This is a reoccurring dream that varies a bit from time to time. Over the last 5 years I have tornado dreams about 5 times a year. Many times I am watching them from the window of my parents house. They seem to line up a few minutes apart. Sometimes I see them from my house or from places I have never been. Many times we will have 5 or more tornadoes in the course of the dream. During most of these dreams I stay near the window until the tornado is nearly touching the house. I have seen these dreams over and over with little variance. Probably the strangest one I think was when I dreamt I was watching these massive storms and tornadoes when a young native American boy maybe 12 years old picked up some item he had and hurled it high in the air. As soon as the object hit the high point of it’s trajectory it got hit by a bolt of lightning then I woke up on that dream. I know there are many, many people seeing the tornado dreams almost like the reoccurring “big wave(s)” dream. Just recently I actually heard of other people seeing the tornadoes along with some ties to native Americans as well. Is anyone seeing these massive tornado storms?