Disclaimer: As usual with these reoccurring dreams I do not feel it is a prediction but rather relay the dream to see if others are having similar dreams.

I have now had enough of these type of dreams that I now must consider this a reoccurring dream.

************* Start of dream *************

The dream started at a plant nursery and they had any plants that were left on sale. This gave me the feeling that it must have been the late summer or fall season. Next I was outside with work-mates and friends. I was smacking rocks with a club or stick I had found. One of my friends offered me a golf ball to hit around. This was kind of a joke since I don’t play golf. We were basically just playing and joking around.

Next I heard and felt a weird rumbling sound. I jokingly said, “ there goes a fifty megaton” and began to laugh. The rumbling increased and continued and one of my friends said, “a fifty megaton something that’s for sure”! With the rumbling and noise we went around the edge of a house and looked to the west. There was a huge plume of smoke and dust shooting skyward.

I couldn’t see the exact place of the blast since because there were buildings and houses blocking my view. I could not tell exactly how far away but I thought it may be about or over 100 miles away. The plume started to become thicker and seemed to churn with smoke and fire. The fire looked extremely red as though atmosphere, dust and smoke were filtering the light.

As the light form the visible fire would break through the smoke in the churning plume I could feel major amounts of heat maybe three times that of a noon day sun during the summer. The heat sort of “flickered” with the churning of the great cloud. At this point it became recognizable as the familiar “mushroom cloud”.

I did notice that this mushroom cloud looked a little different then the typical mushroom clouds I have seen in pictures as the “stem” portion of the mushroom seemed to be nearly twice to three times as wide or as “thick” as the typical picture I had seen. The heat was still intensifying and I thought I better take cover so I went into a house. Everybody including myself was yelling and screaming “Nuclear Bomb”. At first people didn’t know what we were talking about and some said, “a new what”? And we yelled back, “a nuke….a nuclear bomb”. The house I went into I urged the people inside to immediately fill any tub or tanks they had with water as I felt the water supply would quickly become contaminated.
---This is where my son woke me up---