I am going to take a minute to convey the basic concept of a recent dream I had. As most of you know I do not record every dream I have. I really only record dreams that seem to “shake” my soul.

I dreamt I was in some type of an indoor arena. I believe it was an ice-skating rink. I do not remember exactly but there was something about “Walt Disney”. I think we were in the middle of the ice. There was a round pillow maybe a foot or so in diameter and 3 inches thick. In this round pillow there was cotton fluffing type material packed fairly tightly. This material was impregnated with some type of radioactive material. I remember looking at the pillow wondering what was planned for that material. It was my feeling that it was to be exploded and dispersed and that the light cotton type of material would then be caught in the air currents and spread through the air as some type of small dirty-bomb. It wasn’t obvious but that was the feeling I had as I looked at the pillow.

End of dream