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Nuclear ¿Explosion? * nuke *

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the dream

Disclaimer: As usual with these reoccurring dreams I do not feel it is a prediction but rather relay the dream to see if others are having similar dreams.

I have now had enough of these type of dreams that I now must consider this a reoccurring dream.

************* Start of dream *************

The dream started at a plant nursery and they had any plants that were left on sale. This gave me the feeling that it must have been the late summer or fall season. Next I was outside with work-mates and friends. I was smacking rocks with a club or stick I had found. One of my friends offered me a golf ball to hit around. This was kind of a joke since I don’t play golf. We were basically just playing and joking around.

Next I heard and felt a weird rumbling sound. I jokingly said, “ there goes a fifty megaton” and began to laugh. The rumbling increased and continued and one of my friends said, “a fifty megaton something that’s for sure”! With the rumbling and noise we went around the edge of a house and looked to the west. There was a huge plume of smoke and dust shooting skyward.

I couldn’t see the exact place of the blast since because there were buildings and houses blocking my view. I could not tell exactly how far away but I thought it may be about or over 100 miles away. The plume started to become thicker and seemed to churn with smoke and fire. The fire looked extremely red as though atmosphere, dust and smoke were filtering the light.

As the light form the visible fire would break through the smoke in the churning plume I could feel major amounts of heat maybe three times that of a noon day sun during the summer. The heat sort of “flickered” with the churning of the great cloud. At this point it became recognizable as the familiar “mushroom cloud”.

I did notice that this mushroom cloud looked a little different then the typical mushroom clouds I have seen in pictures as the “stem” portion of the mushroom seemed to be nearly twice to three times as wide or as “thick” as the typical picture I had seen. The heat was still intensifying and I thought I better take cover so I went into a house. Everybody including myself was yelling and screaming “Nuclear Bomb”. At first people didn’t know what we were talking about and some said, “a new what”? And we yelled back, “a nuke….a nuclear bomb”. The house I went into I urged the people inside to immediately fill any tub or tanks they had with water as I felt the water supply would quickly become contaminated.
—This is where my son woke me up—

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  1. Acorn says:

    Hi - I’ve had these dreams from time to time as well, sometimes a cluster of them in a short amount of time, and they terrify me. I’m happy to say I haven’t had one in a long while. For at least one period of my life I felt in hindsight that they signalled the beginnings of an inner upheaval, a personal apocalypse. I began to watch the dreams for what they had to say about life after the war, or how I cared for others during it, to see if there was something besides the horror to learn from. But I’ve never had one of these dreams without deep anxiety that they may be precognitive, as some of my dreams have been in lesser ways. If there’s a role in the world for those of us who dream vividly, one part of that may be to live through apocalyptic dreams like this so that we can help the world steer away from them?


  2. Kuerno says:


    I have not been able to find any correlation to events in my life over the years. These weird dream seem to show up when least expected. I don’t necessarily think these events will occur but I will say that this one was so realistic that I immediately went out and bought potassium iodide pills for my family. I also redoubled my effort in storing food and water. It just seems like a small price to pay to be somewhat prepared instead of that feeling of chaos that I felt in my dream when instructing people to get water.


  3. Sinjun says:

    Just came across this site by chance (I typed in dreams of nuclear explosions in the search engine). I’ve had three or four dreams of nuclear explosions. The last one I had was just two weeks ago. In the dream I was at a stoplight in the left turning lane facing north. I then saw a mushroom cloud (the classic type that you see in old documentary films) to the north-east. I was scared to look directly at it so I looked away and in the windshield there was the reflection of another mushroom cloud. I looked behind and saw another explosion in the south-east. I noticed that all of the cars had stopped working and people then started to get out of their cars. Then I awoke.

    The first, second and fourth had the explosions in the north-east. (I live in south Florida). The first two had one explosion each and the third and fourth had two explosions. The third dream wasn’t realistic like the others. It was more like a poorly done tv show. Terrorists carrying small briefcase sized nuclear weapons diguised as elecronic equipment. They set them off in the basements or lower parts of large buildings.

    I’m glad they’re just dreams and hopefully nothing like that happens to any country.

  4. Kris says:

    hey, i find all your posts fasinating.

    just last night i had another dream of a nuclear explosion. ive had quite a few dreams of nuclear explosions and they have been really scary because of the extreme detail i see? them in..

    so heres the one i had last night.

    i live in dubai, united arab emirates, so im assuming my dream was based in this country because i saw familiar surroundings and faces.

    i was in a arabic style house with a group of people ive never seen before and we were all talking about random things, when i look out a window with a view of the beach and seaside, i see a large cloud in the sky shaped like a mushroom (not your typical heroshima shaped cloud) it was long and skinny, with a larger head at the top. i then turn to the group of people im with and draw their attention to this, and by this time the cloud has formed a distinctive nuclear explosion shaped cloud.
    this is followed by crys of distress and surprise from the group of people im with, and then my dream skips forward and i feel a huge wave of hot air hit my face and then a feeling of extreme burning all over my body.

    ive had other dreams of nuclear explosions in different situations, but i always have that feeling of hot air rushing towards me and then that feeling of burning. it is so real it scares me.

  5. Dan says:

    Hi all. Just thought I’d come on here and share some of my experiences of dreams I’ve had that involve nuclear explosions. In recent months I’ve probably had about 3 or 4 dreams that involve a nuke and just last night I had another one.

    I was with a couple of friends walking down an unfamiliar road and suddenly we heard WW2 style air-raid sirens. Me and my mates continued walking down this road when suddenly we saw what looked like a massive missile/rocket fly over our heads about 5,000 ft in the sky. When we saw that we started to run in the opposite direction thinking that we could somehow outrun the explosion. Anyway, after just a few seconds of running I heard a MASSIVE explosion which must have come from about 10-20 miles away. I didn’t look behind me at the explosion, but instead, I hid behind a house, layed on the ground with my eyes shut, hoping for the best. Within just a few seconds I felt intense heat all over my body and it was getting hotter and hotter. At that point, I woke up in a hot sweat.

    I didn’t actually see the mushroom cloud in this particular dream because I was too scared to look behind me. The weird thing is, I was actually able to control my dream and not look behind me because I knew that seeing the cloud would have scared me much more than just laying there and dying.

    Like I said though, this isn’t the first dream of a nuclear explosion. My first dream (believe it or not) came in almost EXACTLY the same way in which Kris described his/her dream. I am from the UK, but in this particular dream I was in an Arab-looking country, inside a small arabic-style house which seemed as if it were in the middle of a dessert. I heard a massive rumble and was looking out of a hole in the wall that had no window when I saw the mushroom cloud. In this dream, me and the people I was with were all very distressed too and we all ran into what I think was an underground carpark. Almost immediately I felt intense heat all over and thats all I remember happening because thats when I woke up.

    One other one that I had scared me a LOT because everything was in sooo much detail. I was on an island of some sort with some friends (on holiday i think). There was about 3 of us I think and the rest of the beach was totally empty on a hot sunny day. I remember thinking that it was weird that nobody else was on the beach when the tempreature was something like 100 degrees/f. Anwyays, whilst we were laying there sunbathing, we all saw 4 massive flashes in the sky and within seconds we heard rumbling coming from all directions. In the horizon on the sea we could see 2 giant mushroom clouds forming. Fearing a tsunami or mega tidlewave we grabbed all our stuff and started running in the opposite direction back inland. We ran through a small jungle and when we got to the other end of this island, we could see ANOTHER 2 mushroom clouds forming in the horizon. We knew we was in trouble and within moments we saw huge waves forming in the horizon. There was nothing we could do though, we just sat there and I remember thinking “this is it, THE END!!” As the waves got closer and closer we started running towards the other direction and we was back on the other beach that we was at in the first place. Just as we got there, there was a wave that must’ve been at least 200 metre high. Just as the wave got to us, I woke up.

    Very scary stuff indeed. I seem to be having a lot of these types of dream lately. I think the reason Im having them though is because over the last year or so I’ve taken an interest in nuclear activities because let’s face it, the world we’re living in today isnt exactly peace-free and I felt that reading up about nuclear explosions could help me sometime in the future and help me prepare for the kind of dreams Ive had. Ive also had a fair few dreams about the 2012 predictions for the end of the world. Not sure if any of you have read about this but it is something I have also read quite a lot about. I had this one dream about a month ago where I was working on a building site and the sun was out. It was getting closer and closer and suddenly started to die out before our very eyes. Things went very cold and suddenly earthquakes, volcanos, tsunamis and meteorites hitting the earth were all over the news and everyone was panicking. I remember it being just a few days before Christmas which could very well mean I was dreaming about the predicted events of December 21st 2012 that were predicted by the mayas and their calendar

    Sorry for the long post BTW. Just felt the need to share some of my experiences with others coz I know how scary they can be and sometime you just need to share your moments with others :)

  6. KuernoDeChivo says:

    I’m glad people are sharing there dreams. If you are anything like myself these dreams can sit like a mill-stone weight around your neck until you speak about it and get it off your chest. For that reason I think these registry sites are great.

    I don’t see things every night or even every week but when I do have these big dreams they are very different then my normal dreams and tend to shake and change my very life.

    I have began looking into the effects of a Nuclear blast and Fall-Out as well. I only began looking into it because of the dream I had. So I doubt my dream was due to anything I had been reading.

    It was so alarming to me that I have stored Potassium Iodate KI pills for my family. I also have researched “halving material” from the old CD literature.

  7. Jay says:

    For some reason, a lot of people in the last several months to a year have had these explosion dreams. If you search the various websites you’ll find this to be the case. I had a nuclear dream sometime in October of ‘06 where I viewed out of the back of my window an orange lit sky coming from the South (I live about 100 miles North of Los Angeles). I was alone at the time in my dream so I had no one to express it to but I knew what I was seeing. I decided to turn the TV on and I saw video from an overhead plane or chopper showing vehicles and debis scattered everywhere covered by a gray ash as far as the eye can see.

    I don’t know fully what this could mean but oddly enough after the dream was over I felt a great sense of relief and shock at the same time. I slowly began to dismiss the dream but it just started enter my mind recently and so I felt compelled to share it with you all.

  8. Gene says:

    Very mysterious, as I’m my self are also seeing resemblances of time frame when these Nuclear Mushroom Cloud/Explosions occured. October/November 06, although I don’t remember details I have also seen Mushroom Cloud from nuclear explosion on the sunny day in the south from Illinois. I remember running to the opposite direction, running through backyards as I came closer to commercial large building(factory) I ran into buildings downstairs entrance, thinking it was good place of escaping/hiding from the blast. My second Nuclear Explosion dream I was inside of a house when I saw a Mushroom Cloud from a window resolving form nuclear explosion. Just today I’ve searched internet for explanations on this dreams since it have been entering my mind quite often these days, I had to find some information. And I’m glad I did, thinking I’m not the only one, this must be some kind of message send to us from an outside [source] to penetrate our dreams, Is there a point to all this? What is the message?

  9. Steffie says:

    PLease email me back as I had a dream last couple of weeks that I want to share with everyone…Also in my dream I had heard a warning over a radio telling me Israel would be nuked in 2 seconds This is really amazing dream of what happened after this warning and what I saw in the sky……..I also had a warning dream few months ago about warning over intercom in shopping mall that nuke would arrive in 2 minutes….always the number 2 for some reason…I asked who started this nuke and word PAKISTAN I heard loud and clear!

  10. KuernoDeChivo says:

    New Dream Feb-03-07 approx 6-7 AM.

    These are almost becoming reoccurring. They have not surpassed the Tornadoes or ‘Big Waves’ in frequency bet they are coming close. This is slightly alarming to me since when the Tornado dreams started things were still quite calm. Now we are having Tornadoes in the US almost every week even in the middle of winter!

    I pray that these displays of these Nuclear events in the minds and dreams of the collective subconscious do not come to fruition although I personally will begin making additional preparations.

    Ok Saturday’s Dream.

    I dreamt I was riding as a passenger in a van. My father was driving. There was family in the back seats. The night was very dark I believe there might have been snow on the side of the road but I might have imagined that.

    As we drove all of a sudden there was a flash behind the mountains on the horizon and multiple flashes and flickers as the sky continued to light up. The light in the sky was multiple colors from brilliant white to yellows and oranges and even greenish blue. The flash “swelled” over about 1-2 seconds and then faded out.

    After it faded out my eyes were hurting and it was hard t see. I asked my dad if he could see alright since we were traveling over 55-65 MPH when we saw the flash.

    My dad said nothing. I asked him again “Can you see?”

    After asking a couple times he finally in shock said “yes” but then explained that he was just trying to get down the road as far as possible (we were in between 2 towns). That’s when I realized the engine had died and we were merely coasting. Within a few seconds we rolled to stop and pulled over on the side of the road. I remember thinking that we must have been close enough to get some of the “splash-over” from the EMP.

    My thought was we needed to get home as soon as possible. I remembered that I had read that sometimes resetting the vehicles computer you might be able to re-enable a EMP disabled vehicle. I was going to hop out to hurry and disconnect the battery in preparation to reset the computer when my Dad decided to try to just start it, which I also though was a good idea. To our surprise the van started.

    Next the dream jumped one town closer to where I live. I was in or around a Junior High School. It seemed people were meeting there and walking. This is where the dream started to fade a bit.

    We ere walking and I saw people and relatives walking I had not seen in years. It is extremely rural where I live so it was surprising that I would pass people walking the other direction. I couldn’t I figured most folk would be heading out of town and not going towards town.

    We finally made it to our house. I believe we startled someone that was trying to get some of our supplies but they must have only been able to carry a little bit. I saw a box of ammo on the floor that was partly emptied.

    I saw my wife outside playing around trying to drive or practice driving on a 4X4 and then I woke up.

  11. Matt says:

    I am also having several of these dreams with one difference, I die in mine and am reborn into the afterlife. Is there anyone else out there who has died in their dreams? Turns out that myth isnt true that if you die in your dream you die in real life.

  12. Lori says:

    I have had several dreams about nuclear explosions during my life. Last night I watched the mushroom cloud form, rise and begin to vibrate a wave radially. When it finally reached my house I was able to hug my 2 kids and we all melted together scared. I remember burning, but it didn’t hurt until we were almost gone completely. So real.

  13. Sydney says:

    I dreamed that I was in my home office speaking with two people that I did not know. I remember thinking to myself that they should not be here, and wondering if I should let them stay. I looked out the window and a huge fiery explosion hit our woods out back. I could see a massive wave of heat and radiation heading toward the house and I just turned my back to the window. I could feel the heat passing through me and I thought that I was dead. I layed in my bed for several minutes trying to determine if I was still alive or not. I finally decided that I was alive. I don’t remember feeling tremendous fear, or any pain, but just standing there letting it pass through me. That was the end of the dream. Unfortunately it happened right outside my house, so if it was a bomb, there would be no survivors…but I did live, in the dream anyway. Strange.

  14. Sacha says:

    Whoa! This is incredible. I just thought I would search the web to see if anybody else is having these dreams. Low and behold many are. This means only one thing. That we are clearly being warned of a future coming event not far away.

    I’m from England and have had many nuclear dreams. Here are a few. One in a flat/apartment in London watching BBC news.

    They were issuing a shelter warning and I saw people in the background of the news report running about in panic, the reporter then got up and the screen went to a red BBC logo with a humming pitch sound as though the channel had signed off.

    I ran to the Bathroom, filled the sink and bath to the top with cold water to drink. Suddently sirens went off & all the lights went out followed by a bright flash and a thud. The explosion was far away not to cause damage to the building I was in but I saw the mushroom cloud and orange glow. I woke up after that. I had this same dream many times. However the last few months it has changed to 2 sequences.

    The first I’m in a house with my entire family. Parents, brothers, sisters, wife and kids. We are all in a cellar/basement. My brother and I are covering everybody with several quilts and then black sacks piled high containing earth. We quickly managed to cover ourselves when there was a prolonged flash followed by great heat. The heat was reduced to a hot feeling by the bags of earth and the quilts acting as insulators preventing our flesh from burning. I woke up after that.

    The next I’m driving fast and arrive at the Channel Tunnel which links from England to France via a route under the sea. I call my wife to make sure she is there with the family and kids. I then run inside, far into the tunnel then I hear a thud and rumble. As the tunnel is under the sea it protected us from the heat and blast the same way a bunker would. I woke up after this.

    Now after doing some digging to find out why I am dreaming of these things, I have seen a pattern emerging just by watching and reading the news. This thing really is gonna happen and i’m not hear to scare monger.

    The key countries will be Russia, China, USA, Britain, Israel, Iran and Turkey. It’s all there if you look and you will find as I did the pieces fit like a Jigsaw puzzle. Other countries will be hit yes, especially those under NATO but those mentioned above will spark it off. Iran are developing Nukes with the aid of Russia and China to use against Israel. Israel, Britain and USA are close allies. Turkey has the strategically placed Incirlik Airbase, will house part of the US ballistic missile system as its borders join Iran and is a stones throw from Russia.

    My father has also had dreams of Russia invading Turkey because of a USA airbase and missile system there. In the same dream he saw missiles with the hammer and sickle logo on the sides nuking Britain. He has had this dream since 1983 to date.

  15. Chris says:

    Wow, I’ve had a few of these myself, but last night’s was by far the most vivid. I’m from Chicago, but in the dream, was in London doing a gig. I was hanging out with some people, and oddly enough, I was looking across the ocean and was able to see the NYC and Chicago skylines. I remember thinking that was a bit odd, but being a dream, didn’t think much of it.

    Immediately afterwards, I saw the explosions take place at the tops of the buildings and began trying to call home and wasn’t able to get a connection as all circuits were busy. I was frantic and people all around me were freaking out. The strangest part though, was getting a glimpse of what it looked like where the bomb went off. It was in a parking garage or stadium parking, I can’t tell. The blast was going off in slow motion and I could see people being flung about and burned all at once (graphic, sorry). Anyways, its only slightly comforting to know that other people are having these dreams too I guess

  16. Asha says:

    I just had a nuke dream myself last night. I was walking with friends and saw the mushroom cloud (classic just like in the movies), it was coming towards us. I knew to drop to the ground quick, and as I was doing such I covered my head with the hood of my Parka. I had my eyes open at first and could see the bright light, then I just closed my eyes. I did live through the experience in the dream but woke up shortly after, this is my second bomb dream since the begining of the year and my first nuke dream that I can recall. I woke up heart racing, but very intrigued and how vivid the colors, it was amazing

  17. Kaz says:

    For many years I’ve dreamt about nuclear explosions. Its always the same time 3.05pm, I always try to protect my family by hiding them and then usually experience the explosion myself. I dreamt again last night about the explosions, everywhere was bright red and orange and I could feel the intense heat on my body and everything crumbled around me. I was then on a shore and I could see a giant wave coming at me, I tried to scramble ashore but the force of the water being sucked away prevented me. I decided to face my fate and turned to face the wave. It then hit me with such force that my whole body shook and it woke me up. I was panting for breath when I woke and my whole body ached. Of note, I have had a lot of family problems recently with my father in law attempting suicide and I have been trying to keep strong for my husband. My dreams are always vivid, sometimes stupid but I remember them in colour and details.

  18. Dave says:


    About a half hour ago, I had just woken up to see that I am still alive and also see that my family is still here. Vivid dreamer…? I am. And I am glad to see I am not alone on this one; dying of a nuclear bomb.

    This dream began with my parents and I walking through a Macy’s clothing department. People suddenly started to act violent. Running, shoving, screaming, trying to get away from something they were obviously frightened by. However, my stomach turned and my knees grew weak as I knew exactly what was going on — the end of the world! I wasn’t sure if it was going to be an atomic bomb, a meteorite, an invasion, biological, but I did know I had to keep my parents
    safe. We ran around aimlessly in the crowds, but somehow couldn’t find our way out. My father then turned to me and said, “Dave, take mommy upstairs. Find some supplies and wait in a secure area while I find out whats going on”. I knew I had to take my mother away from the scene of panic by the frozen look on her face. I walked her to the escalator and began making our way to the second level, which we found pretty life-less! I sat my mother down by a showcase tent and grabbed her blankets and told her to hang tight. I took it upon myself to walk across the department where I got this feeling of life. There was a t.v. sitting on a wall bracket showing nothing but the black and white scribble stuff when you don’t get signal. However, I turned and saw a man sitting behind a counter. It was pretty weird, because I couldn’t make out whether this man was Caucasian, African, or Hispanic by the changing in pigment. I asked him, “Do you know whats happening”?

    The man replied, “Sure do”.

    I replied rather quickly as my heart began to sink, “It’s not a meteorite? is it?”.

    “No, it is a nuclear bomb. They said that there is going to be a few of them going off.” The man began to name these bombs (I forgot exactly what they were, but this is similar to what he said). “Yea, there is a P-4, a Class A, and a —-.”

    I almost choked when I heard that, and I couldn’t help but to think about my life and what I have done (family, school, friends.. basically it flashed before my eyes). However, this man noticed the fear in my eyes and stood amongst me to put his hand on my shoulder. He then said, “What do you represent?”. I understood right away what he was asking me, but he quickly explained the question as he saw me stall. “What can you say you are proud to represent? Something you can say you have done in your life that you can wear on your chest. For instance, like me! I am glad to say that I am a store department manager”, and he pointed to his gold manager badge.

    I found myself stuck. I’m not sure if it was because I was scared of dying or it was because I couldn’t think of something I represent. And I began to think of my family again and how much I loved them and how I knew this was the last time I’ll ever see them. As soon as I turned back to my mother, I began to feel warm and the air became thinner. I started to see heat waves growing off the floor. I was no where near my mom, so I looked back at that “man” and saw his pleasant face just melt away. I couldn’t help but to look outside one more time as i saw air fighting jets just storming across the skies.

    And then…… black! I woke up.

    Dave, 21, NJ

  19. eddie says:

    ive had these dreams too, one explosion in las vegas and the other in tampa. started to get them around october 06 like everyone else, this could be due to the new season of 24. im thinkin its just a modern dream simular to a tornado or tidal wave, not a nostradomis thing.

  20. Jonathan Mulvihill says:


    I had a dream last night that 3 terrorist nuclear devices went off in central London. There was a high alert warning and people were trying to escape the city centre. From my apartment building I saw the first explosion, the next 2 I felt or heard. The destruction felt so real that this is the first dream I can remember.

    I think that the fact that I dreamt of terrorists means that I am worrying about recent events and possible threats.

  21. Mojoredbeak says:

    Ok now that I’ve read everyone elses dreams concerning nuclear blasts, I’m not sure if I feel better or worse. The night before last I had a horrible dream and I can’t shake it. I think I was on vacation somewhere with my girlfriend of 10+ yrs and we were on the waterfront somewhere and walking near some storefronts. We heard an announcement over some sort of intercom saying that bombs were coming and then there seemed to be some confusion like the person on the intercom either didn’t know what he was saying or for some reason no one was taking him seriously. A few minutes later something flew over the water leaving a black streak that hung in the air and then did that weird fizzle thing that the one type of firewoks does when it fizzles and then the sparks disperse. Well it did that, but with a light black smoke instead. It was like some kind of chemical warfare or something. I grabbed my suede coat I was wearing and tried to breath through that and realized my girlfried had nothing to breath through so I frantically looked through my bag and found this bean bag frog from childhood which I still have today, but obviously don’t carry it around with me. I gave it to her and she was breathing through it. Some big guy tried to take it from her but I was really mad about that and in no uncertain terms was he going to take it. We tried the doors to get into the buildings we had been walking next to, but no one would unlock the doors. Just then I was looking across the water as a missle wizzed across and exploded followed by another explosion. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I watched the colors from the explosion as it began to spread across the water and within seconds began to feel the heat and knew I was about to die. As I felt the heat go through me I said “I love you ******” To my grilfriend and I heard her say ” I love” and I felt my body die. I woke up immediately my heart was pounding. I can still feel that sensation of dying and the feelings I had as this was taking place so quickly. It was so real.
    This was this first time I had dreamed of a nuclear blast and I have never died in a dream before or had such a sensation that I really felt something in my dream. Last year I did have a dream about sunami bouys and some kind of warning concerning them. I also had a dream about something about to happen in some container yard where ships unload containers.

  22. brian says:

    hi everyone
    ive had two dreams of nulear explosions now and both seemed real but without pain.
    the first time i dreamt of it i was on a hill with someone that im not quite sure who they were. in the countryside in the uk looking out across flat land and in the distance was three sets of chimney stacks some distance apart i remember i was taking in the scenery and just enjoying the veiw, then suddenly without warning three nuclear explosions went of at the same time but rather than fear this i felt more intreaged by it then woke.
    the next dream i was out on a date somewhere on a beach and remember arguing with someone over the price of a pushchair and in the next step i was in the pentagon usa and again three nuclear explosins went of right outside the window but this time i could feal the heat from it and the fear then i woke up sweating what amases me most about this is the complete memory of it all and how real these felt ive had vivid dreams before but these ones do have me a little concerned however i dont see them as a warning to a nuclear attack or anything.

  23. Sharamartha says:


    I have never dreamt about nuclear explosions before. I’m not an “apocalyptic prophet”, nor am I in any shape or form worried about perceived terrorist threats, which makes the dream so much more unusual.

    In the dream I am observing a group of people in the desert - they could be scientists and possibly the army too. There is some sort of fortress and everyone is getting inside because a nuclear explosion is imminent. I see the flash of light and see three of four mushroom clouds appearing in the distance. Then there is just the sense of floating above the sites of several more explosions - mostly taking place out in remote areas/rural areas. In one case, there is a group of people (farmers?) - a mother sees the mushroom cloud but not the flash of light. Her child runs to get into one of those underground stores/shelters that people seem to have in the US to protect them from tornados. Finally, I’m viewing the screens of the military showing the sites of the explosions in groups of 3 or 4, totalling maybe 12 or 15 explosions in total. That’s about it.

  24. t varnon says:

    The details are what took me back, I live in dallas texas and when the bomb went off,it was directly west of me. Its one of those things you just feel that you know. It went off from the direct west of dallas texas. People went crazy all trying to scramble out of town. All laws and morals broke down and it was total flight from scared people.
    It looked like one of the moons that you cant tell how far it really is from you. It seemed maybe 50 miles away.
    I did not like this dream at all.

  25. Terre says:

    This is the second time I have had this dream but it is not the first set I have had that deals with military warfare. This dream was different though it was two types of dreams the nuclear explosion and the type of dream where I can’t wake up. the next thing that scared me was that when I saw the explosion I could see the whiteish yellow flas coming towards my window and it was almost as if i can feel the heat from the explosion throughout my entire body this was the most vivid out of these dreams.

  26. Billy B says:

    Just decided today to do a goggle search on Dreams, Chicago & Nuke. Today 06-26-07 This would be my third dream in were I see the rise of a mushroom cloud. This time I am certain it’s from Chicago. I’m glad I found a site where I can talk about this… The dream goes like this…I’m in Indiana…Gary Indiana because I use to leave there. I have frequient dreams in Gary….Im luring ants with bread and a old friend next door comes to offer me some bread to lure the trail of ants. He leaves and returns home and my mom goes after him because she saw that he drop something. Then I hear him start up a car and drives down 25th ave. Then to myself I think.. “glad he moved now at least he’s away from the devastation to come.” after thinking that out the corner of my eye I see a sharp flash from across 25th ave past the wooded area northward. I look and I see the mushroom cloud rising. I began running next door to get mom yelling…This is it. this is it….I wake up out of breath. I was breathing so loud mom heard me and thought I was sick. I know the interpretation of this dream but the main point is…Chicago is the target for terror. I urge anybody in the heart of downtown city loop to look elsewhere…If there is a opportunity to move or a door opening to go to the suburbs take it. It maybe God working on your behalf to spare you from what is to come…He has already moved me far enough away to see it when it happens…. Thank you.

  27. Billy B says:

    I want to add something to my dream for 06-26-07 after seeing my friend drive down 25th Ave and thinking to myself I turn away back to the ants then I saw out of the corner of my eye the sharp flash. I look and see the mushroom cloud and I hear faintly in the distance the sound of sirens. Then I began to run…

    I really have some deep concern about this particlar dream because when I woke mom asked me if I was sick because of my breathing. I told her my dream. Then she recalled having a dream the saming morning where she was with a Gary Indiana friend and they were going shopping downtown to Michigan Ave but all the streets were broke and there were cliffs and holes in the road and no buildings..NOTE to reader. This was just part of the downtown other parts were there but it seem like one part of the downtown area was gone. Mom didn’t think much about it until I told her my dream. They both fit and I believe it’s prophetic. If I was to share this with the Mayor he would just think I’m crazy and I might be locked up. Nothing can be done…I don’t think even prayer can stop what might be destined to happen. Readers: pray for your own individual saftey. I would ask Jesus to prevent you from being in the target area the day it happens…I feel better now that I’ve gotten this off my chest. Thank you Dream Registry.

  28. Eee says:

    I had a dream about June 28, 2007. I was standing in what seemed like a kind of barren prairie low lying area between Dallas and Forth Worth. It seemed as if it were dusk but all color was muted to shades of grey and brown. As I was standing in this barren area with several people, from the west came a plane that glowed like a piece of heated metal. (One could see that it was extremely hot.) The plane was cigar shaped, almost like a Zepplen or WWII plane. It was orange. The plane traveled very low over us to the north of us but contiuing toward the east toward downtown Dallas. There was no fear, but as everyone watched we knew that the devestation would be huge, maybe even the entire destruction of Dallas. Then I woke up, right before the plane crashed. After this dream, I was very disturbed for several days.
    I am not a prophetic type of person, but the last time I had this kind of dream was when I had a dream of premonition about Sept 11 several weeks before it occurred. I am not one who is interested at all in prophetic events. Since I am a Christian and a student of the scriptures I know that these types of images were seen by John in the book of Revelation and that they will occur. I think this dream was given to me as a warning for myself and for others. I do believe we can turn the hand of God by our prayers for our own safety and the safety of those we pray for. Ps 91: (fear notthing… not flying arrows in the day.)

  29. Billy B says:

    I don’t want to hog this blog but after reading the most recent dream I feel now I need to tell some details of my first and second dream. Many of the dreams I’m reading here have some interesting details that are very simliar. Plane flying low…open plain or field, water, TV etc. Here’s my first nuclear nightmare. I’ll cut some of this out to keep it short
    08/20/05 4:55am (day of the dream)
    Kids playing ball on 25th street (Gary Indiana), Beautiful day, green grass and blue sky. I seem to just come back from work we might of just had a meeting or outting. Next thing I notice I was home. Then we heard the sound. It was panic out side. ALL THE HOUSES WAS ON FIRE but not ours. People were fleeing THEN I SAW A HUGE JUMBO JET FLY REALLY LOW AT FAST REALLY FAST SPEED HEADING WEST, AWAY FROM THE DOWN TOWN AREA. it made a loud sound. I immediately knew what happen….I told the (mystery)girl that was with me in our house that THEY blew it up. I had and urge to see it for myself. I sternly told her to stay here don’t follow me, lock the doors the screen close everything don’t let anybody in I will be back I’m going to run up the street to get a better visual at downtown. She cried begging me not to go and leave her ( prehaps she was my wife?) I assure her I be back. I left the house. Across the street houses still burning. Fire was on the house and all the green grass and wooded areas was ablaze. People in despair. I started to run to 25th ave. Then the young woman I told to say behind started running after me crying and with a little girl/or boy wanting me to come back…Next thing I know I was away from them and was just running down Morton street to 25th and saw all the kids that was perviously playing ball (basket ball?) in the street looking at me as I come running up and they were looking downtown (straight East)…I couldn’t see it too well but there it was, a huge white mushroom cloud was slowing rising in the air above tall city buildings. I sensed the kids didn’t under stand. I screamed THEY BLOW IT UP!

    East in this first dream points to Detriot or New York. As I look it seem like I had telecopic vision to see the far East. I wake from this dream and the first words come out are “Horrific” I wanted to sleep but just couldn’t shake what just happen in the dream so I got up and typed it on my computer 4:55AM I have it date stamped.

  30. Billy B says:

    Dream 2. about two month ago. I dream that I’m on a open field. The elevation is high because I can look off to the horizon and it’s a clear view. A few co-workers are there with me. We hear a loud noise and I see off in the horizon the rising of smoke in several areas, it was mushroom clouds. I immediately point to my co-workers frantically telling them it’s happing I told you so. I run into my old Indiana house and turn on the TV. All the channels were black with fuzz and snow. ONLY one station came through. It was a Christian broadcast network. I saw tv minsters like John Hagee sitting around discussing what had just happen. They were not in their churches and they were dress in casual cloths…it was like a townhall meeting of ministers. Then I heared a rumbling sound and I looked out the door. On the horizon from all directions I saw a wall of clouds growing and racing towards me. As I watched with amazement I quickly realize the clouds were not clouds or smoke but a wall of water. I quickly closed the door to prevent the racing tidal wave from coming it. It hit and I yelled…”Oh God this is it!” I woke up yelling the same thing.

    I don’t have nightmares where i’m awoken with fear and deard. But these three past dreams have shaken me to believe that it is a sign or warning. Prehaps us dreamers telling these dream on this blog will be monitored by the government and they can narrow down what is accurate and prevent the monsters that want to see this happen. I feel that this dream might have something to do with Lake Michigan and maybe the tidal way is a nuke that is set off on the lake front…

    That’s it no more post from me.

  31. Jean says:

    I had three dreams. First of all first dream I had back in early 2007 like in January. I saw in distance like near Dallas muchroom cloud rise up in sky. I can see it from my hometown, Austin. I felt and hear the sound of bomb goes off then I woke up in surprised. That dream was so real. Second dream I had I saw big fat bomb fell from sky and was aimed at me but missed me and bomb did not go off until I left the site where bomb was hit. Then I look up the sky I saw many beautiful stars fell on me and I saw myself leaving earth and meet Lord in air then bomb went off and killed many people on ground. Third dream I saw so many bombs fell from sky and hit on ground and all of bomb doesn’t hurt me. Thousand fall on my side and thousand fall on my right side and it shall not hurt me. Psalm 91.
    Yes, I am Christian and am not prophet either. I believe the Lord Jesus warn us in dream because He loves us and care for us deeply. I thank God for this dream. I will pray that you all on this site will confess that Jesus is Lord and Savior then you will be saved. Amen

  32. Jean says:

    I had three dreams. First of all first dream I had back in early 2007 like in January. I saw in distance like near Dallas muchroom cloud rise up in sky. I can see it from my hometown, Austin. I felt and hear the sound of bomb goes off then I woke up in surprised. That dream was so real. Second dream I had I saw big fat bomb fell from sky and was aimed at me but missed me and bomb did not go off until I left the site where bomb was hit. Then I look up the sky I saw many beautiful stars fell on me and I saw myself leaving earth and meet Lord in air then bomb went off and killed many people on ground. Third dream I saw so many bombs fell from sky and hit on ground and all of bomb doesn’t hurt me. Thousand fall on my side and thousand fall on my right side and it shall not hurt me. Psalm 91.
    Yes, I am Christian and am not prophet either. I believe the Lord Jesus warn us in dream because He loves us and care for us deeply. I thank God for this dream. I will pray that you all on this site will confess that Jesus is Lord and Savior then you will be saved. Amen

  33. Jean says:

    I had three dreams. First of all first dream I had back in early 2007 like in January. I saw in distance like near Dallas muchroom cloud rise up in sky. I can see it from my hometown, Austin. I felt and hear the sound of bomb goes off then I woke up in surprised. That dream was so real. Second dream I had I saw big fat bomb fell from sky and was aimed at me but missed me and bomb did not go off until I left the site where bomb was hit. Then I look up the sky I saw many beautiful stars fell on me and I saw myself leaving earth and meet Lord in air then bomb went off and killed many people on ground. Third dream I saw so many bombs fell from sky and hit on ground and all of bomb doesn’t hurt me. Thousand fall on my side and thousand fall on my right side and it shall not hurt me. Psalm 91.
    Yes, I am Christian and am not prophet either. I believe the Lord Jesus warn us in dream because He loves us and care for us deeply. I thank God for this dream. I will pray that you all on this site will confess that Jesus is Lord and Savior then you will be saved. Amen

  34. Dmitriy says:

    Hi, I just had a nuclear bomb dream, about two days ago and the events followed the next two days peace everything I saw in the dream. First of all I start of in a library/liquor store with a buddy of mine from work, he starts drinking at the store and we meet my buddy who I often blaze with, so later the scene jumps to my house where we are very stoned, I soon hear a loud explosion, as soon as I look outside I see a bright explosion which I realize is a nuclear blast, the explosion is before the mountains that block the view to the US (I live in Vancouver) , I soon close my ears with my hands because of the intense sound, I also close my eyes, and I could feel my self floaing away from my body, and I know that I’m dead, and as I float away I hear the faint sound of the explosion and I still see bright white, thats when I wake up as though as I just died and I started all over again.

    The events next two days. My mom tells me shes going away for three days in exactly 2 and half weeks(September 1st), and as I get excited I start to plan a party, so I ask a coworker to boot leg some alcohol for me since I’m under age, the same coworker in the dream, later I decide not to have a party but to get lots of reefer and smoke it with my buddy, and the day after I realize what my dream means, my coworker disappears from the dream because I no longer need him, and so I can tell that the day that the nuclear bomb is going to happen is the day my mom leaves and when I’m going to smoking a lot of reefer. And so today I went on the net to search if other people had similar dreams, and then I came across here.

    Another event prior the day to the dream. As I was on a bus to work, I overhear 3 people talking and all of the sudden one of the has a dé ja vu, and he describes it to them and and tells them he has been get lots of them in the past six months, he says (Every time I get one of these, I begin to think that from the moment we die we live our life over and over again), and so I thought, what if this is my first life, and when I died, the day the nuke goes off, instead of reliving my life I started over 2 weeks prior.

    Events of my life. As long as I remember I get dé ja vu’s very frequently, some short some lasting as long as a minute, until I had one, about 2 months ago, I was at my friends house(sober), and I started experiencing one, when it went ahead of what I was experiencing and I saw what I was going to do next, but as I saw it I changed what I did, I changed what I said and the de ja vu ended, it was like I changed the course of my time line, not significantly but just enough to stop. In the last two days I just been wondering of why we are here, just why has our mind created this kind consciousness, try this, put your hand in the air…. now who did it was it you or your brain? What your experiencing isn’t you, its your brain its making all the decisions, your brain created you, your consciousness, the way you dress, the way you think, and it was your brain that made you put your hand in the air. Whenever you have a minute, just sit down and think of life, why are you existing? Why are you sitting there, and why are we the only smart species on this planet? So advanced we make cars, make currencies, make food, make tv, make computers, and why are you here reading this right now? Just sit down and think, what is the purpose of this, think of the whole universe and think that your brain made your consciousness, and what if it hasn’t think what it be like to be nothing, no consciousness, just nothing, what if your brain never

    Please reply I’d like to hear what this all means, and think if the world around you are just extras, do they have consciousness? Are the people you’re friends with, the people you see on the streets, your parents… are made just for you. Am…I just writing this so another extra would read it and not care, am I just another extra?

  35. Dmitriy says:

    somehow, I know that my life will end by a nuclear explosion, and it will begin awakening from a dream, perhaps that was it, and perhaps its going to happen again, until I do something to prevent it

  36. James says:

    This one is pretty vivid, I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia which is right next to the largest naval base in the world in Norfolk. Something wakes me up..I go outside to have a cigarette and while out there I hear all of these military jets taking off at high speed. It’s like this crescendo of sound. After a minute or so of this, the sky lights up like dawn but it is the middle of the night. I get just enough time to realize that it’s a nuclear explosion before the heat starts, it rises and rises and everything catches fire (including me), the pain feels so real…I wake up right as I beg for death because it hurts so much. I’ve had this dream 2 or 3 times..I wonder if it is because I KNOW I live in a first strike high priority target area.

  37. polestar says:

    I started having “war dreams” as a child. I too have had dreams of witnessing a mushroom cloud and could really feel the blast and the burning and being unable to breath. I have had a couple of this kind and I have to tell you this is going to sound weird but I almost want to say it seems more like a memory than a dream. I felt the loss during the dream of loosing my family, experienced real grief and loss. In these dreams I also experienced what seemed to feel like an after death experience where life did not seem to end for me and some of the others who were with me.

    In the early dreams that started when I was a young girl and the ones I have now in my mid 30’s there is many times helicopters and me caring for large groups of children.

    like I said these dreams to me seem so real that they seem to be memories rather than prediction or anything else?

  38. polestar says:

    I too believe my life though will end in a war.

    I also want to add that in my dream the blast/ mushroom cloud was blinding bright.

  39. lyttlerhino says:

    Okay,I am very glad I googled this idea and found these people and their accounts. I had this dream about 4 days ago
    too. Now I’m used to having very vivid dreams. I have great
    dreams once in a while, and they make me very happy. This
    dream started out like that, in a big city,and I seem to have
    a connection to this place and to the people I’m having coffee
    with in this shop. Except i seem to be having a difficult moment with another guy,and so I exit, I need to be outside.
    Standing there in this city,big towers and apartments all around,warm air,sunshine. But,I’m upset and must calm down and focus on feeling better. However this really big
    and violent explosion begins to shake this place,and the reality of this dream amps up to 100% here and now. The shock-wave rolls through the overhead sky,clouds go all
    multi-colored and pastel, roiling overhead in a very large
    rising mushroom heading ever upwards. Those tall towers
    in the surrounding city lose their upper floors and explode and burn. Extreme chaos follows,Now this dream is very
    vivid,and I’m very real and freaked out. The survivors and
    myself began moving away from the epi-center of the blast zone,were still alive but must keep moving. Lots of walking
    and a lot of thinking about all of this,Lots of very destroyed
    landscape, big ships flung a-shore,much destruction but not many people. Need food and water and so start to look
    for this. Must locate stuff and find a place to hunker down.
    Do find food just left on the table,other people show up
    and wonder If we can eat it,is it safe,and all that. I just start
    eating, must live on. At this point I’m thinking that I’ve enough of this, I know that I’m dreaming and with a large
    effort I break out and wake up. Of course this dream will not
    be forgotten. Thank you, keep peace in your hearts and dreams.

  40. Geo says:

    I was surprised to find this site through the search engine. I’m compelled to write about my first and hopefully my last nuclear dream. I remember being outside my house, where I live in the rural setting just about 40 miles Northwest of Philadelphia (Center City). The day was sunny and warm (not sure what month). I was standing and talking with some people, probably my neighbors and my wife, when two explosive rumbles occured with two small mushrooms appeared from the Philadelphia direction at about the same time. I remembered everyone being shocked. When I reacted, I felt like everyone didn’t know what to do. I insisted that my wife move into the basement but no one was moving. Then there was ash falling like snow everywhere. I felt it was too late and that we were now probbly exposed to the radiation. I felt sadness and anger knowing this was eventually going to happen but hoped not so close to home as we started moving supplies (sleeping bags, water and a tarp) into the basement. Someone mentioned about protecting your thyroid with a pill? That’s all I remember. I blamed the dream on eating Ginger Snaps with a cup of Decaf Tea before going to bed..LOL
    Thank God it was only a dream.

  41. Dmitriy says:

    hrrrm polestar I feel the same, its as though as its a memory…like you died from the incident and you woke and you remembered everything…

  42. Justin says:

    every night for the last week and a half I have had a nuclear explosion Dream. My mushroom clouds always have a really thin stem and huge top ( not sure if that means anything) the wierdest part is that the dream reoccurs at about the same time every night, because it will always wake me up around 12 to 1 in the morning. I usally attempt to drive away to attempt to escape the radiation, but the car usally flips or dies. and it always ends with a feeling as if my brain is seperating in half and my skin and muscles are falling off in clumps. strange stuff.

  43. Sue Melin says:

    When I stand alone at the judgement seat of Christ
    And he shows me life as it happened and I see..

    How I
    blocked him here and checked Him there
    and would not yield my will
    Will there be any grief in my Saviour’s eyes?
    Grief, though He loves me still.
    For He’d have me rich–will I stand there poor, stripped of all
    but His grace while memory runs
    like a hunted thing
    down paths i cannot retrace?
    Lord, of the years that are left of me, I give them to your hand.
    Take my life and mold me to the pattern you have planned.

  44. BRYANT says:

    I just want all you guys to know up front that I have not had dreams of nuclear war or nuclear bombs. However, I have become a dedicated Christian since August of 2007. I have never felt this passion to seek God in my life. I am now 38 years old. Right now however that is all I strive for is to hear his voice. You see since my walk with him and my search for him I have encountered many things that I would have called “coincidence” in the past but now I call divine intervention. I have just prayed and randomly opened the bible asking to be spoken to, to show me a sign.
    I highlighted serveral verses that I turned to randomly because I thought or felt they were meant for me to hear. These verses all talk about the end of times. Some of us in this world will not die but will be taken intantly into the kingdom those last days. Anyway, I was attending Jury duty one day and I noticed this little book on the table. I picked it up out of boredom and started to read. It was a small book on the ways of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God. The Book had 10 scriptures in it, everyone of those scriptures in that book were the ones I had randomly opened in my bible. Coincidence? I used to think so but now i think I am being led to tell people about my expeirence. I am not nor have I ever been one of those “the end is near and you better get GOD guys”. But I strongly feel like and have always felt like since I was a child that I would see the end. I have not had dreams about nuclear war, however I have had what I call visions of nuclear war lately. I think this is what GOD is telling me thru these scriptures. Since God can speak to us thru our dreams i thought today at work that I would get online and do a google search for nuclear bombs. I was shocked but not really suprised that so many of you have been dreaming of this taking place….I hope and pray that it does not happen, but I just felt the need to tell you guys my story for what it is worth.

  45. george says:

    i have these dreams alot soemtimes occuring in consecutive nights, they all follow the same pattern of a happy start and the ending being an explosion, weirdly i have never had a dream where i survive the explosion and they always end with it. They seem to be getting more real as time passes, i do play alot of war videogames before i go to bed which i think contributes to it, however i think theres a deeper meaning.

  46. sonya says:

    I have been having these dreams for the last twenty years. They are very detailed and feel real. The last one I was walking in the supermarket picking out groceries and all the sudden I feel a blast over hot air and the feeling of getting pushed down and pulled up at the same time,like Im in a jar someone just sucked all the air out of. all the breath is sucked out of me and I cant take another one.Things go black, I assume I die. This dream and the others are very real, not like dreams at all and I always wake up shaking. I wanted to find others having these dreams.Where should I look?

  47. Juliy says:

    Hi, well I might as well share too. seem to be doing you all some good. I too have been having these dreams but the last one I wasn’t in my safe surroundings. I was in New York. Strange cause I live in the UK. I was getting out of a taxi, couldn’t see the sky cause of the high building. There was just everyone being normal when I saw the missile fly over head and I just knew, I don’t know how but I knew what it was.
    I was next to a big old cream stone coloured building with about 6 steps going up I remember just turning my back on the direction of the missile crouching down behind the cab door and closing my eyes very very tightly. I wish i could convey in word just how the nothingness in my eyes went from the dim yellow sunset colour through in a matter of 2 seconds to almost blinding white. I didn’t think I would be able to see when I opened them. I could just about and I ran like mad into the building and very quickly into the stairs to go down. I was about half way when I realised the shockwave was coming the heat was so immence. My heart is racing writing this…..
    I froze and suddenly thought I can’t hide, I can’t survive, the building won’t collapse but the gamma radiation will get this deep. I’ll get sick, I’ll suffer. I turned on my heels and ran back outside it was just black. I woke up and it has played on my mind ever since. I don’t want to survive it if the worse ever happens.

  48. John says:

    I never remember dreams but I had this one last week and can’t get it out of my mind. I don’t think the dream means anything like impending doom etc. I think I am more shocked at my reactions in the dreams to the bombs, than the bombs themselves. It seemed I was familiar with nuclear bombs happening,like they were common occurrences just in this case one happened to be close to home. Anyway I was having dinner with my 3 kids and wife in our backyard, we had grilled chicken or something, the sun was setting and off in the distance towards Philadelphia(east) I heard a sound like a light bulb going bad (sort of a muffled pfft) and looked and saw a wrectangular bright light and felt at the same time this surge of warm air. I don’t know why it was wrectangular and don’t know why I saw no Mushroom cloud but I didn’t. I knew however right away what it was and it appeared by the somber looks on my family that they knew too. I said to them, well it was only a matter of time, let’s grab our stuff and go down the basement and see what happens, but we all knew what would happen. I woke up as we were walking into the basement. If the dream was just me and not my kids and wife and if we all weren’t so knowing and somber about the whole situation I don’t think it would have bothered me, but it did and it does. Thankfully I have not had another one yet.

  49. kyle says:

    i will not go into detail right now, too tired, but i had a dream last night of a nuke going off in a massive, massive valley, like 200 miles by 200 miles. the valley was full of cars and tents and small shacks. it was like a festival event slash tailgate party slash shanty town. but so big i couldnt see the end of it. i never saw him but i knew he was in the center. 100 miles away. and then the nuke hit.
    ( the valleys dirt color was yellow, we were like in the desert)
    once it hi everyone knew, it must have been small, or farther away than i think because once it hit thousands of people starting screaming and hauling butt in the opposite direction. then the wave took us and everyone hit the ground, i got up screaming and sobbing knowing my father was dead, and knowing me and everyone around me would die from radiation. i only woke up because i had to piss, i never woke up because of how scary it was. i woke with the shakes. first time ever when not sick.

  50. kyle says:


    “i never saw him” refers to my father*

    my entire family was with me, only the ones that are currently alive, and also a girl i sorta have a crush on

  51. Richard says:

    I also had this dream, last night

    Somehow in the dream it was known by the public that there will be a nuclear explosion at midday.

    I remember standing at the kitchen window of my parents house which overlooks the town and a hill in the distance; waiting for it to happen.

    I was thinking to myself ‘this is it’ and there was an aura of general acceptance that the world was ending. Thought were running through my head as to why our civilization would end up taking this drastic course…

    Bang on time, an array of rainbow colours shot up from over the hill, like a small flare (which I recollect from the earlier warning about the bomb) then boom! I knew that everything was over. About 2 seconds later the overwhelming force of the bomb reached my house…I felt the ‘wind’ of it rushing through me and that everything was no more.

    Thankfully I woke up..

  52. Karl says:

    I woke up around 5am this morning from a nuclear dream. I’ve had similar dreams before (mostly, in the 80’s), and this one incorporated another recurring dream I have had about my country going under martial law, and the soldiers being cold and robotic. Usually in the martial law dreams, I am one of a few who have banded together to resist the shadow government’s fascist regime. Sounds like a conspiracy, I know, but that’s the sense of those dreams.

    The dream this morning was just plain disconcerting, and I felt helpless/hopeless the whole time. The militia was forcing everyone to leave their apartments (I live in a city) and head in a direction adjacent to the major water source. East, perhaps? I only had enough time to grab keys and some change (like I’ll need money).

    Word was out that we had 30 minutes before something terrible was going to happen (?). The masses roamed the street, being herded along by those in uniform, carrying firearms.

    The anxiety came when I realized that I was separated from my wife and two children. Actually, they were not role-players in this dream until the final seconds when the horizon began to erupt with nuclear-type explosions. The (lake) was on fire. There was a overwhelming sense of dread and irrevocable damage. A toxic planet.

    And in those final moments, I didn’t feel scared…I felt alone. Not a “poor me” alone. More like, I should be with my family. They would need me in those final moments, as much as I needed them.

    *I woke up next to my wife, wanting to wake her and share my nightmare. Instead, I went back to sleep with the intention of getting back into the dream and connecting with my love-ones before the end.

    I remember now, using the keys I had taken with me to get back into my apartment. My wife and kids were there, hiding and waiting for me. My wife (who is just as much a survivor as I am) knew that I would come back there, so she made sure to stay put.

    The end.

  53. Dyan says:

    I had a similar dream a few nights ago. I dream a lot and am used to experiencing quite a lot through them but I’ve never had anything like this happen. (I should preface this by saying the whole dream was in color and in first person, like I was there myself experiencing it.)

    I was with a group of people (I don’t know any of them, but in my dream I did.) We knew that there was a nuclear bomb that was going to explode in a few minutes and actually someone from our group was trying to disarm it. We were in a residential area but the bomb was in the city. It got down to the last few minutes and we knew it was going to go off so we started running to this bunker that one of the guys had built into his property.

    I remember running with them to get to it when the explosion went off. I didn’t see it cause my back was to it, but I heard it, then I felt a gust of wind blow me into the air followed by this intense heat all over. It wasn’t just heat though… was like that feeling of when you start to get a sunburn and you can feel the rays messing with your skin. It felt like that, but ten thousand times worse. It hurt so bad….I felt like I was burning from the inside out. The explosion flung me into the opening of the bunker and I just lay there crying out from the pain. Then I started to laugh cause even though I was alive, I knew I was better off dead because I could feel that all that radiation was poisoning me. I just laid like that for awhile and then woke up.

    That dream was so not fun and I can still feel it in my skin. Big ouch!!!

  54. Michael says:

    I have had 2 vivid major explosion based dreams within the last 6 weeks. Both have left me feeling anxious and uneasy. I remember seeing the explosions over my local city centre from my home in the suburbs. I remember the feelings of dread and the urge to act quickly to avoid poisonous fumes or fall out. I don’t recall seeing the stereotypical brilliant bright light of a traditional nuclear explosion but rather a more darker type of explosion with lots of smoke. I did get the sense that the explosions were highly destructive and indicated a major intentional attack rather than an accidental event. I had no idea others had felt the urge to google this subject matter, Let’s hope this is just a normal reaction to topical events portrayed in the media.

  55. alia says:

    I wondered whether others were having these dreams, so Googled and here you are! Last week I dreamed that I was in Chicago where a nuclear bomb went off, and Air Force jets went screaming across the sky. Funny thing is, I’ve never visited Chicago and live in the Northwest. But the name Chicago was made clear in the dream. Iwas surprised to see that onother one of you also dreamed of Chicago.

    I’ve been feeling oppressed, or depressed lately…such a feeling of heaviness. Figured it was from watching the devastation of China’s earthquakes, or Myanmar’s typhoon destruction on CNN. Now I wonder if it’s from an impending devastation that is about to happen in the USA.

    Whatever the case of my feelings of heaviness, I had another nuclear dream last night. I was on Mt. Raineer in Washington State. We knew there was a nuclear blast, but we didn’t know where it happened…whether it was north or south of us. I turned on my battery powered radio, and tried to get news from some Seattle radio stations. I kept turning the tuning knob where the stations should have been. I couldn’t find any Seattle stations broadcasting, so we knew that the nuclear bomb had exploded in Seattle and knocked out all the radio stations.

    For some reason, I thought the explosions were small ones…not huge Hiroshima type bombs.

    Is this a premonition??? or a prophesy???? A night vision?? Or a bad case of eating hot spicy Thai food before bedtime?? Maybe time will tell.

    Jesus said that when we see terrible things happening in the world, that he would be returning soon to repair it all. I have hope that things will get better in the end…or should I say, “The Beginning.” The beginning of a new Era of the Kingdom of God.

  56. Eddie Miller says:

    I’m in Seattle too Alia. I’ve had quite a few of these dreams recently also. None of my dreams have been geographically specific, but they’ve all been horrible. Sometimes nukes, sometimes natural disasters. Always some type of impending doom. As everyone else, I’m wildy curious as to what all these dreams mean? I also have a strange feeling that I’m not in control of my brain and that I so will go mad, insane.(This feeling soon goes away after I wake up and get into my daily life with my family, work, etc.) But it’s scary as hell when it’s happening. I’m going to offer some of my suggestions to why I’m having these dreams/feelings in hopes that some of you reading this can relate:

    1.)They seemed to coincide with the impending birth of our 3rd child(the last few months of my wife’s pregnancy into the first week of baby Audrey’s life)??
    2.)They also seemed to increase in number when I recently have taken up chess and studying chess books almost every night and throughout the day as well.
    3.)Of course, current events are almost always a constant reminder of impending doom, sadly.

    Please let me know if anyone has had similar events in their life and think that the dreams correlate??

    drmellie @

  57. Thomas James Haller says:

    I’ve been collecting up dreams/visions/premonitions of a nuclear event in the United States. Like my premonition, most of them name either Phoenix AZ, or someplace in the southwestern U.S. (for the first nuclear event). I started in 2004 by posting on a forum called Prophecies Forum, and then I had a premonition warning to copy them all off the forum onto my computer. Then the forum disappeared. It was never clear to me why the forum actually disappeared. I took all the dreams/visions/premonitions and posted them on other dream/metaphysical forums.

    You can look at them on the Oroborus Forum in the Dreams and Visions section. For some odd reason many of these forums are under constant attack from hackers trying to destroy them.

    Here’s my original posting:

    Changing the Future, Contributed by Anonymous (Thomas James Haller) on: Friday 29 October 2004 @ 11:23:23

    “About nine years ago I had a vision that my house mate, Kristi Lynn Devall, was going to die when a newly installed gas heater would explode. Instead of telling her I decided to wait and divert the disaster which was to happen on 10/10. Before the 10th an apparition (myself) appeared next to her heater late in the evening pointing to the stove. The next morning she confronted me about appearing in her room and I told her about what I saw for her future. Later I sat down with her with a large map of NYC and pointed to points of disaster (Kristi was from Queens, and we were living near Santa Fe at the time). I pointed to the Manhattan peninsula first to which she replied, “there’s nothing there,” and then looked further into the future and saw a large explosion (in the air) over the center of NYC. I forgot about the map reading until the end of August 2001 when I made a sight seeing date with Tracy Lovejoy of Manhattan. The date was for 9/10/01 to 9/13/01. After making the date I was plagued with dreams of Arabs with knives trying to kill me. I canceled the date and headed for Mexico instead. After about two months in Paamul (Playa Del Carmen) Mexico, I was introduced to a woman and instantly knew that her city would be the next place of a major terrorist attack, which she said was Phoenix Arizona.”

  58. adrian says:

    Ive had this dream bout 2 years ago and it reoccurs all the time,
    in the dream it was a first person dream and i was located in this dream at A27 in sussex (england) on the westside bound part of the dual carrageway in a car layby with some of my friends by their car on a sunny day all is well as we are waiting for others in the layby to go on a day out. then we all hear a roaring sound thinking it was a jet or something practicing a display from the airodome in goodwood (which is quite normal). but then a large missile shoot accross thought the air from the east at a great height towards the north/north east (towards london which is 60 miles north). i tell everyone to quickly turn away and sheild our eyes we all do so and then with my eyes shut i see my eyelids change colour from brown to orange then brown again indicating a bright light flash. i then see a small mushroom cloud in the distance in shock looking at the others who arelooking as well, i shout lets get out of here!, we then get back in the car quickly and floor it and i get dropped off at home and the BBC is on but is a news flash of a bomb hitting london which is being shown by the regional local news as a special broadcast stating that more attacks may be happening soon in america.

  59. Cathy Powers says:

    In the summer of 2001 I dreamed that my two children and I were at the beach near our home in the Norfolk, Virginia area. On this beautiful day the beach was crowded with people laying in the sand and playing in the water. All of a sudden, I heard a loud rushing noise coming from the North. I looked up and saw a huge mushroom cloud racing toward us. People were screaming and crying and running all around us. My two children ran to me screaming and crying too. I grabbed them both, we dropped to the ground, huddled closely together and I told them that we had to ask Jesus to forgive us of all our sins. We held onto each other tightly as I prayed and the explosion screamed closer. Both kids were crying. I held my kids and told them that in just a second we were going to be with Jesus. I was so calm! I told them everything was going to be okay because we were going to see Jesus in just a second. (Let me stop for a second and tell you that I am usually a big scaredy cat! I am not one of these super brave hero type moms… my absolute peace and calmness in this dream surprises me.) As the flames rushed closer, I told my kids to close their eyes, and within a few seconds we could not hear anything around us because of the deafening explosion. Warm/hot air and sand beat against us. We held each other tightly and I thought we would be dead in an instant. After what seemed like a few seconds, it stopped. It was calm again. We opened our eyes, and everything around us — including the people — was gone. But we were fine. We were so amazed! Not even a hair on our head was burned. We kept lifting up our arms to our noses to see if we could smell the smoke on us, but we didn’t smell like smoke at all.

    I think the Lord blessed me with this dream so that I would not worry about what will happen to us. Whatever happens in the future, He will take care of us and protect us. Even if we die, He will give us peace. At least that’s what I got out of the dream.

  60. Mona Flores says:

    Well now that I have read most the dreams on this website, I thought I would share mine. It happened almost 13-15 years ago around 1994-1995. I had several dreams around that time. The first vivid dream involved some type of nuclear explosion. The dream started out with me having a huge argument and somewhat physical fight with a good friend. One of my co-workers was in the dream and asked my to calm down and offered me a ride home. I got into her old black car and on the way home I heard and felt the explosion which caused my head to hit the roof of the car. As I got out the car to figure out what had happened I realized a bomb hit and the air was full of ash and the sky was totally gray. At that moment I KNEW this was the end, but also a beginning. I felt god’s presence. I can still remember this overwhelming love and that he was everywhere and I was not afraid. I told the people who had come out from their homes and as we stood in the street holding hands in one big circle. I said to them, do not be afraid GOD is here. He was everywhere. I could not see him but I could feel him. His love was nothing I have experienced of this world. I have had a few more dreams around the time period of the years 94-95. More nuclear explosions, 911, flooding and even a earthquake. This dream was different. My grandmother passed away probably in later 80’s or early 90’s. In a dream she came. I lived in a lower level apartment which was in the basement and my friend and her two sons lived with me. I saw my grandmother from out of the kitchen window. She was dressed in black pant suit outfit, she was taller, looked a fews years younger and her hair was short but gray. She did not look my way. She starred straight ahead and walked like a robot and she kept ringing the door bell. I told my friend not to answer the door because she was here to take me with her. I began crawling into the kids room so my grandmother could not see me from the window. Then all of sudden an angel appeared and it was shaped weird. I could not make out a face It was not human, all I could see was this wavy figure and watery, oddly shapped. But the voice was as clear as day. He said to me she did not come to take you she came so that you could repent. Okay, I was freaked out because I never use the word repent, it just was not in my vocabulary. I always have believed in god but never read the bible nor was I a part of any religion. Today that has changed. It took me 15 years to figure out what my purpose is. do you really believe that by coincidence we are all having the same sort of dreams? Or maybe some sort of dream mass hysteria? In my opinion I beleive we were given a sign to tell the people you love to prepare themselves but I also beleive in salvation and there is definitely something greater than all of us. You have a choice. Ignore or further investigate it. I did. Good luck peeps.

    M. Flores

  61. Alex says:

    Thank you for your submission. I have also had “mushroom cloud” dreams. In my dreams of them, they don’t ever have a relationship to any other part of the dream. What I mean is, the content of the dream, other than the mushroom cloud itself, never presages the cloud in any way. There is never any discussion about anything remotely related to it, never any “indirect” experience of it through the concussive force of the explosion which generates the plume, nothing but a dream as usual until, in some scene where there is an open area that I may or must traverse, with others around though never a crowd, I turn my gaze to see that it is “already there”. It is as if it “snuck up” on most of us. It is there, ominous, tall, fully developed, callous, portentous, menacing, final.

    The immediate feelings of panic never go away no matter how many times this ever happens in a dream, and it happens about thrice a year for me. The immediate feelings of being strangely bonded to those around me in a sort of giant common mass grave also are poignantly there. There is a sense of despair, feeling pathetic in the face of doom, and similar shades of other negative and degrading feelings that would accompany seeing this monstrosity upon the horizon. Yet, through all this, there is a certain awe that cannot be erased. The thing is so awefully awesome, awesomely aweful. It is as if a dragon had perched as close to you as possible without crushing you such that, while being hundreds of feet away feels, due to its sheer size, to be far too close.

    The feelings of panick and spontaneous social bonding in a common mass grave covering anywhere you may be or attempt to be at the moment of realizing that the reach of “the cloud” is not to be escaped, those feelings never go away, but the seem to diminish each dream. It is as if I began to “catch on” that “here we go again”. But the need to find a survival protocol has also diminished. What now has surfaced, in my dreams at least, is a sense that “now is the exact time to make peace, and to die in a way that does my soul the most dignity when the reach of this nightmare comes fully to me”. In my dreams of it, it never does reach me, but there is a definite sense that it WILL. What I end up doing in recent episodes is seek cover of a sort that gives shade, firm resistance to wind and debris, and most resembles a grave that I can know my body will not be readily disturbed in. I pretty much make peace with life and with death, and find a place for my body to repose.

    Now if we want to analyze such things, we can take many tracks. We may go the freudian route of analyzing the impending doom of a more dominant male on the horizon inflicting us with primal insecurity. We may see how that transfers into persons on the edge of a infant’s clarity of vision, and with whatever emotional crises those figures may have brought with them. The adult and conscious ideas of nuclear explosions and their attendant phenomena can be projected onto the content of the psyche pertaining to those deeper emotional reaches, indicating that the maturing mind is learning to cope with such basic personality conditions as may have existed in our primal psychical formation periods by attempting to put some sort of image upon it, like a pictogram of sorts.

    There are archetypes of mushrooms and their profound effects upon our psychical condition that go back to a theoretical primal relationship with fungi that affected our brain’s evolution long ago and left encoded psychical imprints upon our minds. We may be hungering for a similar development at this time, assuaging our hunger for such a primal fracturing and regrowing of our psyches with the dream image of that satisfaction in the form of a “nuclear holocaust”, which may simply analogize the psychical holocaust of mental and spiritual growth we need/are in the process of adjusting to. It may be that the image is sufficient without any archaic archtypical impetus needing to be supplied. It may be that it is supplied anyway, since they dovetail into the same effect without significant entropy. They may even enable a synergistic effect to take place, so that primitive brain imprints from our evolutionary past when mushrooms profoundly affected our psyches find amplification and also amplify the modern image of the mushroom cloud plume of the nuclear explosion, tied together by that phenomenal image as well as by the radical psychological forces of imminant and profound alteration of the condition of the self which attend both destruction and transformation which is perhaps also constructive at the same time.

    It is a definite “exposure” dream, similar to dreams about tornados, vast objects falling toward one, one falling vast distances, one being chased by large and violent monsters, mobs, or other unsavory forces. The sense of the dream-image’s significance is hard to pin down universally, since the meanings are so basic and primal in what it seems to say about the psyche which those images are visiting. The message is so basic, that the best bet is to read it into your personal life from your own insights, and try to always guess that you are not capturing the entirety of the implications it may hold, always keeping your mind open to better and more comprehensive interpretations. The insights the individual may have about themselves and their own lives will always strip away what is unnecessary or irrelevant in the theoretical abstractions of those who have attempted to develop universal insights about dreaming processes.

    Your life is a unique existential event, though you have a common language of reality between your life and all other human lives. Explore the possibilities boldly and without the chains of undue inhibitions to your thought and feeling about your experiences and whatever they may mean to get the best results. My “example” interpretations are just that, examples.

    I personally think the image is a catalyst, in my case, of setting up psychological conditions for feelings of identification with others or with identifications which exclude others, especially when such experiences cannot find their full expression in waking life. In terms of identification with, think “common mass grave of everywhere you may be or try to be as the blast wave approaches” and as private and exclusive identification think of the way I mention how I reflect inwardly about the place where I may best suit the ultimate needs of my own dignity and peace. It would seem analogous experiences have existed in the first submitted dream in the way he “realizes alone” the gravity of the situation then urgently commune-icates with others the significance and what is to be done about it. In my case, the first response is to recognize the situation and I experience the strangers around me in the urban setting I’m in, but that commonality immediately fades into a concern about how to best deal with the situation for my own sake, the only one I feel I have any business attending to under those circumstances (I happen to spend most of my time alone, and my trips into public tend to be business sprints to and fro). So there’s my overall take on it.

    Good luck with yours.

  62. Kuerno De Chivo says:

    OK these dream are continuing to occur. Just last night I had another one.

    I was out in front of a house late at night or early morning - it was kind of light. I believe I was moving the car for some reason.

    My eye caught part of a flash and a very round mushroom cloud began to form. I did not see a huge fire-ball like I had in some dreams and I couldn’t see ground-zero because of terrain but the mushroom cloud appeared to be over a small town near a military base about 45 miles from where I live.

    Again this dream was different than others in that I was not super worried about my personal safety. I went in the house (again not our real residence) to advise my wife what had occurred. My thoughts were going in two basic directions. the first was the direction of the fallout. I was far enough away from the cloud that I was not immediately worried about fallout as long as the prevailing winds continued to blow to the North-East.

    The second thing was the fact we did not lose power. This made me surmise in the dream that this was a low-yield weapon where the Electro-Magnetic Pulse was hindered by terrain or maybe possibly not a nuke at all but another weapon like fuel-air device capable of producing an impressive mushroom-cloud, Although I was pretty sure it was a nuke.

  63. Peter Saarloos says:

    Hey everyone,

    I came here looking for people who share my fate.

    My dreams started after an awake experience. I live in Holland, in a small village, but I woke up at the sound of a blast. I actually woke up, no dream. This blast was so loud, in my sleeping state, I concluded it was a nuclear blast.

    I started to panic. I waited for the aftershock to happen in sweat. I started to tremble. Light was coming from outside and it’d filled my room. I was sure I was gonna die.

    When after 20 seconds nothing interesting had happened, I heard thunder strike. I walked up to the window and looked outside. It was daylight that caused the light, and close thunder that caused the blast.

    Ever since I’ve been afraid of nukes, but even of thunder. Never before have I been afraid of either one. It just makes me feel very small, especially because of the recent thunderstorms in Holland, at least one strike per 10 seconds. It never struck anything nearby or anything.

    And on top of that, there’s the nuke dreams. I’ve had twice so far, but the last one was bizarre. The mushroom cloud was right in front of me, I realised it was a dream, after which I woke up IN MY DREAM, a nuclear blast went off, I woke up again in my dream, another blast, and that twice more.

    You can mail me at if you want to discuss anything. No I’m not joining any dream cults or anything :P I’d just like to know what other people think.

    Cheers, and good luck with your dreams. For now, I’m just gonna believe Herman van Veen when he sings “The bomb will never fall”.

  64. Mona Flores says:

    Okay, I am going to respond to Alex. Well I am not going to argue with Freud’s theories on the psyche and I would agree that dreams can reflect on how we perceive ourselves and or our lives. I will give you that. BUT! I also believe in “miracles” or the unexplainable and link it spiritually. I am not a religious fanatic nor do I consider myself righteous in the biblical sense. I belong to no church or any religious organizations at the present time. It’s a feeling deep down inside in the pit of my stomach. It’s an awakening! To believe in something greater than myself something much, much bigger. Have you ever had a feeling in the pit of you stomach and it turns out you were right? Explain it? You can’t. There is no scientific explanation. This is not a debate by any means and I have also considered other theories but for some reason I know with all that I am that there more to the dreams that just some psyche battle. I would love to elaborate more on this but my time has been cut short.

    Take care all!

  65. Larissa says:

    In 2004, I was driving in the western suburbs of Chicago late at night. It was somewhere west of St. Charles. I was going to pick up baby clothes for a friend. As I was driving and looking at the road ahead, listening to the radio, the view in front of me was replaced with a view of the same area, but desolate- gray and ashen, with no trees, no living things, no houses, and silence. The view only lasted a few seconds, but it seemed like much longer. When the view of the street was back, I could not shake what I had just seen. I knew it was the aftermath of a nuclear bomb. I have been looking on the internet to see if others have had similar visions of Chicago. I have had a few other visions or dreams that have come true over the years and this one felt like those other visions. I pray that we are all wrong.

  66. Mona Flores says:

    Larissa, I live in Northwest Hammond, Indiana which is approximately 25 miles from Chicago. Sorry I failed to mention it when I posted my dreams. I also have had vivid dreams of nuclear explosions in the northwest indiana/Chicago area. Unfortunately, I have had several dreams on nuclear explosions needless to say some were very graphic and devastating and I pray as well.

  67. Nick says:

    Wow i just had this dream last night where i was in the middle of a field with all my friends just having a good time, when i look off in the distance i can see a falling bomb. I almost instantly knew what it was.. as it exploded a massive mushroom cloud erupted and the shockwaves i could see traveling at us fast. I aproached a woman that i kinda sorta have a crush on, lol, not that it mattered, and put my hand on her back. I had my best friend behind me, and everyone started runnning, i thought i might run, but i knew we werent going to get out of this. The shockwaves hit, then the blast. we were melted into the ground, i felt pain at first, but as i melted i realized my nerves had been fried, and i just felt myself say goodbye.
    I thought about this alot. and i read all these posts, and i realize now why i might have had this dream…

    ANSWER: The night before this dream i was on myspace looking at an old friends page, he wanted to become an mma fighter, like i have been starting to do. well i wanted to look at his pics to see how he had been doing, when i scrolled down, i saw a picture of his foot, all black and blue. I clicked on it and continued to view, and it said “this is right before my foot was amputated”
    it struck me hard. and i started to think about how vulnerable humans are, how at any moment somthing could happen to drastically alter, disrupt, or hurt our lives.
    thats how i feel about a nuke. If a nuke goes off.. what r u going to do about it?
    Things can happen in life without reason, and when you least expect it. All you can do, is look at the problem, and face it with courage.

  68. Travel says:

    Last night I found myself leaving the city, not sure which, with a good friend of mine. We were walking up a mountain/ big hill or some kind that surrounded the city. As we’re walking we heard something that suggested nuke, I think it may have been a siren or maybe nothing at all… we just knew.

    The next second I hear a whistle like something flying at high speed. While this is happening we have reached a flat plateau and I turn around and pull out my smartphone/pda to see if I can check the news to see what’s going on. Just as I do this, looking off into the distance I see and hear an explosion and a red flamey mushroom cloud rises. It didn’t hit the city I was leaving but it was much farther.

    As this happens my heart races and I get hit with a weak heat wave, weak presumably because of the distance. I see a bright wall (out of nowhere) and I jump behind it knowing that radiation is next and that every little bit helps.

    As I’m behind this wall I check my phone, no signal, I look over at my friend who’s stuck there just petrified. He looks at me with a very scared awkward look.

    Not knowing what to do I just go into the fetal position and then wake up.

    Came to see if I was alone in this and knowing that I’m not makes me feel worse. I’m not sure where this was though, as it doesn’t match where I’m living right now.

  69. Tracey says:

    October 1, 2008

    Well, I have always been a vivid dreamer, this early morning ( around 5:40 AM ), I had my first explosion dream! In the dream, I had a friend come to visit me, and her and another friend were in what seemed to be a nightclub or something, anyways, I had to go to the store and when I returned I seen the whole building had been gutted out - burnt , exploded, with my firend inside. Maybe this does not have the nuc thing going on, but I sure knew in the dream that the explosion was intentional not accidental.

    It left me with a very strange feeling, one that i have not have before in any of my dreams.

  70. Mosey says:

    Over the past two weeks I’ve had two dreams of nuclear explosions. Prior to these two dreams have I have never had dreams such as these.
    The first one…. I was living in a motel with a fellow (one I can’t identify in real life). We were doing ordinary things (tv, dishes, talking) when I looked out the kitchen window and saw the mushroom cloud. I didn’t hear the explosion but saw the devistation in the sky and on the land. A black cloud turning to grey, the sky burnt red from the heat, the land turned to dust. The man I was with was younger than me. He wanted to pack and run away… blind running, but there was no where to go. I thought to appease him by packing, but then finally told him that it was no use. Even though I couldn’t feel or see the physical damage to our own selves, I was walking him around the kitchen, getting him to touch objects (the stove, the fridge, the table) and showing him that the heat from the explosion had damaged everything beyond repair. I kept explaining to him that it didn’t matter where we went it would be the same.
    The second one… I live in a large city now, but for ten years I lived in a small town with my kids and husband (we’re divorced now). In my dream I was back in that small town, wandering around, feeling relaxed physically, but in my mind I felt like I was looking for something. I think I was looking for a man that I’d met before and wanted to find again. I walked to my kids’ school but they weren’t there. I ending up in someones’ backyard at a childs’ birthday party. Suddenly it was like War of the Worlds. We could see strange aircraft in the sky, they were firing bombs down on the earth. Total devistation coming closer and closer. I found the man I was looking for and together he and I were running and ducking for cover. Then somehow, someone started blasting the ships out of the sky. We saw one of the alien beings crawling from one of the ships. He was disoriented, dust was in the air, chaos everywhere… just like you’d imagine a war scene would be. I think I shot him dead… or maybe the man I was with shot him, I don’t remember. Then the man and I laid down together to rest, we were so tired, exhausted. He wanted to make love and I wanted to make love but when we started I knew that I couldn’t. I couldn’t even tell him why… I was too afraid. Funny thing is, he didn’t ask my why I couldn’t do it, he just let it be and held me.
    As frightening as both these dreams were as far as nuclear war goes, I never thought that was what they were actually about. I’ve a friend who, over the years, has interpreted my dreams, and from what I’ve learned from her; the house represents your own self… and different rooms represent different parts of your self.
    Four months ago I found out that I had contracted a strain of hpv from someone I had a relationship with. Two weeks ago I found out that the strain I have is one of the few that can lead to cervical cancer. I’m seeing a doctor for it and am getting treatment for it.
    So here’s my own analysis of my dreams… the house/yard is me… the devistating nuclear attacks themselves are something that I have no control over, but in the end… I survive. Both times a man figures into the dream. In the first one I have to take care of the young man, but in the second one, the man (who’s my age) helps me to take care of myself. Instead of feeling like the end of the world is coming, these dreams make me feel like there is hope.
    Weird? Maybe… but aren’t all dreams?

  71. alec says:

    Hello. I’ve had these dreams serveral times throughout my life, and they scare me more than any other dream. I had one maybe 3 months ago, and before that maybe a year. They dont seem to come in clusers, just sporadically. But the last two that I had were similar in that I witnessed the explosions from a rooftop in a crowded city. One in NY, the other Im not sure, maybe where I live now in Gungzhou, China. But the other similarity is that I expcted the explosions. Particularly the 2nd dream, there were a group of people with me and we had some short notice that a missile was coming in, but I think we had a fair reason to believe we were at a safe enough distance to watch. it was sunset time and the sky was orange. We were so anxious and terrified, and the missile finally streaked overhead and blew up in the sky several miles away, at a few thousand feet of altitude. there was a bright flash and intense wave of heat. The intense heat is always very realistic and frightening and there is always a lot of doubt and uncertainty of whether or not i am safe or if i will be killed.
    Just a footnote< i have visited nagasaki and toued their atomic bomb memorial and museum and it was horrific and intensely emotional

  72. Ccyn Bolynn says:

    Today I had the dream about nuclear explosions. I was in a Commune of artists and other creatives, and we were having a communal cookout. It was at night. We witnessed several black round ufos with a rim around the center, first there were a few, then they were zipping overhead, everywhere. We got up and ran for cover, and we had a large barn type outbuilding that was constructed of stone, mortar and brick, with a huge basement that was well stocked and had a large living and sleeping area. I just couldn’t run there fast enough and looked behind me and up into the sky, and saw what looked like a nuke exploding in slow motion. I ducked for cover but I was getting burned at the same time, blisters even on the palms of my hands. I finally got to the shelter, and they didn’t want to let me in because I was contaminated. I found a good spot to hide. Then others came, searching for the people hiding under the stone barn. The others were light grey with huge almond shaped eyes, and they were intent on searching and destroying. The problem I am having with this dream is how intense it was. I could even smell the body stench of these creatures, and knew they were going to be eating the people that they found by turning them into a kind of slurry which they would bathe in to suck up nutrients from humans. It was horrible. The nuclear explosions were so real, but non of them hit the ground, they were all in the dark night sky. The grey beings made a terrible sound like really loud bees and screeching high pitched birds at the same time. I woke up very grateful that it was only a horrible dream.

  73. Neil says:

    I had a nuclear dream last night that i am sure is burnt in my retinars…

    I can usually remember 95% of my dreams but i havent this week. Evey night this week i have woken up about 4/5 in the morning literally drenched in sweat like i have just been dropped from the sea into my bed, to the point where i have to find something else to sleep on. I live SW london…

    In the dream i am in central, next to waterloo bridge, with my brother and sister and some of my brothers friends. It was summer/warm and we were having lunch outside in a cafe there. There were these rowing boats in the thames that we could go in so i paid and we all got in them and started joking about. There was suddenly this undescribeable bang and and i saw this huge plume of smoke shot up jus past the view i had from the thames and the bridge, the screams and pitch of noise where mind blowing… i saw my brother in the other boat and tried to shout but he couldnt hear me. I grabed my sister a jumped into the water, the heat was immense and i lost hold of her… the water i could feel was getting smaller and just as i turned round to look at the sky for 1 last time… i woke up in my bed drenched.

    Its a short overview but the images, sounds, colours and things i saw are to horrifying for me to think about whilst procrastonating at work.

    Over the past few weeks, whilst sleeping on the tube i have been worken up but a voice next to me saying ‘Simon (my brother) get out of london - try and get to mums, i will meet you there’

    If this means anything to anyone, or if you have been having similar things then please get in touch.


  74. Konner says:

    I’ve always tried to find an explanation for what this might be or others who might be experiencing them. I am relieved to have found this site.

    I am 16 years old, and I live in Northern most part of Oregon (North Western United States). I’ve had 3, maybe 4 dreams about nuclear explosions, the first and second I can’t remember so much as to explain it to all of you, the third I remember more vividly, and the fourth I had just last night, I remember almost everything.

    The second dream (I won’t even try to remember the first, it’s long gone) I was in my old house and there were meteors raining down everywhere after a blast of light had went off, but I managed to wake myself up. That’s all I remember about that one. This is really where it started however. The blast of light came from the South.

    In my third dream, I only remember knowing that there was going to be a nuke. The town I was in already seemed to be devastated, as if it had underwent a war or battle of some sort. I don’t remember who also was in the same scenery as I was in, but I was also in some sort of an urban-arabic town that had looked like something similar to the movie Black Hawk Down. That’s the only description I have. In the dream, there was a lot of panic, and I don’t remember if people were saying there was going to be a nuke, but everyone knew and were panicking. My family and I ran into a building that looked like it had seen a few missiles in it’s day, if you know what I mean. We ran under the building - there was somewhat of a cave-looking thing that had been blown out, exposing one of it’s bottom floors. We were all just sitting there and waiting for it to happen, and all I saw was a flash of light I can’t say which direction it was coming from. After the flash of light came the red/orange glowing ball that kept growing and growing until it reached us. I just remember that this was going to be the end, I didn’t feel any burning sensation though, I just woke up.

    The fourth dream that had occurred last night was semi-lucid. I was in school, and over the intercom/loud-speaker was one of my biology teachers counting down the minutes. When he reached ten, he told everyone to go crazy, I had a sub-sub-conscious thought that maybe he told us to have a last bit of fun before we all died. I ran outside to find people playing on the playground, frantically it seemed. I found my sister and her boyfriend, I yelled at them to follow me. We ran down this short gravel road that led to another playground on our campus. As we ran I could see the bomb dropping. We ran and hid behind a brick wall (I thought in my dream, “yeah, this will work (sarcasm)”). I heard the explosion and as I felt it coming I just remember saying something like “I love my family, I love my girlfriend, I love my life”… something like that, as if they were my last words. I remember the red/orange glowing, the feeling of “this is the end”, and it came from the South/South-East yet again. I also didn’t feel any burning sensation, it just went black, this time I didn’t wake up, I just appeared in my house. My house seemed to be pretty intact, but outside was a desert with sand blowing everywhere (I guess this might have been my interpretation of what it would look like after the blast). My mom was with me, she looked fine. I remember her asking if my girlfriend was ok, and smiling hoping for the best answer, that she was. She told me she was fine, but she had suffered minor radiation (I don’t know exactly what that meant, she just said it). I had a feeling that I lost my sister and her boyfriend though, as I didn’t see them behind the wall with me, or at the house. But as soon as I saw my mom and knew that my girlfriend was alright, I was somewhat relieved. My mom and I began rambling on about something for a few seconds before I woke up.

    Sorry for the long post, I just really needed to get that off my chest! Thanks for letting me share it, and thanks for all the info too!

  75. Konner says:

    EDIT: I remember her asking if my girlfriend was ok, and smiling hoping for the best answer, that she was. She told me she was fine, but she had suffered minor radiation (I don’t know exactly what that meant, she just said it).

    I meant to say that I asked that question, and that SHE told me the answer.

  76. Allen says:

    I had a dream about a week ago that is still bothering me. Ive had deja vu dreams before, but none where Ive died in them. In my dream I was in my kitchen taking some nachos out of the microwave, and walking towards the living room. When I see a bright blinding flash from my sliding glass door. I feel a rumbling vibration that gets stronger and stronger, and somehow I know Im about to die. I turn and face the glass door with a calm sense of dread and hopelessness. My last words are “Oh shit.” and then my house is blown away. I woke up after that but ever sense then Ive had this foreboding feeling that I cant shake that I might die soon. The dream was just so vivid and realistic that I cant shake it.

  77. Loretta Jeanne says:

    Fire in the sky dreamers might want to Google or UTube “Elenin” and “Elenin” and “scripture.” It might be helpful to focus on how you feel during and at the end of dreams. If you feel badly, you might want to consider how to alter outcomes or attitudes. If you feel okay, you might be informed that everything will be okay. If you are being given advice in a dream, you might want to adhere to the warnings.


  78. Loretta Jeanne says:

    I also wanted to ’say’; If in real life you are caused to remember the dream, or to have a de’ ja vous (spell) if your dream is similar and things worked out okay, you might consider not getting as fearful or upset. If they did not work out okay, you might consider asking for a dream telling you what you should do differently; Or, if you find yourself living an experience similar to the dream you might want to make sure your take alternative action. You can also pray for a better outcome, with the qualifier that you are “putting it in God’s hands. Note that it is true that even a nightmare can merely apply to some daily or relationship-related conflict.

  79. KuernoDeChivo says:


    I have not had as many weird or apocalyptic dreams lately. This may be because I am married now and have a bunch of kids that keep me very tired.

    However I have had a few - I am not going to make a single dream-post but I will tell you two interesting dreams in the last few months possibly related to ELEnin or maybe 9-Wave or some type of change.

    Dream One

    The first was mine that happened a few weeks ago. This may mean nothing at all but it is interesting to me.

    I had a dream of Massive Norther Lights or Aurora Borealis. This were so massive they made the news and on the news program I saw in my dream they showed a map where people were able to see these Northern lights. The map showed the lights visible all the way South to the US Mexican Border! The color of these light were very intense with bands of multiple color schemes ranging from indigo blue/green to red.

    As I woke up I remember contemplating what a massive CME or cosmic event it would take to produce an lights like that. Another after thought was that if something just like that dream occurred, I did watch it on the news in my dream so apparently we did not lose the entire electrical-grid.

    Dream Two

    The second was my wife’s dream. I will sum it up. There was a massive event taking place in the sky. You could see a huge SPIRAL in the sky. Something was happening on the earth and tons of people were on a hill and being “rescued” or at least picked up by Helicopters. Everything was quite dark and frantic. The men involved with the operation where loaded with dark uniforms fancy gear. Then there was or at least seen a giant “Fetus” or unborn baby in the sky near the Spiral. (From my wife’s explanation it was hard to know if the baby was real or a projection or symbol.)

    At the time where people were really freaking out I said calmly, “let’s go and be together as a family”. She said she felt a little confused if we should leave the hill top and be together as a family some place else or stay in the confusion and be picked up by the authorities involved with the “rescue”.

    Now one side note - After she told me about that dream I began looking for possible clues. Now this is a little “out there” but do a youtube and/or google search for the “the rabbit hole spiral Lucas”. This is info I found when I started to try to look into the possible symbology of my wife’s dream.

  80. Andy says:

    Same here , I have this dream all the time , I am trying to escape the radiation from this bomb - i see it in the distance - i am normally in a middle of a war with my brothers - it is all so scary …

  81. luis says:

    your dream sounds a lot like mine…

    in my dream last night i was at some sort of facility where I and a few others were working on a 4 megaton nuke, I remember going outside as we were finished doing whatever it was we were doing there and i was with work-mates and friends, everyone left and as i looked outside i recognized the place as colorado, i remember some bald guy come in with a team and stealing the device, as we called police for backup they shot and killed anyone still there while I hid in a nearby locker..once they were gone i didnt know what to do but sit there and wonder how long we had before it went off as it was unstable…some guy asked me for directions to a nearby gas station so i told him it was down the road avoiding telling him anything else as i wanted to avoid people panicking, the next thing i know is a few of my friends who had left the facility just before the incident came to me and told me to start running as we didnt have much time so we took off full speed in the opposite direction of where they had taken the bomb, as we ran another friend of mine saw us in his car and tried stopping to give us a ride but saw we werent stopping and took off with us, as we ran cop cars and trucks and military trucks headed in after the crooks, we kept running we somehow knew they wouldn’t be able to stop i from going off, we ran at full speed towards a a somewhat hilly area around 6-8 miles away from the facility, we wanted to warn our families but it was to late as we came across a small lake of some sort we felt a huge rumbling and we instantly knew it had gone off while oters were pondering as to what it was..i jumped in the water near the edge and looked up over the hill we had climbed to get there and saw a huge cloud of dust and smoke very thick stem almost like a volcanic eruption, the mushroom was then starting to form, so i looked away and as I tried to warn everyone to take cover i was knocked unconscious by the shock wave.. when I came to I looked around I was in some small building like a small house. I asked where I was and no answer as everyone was still panicking, as I looked around again I was then pointed at with a gun and told to get up and give my credentials to a guy I immediately recognized to be one of the guys who worked with me in said facility, and I saw he and the others there werent panicked over the explosion but for some reason trying to stop it still, I laughed at their threats to kill me if I didnt comply, I asked if they had seen what was going on outside and looked at each other, I said “its too late” ..we all headed outside to see what remained of that huge cloud and noticed the nuclear fallout all around us. then I woke up but I must say I’ve had a lot of vivid dreams before but none like this, the details and the fact i can remember it all so well like an imprint in my brain. please give me your thoughts on this as i have searched many dream dictionaries and such sites for answers but none correlate with my current life.

  82. Windwalker says:

    Interesting . I had a dream a long while ago , I was in astral as it seemed very real . this happens once a blue moon unintentionally when asleep finding yourself in the astral . Anyways , I was in amidst this rumbling and I thought that God was angry with me ( strange , hey ? ) , Then I realized as I saw another nuclear explosion I was in a nuclear explosion . What an experience it was and oddley a week later Billy Graham the evangelist preacher said he had a dream of nuclear explosion or war .
    And I just found a page with many others who nhad simular dreams .

    Like · · about a minute ago ·

    A few years ago In had a dream I was in astral flight unintentionally as it happens rarely but it does when you sleep .
    First I thought God was angry at me , which is weird ?
    This was all to sureal as thre rumbling was all around me and bright white and bit of orange light al around me and then I saw a nuclear explosion and realized I was in one in the mushroom cloud . A weel later the evangelist Billy Graham who I don,t like , said he had a dream of nuclear explosion or war .
    Weird co-incidence ?
    Anyways , wow all these people whom had nuclear dreams or traval in time like I did ?
    Mine was not a dream because it felt so so real as in astrally there .
    I swear this to be absolutely true . I think its a warning as we have psychopaths running this world . And never mind about Dec 2012 , 2016 is the date to be worried as this is the illuminatis timeline of takeover , of course as people awaken hopefully it will be drivin on the backburner .

  83. antonio says:

    i had a dream last night… idk how it started…. but from where i remember i was in a old school out of service. where there was hundreds of hostages and i was one of them, i was trying to help some high school girls. i got my hands on a fire arm that i couldnt fire because i was to scared i finaly got out of the buildin and i look to the left i see a nuclear bomb decending. right as its goin to hit the ground i see 2 planes fire at it and it blows up right befor it hits the ground and i hear and see it so clearly, so real . fealing every detail. the explosion woke me up and my ear drums were hurting my heart was racing and a could not hear nothing my sister shook me and i saw her lips moving but i did not hear any thing til about 10 minutes later… and it really scared me

  84. gerald says:

    same dream, but mine is totally different..
    i’ll just walking along the street and suddenly a mushroom cloud appears, then i realize that it was a nuclear bomb exploding, then i rush for some cover and no avail, just only hide in the wall, but never realize the effect of the bomb, that will ravage for a 10km radius, i was taken by the force of the bomb, for about 5seconds, then i die in my dream? “is it normal?”.. then in one snapped suddenly i woke up in a different futuristic dimension, with humans also, then i woke up in reality.. i really don’t how i was alive, if you were killed in your dream,.. does anyone experienced this? explain?

  85. Nick says:

    I’m gonna be short, but straight, from the moment you describe the explosion, to just before getting in the house, and a smaller plume of fire and smoke, mine was the same..

    had 1 last night, happening in holland, near fammily..
    it was so real, and never been so terrified before, even after waking up..

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