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I had this dream on 11 Jul 2008. It had something to do with California brushfires. The dream came true the very next day (12 Jul 2008), when my sister's apartment building was destroyed by a fire.

the dream

On 11 Jul 2008, I had a dream that consisted of 4 scenes, and each dream scene was associated with 2 words. Three of the scenes were related to each other, and were symbolically about an alien abduction. But one scene was unrelated to the other scenes, and simply consisted of an image and 2 words. The image was lifted out of a news story that I saw the night before, about the brushfires in California. In that news story, they showed an inset map of California in white, and inside of the map, the areas affected by brushfires was shown in green, surrounded by little fire symbols. My dream showed the same map of California, but the affected area was shown in purple instead of green. This map dream scene was associated with the words 'threat' and 'fear' (which were heard but not seen).

When I awoke, I wondered how this dream could be precognitive, since California brushfires had been in the news for several weeks. I recorded what I could recall of the dream, but I assumed that it meant nothing. Then about 18 hours after having this dream, my sister's apartment building was consumed by an accidental fire! Fortunately there were no injuries, but my sister lost everything that she owned (so sad!). This was not her first close brush with fire, and here is the connection to my dream: 20 years earlier, when she was living in Santa Barbara, she nearly lost her home to a California brushfire!

I wish that I could have warned my sister of the very real danger she was in, but the dream just didn't provide enough clues for me to guess what was about to happen. I feel so bad for her!

I had this dream on 10 Jun 2008, about a storm that threatened some kids who were wearing tan uniforms, while they stood next to a one-story house in a park. This dream came true the very next day (on 11 Jun 2008), when a tornado tore apart a stone bunkhouse at a Boys Scout camp in Iowa, killing 4 scouts and injuring 48 others.

the dream

On the morning of 10 Jun 2008, I had a dream that I was with some school boys who were wearing tan uniforms that belonged to an organization. We were outdoors in an open field surrounded by trees, and we were standing next to a one-story structure that looked like a small house. I felt that everyone was anxiously waiting for the arrival of something, and the overall feeling of the dream was ominous.

I reached for the front door of the house, and at the same time I looked straight up and saw grey skies, along with a darker storm cloud that was descending toward me. In the dream, I thought the dark cloud was falling rain that would be reaching us within moments, and I heard the words "It's coming soon!" Then I took cover under a bed frame that (for some reason) was outdoors next to the house.

The bed frame had no mattress, so it wouldn't have given me much protection from rain. But this image of the bed frame led to another dream scene of a man who was asleep in his bed. Earlier the man had said something offensive about extraterrestrials, so some extraterrestrials came in the middle of the night and zapped him with a death ray as he was laying in his bed (very strange!). The man had begun to raise himself up on his elbows – then the death ray struck him, and he was instantly turned into a skeleton that fell back lifeless onto the mattress.

When I woke up from this curious dream, I immediately recorded what I could remember of it. There were parts of the dream that I couldn't recall, and I thought that so much of the dream was missing that I wouldn't be able to understand its meaning. But because of the storm clouds and the skeleton, I thought one possible meaning could be that a tornado might kill me soon in the night as I slept. I figured that if my time was up, there would be nothing I could do to change it, so I didn't give the strange dream much more thought.

The following day (11 Jun 2008) brought dangerously unstable weather, and my city was in a tornado caution area all day. At approximately 6:15 pm, the sky began to turn very dark and our tornado warning sirens wailed on and off for the next half-hour. The warning sirens are rarely used, and only go off when a tornado is thought to be near. Then at 6:35 pm, the television weatherman said that a funnel cloud was touching down in the city's center, which is the part of town where I live! Actually, although there was a wall cloud directly above us, it didn't form a tornado funnel here, and my location escaped serious damage.

But at that same time a tornado was touching down further north over a Boys Scout Camp in Iowa, and the storm there killed 4 young scouts and injured 48 others. All 4 fatalities and many of the injured had taken shelter in a stone cabin which was completely demolished by the tornado. The scene at the scout camp was a very close match to my dream: The park represented the camp, which was in a rural area near Little Sioux, Iowa. The kids wearing tan uniforms and belonging to an organization were boy scouts at the camp. The dark descending storm cloud was the EF-3 tornado that struck the camp. The one-story house was the stone cabin where the 4 young scouts died.

The reclining man that was killed in his bed seemed to represent me as the dreamer, and apparently was meant as a warning of grave danger for me. In the dream, I heard someone say that it was a question of "whether the man would be allowed to continue." The skeleton symbolizes the threat of death, which was literally hanging over me at the same time that it was taking 4 lives only 80 miles away. There is probably a reason why it was the sleeping man's death that was shown in my dream rather than that of the 4 young scouts, but the meaning of the alteration remains unclear to me.

So far as I recall, the camp's name (Little Sioux Scout Ranch) wasn't mentioned in my dream, so it wasn't possible for me to have warned the scout camp ahead of time. But because of tragic events like the tornado last week, I try to understand my dreams so that potential victims can be forewarned whenever possible. There just wasn't enough time to decipher the dream on this tragic occasion.

I had this dream on 02/10/08. I saw "October 19" as if it were written with connected pipes. May mean that a disruption in oil supply will occur on Oct 19, 2008.

the dream

On the morning of February 10, 2008, I awoke from a dream in which I saw the date "October 19" as if written in thick, tan-colored pipe connections. This dream image also seemed to be associated with the unseen date of "November" or "November 5".

I think this dream implies that there will be an 'October Surprise' for voters in the weeks before our presidential election. The pipe-like style of the letters and numbers reminds me of either plumbing or pipelines. To me, this means that on October 19th, a significant event may seriously disrupt the global oil supply.

My hunch is that al-Qaeda will attack an oil refinery within U.S. territories on October 19, 2008. I believe these Sunni extremists intend to influence our presidential election by eliciting support for the Christian candidate whom they see as less formidable (John McCain), while creating a backlash against the more formidable Christian candidate who also happens to have an important Shiite middle name (Barack Hussein Obama). I think al-Qaeda fears that if Obama wins, his election may soften the hatred and distrust against America that has accumulated to unprecedented levels within the Muslim world.

Alternatively, my dream may instead indicate the date of an attack by the U.S. and Israel against nuclear facilities in Iran, which would be expected to wreck havoc with the price of oil. In that case, instead of Bin Laden, it would be Bush who tries to throw the election in favor of the Republican candidate. But I'm more inclined to believe that this dream provides the date of the next long-awaited spectacular terrorist attack on the American mainland; which al-Qaeda must hope will surpass the economic damage incurred by their infamous 9/11 atrocities.

truck accident at an intersection

the dream

my dream was in the last week, very vivid, there will be a tractor trailer accident with a truck full of skids of tiles, it will be at an intersection, there will be significant damage to the trailer(rear) and the skids of tiles will be all over the road at the intersection, there will be 3 witnesses(teenagers) who will also be suspected of being involved in the accident, the police will want to question them and they have to inform their boss that they have to leave work(pizza place)nearby. i am there watching but as a third person, nobody saw me... lets see if this happens!

June 17th, 2008

Deluge Strikes New York City

Dream by aurora1313 posted in Disaster

This dream occurred on Sunday, May 10, 2008.

the dream

Dreamt that I was working on the 60th floor of a sky tower in Manhattan in New York City. I was at the northwestern quadrant (upper left hand side) of that floor. I was wearing a white shirt (perhaps a tie), no jacket, dark slacks. In the dream, I felt uncomfortable being on this floor; it was too high. The window was a solid piece of tall, flat, strong glass that went from ceiling to floor with no partition or separation in the glass that allowed for an unobstructive view of the outside, but I do not recall seeing any buildings or scenery outside of this window; it was a blank view. I do remember sensing in the dream that the floor was made of a concrete slab that was collapsible unto the other floors below. The dream jumped, perhaps to the next day. I was now standing at the northeastern corner of the 60th floor on the upper right hand side by the window, perhaps operating a copy machine. I looked outside the tall, strong, flat, ceiling-to-floor glass window to see a sea of dirty brown water that was as high as the 60th floor of the building. It was a tsunami or flood of some sort. I knew no one could survive this catastrophe, including myself. This was it! It’s over! No escape!

The dream might have pointed to the Crane that collapsed in New York City on May 30, 2008 that involved a very tall building on the Upper East Side, but this dream was about a flood of brown dirty water not a collapse.

Another interpretation is that is might be referring to all the floods that we have been witnessing in May and June to date. Today, the levee on the Mississippi River broke causing massive flooding in Illinois. The Mid-West has been experiencing massive flooding as well that started in early June. The states affected are Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Dangerous floods hit Southwest China yesterday as well (June 16, 2008); 57 people died and millions were left homeless.

Since 2008 started we have had many floods. On June 12, 2008, floods killed 5 people and left thousands homeless in Mexico. On June 3, 2008, at least 7 people were killed in Belize caused by floods triggered by Tropical Storm Arthur. Floods destroyed 100 villages in India more than two weeks ago on May 29, 2008. 16 Died in floods in Colombia on that same date as well.

13 people died in floods in Southeastern USA on March 19, 2008. USAToday reported that “Record or near-record flood crests were forecast at several towns in Missouri. Flooding was reported in large areas of Arkansas and parts of southern Illinois, southern Indiana and southwestern Ohio, and schools were closed in parts of western Kentucky because of flooded roads.”

Here in northeastern USA, we have had some flooding but all were minor compared to what has been happening elsewhere and around the world. Should New York and the northeast states prepare for or expect massive flooding in 2008 is the million dollar question?

Nevertheless, it seems as if 2008 is the year for floods. During January and February we have had heavy floods in Indonesia, Philippines and Peru. In January and February 2008, 57 people were reported dead and 34,000 left homeless due to monsoon rains in Indonesia. A low pressure system brought heavy rains in the Philippines in February 2008 which forced the evacuation of some 21,000 people leaving 14 dead and 7 missing. Torrential rains overflowed rivers in Peru on February 7, 2008 killing at least 20 people. The floods washed away roads and bridges and left many people homeless and stranded.

Many people on this web site have been dreaming about big waves, floods, sea level rising, hurricanes and tsunamis. Some have dreamt of a tsunami or flood hitting New York City or San Francisco that covered parts of high buildings and bridges. If these dreams are a precursor of the future, then it would seem that floods, rising sea levels and tsunami may be more prevalent this year than at other times.

May 13th, 2008

ocean vacation

wondering about going on vacation

the dream

The dream started out of me and my mom going to look for houses to by but it was weird because we were like in the forest with abbanded houses and the houses were really crappy beat up houses with metal doors and wooden structure. and the was this abbanded road that wasnt in use anymore so we just started walking down this road and the road took us to this beach/ocean shoreline. like the road cut off and all you could see was this shoreline. so my mom stayed on the road and i went down walking down the shoreline. i started running for some reason and then i stopped and started walking again. i was looking straight ahead and not at the ocean. all of a sudden i seen this family of a about 5 people just walking. and then BOOM i get hit by a huge wave out of no where and all of a sudden it was pitch dark and i couldnt see anything. i was thinking to myself this is a dream and i kept trying to wake up and wake up but i couldnt, then all of a sudden i woke up and took a big breath for some reason. and i got up to go pee and my right side of my head was hurting because when i was walking on the shoreline the ocean was to the right of me therefore it hit my right side.

i seen the dream in 1st person view. it was by far the weirdest dream ive ever had. but for some reason i always dream about water.

May 10th, 2008


Dream by byrone99 posted in Disaster


the dream

Supposedly set in the future--no idea how far---possibly within ten years.
Vivid dream of the sea rising here in the Philadelphia PA area where I live. Philadelphia, Camden, the state of Delaware and NY, and New Jersey already had mandatory evacuations. Now, as the water continued to rise, the people in the PA countryside were panicking and trying to move to higher ground. I saw (as in passing a news stand) a big headline on a paper saying "MORE TROOPS CALLED UP" with a subheadline "TO DEAL WITH THE EMERGENCY" --Did not see a date.
Most of the Delaware bridges (that connect PA and NJ) were impassible due to water over the tops. The newer and higher ones were not yet covered, however traffic had dwindled due to other low areas that were flooded on the various highways. The water was continuing to rise as the dream ended. EOD

Upon awakening I realized this was a repeat of a dream I had way back in 1963, about the sea level rising. In that dream the sea did not stop rising until it reached a place I know to be some 200 feet above sea level. All coastal areas and cities were destroyed. And it was set in the future. However, in 1963, "global warming" was not openly discussed in the news media. Indeed one would have had to dig it out of obscure publications. At that time I was a kid and was not reading college-level scientific journals.

Dreamt this morning.

the dream

In the dream I saw a map of what looks like the United States of America on a round globe with a huge USGS orange colored square box located in the far north northeastern section of the map. It seems as if the orange square box was located off-shore near the coast line, but this is not certain, the orange box could have been located on land. The orientation is definitely north-northeast.

The size of the box indicates an earthquake of up to 8.0 magnitude or greater. This could happen anytime soon from now to within the next two-three weeks - earlier is more likely than later. Northeastern regions such as Maine, USA and New Brunswick, Canada should take note. Rare possibilities might include Newfoundland, Canada or off-shore Shanghai, China (i.e., north northeastern China or similar situated north northeastern land mass) or the Kuril Islands north of Japan, but North American seem more likely.

Like many who have posted before me, I sometimes have dreams of the future. I believe I had one last night:

the dream

I was in some other country, I think China (maybe India). I was shown how expensive basic elements were including metals and plastics. I could then see the Americans trying to buy raw materials with a devalued dollar; terribly expensive it was. Then I saw China buying the same raw materials with another high value currency and it was very very cheap.

This alone confirmed the US was in recession and heading for something worse.

Then I saw the Chinese take these raw materials and make Blue-Rays, DVDs, Plazma TVs, etc. The Chinese workers were being paid in their high value currency, earning more money than ever before. For the first time, the average Chinese person could afford to buy luxury items, build luxury homes, and live luxurious lives. This new currency and social/economical advance spread in Asia, to include China, Russia, India and more.

Within months, the American dollar was worth very little. Americans could not afford basic living expenses, let along luxury items. Before I woke-up, I saw a once Wall Street American, now jobless, about to throw a handful of US cash into a fire for warmth. I'm not sure, but I think I saw Americans on the brink of chaos brought on through financial desperation.

This confirmed the US was heading for total economic collapse (and the Chinese would benefit).

It also seemed like the time from Recession to Collapse was 6 to 9 months, maybe by the end of the year.

These notations represent a series of dreams occurring from December 2007 to present that are too numerous to post individually on the Dream Registry.

the dream

DECEMBER 4, 2008
- Life is the Great Initiator.

JANUARY 30, 2008
- Something negative happening to Condoleezza Rice – definitely not good!

- Dust coming up in the form of a dust ball.

FEBRUARY 23, 2008
- Rain and wind coming into the west with gusts up to 100 miles per hour at the lowest peak.

- 900 Flights cancelled in New York and Philadelphia.

- That there is intelligence in the air.

- Tallahassee, Florida 9 inches of rain.

- Heavy wind and snow.

- Flooding in Indonesia, Philippines and Peru.

FEBRUARY 26, 2008
- Government breakdown ...went or is going through a breakdown.

MARCH 4, 2008
- Something happening in London. Perhaps a plane crash at Heathrow at a certain longitude and latitude.

- A shoot opens and long black charcoal sticks fall out like garden spikes of a wooden fence.

MARCH 5, 2008
- No clean and clear elections.

- Black horse runs through a dirt ditch and up a mound into a grey leafless forest.

MARCH 8, 2008
- 1054 Supernova explosion event.

MARCH 15, 2008
- Something about a hydrogen bomb. Didn't sound like one will explode or go off but there should be public discussion on this topic soon. This dream occurred early in the morning following the night when the category EF-2 tornado struck Atlanta, Georgia ripping apart the CNN News Center, Equitable Building, Georgia World Congress Center and other places in Atlanta with winds gust of about 130 mph leaving the city looking like a war zone with no reports of death or injuries (an absolute miracle!). This may be what the hydrogen bomb dream was all about – water, H2O, in the form of a tornado acting like a hydrogen bomb hitting Atlanta, Georgia! Saint Louis County, Missouri is currently experiencing massive flooding that can be only be likened to a form of a hydrogen (water/H2O) bomb hitting that state that already took the lives of over 16 people to date.

- Breaking news, nothing but CNN from east coast to west, north to south.

- Huge orange square box at the top of a map (USGS type) with a few inner squares indicating a large earthquake to occur soon followed by many aftershocks. Only half of the larger square box is seen at the top of the map on a jagged land mass (Alaska? Norway?) that includes the ocean to the far west and south; the large orange square is situated on the “upper border line” of northwestern section of the map. Need to interpret why only half of the large orange square box is seen on the “upper border line” of the map in the dream imagery. Could mean that the earthquake will occur on a border as seen in yesterday’s 7.2 magnitude earthquake in China that occurred on the border of China’s Xinjiang-Xizang region.

- University Clairvoyant Department.

MARCH 17, 2008
- Tulip bulbs

March 14th Approx 7:30 AM

This is one of the craziest dreams I have had for a while. Although this was very intense and realistic I hesitated posting it.

Last night we had a blackout for about 4 hours so my alarm clock turned off allowing me to sleep in later than normal.

Keep in mind while we do have some of the animals seen in this dream they cannot be heard from my room in the basement.

the dream

Here is the dream.

I heard allot of commotion outside my house. I heard our small baby goat (which we do have) crying. I heard the chickens carrying-on loudly (which we also have just not that many).
I heard our calf (which we don't have) "mooing" and causing a ruckus. Basically the dog and all the animals, even those we do not have were acting strangely. I hurried to get dress and go outside.

I saw the baby calf out of our fence on the side of the road and figured I better go get it. I was looking for a Rope and saw the rope when I noticed the chickens.

We have a very beautiful plump and strong rooster with a long tail that takes care of our hens. Lately we have had only one breed of chickens called black-star. As you might guess they are shiny-black. As I was walking to get the rope for the calf I saw all the Hens huddled around the rooster. This was outside the Chicken coup and fenced in range where they should have been. Normally the hens get pecked by the rooster and even loose feathers on the back of their head and neck. This was the opposite. The rooster was week sitting on the ground almost like a hen while all the hens were around it. It was like they wanted what the rooster would normally give them but he was too weak. They had begun pecking at him and I was shocked to see how many feathers the rooster was missing. I have seen this on hens when there were too many roosters around but I was totally shocked to see the rooster in this condition. I thought he might die.

At that moment I figured the Calf in the road could wait a second while I placed the rooster back in the chicken coup with fresh grain and water to see if he would regain his strength but I was worried about all the hens and that they might not let him rest and they would peck at him in his weakened condition.

When I went and grabbed the bag of chicken-scratch grain I must have grabbed the wrong bag and it tore and ripped open pouring sugar on the ground. I figured I must have mixed up the bags and would have to now buy additional bags of sugar for my food storage. At that time the wandering calf could smell or sense the sugar and voluntarily came into the yard to see what sugar it could get from the ground while I was trying to clean it up.

I scooped up what I could and went to check the chickens that I had placed back in their coup and range. All of a sudden I saw a hen darting for the fence to get in with the rooster. That part of the fence was the bigger 4X4 inch square wire fence which some hens can manage to squeeze through. As she squeezed through the fence I could hear her feathers breaking and snapping. As she came out the other side she turned or "morphed" into a Mexican or Hispanic Lady. I marveled how her chicken feet turned into a pair of boots with very visible spurs and noticed a few long feathers on her leather clothing.

Then I saw other Hens some flying begin to enter the chicken coup and range. These were not black-star chickens so obviously not of my flock. Bewildered I sat and watched as I tried to figure out what was happening.

Then I woke up.


It was still fairly dark so I had to light an oil-lamp as I made my way to the bathroom to draw water for a bath. As the water filled I was still in the haze of sleep and reliving and remembering the dream. I chuckled to myself thinking maybe I would be the rooster and there would be too many women for me to take care

No sooner had I thought that when I heard an inner voice proclaim the rooster was our country and the hens were other countries that were used to taking what they could get from the rooster and now that the rooster is weak they still want whatever they can get and will peck at him to get it even if it will kill him.

I did not think much about the hen that turned into a lady and it made no sence during the dream but after looking at this closer it was quite obvious.

In fact most Americans are familiar with the term "Coyote" as the human trafficker that smuggles undocumented immigrants over the Southern border. While we think of a "coyote"m there is another common term most Mexicans are familiar with that most Americans don't know, which is "Pollero" which literally is someone that works with chickens and farms, raises or slaughters them and the "pollos" are the chickens or the customers of the polleros, the illegal immigrants.

I have not found any meaning for the Calfe but I do find it interesting that it came back around when the sweet sugar was spilled and lay upon the ground.

February 12th, 2008

The Ruling Geeks

Dream by Dreamdeer posted in Disaster, Future dream

Dreamed on April 8, 2006, probably wildly symbolic, yet it carried a sense of pertaining to more than me, suggesting some sort of survival strategm in the face of a future cataclysm of a concrete and widespread nature. Dreams within dreams often signal psi for me. I thought I'd better register it, just in case we need it.

(Andrew, from the TV series, "Buffy", is a comic character with intensely serious moments--a hopeless science fiction and fantasy geek, who fantasizes about becoming a superhero, then attempts to settle for becoming a supervillain, then gets in over his head with the real thing, and gradually walks a hard road of hitting bottom and gaining redemption.)

the dream

My Dream and the Ruling Geeks

I have a dream within a dream involving many twists and surprises of a science-fiction and fantasy nature: great deeds and terror, a long period of peace for those few who make the right choices, and then the destruction of the universe, all of us falling into a widening void. I tell this to friends. Between us we a) notice that the first stages are actually happening, and b) the dream draws a lot on symbols from science fiction and fantasy books, movies, and comics, as well as computer symbols, and c) that the knowledge of these things can help us decipher the clues to how to survive the disasters and arrive at the good part. We form a secret society of geeks to guide as many people as we can to safety.

(Somewhere in this I spill a chamber-pot all over the nice, clean floor.)

Great and startling catastrophes do indeed take place, but we guide people safely through them, and (with most of the world destroyed) lead them to a safe community with a balanced ecology that can survive independent of the rest of the world. There we thrive in an underpopulated small town. We discover from clues that this peaceable period will last for many more years than we originally thought.

The ruling Society of Geeks stake out their own gathering place (non-members not admitted) within a grove in the park, led by Andrew from "Buffy". I am only on the outer margins of the Society, tolerated only because of my dream, for in truth their fannish knowledge surpasses mine, and my computer knowledge hardly exists at all.

Nevertheless, I come to a sudden realization that the final devouring of the universe is not falling into the void, but (if you approach it correctly) a transition from a lesser existence into a better one. I wonder if I can get this across to the others?