Major Protest Gets Out Of Control. This dream became clear as I saw an aerial view of a major protest or march taking place. The problem with this protest is that people had begun to crowd down onto a freeway. Many police were called out. I saw many police in wearing dark or navy-blue riot gear. They had the typical shields and helmets. It seemed as though a large number of people were gathering under an overpass. This freeway reminded me of the typical freeway in Los Angeles. Not the type that is above the average terrain but the type that is lower in a gully with sloped embankments. I remember thinking that it may have not been L.A. since there were heavy weeds growing on the embankment and no ice plants. The police started to ‘push’ or herd the group of people upon to the side of the freeway. As I continued to watch this from above and different angles. I was in shock at what happened next. In one or two seconds the entire side of the freeway burst into flames. I could not tell if it was just the weeds burning or if some type of accelerant had been used on the side of the freeway. Both the protesters and police were engulfed in flames.