt on request, Other psi

Dreamed on night of 6 October 2007.

the dream

Driving down a road. There is a huge crane structure of metal next to the road. I think about how afraid I’d be to climb up into that thing, with the wind tilting it. Then I think and imagine doing so with someone, anyone else. Somehow climbing up if there is someone else with me will not be so bad.

October 6th, 2007

GVR6 - More water

Dreamed on night of 6 October 2007 - Still looking for clues for my GVR6 project.

the dream

There is a room full of people going to sit down at school – like tables. There are men and woman, I don’t recognize anybody. Each have a tray of food, with a pot of coffee like a perculator. One of the men, at the back of the group, pulls out a gun. He’s upset with one of the woman, she’s got her eyes on another man. He shoots her in the back, but she’s not dead. She rolls on the ground and moans in pain. The man tries to figure out where to shoot her to make her die, but pulls of a basically blind shot.
One woman escapes through a door, but the man with the gun goes after her and brings her back. He forces everybody to sit down at the tables and to throw the trays onto the ground, but they can keep the food and keep on eating.
One of the men starts playing with his knife, and the shooter knows the man is up to something. Then the man throws the knife, but the shooter catches the knife and throws it back at the man, and only just misses him.
This dream is a cartoon. There is a little toy car. He is riding around looking for something. But then there is a dam, and he gets stuck in the mud next to the dam. He somehow flips onto his side and starts sinking into the muddy bank. It is now almost dark night. A four wheel driven car comes past, looks at the little car and says ‘Oh look, it’s a little car’ and drives right over it, pushing it right into the mud on its side.
Half – Shift.
There is a detective, looking for his toy car. There is another man with the detective. The dam that the little car got stuck in the mud at turns out to be only a toy – dam, mounted on a table and about three by two meters big. The detective walks around the dam, looking for his car, and eventually finds it stuck in the mud. He pulls it out. It is badly damaged, but he praises the car, saying that it can be cleaned up. The car looks different now, it’s more like a little toy mini – bus.
Together with the car the detective finds a piece of blue and white ski – rope and a broken glass marble. The last three centimeters of the ski – rope has been cut off. He thinks about the objects, knowing they mean something, and says something to the likes of ‘If only we had known what these clues meant before the time, we would have solved the case quicker’
See people fishing at a dam or river, from a high vantage point. I can see exactly which parts of the dam is shallow and which parts is deep. I see how one of the people cast their line in, having picked a deeper pool of water. I think about how fish prefer shady spots when the sun is hot.

Dreamed last night - 30 September 2007 - GVR6 Dream project

the dream

At the house at 237 with A. Go outside after a storm, and the storm has damaged some of the trees growing in the yard. Some big branches has broken off. We look at the pool, and then at the wall where the roses grow. There are trucks parked there from a construction site next door. The construction people have broken down the wall and they are parking their vehicles on the lawn, and making a complete mess of everything. I walk around some of the trucks and go back up, but decide that I will have to do something about the construction people trespassing on the property.