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On 11/16/03 I had a dream that the Bush Presidency would be abbreviated roughly 6 years into his term. On 7/5/07 I've had another dream that suggests Bush will be assassinated (probably shot). Based on these 2 dreams, I believe Bush is in grave danger from July 9th thru July 19th, especially on July 12th.

POSTSCRIPT: Fortunately, as we all know, Bush was not assassinated as my dream had forwarned. However, on July 21st, just 2 days after my prediction expired, President Bush underwent an unannounced operation. During the 2 hours that Bush was sedated, presidential powers were ceded to VP Chenney, so at least that part of my prediction came true, if only temporarily. On other websites, I had posted my prediction with the subject line "President Bush will be taken out by July 19th" and he was indeed temporarily 'taken out' only 2 days later, on July 21st! However, my title for this website entry was more specific, and because of that, I won't count this as even a partially confirmed psi dream.

the dream

On November 16 of 2003, while Bush was at the zenith of his popularity, I had a what felt like a precog dream that seemed to indicate the Bush presidency would end prematurely. My dream began in the White House briefing room, which coincidentally will reopen tomorrow. Since this was nearly 4 years ago, I've been expecting to have another dream shortly before the event. Sort of like a reminder or confirmation that the long-term prediction is about to come true.

In that regard, on July 5th (Thursday) I had an very disjointed dream about having dreams (at least that's how it began). My previous precog dreams that came true were represented by a group of strange-looking objects lined up in a row, almost like a parade of toys. What did they look like? I can only remember one of them, a bright orange object with a brown spiney ball on top of it.

Then I saw a fat woman with black curly hair. She reminded me of the exceedingly heavy actress who played Ringo's Auntie Jessie in the movie version of "Magical Mystery Tour". Next there was a voluptuous woman in a flowing white dress. She was a platinum blonde and very beautiful. Lastly, I saw a slice (like a thin cross-section) of part of a human brain - from about the midbrain to the back of the head - laying on a table as the lady in white swirled around it, and Auntie Jessie gleefully looked on.

My interpretation: The blonde symbolizes Marilyn Monroe (JFK's mistress). The slice of brain tissue represents JFK's autopsy. And it ain't over till the fat lady sings, but she's already in the house! Why is she Auntie Jessie from the Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour" movie? Because of what happened to John Lennon.

This new dream confirms my fear of an assassination attempt on President Bush. Whether it confirms my earlier dream of an abbreviated term for him remains to be seen. I assume this new dream will come true within 2 weeks of my receiving it. When my dreams do come true, sometimes it's exactly 1 week or exactly 2 weeks after the dream, so an assassination attempt may occur on either the 12th or the 19th of July. But the danger may begin as early as July 9th, since the briefing room will reopen then, and my Nov '03 dream began there. I believe the danger period for Bush is from July 9th to July 19th; with particular concern for July 12th.

To put this dream in context, I should add that I saw a film clip from 'Magical Mystery Tour' on TV Monday. Also, the opera singer Beverly Sills pasted away Tuesday. Plus I checked out a book Tuesday that deals with the Kennedy assassination, including a chapter on Marilyn Monroe. And Wednesday night I was posting at a predictions website and alluded to my Nov '03 dream. So this may just be my brain's way of assimilating recent events (or at least that's what the scientists would say). But I think it may be more than that.

I've had 3 related dreams about Al Qaeda attacks; 2 of the 3 have been partially fulfilled. The first dream (Sarin) was on 9/7/02 and has yet to be fulfilled. The second dream (White House) was on 11/16/03, and may have been partially fulfilled last week by reports of a British documentary called "Death of a President" which depicts the assassination of President Bush. The third dream (Mausoleum) was on 11/25/03; this last one was a 'retrocognitive' dream about jihadist plans to release cyanide in NYC subways - the plot was postponed by Zawahiri by 3/03 and it was not made public until 5/06. My interpretation of it at the time (Nov. '03) was as follows:

"This may be a dream about a chemical attack. The colors of the hallway gave me a sick feeling, as though the walls were a toxic yellow and the floor and doors were a dark blood red. I associate this with cyanide, which is a yellow compound that kills mainly by binding irreversibly to hemoglobin, preventing it from conveying oxygen. In effect, it turns bright-red oxygenated blood into dark-red deoxygenated blood. If there was a reason to see doors instead of bodies, it might be to symbolize the chemical nature of the attack. The persons behind these doors were sensed as being dead but their bodies were intact (unlike most of the 9/11 victims). As for the mausoleum, aside from the obvious symbol of being buried underground, it may suggest that the chemical attack will occur underground, perhaps in a subway or train station. The long hallways filled with doors meant to me that several hundreds or even thousands of people who are alive now will soon be dead and buried as a result of an attack instigated by bin Laden. Reference to him was juxtaposed with scripture; an incongruous mixture made doubly so because I'm not very religious and rarely dream of Biblical references." Note that this was before Al Qaeda began to target trains, starting in Madrid on 3/11/03.

As I see it, the first 2 dreams are connected by the incongruous reference to a cafeteria in each dream. To me, the term 'cafeteria' symbolizes American democracy, which is still open in the White House dream, but is closed in the Sarin dream (i.e. the sarin attack will cause martial law to be imposed in America. If a sarin attack occurs, it will result in approximately 3,500 fatalities.

the dream

*****1st dream (sarin attack)*****
I find myself in a dormitory room, listening to music. I think to myself that it’s getting late in the evening (approximately 10:30pm) and that maybe I should turn down the volume. I look at a clock and to my surprise, it says 12:30. Wondering if that’s right, I look across the room at another clock and it says 1:01. I assume this means it’s after midnight, so I turn the volume down or off.

Then I go downstairs to what seems like a large lobby of the dormitory. I’m looking around and I see a Japanese man that I used to work with. We start up a conversation – I don’t remember what about – when suddenly a public service announcement comes on a nearby TV set. Its advising people that exposure to CS agent (a chemical weapon) is not invariably fatal. To demonstrate this, they show a young army woman who allows a person to take a canister of CS gas and spray it directly into her face. She quickly dips her face into a stream of water to wash it off. Then her face is shown as it looks 24 hours after exposure; she has a large rash or welt near her left eye, but otherwise seems alright. I turn to my Japanese friend and say something like “It’s really not all that reassuring, since people might not have water nearby, and then what do they do? And even if there is some water there, how can it be given simultaneously to 500 people?” He agrees with what I’ve said, and says something like “It should never have been used.” As he says this, we are standing at the end of a hallway next to a very large glass window, which he pushes open. I ask him something like “Where was it used?” To answer this, he leads me down the hallway and out the front entrance around to the side of the building that we were just looking out of.

It is bright daylight and the light blue sky is filled with billowing clouds. I see a lake next to us as we walk over to a stone monument that is situated between the building and the shore. The monument is about waist-high and has a slanted top, which has an engraving on it. I bend over to read the words carved there; they are from a saying or passage of scripture, and says something like “It is tragic when (cats) and dogs and (birds) and snakes and women and men cannot live together in peace.” Below this is “September 13, 200(6)” and the words “Note that the attack began in America.” I believe the inscription also names a location that sounds something like 'Tumarik'. Suddenly I recall my assumption that it was after midnight, and yet the sky shows that it is midday. I ask my Japanese friend what time it is, and he replies “12:30” I ask “morning or evening?” and begin to explain why I’m asking.

Just then we hear an alarm that sounds like a series of beeps. Right after that, everything including ourselves is covered with a thin, white, oily mist. We look up and see an enormous white cloud drifting at us over the horizon; from a great distance. We realize this is the CS attack that the TV announcement was warning about, and we run back to the front entrance to take cover inside the building. A Japanese policewoman is standing at the entrance, waving at us to get inside quickly. As we climb the building
stairs, she shouts what sounds like “Keftria Kallosed!” I wonder what she means by this, then realize that she is speaking in English, with a Japanese accent, the words “Cafeteria closed!” As I reach the entrance to the building, I turn to look back at this woman. I worry that in doing her duty and staying outside, she is placing herself in great danger. I’m about to ask her if she will be OK when I suddenly wake up.

*****2nd dream (White House)*****
I’m crouching in the back of an auditorium in the White House, listening to a presentation that I can barely hear or see. Several surly men enter and begin to sit in the row in front of me. Not having a seat, and thinking that they would block my view, I try to step into the seat that I’m crouched behind, but one of the men has already taken it and they react angrily at my attempt to sit in that row. Rather than put up with their hostile comments throughout the rest of the presentation, I decide to go leave the auditorium and go to the end of a hallway.

I am carrying two items of great personal interest to me. One object is a large poster filled with gold-painted lettering; I sense it was a gift from a neighbor in sympathy for the recent loss of my father. As much as that means to me, the other object is even more important. It is a picture in a black-frame; there is nothing in the picture except for a thin vertical line and thin horizontal line that evenly divides the white space like a cross-hair, and there is a large black apostrophe mark to the side of the cross-hair center: +!

At the end of the hallway, I set aside the poster and take the framed picture into a room to examine it closely. A man in a suit comes into the room and asks if the poster belongs to me, and if so, why would I leave it laying where it might get thrown away. I explain to him that I couldn’t carry both items and didn’t want to lose the +! picture which I then show to him. He becomes very interested and wants me to let him study it alone in the room. I leave the room as he studies it, and as I’m walking down the hallway the building suddenly tilts and seems to stand on end. That is, in my dream, I see a long gray building that swings up onto the leftmost smaller side. It is as if the man at the end of the hallway with my +! picture became so heavy that he tipped the whole building on end. In my mind’s eye, I see a large wooden column in the room at the end of the hall that had been sawed through, causing the building to collapse on that end.

Everyone begins to evacuate the building, and somehow are still able to navigate the hallways. On my way out, I stop at a cafeteria for a few bites of ravioli, and this means I’m one of the last to leave the building. I worry that security officers will assume I had something to do with the building being up-ended. Sure enough, as soon as I leave the building, an officer with his gun drawn catches up with me and tackles me from behind.

*****3rd dream (Mausoleum)*****
I find myself in a large subterranean mausoleum, several floors underground. I’m looking down a very long, dimly lit hallway with sickly yellow walls, a dark red carpet, and a long series of red doors along both sides of the hallway. I sense that I’m the only living person in this place, and that behind each door is a dead person. To my left, a stairway leads up and I begin to climb it quickly, 3 or 4 stairs at a time. I’m afraid that someone will turn off the lights and leave me in the dark with all these dead people. Each higher level has a long hallway, just like the lower level that I started from, with rows of red doors going as far as the eye can see. The only difference is that I hear Psalm 23 being read out loud, one line at a time, as I reach each higher level. But for every 3rd or 4th line, instead of scripture I hear a verse that I think is about Osama bin Laden. The only one I remember now went something like: “Not he, but his daughter, was slain.” I don’t remember getting out of the mausoleum, just seeing level after level, each one lined with about a hundred doors, and behind every door lay a dead American citizen.

Here is a quick piece of a dream from a couple nights ago. I don’t remember the whole thing. I wasn’t planning on posting this but it keeps flashing back. (early morning June 29th)

the dream

I remember only part of this dream. I was seeing a meeting where they were discussing the internet. There was a lighted map of the United States on the wall. There were lights on spots that represented network convergence points. They were talking about changing 2 of the major “Hubs” (note: to me a hub is a step down from a layer 2 switch but they meant something bigger). They were talking about how this would change internet communications.

They were discussing the ground work of the new network and referred to it as the new internet and Internet 2. They were discussing how they would have much more control over the new network. I was slightly alarmed as I thought it might infringe on the free sharing of ideas and information. I remember thinking, “I knew this was going to happen”.


May 16th, 2006

Dismantling the Statue of Liberty

Dream by Laura A posted in Politics

A very brief dream, unusual in the aspect I rarely dream of anything political. I am thinking this is more symbolic of what the Statue of Liberty represents in terms of immigration, and the points of her crown symbolizing the seven seas and continents. This is already a hot news topic, but I think there is much more political controversy to come down the line.

the dream

I am watching the CNN news. White House key speaker is making an announcement that the Statue of Liberty is going to be dismantled. President Bush has caused a riff with the French government, and the Prime Minister announces they are happy to see it taken down, but would like it returned to their country. Engineers are already on site, and scaling scaffolding that has been set up around the statue. They are being guarded by the Army. The first thing the engineers are removing are the points of her crown.

I originally posted this to the TWISK registry 18/09/2003 8:06:42

the dream

Disclaimer: As usual with these reoccurring dreams I do not feel it is a prediction but rather relay the dream to see if others are having similar dreams.

I have now had enough of these type of dreams that I now must consider this a reoccurring dream.

************* Start of dream *************

The dream started at a plant nursery and they had any plants that were left on sale. This gave me the feeling that it must have been the late summer or fall season. Next I was outside with work-mates and friends. I was smacking rocks with a club or stick I had found. One of my friends offered me a golf ball to hit around. This was kind of a joke since I don’t play golf. We were basically just playing and joking around.

Next I heard and felt a weird rumbling sound. I jokingly said, “ there goes a fifty megaton” and began to laugh. The rumbling increased and continued and one of my friends said, “a fifty megaton something that’s for sure”! With the rumbling and noise we went around the edge of a house and looked to the west. There was a huge plume of smoke and dust shooting skyward.

I couldn’t see the exact place of the blast since because there were buildings and houses blocking my view. I could not tell exactly how far away but I thought it may be about or over 100 miles away. The plume started to become thicker and seemed to churn with smoke and fire. The fire looked extremely red as though atmosphere, dust and smoke were filtering the light.

As the light form the visible fire would break through the smoke in the churning plume I could feel major amounts of heat maybe three times that of a noon day sun during the summer. The heat sort of “flickered” with the churning of the great cloud. At this point it became recognizable as the familiar “mushroom cloud”.

I did notice that this mushroom cloud looked a little different then the typical mushroom clouds I have seen in pictures as the “stem” portion of the mushroom seemed to be nearly twice to three times as wide or as “thick” as the typical picture I had seen. The heat was still intensifying and I thought I better take cover so I went into a house. Everybody including myself was yelling and screaming “Nuclear Bomb”. At first people didn’t know what we were talking about and some said, “a new what”? And we yelled back, “a nuke….a nuclear bomb”. The house I went into I urged the people inside to immediately fill any tub or tanks they had with water as I felt the water supply would quickly become contaminated.
---This is where my son woke me up---

May 10th, 2006

Race Riot / Race War

Dream by KuernoDeChivo posted in Other News, Crime, Politics

I originally posted this 3/03/2004 16:34:45 on the TWISK registry. This one is actually starting to make some sense now.

the dream

This is a real quick dream I had Monday. I was standing in a parking lot some place on the Northern edge of the Mojave Desert. I was looking at some Oleander trees or bushes that seemed to have been killed by the cold winter. There was a row of them at the edge of the parking lot. It looked as though one third of oleander plants had been “toasted” by some extremely cold weather and some were starting to sprout-out again. Some one mentioned that there was a major riot taking place covering many cities. The person said that something had happened to spark a major riot among the Latino population. I “felt” as though it was mainly in the Los Angeles. I remember looking out towards the horizon in the South-West an trying to imagine how this riot was spreading and wondering if it would make it to where I was. That’s all I remember.

March 17th, 2006

The Day After

I'm wondering if this is psi.
I'm not American - so dreaming of New york is very peculiar.
Dreaming of Condoleezza Rice - I have never done that before!!!
Also there was a kind of certainty about the dream - like a distant awareness of an event - I wasn't lost in the dream (as I tend to be) nor was I lucid - yet I was aware of some of the implications.

the dream

I was somewhere - reporters were trying to find out where the event occurred.
Condoleezza Rice, who had just taken over a higher position, had died the day after her promotion.
Suddenly the reporters had the news about where it occurred - it seemed to be on a corner of a New York Street (and 57th is in my mind but I'm not sure how that links to the dream).
The reporters rushed out to go to the scene.
I thought: well I suppose one day in the higher position is an achievement.

March 16th, 2006

Occupation Force

A very odd, baleful feeling dream. My best freind is oriental, I do not feel any ill will toward oriental people at all. I can't see any parallels in this dream to my real life at all, in fact. And I hope it doesn't (and don't think it will) come true for anyone.

the dream

I am in a strange town at some sort of celebration, or event. The town is old, many structures are made of old wood. But the people are happy, enjoying the celebrations. After enjoying the events, I went back down the hill to my little farmhouse and had a very simple meal of potatoes and onions.

After eating I went back up the hill of this strange but familiar land, went through the old wood gate onto the dirt road leading to town. I suddenly notice that nothing is the same. The people are walking stooped over, back and knees bent deeply, they are wearing plastic oriental hats. They are caucasian, and I am puzzled. One of them tells me to bend down quickly, that I am about to walk past one of the guards.

The town is occupied by oriental military personnel. Somehow, with apparently no warning, an invading force has simply taken control while noone noticed.

The military men that I saw were low ranking soldiers, most of them, eager to be angry and lash out; they make sure we walk bowed down, and beat people who do not obey with their canes/sticks. If so much as one of the soldier's hands is in the way of our progress, we are simply to stop and wait for them to move, certainly we wouldn't brush past them or ask them to move, this would ensure a violent beating for sure. Sometimes a guard would sit where his arm stuck out into the passing walking path for a while, just to see if anyone would dare move past or ask to pass.

The people of the town have been subjugated like this for some days now, and understand the rules, and want me to understand too, so they won't get beaten for not telling me my place. I play along for the time, wanting to find out more.

One of the townspeople tells me I look too healthy. He suggests that if I still have food, I should at least reduce what I eat so I would look somewhat starved, or they will know I have food, and will beat me for not giving it in. The people are so cowering and whipped looking, they have acquiesced to slavery standards in order to stay alive for a while, to avoid attention of the cruel guards.

We are occasionally herded to different places. One of the places we were herded to was a swimming pool, to ensure we bathed, I guess. One of the people there was a man in his 60s or so, lean cut face, taller than me, bushy eyebrows, stern look about him. For some reason I knew him as "Newt Gingrich" ( he is leaner and sandier haired than the Newt G. I see in pictures). He is the only one of the townspeople that talks as if there is hope against the occupying force. He talks in a low voice about the mighty military of the country coming soon to break us free from the tyranny.. or words to that effect.

But somehow, I know that was a false hope. Relying on help from others now was not going to save anyone. I am shocked, in reflecting, that noone sees it as their own job to begin working against the invaders themselves.

As the dream ended, a very clear voice spoke; not from the townspeople at all, but a very clear voice in my mind, sort of summarizing, saying "The people were stressed because they were unable to live to the standards of Jimmy".

A recurring dream, began right after Katrina and has some strange reality ties. This dream is very very simple but leaves me terrified for some reason and I have now dreamt it half dozen times or more...

About 2 months after I began dreaming this, a friend sent me some books - mostly political books but had included the Davinci Code. I had never read it before. About a third of the way through the book the two main characters are standing outside of and describing my dream building right down to the rivets. It is a Swiss bank in France in the book.

I find it all strange and disconcerting. Almost like my dream has some connection to the book or the locale in the book that is being described. I have since found out the book opens as a movie in America in May, but opens the Cannes Film Festival in France in March.

the dream

I am standing on what I think is a sidewalk and am surrounded by steele buildings with rivets. I cannot turn my head left or right nor can I look up or down. I am not sure it is a sidewalk I am on but that is what I feel. These buildings have no windows. Although I cannot turn and see beyond what is in front of me I am certain they are all around me and quite huge.

Every dream has been the same except one. In one I was able to reach out and touch a rivet. It was bigger than my hand.

That is all the dream entails but it leaves me with a feeling of doom.

4 February 2006

(This dream came true both international level about the "cartoon crisis" and personal level about my own health issues. The sleeping boy, trying to hide things from me came out the 16 year who shot the priest. I recognized him immediately from his photo and the shooting event happened where I saw him in my dream at a city in Black Sea coast)

the dream

There will be a climate change. We are looking for a safer, easier place to live. I am not sure where we are but it seems as North. People look like Laz and going around with invented black jeeps. We are passing the coiffure, the hairdresser girl is suntanning naked on the snow. I left my aunt in charge at the house. When I try to communicate with her,we can reach each other in our minds and I can see they have enough groceries as leek etc yet. But when I try to reach others to tell them leave her some money for other needs, I can't reach them. Suddenly I am thinking that I have some little things to do during dreaming. There is a young man sleeping in a bed, in a house. I am trying to put my head in from the window and look closer. He is rather blond, thin and handsome. His eyelids are moving fast and like opening and closing. I think he is in REM and dreaming. I feel he is lucid to some degree but want to hide it from me. I say; it is his problem if he want to hide but I know his real problem. I am heading to another house. Here there are two girls and a sleeping young man. Girls are just waking up and very ashamed of their behavior previous night. When I ask one of them says they drunk too much and played dirty tricks to the young man who is passed of with alcohol/ drugs.

I am stopping with a sudden discovery in my mind; Aspirin, it is one of the reasons to my health problems. The pills I am taking for high blood pressure which contains aspirin are making reverse effects with other pills I am taking for diabetes.

Now I am seeing a map and forgetting about the pills. North west and South east these are the areas where the problems will rise, but I don't know anything about what the problems are. When I try to question the problems a singing man disturbs the dream. I'm sitting down to write down a list. It is a list of “forgiving” but at the same time every line means a more common matter than personal forgiveness. It is also a list of international interests of humanity. It is confusing me. I am deciding, thinking it is beter to dance a little and relax, to think more logical.

11- 12 January 2006

the dream

I am in the middle of empty plains of Mesopotamia. There is nothing, not even e tree for the eyes to see other than a strange mist. I don’t feel well physically. There is a pain burning in my heart, soul. Suddenly the mist is begining to change in color and density. I am not sure if I am loosing my body and flooting in a great speed or the area around me is changing. Either the landscapes, mountains, caves, waterfalls and all are turning around me or I am becoming a particle turning around them. Thick green, red and white shining energy clouds are flowing one after another and becoming one with everything. All the doors, caves, mountains are opening with the shining in front of me.

22 December 2005

the dream

.... A wooden house in ruins. You can climb the upper stairs stepping on wood ruins. Some people are trying to repair, painting the doors etc. I am telling them it is not for use to paint before scraping of the cracked paintings under. I am showing them how to do it. There is a very helpful and easy going boy. There are two wooden plate shelves with several old ceramic plates and metal ornaments, one on the wall in front of me and other to my right. Most of the plates are bright blue. There are hand made writings of Nas and Felak Sureths of Quran on them. The two belongs to two Islamic scholars' tombs (one to Ibn- i Arabi and other to Abdulkadir Geylani) and have to be send their places. The plates lined randomly, I am trying to put some in order with my hand but it is not important if they are in order or not. There is bright sun and a magnificient shore outside. People are sunbathing and swimming unaware of a coming.

These Sureths are very important, we need them for the coming days. I am repeating the Sureths, as a bright light begin to shine in my heart with the knowledge of some spiritual messages will follow one another soon.…… There is something like a little white ceramic egg. And a bigger one. It is related with some military pacts...