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Reoccurring Tornado Dreams (Approx ‘98 till present)

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the dream

This is a reoccurring dream that varies a bit from time to time. Over the last 5 years I have tornado dreams about 5 times a year. Many times I am watching them from the window of my parents house. They seem to line up a few minutes apart. Sometimes I see them from my house or from places I have never been. Many times we will have 5 or more tornadoes in the course of the dream. During most of these dreams I stay near the window until the tornado is nearly touching the house. I have seen these dreams over and over with little variance. Probably the strangest one I think was when I dreamt I was watching these massive storms and tornadoes when a young native American boy maybe 12 years old picked up some item he had and hurled it high in the air. As soon as the object hit the high point of it’s trajectory it got hit by a bolt of lightning then I woke up on that dream. I know there are many, many people seeing the tornado dreams almost like the reoccurring “big wave(s)” dream. Just recently I actually heard of other people seeing the tornadoes along with some ties to native Americans as well. Is anyone seeing these massive tornado storms?

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  1. Acorn says:

    Hi, I’ve had recurring tornado dreams in the relatively recent past as well. I don’t think they came up until late 90’s but I’ll have to look back a bit. I’ll see what I can find. Big wave dreams I had a lot of going back further than that but not all my life. I’ll post the one that seemed precog to me.


  2. Acorn says:

    Here’s the tidal wave dream that seemed precog to me. I’ll try to research tornado dreams and get back to you. For reference, the cottage in this dream sits high on a hill over the water. Heidi is the first dog our family had. I have a lot of tidal wave dreams but this one scared the hell out of me even days later. I later wondered if it was a precog for the tsunami.
    - Katie

    Thursday, May 20, 2004

    Family reunion at the cottage, except we’re a few doors down toward the point. We’ve just gotten there & finished dinner. I’m standing out front looking at the river in the setting sunlight and thinking I’m about as happy as a person can be. The water is clear and I can see the rocks beneath. And I’m going to go swimming, right now. I should stay and help with the dishes, but I know my family will understand, they know how I feel about swimming, how important it is to me to get in the water right away. I go inside and tell my sister, she indulgently says don’t worry about the dishes, but let’s open the gifts you’ve brought. I don’t want to do that but I do; but it’s just her opening hers. It’s a 2003 World Atlas and says “Duplicate Copy” on the top. “An atlas,” she says flatly. “Duplicate copy.” I guess this means it’s cheap somehow. She’s offended and I reckon maybe I got her something I liked rather than she liked, and it was kind of cheap – but I’m also resentful, I think she should be polite about it. Later she walks behind me and rubs my back for a moment, I’m not sure how to take that. I go outside to swim, all the kids come with me. There’s no one else around, as if all the other cottages are empty. As we start toward the water though I hear the crash of a wave and look up to see a huge wave. I hold the kids back a minute, thinking it’s a freak of some fast ship, but then see more huge swells coming in, and they’re getting higher. I pull the kids back a little, then more, then full retreat. There’s a little girl with unkempt white blond hair, a neighborhood stray who’s fallen in with our gang. She’s very shy and as I gather them up I make a gesture toward her and she flinches away. I realize I have to be careful to coax and lead this girl where I want her to be, if I come on too strong she’ll bolt into danger. Almost a subconscious process, as I would adjust my behavior toward a dog. Most of the kids run into the house to tell the other adults, I’m outside with Emily staring in blank astonishment as the water licks against the corner of the cottage. The only thing I can think is that there’s been some huge global disaster like a nuclear war to create this effect. The adults immediately bring the kids out the back of the house and calmly and quickly organize our evacuation. Mom says, “Kate you’ve got my keys, you go in my car with Emily.” I just happened to have her keys because I’d moved the car earlier or something, this seems somehow ironic. As Emily and I go to the car I think, we’ve all rushed out – is there anything we absolutely can’t leave behind? “Heidi!” I say, “Where’s Heidi?” As I ask I see her running across the group to be with me in my car. Scott says, “She’s wants to be with you because she loves you so much, as so many of us do.” I wake up with my heart pounding.

    The waves came at a diagonal from ocean side toward lake side and they were huge swells, not the usual tall breaking “tidal” waves I dream of.

  3. Kuerno says:


    that is a very interesting dream. I will tell you a shotened version of the big-wave dreams I had probabsly about 12 years ago.

    I was in a beach house and the water was coming up higher and higher. I remember one or two of the waves actually came up as high as the sliding glass door and I could see the water. I remember thinking that the weight of the water must be great and that it would probably break the slider.

    Next I was listening to some type of board meeting and they were discussing the bigh waves and how they would break the news to the people/public. These seemed to be government types. The conclusion was that they would “leak” the information and make it common place by slipping it into movies via holywood.

    - I do know many, many people have seen the Big waves. Even my father has had some.

  4. Acorn says:

    Hi - what’s your feeling, is this a typical dream motif (like showing up at work without your pants on) or more of a tuning in to something external?

  5. Kuerno says:

    Oh and on “the tsunami” I didn’t see it but I did dream on the earth quake merely hours prior. I took nap mid day because I was on call for work on the christmas holiday. I had been up in the night and was tired.

    I dreampt of a huge earthquake that lasted minutes. The buildings moved and swayed so much it made me dizzy. The building I was in kind of split accross. Next I was in the streets and they were wet. I thought it must have been from broken pipes. But what did cath my attention was the lines of people going through what looked like some type of check-points. My conclusion was that the EarthQuake was so big it caused a “migration” of people.

    I told my wife when I woke up since the TWISK site had been taken down. Later that day when the news from the Earth Quake and Tsunami came my wife asked me not to tell her anymore about all the stuff that I see.

  6. Ben says:

    I had a dream about a huge tornado storm that disturbed me last night. (That’s why I’m here searching).

    In my dream, I walked out of a house and noticed a huge tornado. It was so big that it took a huge dumptruck on the side of the road and just flinged it away like nothing. I turned to watch it and noticed how it stopped and changed directions to come towards where I was standing. I turned around to run, but it was too late, it engulfed me. I was tossed around like a ragdoll, and felt (really felt) a hard pain in my chest almost as if I was having a heartattack in my dream. It was as if the pressure from the wind was going to explode my heart. The pain suddently ended and I ended up inside a house and I looked up and there was a hole in the ceiling as if I had fallen in through the hole. I woke up (really) shortly thereafter.

    The whole dream was very realistic and I thought I was going to die from the pain. I have never quite felt pain like that in a dream before, so it greatly disturbs me.

  7. KuernoDeChivo says:


    Many say the tornado dreams are applicable to turmoil in our lives. I do not know that for sure. I think many people are seeing these now. Many of the people who are seeing these now have never seen them previously.

    I have had more of these dream even recently. I have never been “sucked in” but I have been very close and seen the destruction.

    Having had many of these I do know it helps some to share your dream. When they are that realistic it is easy to carry them like a weight for days if not weeks.

    Since many of my dreams have “materialized” in some form or another my wife asked asked me not to share them with her. Not only do they scare her she kind of balmes the events on me as if I could control it or make it happen. That’s where the dream registries come in. I can share it with others who understand the things I am seeing.

  8. Sarah says:

    I have a case of the tornado dreams. About once a year one will pop up. Each one more violent than the other. My first dreams were very basic everyday tornados, lot’s of wind, stuff flying around, yada yada yada. Later I dreamt of very dark tornadoes. And as of late, I am dreaming about fire tornadoes. I’m not sure what they mean, but i always find a way to survive the mean storm.

  9. Diane in california says:

    i also have had derams of tornados in recent years. i have another a few nights ago. They are never big ones, but the very tight long ones that come out of the sky. i always see them on the horizon andthere are always about or lined up in a row. In this dream some of them were light as usual in color but some inthe row were dark. I am always up high likeon a hill or something or looking out of a high window. I am always scared and tense and the start to get closer and closer. i feel the wind from them and start running for cover then that is all i can remember.

  10. Diane in california says:

    correction to previous post “there are always about to five” of them on the horizon

  11. Jane says:

    I have occasional tornado dreams. I have had quite a few changes in my life the past couple of years: getting divorced, my son and I moving in with my fiance and his daughter, getting a house, changing jobs, etc. But I’ve had the tornado dreams for quite some time, maybe since I’ve been in high school. They occur every once in a while and sometimes I have a few in a row or around the same time. It usually involves me being some where other than home and sometimes I’m out driving. All of sudden the weather takes a turn for the worse and I’m frantically looking for shelter. I usually find something, but I’m also looking for my loved ones, making sure they too are safe. Whenever I find shelter it’s usually pretty safe, but occasionally I’ve been in questionable spots (whether I would be safe from the tornado or not). These places are always fictitious, buildings/places I’ve never been before. One was a hotel, another a school basement. I never have actually been “hit” by the tornado(es). Many times there’s multiple tornadoes at once, coming from all directions. I’ve seen them destroy other buildings. Strange, but I think ultimately they are a combination of my fascination with severe weather, my fear of tornadoes, and the changes that have gone on in my life, maybe accompanied by stress.

  12. Randy says:

    I can’t take it any more- I had to do a search. FYI- I keep dreaming of huge tornado’s..for almost the past 7-8 years.. However, A lot more recently- I see myself looking out the window - and off in the distance
    the sky is black- I hear a loud roaring sound- and I keep seeing a tornado coming-
    it is always me and my wife in the dream- with other stangers sometines- I see it first- and then yell to her- we jump in the
    car- and just before it comes- I wake up…. I don’t understand it- I went
    on GOOGLE today- typed n tornado dreams- it is all over the net- people all over
    are having the same dream… I found this link.. it talks about a change- social
    or cultural change, catastrophe - etc- could this be the New w. order??? The fall of America- Muslim attacks- nuclear???- I don’t know- see link below!

  13. Amanda says:

    I have had the recurring tornado dream for as long as I can remember, I had them as a small child, and still to this day, and I’m almost 25. It’s always of a big ominous tornado that’s heading for my parents house, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. Because in some of the dreams I’ve tried to stop it, but it’s always there. It’s the biggest tornado I’ve ever seen either on TV or in real life and I always get an eerie feeling when I wake up. I will also dream totally strange dreams that make no sense at the time, but then something will happen, and it seems that most of my dreams, in some form or fashion come true. Does anyone know about tips to record and interpret your own dreams?

  14. El Gigante Guapo says:

    I too have had recurring tornado dreams for years. I had another one last night and I found this page by searching google. It’s interesting to see that like someone else posted above mine also seem to be getting more violent. Last night I dreamed I was driving down a four lane road and I could see the tornados (about three of them) starting to form and I knew I was going to get caught up in one. Suddenly I was picked up in my car and dropped then blown sideways when I woke up. It was very frightening.

    It always seems to be a precursor to a negative period in my life. For years I’ve had this recurring dream and the last time I had it I really focused on not allowing anything bad or negative into my life for a few days and ultimately nothing bad happened. The one I had last night was more terrifying than any I can remember because this is the first time I was actually in fear of dying.

  15. KuernoDeChivo says:

    New Tornado Dream.

    I too just had another one today (I am working nights).

    This time there were 2 huge Tornadoes just miles apart from each other. We could look out across the valley and see them.

    I was in a car riding with my family (parents) and brother. We decided we should leave the area. I remember looking at these two huge tornadoes (maybe F-4-ish). We were driving away from them on the freeway. Since we were headed North -North-East we knew that the Tornadoes would pretty much follow our path. We were just going to get far enough from them that we could cut West and then head south again. When we got off the Free-Way to see if it was safe to go West we could see that one was still there just as big as it had been while the other had somehow split up into 3-5 smaller funnels.


    There were no obvious landmarks but the valley felt like Salt Lake Valley which is quite populated. If that actually happened the loss of life and property would be tremendous.

  16. Annette says:

    Oh, glad to find this. I had recurring tornado dreams for years while in an abusive marriage and when planning to get out. Now 3yrs later I’ve had a couple of them again in succession. Last night was horrible. However I also have found that the nights I dont’ take Ativan (for anxiety) is when i have horrible dreams.
    Last night I was with my mom, my kids and suddenly we hear the garage door open. My mom opens a living room door (it wasn’t really our house) and i felt the roar and sucking in pressure and my mom was swept away in an instant. I grabbed the kids, even my cat was there, as was my dad and we sooked refuge, everything was falling apart everywhere but we seemed safe. There were some other friends there also. Then after moving around and being safe, my dad goes to look for my mom and also gets sucked away. I felt horrible despair and kept wondering how my light weight cat wasn’t sucked in. My kids were still ok, as was I, the friends and cat. There were some other children laying in like bunkbeds nearby, but somehow I didn’t have the strength to help them to refuge, they seemed injured but i couldn’t help them or couldn’t leave the ones w/me to go help them. At one point I knew I was dreaming because I’ve had them so often in the past. I just couldn’t wake up. Glad to know there are others out there.

  17. kay craft says:

    I keep having recurring tornado dreams as well last night I had a dream that i was just walking down the street and I was alone for the first couple of mini tornadoes. I woke up and went right back into the same dream and then I was in front of a mall there was a couple people this time we all began to run when we say a bolt of lighting followed a blast of fire, all of a sudden there was blast of fires as a swirl of wind was created we were ducking and diving because the fire tornadoes were just randomly dropping down I was running from my life and each tornado was barely missing me I was being so careful not to run into one I got so close to one I could feel the heat of the last tornado before I woke up screaming.

  18. phil says:

    I’ve had the tornado dreams too, for the past few years. They’ve been in fluctuating intervals, but overall they have continually increased. I’d give details about the individual dreams but I would’nt offer much of anything new. My dreams are just so similar to everyone elses. I’ve also dreamt of the waves. I believe these dreams are collectively symbolic and prophetic, sent by God telling us about the future.

  19. Rachel says:

    I am glad to know that I am not the only one. I dream of different tornadoes. Some are large and dark. Some are multiple tornadoes and very thin. Mine are also becoming more frequent and more intense. I can dream them in color and actually feel the wind. Usually I am not caught up in the middle, but more recently I have been. Wherever my shelter may be, it gets blown away and I am in the middle of it, holding on to something as the fierce winds are blowing all around. This may sound strange, but it doesn’t frighten me. I kind of look foreward to them. I always end up safe. Its kind of like an adventure. I am becoming more aware that while I’m in the middle of one of these dreams, I am actually dreaming and it is not real. I don’t know how I’m doing this. I think maybe that since I’ve had so many, my mind realizes it’s dreaming. Anyway I guess in the past 5 years I’ve had over 75. There are some nights I can have more than 1. And sometimes have them every night for 3 or 4 days in a row. My most recent was the night before last. I don’t know what they mean but they sure are persistent!!!!

  20. lady_G says:

    I had a dream last night about a tornado… I was standing on the edge of what appeared to be the ocean, but I was on the shores and a house in behind me. I was standing around with other people looking out at the beauty of it all & all of a sudden everything went calm like…like the calm before the storm, everything turn like a tan-yellow color & within seconds it changed into dark storm clouds & you could hear whirling sounds, & 5 or 6 tornado’s popped out of the storm clouds & for some reason, I could see houses & buildings they were destroying…& it is like a big ocean wave raised up & was comming towards me and the people I was standing near…and I kept telling everyone to Pray that it would all go away…and I was the only one to Pray & it all did go away…then after everything settled again, I went in search for my husband, because I was worried about him…..most of the time dreams don’t really stick with me, but this one seem so real…so I came across this website & saw other ppl having dreams of tornado’s and thought I would post. I wish i could draw my dreams…I could come up with some pretty neat drawings.

  21. KuernoDeChivo says:

    What I find interesting is that these are not just someone having a dream of a tornado. Certainly dreaming about a near by tornado would be scary. The fact that many of us are seeing numerous tornados from the same storm and sometimes simulataneously is very interesting.

    This makes me feel it may be more than just someone dreaming about uncertainty in their life or a rocky relationship. This would easily be accomplished with one tornado sequence not 2-6 of them.

    I have to really wonder if this is a precurser to some future events. Only time will tell.

    BTW - I’m sure most of you saw that London got hit with a Tornado a few weeks ago…

    Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!

  22. Harry says:

    My tornado dreams are about the same, and it is amazing how similar they are to everyone else. I too have many, sometimes, that come one after another, and, I have seem more than one at the same time out in the distance. I always try to insist/force everyone into the basement or a safe location and the air raid sirens are almost always wailing. Sometimes I am the one who pulls the alarm in the building.
    Last night I had a huge one, which was very distructive to the buildings, but I am always safe, and always seem to “escape” the storm.
    Up until last night, I had not had a tornado dream in a long time. The dream that stopped the tornado dream until last night was very unique in that the tornado stopped moving in front of my garage, and a person came out of it. This person, whom I did not know in the dream, carried with him/her a sense of safety and peace, and that person came into my house and talked with me at the kitchen table. It left me with a feeling of peace that was very soothing. They had stopped then for quite some time, until last night again. I’ll committ to mulling this one over for some resolution.

  23. Kat says:

    I too have been having reaccuring dreams of tornados…there are always atleast two. But I am outside and see the dark clouds. The tornados are always clean and white. In my dreams it’s like I am the only one who sees them and I am always trying to save my family from them. I run towards the tornados to get my family. I don’t know what this means. I have had these types of dreams atleast 2 times in a 3 week period. I can see the starting of one of the tornados and the two or more will apear either side by side or all around me. I would really like to discover what they mean!

  24. Kat says:

    Also I don’t know if this makes any difference or not but they are usually on water. And last night they weren’t really causing any distruction. I don’t usually have reacurring dreams like this so I find this all so interesting and I will definitly do my research and find out if I can’t find anything out!

  25. MG says:

    I have just recentely have had dream about torandos (two that I can recall). Both of them are during a rain storm. I am usually with someone or a group of people. The first dream I had, I was driving down a road with my father. We would see one tornado, then several would appear. Some would be close, some far away. In my second dream, I was on a bus with a group of people and we were driving down a road in similar weather conditions. Also, in this dream several tornados would gradually appear. In both dreams, I would have to find a way to seek shelter and escape several times in the dreams. I been trying to figure out what these dreams mean. In relation to my real life, I am an engineer and it’s hard to balance things in my life because of time. I feel like I am constantely dealing with situations with no time for reflection or breaks. I wonder if the torandos represent events in my life that I have no control over that I have to deal with one way or other. Maybe escaping or seeking shelter is my way of solving problems in the short term, but not the long term. Has anyone had a torando dream where the torandos dissappear and you see good weather?

  26. Laura says:

    So odd! I had my first tornado dream while traveling in Glasgow last week. It’s exactly as another poster mentioned. There were five thin tornadoes lined in a row on the horizon. I only remeber trying to tell people they needed to move to lower ground.

    Odd that I felt it relevant enough to check the web for some sort of archetypal meaning. Glad to have found you all!


  27. Robert says:

    Wow… I thought I was the only one that had dreams like this.

    There are dozens of tornadoes usually. Some far away (four miles or less) and a few right in my “dream” neighborhood. I can seen them lined up and coming for miles. Some are so close that I parallel track them on foot within a block or so, all the while watching the destruction. I’ve occasionally taken shelter when they get close. I’ve also rounded up my “dream” people (family, friends and strangers) and placed them in a structure. This structure may receive some damage but nobody ever gets hurt.

    Like Harry, I’ve also experienced a person that shows after the tornado that talks with me but they don’t appear out of the tornado.

    I’ve had these dreams for at least 10-12 years and have no idea what they mean. But they are absolutely exhilarating while they are occurring. I’ve woken up in the middle of them and then hurriedly try to go back to sleep to see how they end.

    There is always at least one or two additional plot lines that occurring with these dreams. One that freaks me out is that I dream that I fall asleep and then have the tornado dream in my “dream” dream. A two-dimensional dream?

    Anyway thanks for all your posts. It helps to know others are experiencing this also.

  28. Ally says:

    I have had recurring tornado dreams for several years. I have heard as well that tornado dreams are a reflection of things feeling disorderly or out of control in your own life. I can become a highly anxious person when I am in stressful time periods, usually when a tornado dream happens. In the last several months I was having them more and more often, perhaps because of some lajor life changes. Then one night, I became aware of my dream. It was a tornado dream unfolding and I said to myself, in realization, “Oh this is another one of those tornado dreams,” (in the dream). I woke up immeiately upon realizing it, and have not had one since. Maybe I cured it.

  29. Christina says:

    I had recurring tornado nightmares all throughout childhood. In every dream I was the only one who knew that the storm was coming and had to get my family into the basement. They scared me so badly for a while that I would hide in the basement during thunderstroms for a little while, which was kind of ridiculous because I lived in CT which doesn’t have any tornados. Anyways, I hadn’t had this dream in years and the other night I had it again. (I live in New Orleans now), and the next night I woke up in the middle of the night to a horrible noise, I got scared that it was a tornado but went back to sleep telling myself it was just because of my dream the night before. And the next morning I found out that a tornado I had touched down a block from my house, and had done a substansive amount of damage. I wonder if I had some kind of premonition or it was just a coincidence… but it freaks me out.

  30. Cecil says:

    In my dream I saw that several tornadoes were coming toward us in southern California. I saw maybe 5 or 6. It was like I was up near the mountains and looking out toward the coast when I saw the tornadoes; I felt a terrible sense of foreboding, that trouble was coming to the Los Angeles area and that we needed to get to higher ground; it also seemed that there was still a little bit of snow on the mountains, like an early spring. I think I dreamed this back in 2005 sometime.

  31. Jane says:

    Last night I dreamed that I was in a big bus on the highway going to Boulder. I looked out the window and saw a smug of greenish mustard color in the sky. I shouted “tornado!” and immediately felt foolish. However, within seconds as the bus followed the curve of the road beneath an overpass, we all saw an enormous mustard-colored swirling Dr. Suess-like many-funneled object looming in front of us. Buildings exploded toward us and the highway peeled apart and flew into the air. There was a collective sense that we needed to stop and get off the bus, perhaps jump into the ditch along the highway, along with anxiety that the tornado was bearing down in our direction adn we were doomed. I woke up in alarm and my legs were pulsing in pain as always happens with nightmares,

  32. Jay says:

    I have had tornado dreams since I can remember, but they have intensified in the past few months. They are not frightening really, In fact in the dream I am almost looking forward to them coming. Almost always there are several, usually starting with one but then when I look at the rest of the horizon they are everywhere, sometimes more than ten. Sometimes together, splitting off from one another and forming patterns. I always feel somewhat safe though, I probably wouldn’t be too frightened of a real life tornado right now as I have survived at least fifty in my dreams. I’ve had these dreams almost every night for the past week, before that once a week for the past 3 months and before that at least once a year.

  33. Odette George says:

    Hi its interesting finding a site of this nature. I can see that there a lot of people being plagued by tornados. Perhaps there is a logical explanation for it but in this day and age who knows?

    Well of late my am being plagued by wild, scary huge waves or violent waters. I am now 28 years old, a qualified attorney living in South Africa. I have a grounded mind, loving parents and a straight arrow life. My point is there are no horrid demons in my past. These dreams of violent water or seas have been recurring of the last four years. I dont understand it. Intially it scared me but it doesnt anymore. For last four nights I have had a recurrence of giant waves dreams.

    Somebody on this registry mentioned the tsunami..that happened in Dec 2004 i think it was. Well the on the eve before it occured i had an afternoon nap. I dreamt i was in Miami. Florida was having its usual hurricane weather. I was at a university there. It was extremely windy…all of sudden i was at a fax machine..i received a fax it was from a trusted friend It said something is coming…(in a bad weather context).At that moment i woke up it was thundering…Next day news headlines read terror waves attack..

    well a few weeks ago i dreamt the that i was in a wooden cabin by the sea plagued by gale force wind and and high waves. These waves were a few metres away from me. A few days later the effects of cyclone gamede was felt of the Kwa- Zulu Natal coastline.

    Im not saying there is some kind connection with my dreams…im really trying to understand. The last three nights I have been dreaming of giant waves. It has never happened 3 nights in a row.

    i would appreciate comments. Some part of me does believe that all these “strange weather dreams” is worth exploring…


  34. Lindsey says:

    I have had reocurring tornado dream since I was married. I was 18 at the time and I am 25 now. They only come when a big change is going to happen in my life. The number of tornados signify how many changes I am going to have. Some dreams come with clues and others do not. It is strange when they do not give clues because I feel lost that I do not know about the change to come.


  35. Knox says:

    I always sleep 9 hours, no more or no less and i won’t feel good. And for some reason I can’t ever remember my dreams. But I do remember one from the other night. I was looking out of the dining room window of my parents house (I’m in college now) and all of the sudden a tornado was on a crash course right for my house. Instinctively I yelled at the top of my lungs “Everyone get in the bathroom now!! and take a mattress, there’s a tornado coming!” I know for sure my mom and dad, and two brothers were in the house, and I think my grandma. But all I cared about was making sure that they were all in the bathroom, and after that I really don’t remember. I know that I wasn’t hurt by the tornado.

  36. valerie says:

    i have had tornado dreams my whole life (47 years) all in different situations. 2 nights ago i had 1 where for the first time i was injured/hurt by the tornado. Is this significant? I was in a van with many people (i didnt know any of them or the driver) who was driving into black skies. We kept telling her to go faster hurry up then we saw a BIG black tornado to our right right next to us. there was debree flying across the road ahead of us and as she stopped some came right through the van and cut me bad above my right butt. I was bleeding to death and getting weaker sorry i could not reach my husband (he was not in the van) i knew i was dying and i woke up and it did hurt in that same spot.
    the fact that i have had these dreams in various forms my entire life and now am injured by the storm what does this mean?

  37. KuernoDeChivo says:

    Ok I had another dream last night. This one was a little different. From what I remember these tornadoes were being filmed or video taped and scientist were looking at them closely and came to the conclusion that there was something different about the many of the newer tornadoes and they were trying to ascertain what had changed.

  38. Jude Lucien says:

    Wow. I had no idea so many people were in the same boat as me. I have had recurring tornado dreams for a few years now… but I should preface it by saying I do have an irrational fear of tornadoes.

    In my dreams I am always with loved ones and I always see multiple tornadoes heading for the house we are in… big ones too, F4/5 types. I always seem to wake up just before they hit, but I wake up sweaty with my heart pounding. I’m terrified. I’m always the one who sees them first.

    I just wish these dreams would stop, I hate them. If anyone can interpret these dreams, I would love to hear what they have to say.

  39. hilary says:

    I have had these dreams for a very long time. The same dream in so many different settings and ways…I can SMELL them when they get near. There are usually multiple vortices, sometimes I see up through them to the sunlight as they pass over me. Sometimes I lose my husband, and my children float up toward the ceiling before I snatch them back. I survive the dreams. I am always trying to get others to safety, usually by running from building to building looking for a basement. Occasionaly I will use a closet, etc. The problem is usually there are windows in the basement and I am trying to get away from flying glass. What does it mean that we are all having these dreams? Could it be a harbinger of the nwo?

  40. KuernoDeChivo says:

    It may be a harbinger of the NWO but it could really just mean many Tornadoes. Aren’t we seeing more tornadoes and earlier in the season than earlier years? Plus aren’t “whirlwinds” mentioned in the scriptures?

    Many folks have seen huge earthquakes in their dreams and other’s nukes.

    I’m sure some dream of these things as symbols of what’s happening in their lives while others are seeing what is to befall mankind.

  41. Mike says:

    I have a tornado dream once a week and its getting to bug me. I will walk outside and see 5 or 6 of them circling and coming at me so I run into the house and go into the basement and the house shakes as if they are on the house with really bright lights coming in from the windows. The windows dont break either. I have never been in a tornado and I dont know anyone thats every been in one. Wierd huh?

  42. Nancy says:

    I have been having tornado dreams for over 25 years. Tonight’s was one of the worst I’ve ever had. Normally, I am in the home I grew up in, that I’ve not lived in since the early 80’s–but sometimes I’m out walking or driving in open country. When I have the “home” dream, I usually am trying to get all my pets–past and present–into the basement, and trying to convince one or both of my parents to join me–often in the dream they don’t take my fears seriously. The open country dream, I’m often walking or driving in a rural location when a storm hits. Sometimes I am with strangers, sometimes I am alone–I’m always trying to find shelter somewhere safe–sometimes I do.

    Tonight I had my worst dream. I was having a perfectly normal dream–at one point, involving going to a musical that was very Lawence Welk like, and the next thing I know, I’m walking down a wooded path–like a dirt road, lots of trees, and mom is with me–when we walk into a turn–there’s a tornado right on top of us. For some reason, in the dream, my aunt’s house is just down the way–but too far for us to run. I dive into a ravene, and shortly my mom dives in with me–the tornado is on top of us–we’re in this hallowed out grassy hole–I can see the grass raging, hear the tornado, feel us both being pulled out of our hole, as we are about to be sucked away–I woke. I’ve never had a dream like this one, not in 25 years.

    The thing is, for me, seriously, this is a genuine “omen” dream–it has NEVER been wrong! It means something really bad is about to happen to me. Everytime I dream this dream, something awful happens. It has never been known not to, and there is never, despite the warning, anything I can do to prevent the disaster.

  43. Smurfwicked says:

    Within the last 6 months dreams of tornados have been occuring more and more frequently for me, first it was just occasional but I’ve had 4 more this month 2 of them that happend in the last week. All of which I see them forming in the distance but already well aware that its comming, with my surroundings to not be that of a place i’ve actually been but in the dream wherever I am seems very fimilar to me. I’m never really in fear of the approaching twister just amused by seeing such a neat act of nature, and then right before it hits the house or struture im in i panic for better a sheltered place to hide. Then all I remember from the dream is my very last rush of adreneline as everything gets chaotic around me. Until my most recent one they’ve all pretty much been the same except always taken place in a different location, with a few family or friends around me during the ordeal however I can never seem to remember who else was just knowing somebody else was. And with the exception of my last dream, all these stroms taken place during daylight hours.

    My last dream was very much different from the ones prior, this one takes place at night, in what appears to a major city lit up by lights thats along what looks to be a ocean front coast. Where the others have all been day time and with widely spread open yards and neighboring house around me. It starts off basically the same way as all the rest, I watch the funnel cloud form into a twister, but this time I see no sort of destruction because it sits on this coastline with intense waves splashing. Then the dream starts to get strange the twister forms into a cloud shaped as a big teddy bear, and its holding one pink and one blue balloon in each hand. And it ends there.

    Not sure what these dreams of tornados mean, been trying to read up them a bit. I know that its not a sub conscious fear of these storms cause Im actually really fascinated by severe weather. Nothing significant has happend to me after having these dreams so it has left me puzzled.

  44. phil says:

    Hey smurfwicked, one of my strangest tornado dreams has a lot in common with yours. Like most of the people on this post I’ve had these dreams in the same manner as you. The one that relates to yours is quite unique. It started out with me kinda up in the air. I was looking out in the clouds and then suddenly about three funnels formed in front of me. Then one of them changed into a long black triangular aircraft with a big tail fin sticking up in the back. It sat motionless for a moment. Then with instantaneous accelleration went straight up at impossible speed, though it was still pointed in a forward direction.
    I’m christian and think that some dreams have a prophetic meaning. As such, I’ve prayed and asked God for some interpretation on these dreams of ours.
    I feel that the the tornado you saw was a symbol for a looming disaster. The means of which will come through that bear. That bear is a symbol for Russia “The Great Bear is their national symbol”. You saw the bear first as a tornado, powerful and dangerous, but in appearance a teddy bear is harmless. America sees Russia as a Teddy Bear, not as a destructive tornado. You saw the true nature of the Russian Bear.
    The tornado I saw in my dream turned into some kind of aircraft. An aircraft that can do what is supposed to be theoretical. The airplane I saw must have had a gravity control device. Thats the only way a real aircraft can accellerate instantaneously. Otherwise the g-forces would rip the craft apart along with anyone inside. It might sound crazy but I know this technology exists because someone I trust saw aircraft at night actually change directions at thousands of miles per hour. And I mean in the real world. That would kill any human and anhialate the aircraft without gravity control.
    Your dream tells me that Russia is Americas potential destroyer, and my dream tells me that they will deliver their destruction with these super aircraft that I know exist. I’ve, since my dream, even seen people on television claim to have seen these strange black triangular crafts in real life. As for the balloons I’ve received no interpretive feeling. But perhaps they are symbols for cities or symbols for bombs.
    I hope you read this and believe its real prophecy. And I hope this leads you to the real living God of the Bible for your answer. He’s comunicating with us for real.

  45. Greg says:

    i had a dream of about 5 tornadoes last night. i’ve read a lot of people saying it foreshadows negative events that will happen in real life, but today, thinking about the dream, i find myself happy and smiling and want to change myself (i’ve been stressed and negative for a long time)…i feel like its kind of a wake up call.

    other weird thing is a couple hours before going to bed that night, i watched an episode of the Sopranos, where Tony’s psychiatrist is analyzing her own crazy dreams. so im sure that influenced the dream too.

  46. Harry says:

    I had another tornado dream last night. This time I was in a castle, and it seemed to be from a different era. Anyway, we went downstairs which was lower but still had some parts exposed, and I wondered if it would be safe. The tornado was huge, but seemed to just dissipate which left the sun to clear the clouds away.

    Regarding possible “meaning” to these dreams, I doubt that the linear mind could define exactly what meaning they have, but perhaps it can hint to the essence of what they represent.
    The message I am taking away is “surrender” wanting to control the situation or avoid it. Many resist things they can not control. I know the ego always wants to be in control and understand things, but these dreams seem to signify that both of those desires, to understand and control can be surrended since one is not going to “control” a tornado. At best, one can look at it as a reflection in waking consciousness that signifies most control we think we have is illusory and all happens spontanously, just as the tornados “appear” spontanously out of nothingness and disappear back to nothingness. All this happens around the same sense of “I” in the dream, which is always left safe. If we are always left safe, then why not let go of the fear and desire to control or let it run out on its own by not resisting it?

  47. Ashley says:

    I have had recurring tornado dreams since I was about six or seven. I am almost 221 now, and I get them about once every two months, sometimes slightly less. When I was a child, I had a huge fear of tornadoes and would pray every night that one wouldn’t come while I was sleeping. Now, I don’t have the fear, but I still get these dreams. It seems like no one else in my dream but me notices the tornado. Mine, like many of yours, contain the small, dark, thin tornadoes coming out of the sky. I have never been *inside* of one, but I always see them coming. I watch from a window inside. One time, I even had the local weatherman in my dream telling me exactly where the tornado was (it turned out to be some streets located about 25 minutes from my house that I was very familiar with). Needless to say, I still saw the tornado. When I was little, I would try to wake up from them and forget them before falling back to sleep, but when I would fall back to sleep, it would pick up where it left off. Some nights I was terrified of going back to sleep because of these dreams. I think it is odd that the recurring tornado dream is so prevalent with other people and with resurfacing in the subconscious. It is very intriguing.

  48. mich says:

    i had a dream that i was inside a tornado having sex

  49. Nikki says:

    I am glad to find this.
    I have been having recurring tornado dreams for the past year now. Believe it or not, I have had maybe 6 of these dreams in the past year. I have never experienced a real tornado in my life (I am from Toronto), but I have always said I would love to (safely, of course!).
    I am always the one in the dream to notice the tornado (sometimes there are multiple ones) and lead my friends to safety. It feels like the dream takes up the majority of the night. I wake up in a huge sweat all the time. It’s always very dramatic and scary.
    What does this mean????

  50. bob tallon says:

    Had tornado dreams for last 48 years mostly from age 8 until 45. only several past 10 years. always same theme see it coming want to get all my loved ones parents children pets in basement,but no one seems to interested in my fear or observation

  51. jada moultrie says:

    I LOVE TORNADOES please send me back thank you very much

  52. Matt says:


    i used to dream of tornadoes all the time when i was younger… im 19 now, haven’t had a tornado dream in nearly all my adolescence, but i’m having them again! i’m really happy about it. my tornadoes dreams are sometimes eerie and uncomfortable, but i always look forward to the amazing feel of observing the power of a tornado. (not to downplay the fact they destroy homes, lives, etc.)

    i read that “Tornadoes in dreams consistently represent fears of separation from our families.” this would make sense for me when i was younger, because i had a really weird childhood comprised of plane trips back and from new zealand and the states. so i guess that proves the statement. also, i’ve moved back to NZ after 7 years in the states, so it would make sense that i’m experiencing fear of separation.

    but i looove dreaming about tornadoes. its something awful yet attractive all at once!0
    keep dreaming! :)

  53. Jenny says:


  54. Suzie says:

    I have had a few Tornado dreams in the past few years and they always occur during a hard time in my life.
    I had one las night, where I was in what was supposed to be China (I’m going on holiday there next month) with my Mum and Boyfriend, we were staying in a large hotel in the town centre and it had a huge curved window all the way round it, so I could see the whole city.
    For some reason I then ended up walking along a path with a huge wall on either side, I was with some strangers and all of a sudden a huge mass of water was coming towards us, I quickly dove into the wave and held my breath for what seemed like forever, another two waves came one after the other, so I never got time to catch my breath, I ended up haveing to breath in and when I did, I found that I could breath easily with no water being inhaled, I remember realizing at that point that I was actually asleep but the dream kept going. That was weird.
    We then managed to climb a wall into a derelict building next to the ocean, I was still with these two strangers, who said that if we got to the other end we would be on the main road and could get home but then a huge wave came crashing through the bricks of the building, we managed to float in there until the water went down. When we eventually got onto the main road, through the hole the wave had made, we got onto an island in the middle of the road. I saw a Tornado forming in mid air and then another and another, until there were about 5 or 6 surrounding us, we ran throught the middle of them before the got big enough to reach the ground and kept running. I was trying to get back to the hotel to get my Mum and Boyfriend.
    As we were running I couls see Tornadoes forming everywhere, I was running alongside the Ocean and I could see one form over the water that sucked it up, we were dodging tornadoes and Debris all the way back to the hotel, where I had to run up a huge Spiral staircase. I found my Mum in her room and took her with me then went find my boyfriend who was sleeping and eventually after much persuasion got him to come too. I could see out of the huge windows that a tornado had hit the hotel beside ours and taken the front of it off, so I was trying to get my Mum and BF into a hall in the centre of the hotel.
    Eventually the Tornadoes died down and I went to find help. I found a bus with an old School teacher of mine on it and he told me to go get my family and we would leave before the tornadoes got back, but then the bus started to move and they said we had to leave straight away. I felt sick at the thought of leaving my family, so I got off the bus to find them even though we were now far out from the town in the middle of nowhere. Then I woke up.

    These dreams always leave me feeling empty inside and terrified throughout the duration of the dream. I hate them.
    The past few days though, I have learned that my Father has been abusing my Stepmum and that she is going to take my little brother and leave him, I feel like I am now responsible for my Dad and sorting his life out as well as my brother and Stepmum and am feeling like I don’t know how to handle it all myself as i’m only 23. I also feel bad about the burdon I put on my boyfriend with my family problems I guess it all ties in with this dream.

  55. heather says:

    i have been having tornadoe dreams ever since i was very young, only more recently (o say the past 4 years) have they become more common. i can honestly say i’m terrorized by these dreams about one a month, sometimes more during the actual tornadoe seasons. but it wasnt until last night i woke up in pure chaos i was so frightened because in every tornadoe dream in the past i have always woken up before the twister would actually hit me or the building i was in, but last night i was in a city, which is a new place for me to have been in this type of nightmare, and i heard a friend gasp and say “o my…” when i looked over my shoulder and see the funnel cloud forming and approaching me, i took a deep breath and let it out slowly and closed my eyes when i ran out of air i tried to take in another breath but it was so loud and the pressure was so intense on my chest that it was extremly painful inhaling, i think it was the feeling of death, which is very scary for me to think about hence me waking up in extreme fear and tears. but even though i was asleep it was the first dream where i could actually feel the pain going through my chest, which worries me even more. i’m searching for any type of answers and came upon this page and to read that other people are having recurring dreams, maybe not as intense and disturbing as mine, but maybe someone will have a suggestion for me.

  56. chuckie says:

    I had a dream last night of a tornado coming towards were i worked. I yelled to everyone but they wouldn’t listen. I ran to the basement (even there is no basement) and there was huge window and i saw the tornado. I needed something to protect me and to the right of me was a red bible and i used it to cover my head. I survived and got into my car and tried to alert the rest of town there was a twister, but no one care.

  57. Chelle says:

    I have also been having incredible dreams featuring intense tornadic activity. I dream of them quite often, actually at last twice a month. Just last night, actually I had one of the most intense ever. Usually, in these dreams I only see one and it’s usually in a place I have never been before. Either on an open country road, or in a house looking out of the window but it’s a house I’ve never been in. There are usually no others around me…no one. I am alone.
    Last night, there were other people but I didn’t see their faces and I couldn’t hear them speaking. We were all standing on a grassy knoll, overlooking a massive field of green grass that seemed to go for miles. In the distance, the sky was blacker than night, with hints of green and red. There were SIX tornadoes, white funnel clouds that were quite thin -side by side- and then to my right, I saw a massive black wedge tornado, had to be equivalent of what an F4 might look like. Above me, there was another one, not touching the ground, but just whipping through the sky. I was literally surrounded by them.

    I did not try to escape them and throughout the dream, I felt completely calm and at ease, as if knowing that I couldn’t be harmed. I have never been harmed in these dreams, it’s almost as if I want to reach out and touch them.

    I do have 3/4 Native American in me (Apache-Navajo to be more precise) and my Grandfather was an incredibly spiritual man, as am I. I am very in tune with Nature and do possess some psychic abilities, one of them oddly enough affects the weather. When I am very angry (which is seldom) the weather will turn ugly. I have always been fascinated with severe weather and will follow a storm if I know it’s going to produce hail, winds, lightning, etc. I don’t know why…and I don’t know why I have these dreams.

    I am glad I am not the only one though.

  58. Kashones.. says:

    I had one lastnight. I dreamed that tornadoes were forming everywhere direction I was looking. I mean huge tornadoes. Coming from everywhere. Scary scary, I was so glad when I woke up. I thought i was the only one, lol.

  59. Paula says:

    I have been having dreams of tornados for several years. Last night was the worst by far. They have never been this huge nor so life ending.

    The dream began with me and nondescript friends dining at a nondescript diner on Rt 611 near the Willow Grove Naval Air Station in Pennsylvania.

    The weather is perfect but all of a sudden a HUGE black tornado is noticed on the horizon by a customer looking out the window. It approaches quickly and the diner’s owner takes control and “drives” the diner away from the tornado; interesting fact is that in the old days diners were actually on wheels. Well anyway the diner is speeding along and the dark cloud envelopes it for a moment with great turbulance. I know that I am sitting in my seat with my hands over my face crying from fear. Terribly upset.

    Suddenly the scene shifts to an arial shot, like on the news, of the destructive path of the tornado. Showing it moving from PA into NJ near what I believe is the Princeton area. This is where the diner stops and we are alerted that the tornado has passed.

    We emerge into downtown Princeton, near the university, and it is a beautiful day again. However, I look up to the sky to make sure that the tornado is gone and my eyes fall onto a mud covered body in a tree. It is a young man trying to escape the snarl but he is so out of it he makes himself fall; I avert my eyes to avoid seeing him fall to what I am sure is his death. This causes me to notice more mud covered bodies in other trees, two or three bodies entwined, gasping for breath, trying to escape. My eyes focus in on their mud stained faces and open mouths—horrific.

  60. robin says:

    I have had recurring tornado dreams for the last ten years. When i was young(3rd grade) i was caught outside in a tornadoe in Indiana. But the dreams started after seeing the movie twister some 10 years ago, (20 years after the incident). They vary in degrees, but it is always after me and i always find a way to escape. I can’t remember the last time i had a tornado dream until i had one last night. That’s what promted me to look on the net. I was surprised i am not alone.

  61. Joscelyne says:

    I had just started having recurring tornado dreams in the last 6 months.
    Strangely enough I had my first dream a night before a tornado came just down the street from me in New Smyrna beach that particular cell came from the storm that swept accross Lakeand killing 20 or so people and went through deland write to New smyrna just down the street. Since then I have had these recurring tornado dreams but this week I have 2 of theses dreams and they weree the most violent , in the dreams Im always with my children trying to seek shelter really afriad for our lives because the tornados are coming from everywere and they are very dark tornados and most are f4 s I always feel like there is nowere to seek shelter because there are no basements or places to go underground, but I seem to be in the write place and I always avoid them but the feeling that I get from these dreams are frightening and leaves me thinking of them all day!

  62. Amy says:

    I have had recurring tornado dreams for over 10 years and always dream in colour. I’m from New Zealand where we don’t even get tornados! I sometimes am in familiar territory but often I am in places, landscapes and cities I have never seen before, that are so real that I can still picture them sometimes months, years later. I am usually leading people I have never meet before, trying to find shelter for us but seldom can I find anything underground other than a occasionally a cave. It’s almost as I have a beacon on me and they are following me. They never harm me however, but they are so dark and massive and incredibly destructive. It’s like I am the first one to see them and the anxiety is so real. I once had an important dream. “a tornado was coming as usual and I was beginning to run. I was told to first meet a person on the roof waiting for me. I was anxious but did this and when I saw him I felt I had known him my whole life. He said that I was not to run this time but to stand still with him behind me, that he would protect me. I did as he said and the tornado didn’t whip me up! We then found ourselves in a garden looking at my child photo album and he was exclaiming about the photos like he was right there at the time. I questioned him and he said that he knew me my whole life.” I think he was some kind of guardian angel…I didn’t get tornado dreams for about 3 years after that. In the last few years that have started again, especially when I feel inner turmoil and stress. Maybe you could ask for spiritual guidance.

  63. Heidi Snyder says:


    I have recurring tornado dreams, they have been going on for about 12 years now, I don’t have them all the time, but every now and then, I have also dreamed of a sunami coming to the east, I didn’t know what one was, until I looked it up. How can you dream stuff when you don’t even know what it is? I don’t know why I am dreaming this stuff. Last night I had major tornado dreams, multiple tornados, are always coming in the horizon, I find shelter in a basement, then I hear it, think its passed, I go out of the basement, to find more coming, that happened continuously last night, I really don’t know why I am dreaming this.

  64. B says:

    Tornado dreams, I can remember 3 in my life vividly and they are so full on and they drain all energy and they are so scary.

    The all end up doing the same thing they rip through the room that I am sleeping in right beside me and there is nothing I can do about it I and I can hear the loud noise of them ripping the house apart and all I do is lie in my bed and watch it because I am so scared of moving and they feel so real and they effect me greatly in my waking life, especially because of the noise they make.

    I know at the moment I am feeling overly anxious and I can’t remember what was happening the last 2 times these dreams happened. So maybe its fear and anxiety that causes them.

    I do wish i didnt’ have them they are awful.

    I have also have massive wave dreams and war dreams that all have powerful noises and are so vivid. not fun!

  65. Linda says:

    Last night I had a dream that I was in a restaurant on top of a tall building.
    There was some kind of dinner party going on. Lots of people were there. My dog was out in the car and the back roll down window was broken. Some people were outside trying to fix it. Then the manager comes over and starts trying to hit on me and my husband is standing right there. I look out the window and theres a funnel cloud decending but it hasn’t touched down. As it passes over the building the whole building shakes. Then someone decides we should evacuate. We start down the stairs but there are all these little old ladies who need to go first so we are all helping them because the stairs are covered in terrazzo and there are no railings. So I have to touch all their soft hands. And they are all like “thank you dearie” and all that even though I just want to run down the stairs ahead of them, I stay until the last one is out of the room. Then I remember that I left my purse next to my chair, so I run back to get it. I look out the window and see that there are six black tornadoes some distance away, but I know they are headed towards me. My husband is calling me to get the dog. I woke up.

  66. Linda says:

    I forgot to mention that my previous tornado dreams all took place at my parents home where I grew up. Recently, though I saw the house that is no longer there because the people who bought it pretty much tore it down and rebuilt a new house.

  67. Adam Williams says:

    I cant believe how many of you have had the same dream as me, the reason why i had to find this site is because in the last two nights i have dreamt of one massive tornado with three smaller ones going round and round me why throwing me up in the air, then falling down and feeling the force on my body so i wake up hurt, but the main thing i wanted to tell you about, which i noticed what other people have said, is how scared i am by it all when i woke up, i had to wake my girlfriend up as i was really really shaking with fear, why have i started to dream these things, is it the terrible things that are happening in the world or is it me being silly, please help.

  68. lydia says:

    i cant believe that so many people are having the same dream that i do. ive never looked into this, but after my same tornado dream last night, i wanted some answers to its meaning and here we are.
    have had same tornado dreams since childhood. now am 35. always at my parents house where i grew up, always see it coming and try to get everyone, pets included to the basement. sometimes nobody takes me seroiusly and im trying to get everyone to safety. usually i wake up but several times the tornado hits and there is damage but we’re not hurt.
    there has to be some connection, look how many people are in their childhood home when they see the tornado and try to get everyone to safety.
    there has to be some meaning behind these for so many people to have so much in common in these dreams. what do they mean? please help, im curious!

  69. stormy NH says:

    this is so crazy…i never thought there would be so many of you with the same dream! But mine tend to differ a little. I have dreamed of tornadoes as long as i can remember. And everytime i dream of them, I remember that they are familiar to me. This last dream i had, i dreamt that i saw the tornado coming and i only had a few minutes to get to the basement. I was with several people i knew, but because this senario is so familiar, I already knew where I needed to go. So, we all went to the basement and turned by head around just in time to see the tornado coming right towards us. I closed my eyes, we got swooped in. I held on to this one girl in particular. I decided to be brave and open my eyes. I looked around and saw within the funnel cloud the past days of our lives floating by. it was like a movie screen. We were safe inside. I told the girl I was holding to open hers too. She did, but some how she got too close to the funnel and the peace was disrupted and i had to pull her back. No one else noticed because no one else opened their eyes. We survived it and in the dream, we talked about it.

    it’s internesting…i use to be afraid of them, but now i think it’s more about learning and God than anything else.

  70. Amber says:

    I have also had tornado dreams for as long as I can remember last night for some reason this one stuck in my head.
    I was speaking with Madonna on the telephone, and somehow became friends with her, She gave me a free backstage pass to a concert to she was going to have.
    as I was waiting in line with everyone for my scheduled concert to begin. ( there were several sheduled that day, kinda like at a movie theater)
    My scheduled was to begin at 2:00 I think it was just a bit earlier than that.
    suddenly In the distance moving towards us, we could all see a Clean White Tornado, full of no debris coming towards us rapidly.
    everyone was running around trying to find a place to hide
    The tornado went directly over the venue and destroyed alot of it.
    we were all urged to go elsewhere to wait it out, and then come back to find out when the concerts would be resumed that same day.
    I worked my way to an insurance company. ( im an Insurance agent IRL)
    and adv them I just needed to wait there for a moment.
    They tried to headhunt me, and get me to work for them.
    I worked my way after a while back to the venue and was told that Madonna had decided not to go on, and that we would entertained by some other band.
    Just then another Clean crisp white tornado started to head towards us
    and we were again advise to go out of the vunue and seek safer ground.
    Each time I would go someplace the tornado would seem to follow me.
    i worked my way through an old ghost type town with a group of people trying to find where I had parked my car, to just leave. As I walked through the town there were several shops that were going to be opening. The shops were owned by diffrent types of people. One was chinese, one was Indian… ect ect… they were all going to open at noon. Which in the time line of the dream seemed weird to me becuase i knew it to be after 2pm So i had wondered if more time had passed than I had thought.
    When I found the car I had rented I was a convertable, i didnt remember it being a convertable and was very excited to find it so. It took me along time to find my way back to the venue and again another tornado was on its way, this time we headed into the venue to find a safe place. The venue was very much like a mall. infact it might have been a mall, but with no actual shops in it. Well the spaces for the shops where there. Like an abandoned mall.
    As we were huddled there in the mall I looked up to see the clean white tornado rip off the roof and I started to fly up into it.

    Then I woke up.

  71. adrienne says:

    this past year i have started having these dreams (im 17). I am the only one who ever sees the tornado in my dream and i am always outside and all of a sudden i see a tornado coming. I try to run inside but it seems as is im running in slow motion. also im always with my family, and they never seem worried about it but im freaking out. I always run into my house and in the basement but its not my house, but i think it is my house. Last night was my first dream where i saw 6 tornados. I have never been hurt by the tornado. it passes and i eventually wake up. these dreams terrify me and i wake up out of breath and scared when i wake up. Another dream is when i was playing tenis outside and all of a sudden a tornado came, i am always playing tennis with the most random people and i am the one who always spots the tornado. yeaa.. anyways…

    i dont get why i have these dreams….

  72. Louise says:

    every month about every 2-3 weeks in that same month i have dreams about terrible thunderstorms and tornados. i want to know if someone or something out there is trying to tell me something…please help me….

  73. Amanda says:

    Hey, another tornado dreamer here! I have an idea as to what these dreams may mean. Any of you control freaks like me? I have a feeling all these tornadoes represent situations in our lives that we feel we need to get control of. It’s as if we feel our lives are being swept away or engulfing us and out to get us. It makes sense to me. In fact this past year, I have learned to let go a little of the controling when my mom passed away, I am learning I can’t control anything but myself, and I have only had one minor tornado dream. Does this make sense to anyone else?

  74. dash says:

    Last night I had two dreams in a row.
    The first one, was about a HUGE tidal wave coming at me.
    I was in the city with collegues I think, I looked back and saw the huge wave coming.
    I quickly ran up a pole nearby, then everything was washed away. Quite frightning!
    Note: I never had a tsunami-like dream before.

    After that dream, I dreamt about Tornado’s. I’ve dreamt about tornado’s before, probably 4 or 5 times.
    I’m alway in a car with one or more friends, and a stranger.
    There are always multiple tornado’s, light colored and dark colored.
    Trying to drive away from them, which I luckily always seem to manage!
    After that I wake up, leaving an eerie feeling behind.

  75. Nucleo says:

    When I was a little boy, I had an dream in my willage watching from the house to the forrest of five fire tornados.
    I just remember having that dream once, but there where boys like me with me that I didn’t know. That’s probably one of few dreams that i remember in my whole life.

  76. Chasintornados says:

    Oddly enough…I can’t recall when these have started…the last was within the past year and this year has been quite calm, without change, turmoil, etc…My tornado dreams seem to be just that…tornadoes…scares the hell out of me in my dreams, but when watching one from 30 sec. away and impending death coming after, of course one would be scared, lol.

    My dreams are always of multiple tornadoes….I’ve never counted…lined up back to back, seeing four or five when looking in one direction, more in the other. They’re always rope tornados too. Usually destruction around. Not necessarily at home. True, always looking for someone very close to me, but only because when faced with impending doom we look for those who are closest to us. I never have a reason for them, at least no logical reason I can think of. Always working towards preservation in these dreams, but who wouldn’t? Lol. There are usually strangers in my dreams as well.

  77. mark says:

    I’ve had tornado dreams several times per year since adolescence. I’m now 52. Often I can feel the building shifting as the tornado approaches. I had one of these dreams last night, the funnel cloud was huge and went way up into the sky. I am always in a house or an abandoned relatives house when these dreams occur. I don’t wake up scared but it is scary while I’m dreaming. Everything always turns out ok if I get to dream the entire dream. Maybe THAT is the dream feature to focus on rather than the destructive storm itself?

    I also have another recurring dream, I’m on an c airplane that is taking off but it can never reach the cruising altitude. sometimes the plane flies under freeway bridges one after the other, the bridges get higher and higher but the plane always flies underneath. Sometimes the plane crashes but everyone on board is ok. Often there are lakes and/or swimming pools nearby.

  78. Roxi says:

    I heard John Paul Jackson descibe White tornados as the presence of God or his Spirit and that he with you or supports you or, or that he is going to take you down a road but don’t fear it is the lord doing it. The main thing to remember is it is very good thing.
    Other tornados may be a more ominous, or means you ar being overwhelmed by something or there is some aggression by you or others.
    I remembered this when I had a dream last night of being overtaken by a white tornado. As I was in the mist of this tornado I kept calling out “Are you the Holy Spirit” then the face of a lion appeared, the tornado appeared a second time and this time it lead me out into a field and made me lie down, I was worried that my family and friends who were watching would be affraid that I was being hurt but I wasn’t, I was feeling very much at peace so I lied down to enjoy the feeling that was overcoming me.

  79. SpyderBite says:

    I just had my first tornado dreams last night. Yah.. plural. Two of them, back to back. Both just as frightening but the second was more destructive.

    The first one seemed to be more “personal” and revolved around my brother, uncle and I. Just one of those weird dreams for a bit, then my brother and I go to the “mall” and we get separated and its at that time that the twister hits. Oddly, many of us run to a Men’s room, but 2 of the 4 walls are windowed. So we watch the tornadoes do their thing but don’t witness any damage. Flying people, ect. It ends with a girl younger than me (I’m 38) holding me on the floor and asking me if I had a house. I woke up and barely remembered where I was at first. I haven’t had a dream that vivid since I was on the patch for smoking! ;)

    Ok.. I’m gonna paraphrase the second dream because it was rather long.. which was right after I laid back down last night after waking from the first one.

    I am working for a large company (as I have several times in my life) but this one sort of resembled my time at Charles Schwab except that we worked outdoors in bleechers. Many of my co-workers were actually people I knew from high school. I am slacking as I tend to do and spend most of my day at work in a rather large and elaborate break room which has complicated vending machines offering everything imaginable.

    My father catches me leaving the break room to head back to work. He asks me a silly question (in my mind, because that’s my field.. to him its complicate) about his computer.. worried he’s being hacked. I laugh it off and explain and then head towards the bleechers but am ushered back in to the building and towards a torando shelter which is quite a trek. On our way to the shelter my Dad joins us, and we witness the tornados doing their thing around town.

    At one point several of the tornados take a corporal form.. like giant sand people and begin ripping the roofs off of buildings. The rest of the twisters are huge monsterous triple and double twisters. We meet in an outdoor courtyard and my father ushers me and a friend from grade school to sit with him to “talk”. We already know what its about.. he wants us to attend a beginners computer seminar. We try to explain that we are already experts.. and then we are told to return to the building.

    Once back on the campus, we view the devastation. sides of buildings torn off and bodies of co-workers everywhere. Some of them are people I don’t know, many are people I’ve worked with in the past. We’re stopped and asked to verify our credentials and I have a hard time filling out the forms. My right eye is irritating me something awful. The last person to speak to me before I woke up from this dream was a guy that I worked with from my last job. I couldn’t understand what he said but I recognized his voice.

    As I said in the beginning.. these are my first tornado dreams. I rarely remember my dreams. And, the only time that my dreams have had a common denominator was when I was on the patch for smoking and that was a documented side effect. I read Jeremy Taylor’s explanation as it was one of the first I googled when I woke up. And, it seems to state that this is stress related and due to an inability to relax. However, his suggestion that something creative inside of me is challenging me is what has me intrigued.

  80. Saucy78 says:

    I have had two tornado dreams in one week. I usually have dreams of not being able to get up and run or not being able to scream, but now it’s tornado dreams. Last week’s dream: I went inside of a grocery store when someone said to take cover. Instead I ran outside to see what was going on. I saw the tornado coming my way. Someone shouted to get inside of my car (which is strange because that’s a bad place in real life to be). So I got into my car and hunched down. The tornado came over my car, my ears popped because of the pressure change, and went on its merry way. I was fine but scared.

    Last night’s dream was interesting. I was a frequent customer of a burger place, to the point where the staff liked me coming in and helping. They even hugged me goodbye. I was about to leave, when my “dream” friend New York (yes from tv’s I love New York) came to see me. We were chit chatting out by our “dream’ convertibles and I could see three tornadoes forming in the distance. The skies had gotten black. I just stared at they kept forming. Then I remember watching a plane trying to take off. It tried to go straight up into the sky and it was tethered. Fortunately the crash didn’t hurt anyone but the wings were torn off.
    I can’t remember anything else.

    I don’t have anything that I know of coming up or changing…strange.

  81. Lynnae says:

    I too keep having reoccurring dreams of tsunamis, tidal waves, tornadoes and climing under or on top of bridges. In the tsunami dreams I am usually inside our house upstairs watching from the window. I usually wake up before it hits, and in other dreams I can see the water slowly coming in under the door. In my tornado dreams I am watching from the upstairs window watching the trees and telephone poles leaning almost half way down ready to almost break. When I have the dreams of climing over or under the bridges, I always go carefully looking at the water as I journey across, but I always wake up before I make it across and a couple of occasions, in the dream there are costruction worker’s working on the bridge and I slip and fall ,but I wake up before I can land.

  82. Mackenzie says:

    In the past few years or so I also have had reoccuring tornado dreams, and last year I was going on 2 tornado dreams atleast each week. But for awhile they stopped. Then I was experiencing some problems in my now relationship and I truley believe that tornados symbolize what they say, some form of turmoil. After the problems were fixed I haven’t had one recently. However, everytime I have a tornado dream i’m always on a deck, or field or like most of you looking out a window, with it only seconds away from impact. And I’m always warning people to get to somewhere safe, and like always no one is listening. Here is the creepy part, the tornado dreams excite me, but they still remain scary. Now I find myself fasinated with them, and don’t mind the dreams anymore.

  83. KuernoDeChivo says:

    I am not sure how many of you are following this thread. Since I originated this thread a couple years ago I receive emails whenever there are additional comments added. Most of those comments are dreams posted by dreamers that I have never met or heard of.

    What I find interesting is that almost invariably I get a rash of updates to the thread within weeks or days of major Tornado events.

    Just look at the recent dates posted through January and now in February we have had major outbreaks that have killed over 50 people.

    Since these are “reoccurring”, it’s my guess that many of us are not reposting every time we see the dreams.

    It would be neat to have a place on this website or another where members could simply login and “check-in” every time time we see a reoccurring theme.

    There could be a few different subjects like Tornadoes, big eaves- Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Riots, War, Meteors-Comets, Nukes and so on. That would make it fairly easy to graph and quantify the relationship of these dreams to real events on a mass scale.

    Like I say, at this point I have no doubt that these dreams are more then some unconscious-outlet about a bad relationship or something…lol

    What worries me is how many reports are starting to come in on my original Nuke post. I seriously hope that doesn’t coincide like the tornadoes have.

  84. shameka says:

    lately for the past 3 months or so ive been havinq these dreams about planes.and in every dream im tryinq to run and save my family.some dreams, the planes crash down but then in some the planes are droppinq bomb ?i no this isnt about any tornadoesz or such but someone help me out im qettinq freaked out :O

  85. Alexandra says:

    I was just watching Storm chasers on TV (never seen the show until today) when I remembered that I had a dream last night that I was on the freeway in a car and I looked ahead into the sky and saw several tornados in the distance. There were probably 5 or so and they would have definitly surrounded me the further I drove towards them. There was also a part in the dream where I was outside and I looked ahead and saw a MASSIVE tornado. I started yelling to someone near me (not sure who) that this was Off the Tornado Charts, bigger than a F5. I just remember looking at it and thinking, wow, this is history in the making. There has never been a tornado reI don’t remember anything else from the dream. I do know that something occurred in the dream where I was trying to take cover and hide from the tornado but I can’t pinpoint it.

  86. Alexandra says:

    I was just watching Storm chasers on TV (never seen the show until today) when I remembered that I had a dream last night that I was on the freeway in a car and I looked ahead into the sky and saw several tornados in the distance. There were probably 5 or so and they would have definitly surrounded me the further I drove towards them. There was also a part in the dream where I was outside and I looked ahead and saw a MASSIVE tornado. I started yelling to someone near me (not sure who) that this was Off the Tornado Charts, bigger than a F5. I just remember looking at it and thinking, wow, this is history in the making. There has never been a tornado reported bigger than this one. I don’t remember anything else from the dream. I do know that something occurred in the dream where I was trying to take cover and hide from the tornado but I can’t pinpoint it.

  87. KuernoDeChivo says:

    I just had another “multiple” tornado dream a couple nights ago. This was a little different since I am usually in a house or driving. This time I was in a small Mexican Restaurant. I was there with my children and wife. I looked out side and I could see a swarm of tornadoes about a mile or two away. There were crossing the lake so technically they were still water-spouts.

    Since the restaurant sits on a hill over looking the lake and the lower part of town I could actually see the water churning.

    As they approached I had the kids get under the table. The room started to get dark and the wind was howling. At that part of the dream is when things got a little weird. The radio that was playing in the restaurant somehow got changed to the emergency radio traffic in the area. I heard distinct local emergency traffic referring to “FEMA” and the feds. It was like they piped a scanner into the restraint audio system.

    Next we were out exploring the damage. We didn’t make it more than two or three blocks from the restraint when we came up on large trees and other debris blocking the roads. It was a real mess.

  88. Caroline says:

    I’ce had recurring tornado dreams since I was five. I remember the very first one when I wa stat age and it involved my room spinning and becoming the tornado. I was cast up inside it and able to see my toys and things spinning around in the room below me. Every now and then I’ll have dreams of tornados where I’m seeking shelter and one person and I find a place - a basement, under a bridge, or a ditch etc. where we can wait it out. It starts with hail and changing sky color and winds shifting and is always extremely realistic. I also have had several where I see multiple funnels that are huge, yet they don’t cause the damage you would think they would. Those usually are in succession and I’m trying to drive away from them or run etc. The funnels are always already on the ground and very clear to see and, strangely, I don’t feel the wind very much. Sometimes, it’s a little too quiet. To me, these dreams can be frightening, sexually arousing, or stressful. I’ve had all feeling pop up from them at different times. Once, there were two people that died - one was swept up into the tornado when I was trying to hold onto them. Somehow, I made it from the ditch to a group of people trying to wait it out underneath a highway road overpass (actually, a stupid place to try and be safe b/c it creates a wind tunnel). I once also was on an island that was extremely wooded and tropical. I was having to try and drive through a terribly overgrown (yet sandy) path / road to warn people that there was a tornado coming. Three times, I have dreamt that I was in Estonia and it was completely overtaken by some kind of ice sheath along with tornados of snow. I don’t remember too much about that one except that I found myself tying to follow a powerline to get back to where I lived and out of this area (south). VERY weird, that one, but not frightening. I remember seeing a lot of lightning in that one as well.

  89. jackie says:

    I have had a dream of a tornado about once a week for the past year. They are never the same and they start out like regular dreams and then a storm comes and I am trying to find shelter.

    Could someone give me some input of what the hell it is about??? It is annoying. I wake up and say, another tornado dream! Figures.

  90. Russ says:

    Yeah I have Tornado dreams too. Thing is though, I’m from Australia and we don’t really have tornadoes, only very small ones if any, that wouldn’t even destroy a house. So I’m not sure if it relates to tornadoes in real life. I do get angry a lot especially lately too, so I haven’t had tornado dreams for awhile, up untill now. Plus I used to have tornado dreams when I was a teenager. In real life back then my parents used to argue like hell, so we were all scared at home.

    Now to the Dream:
    My tornado dreams are similar to everybody else’s. The one last night was, I was a passenger in a car and I could see 3 tornadoes in the distance out to the side of the car up in the mountains and they were heading our way. The traffic up ahead was crawling, so I said they’ll hit us by the time that traffic moves, let’s turn off this road. So we did but the road was a court it had factories in it and we would have got trapped staying here. Plus I saw old rusty big chunks of metal sitting on the nature strip and said to my wife who was driving. “We gotta get away from those things they’ll be like missiles if the tornadoes come near us”. That’s when I woke!

  91. Lynnae says:

    I had a dream that I was outside standing on my porch watching my neighbors who had gathered for a family gathering when all of a sudden everything looked like a dark shadow and my neighbors along with their family and their house was devoured by the tornado. I then shut my door and tried to reach my children, I wanted to tell them to hang on to something but no words could come out and we kept tumbling around, I tried to calm myself and think about GOD and then I awoke with my heart pounding.

  92. Dawn says:

    Wow, I am surprised to find out that all of the people posted are having the same types of dreams I am! I have been having ‘tornado’ dreams for years…but, the intensity of them has increased over the past year. Always big (F4, F5), black, and destructive. Lately, they have been over water - And there have been ‘two’ of them. The other night, one crushed a house and we found 2 gay men dead in the bed. The house was still together, but severly damaged and unstable. It was so strange. Like many of the other postings, I am always in my parents home, our cottage (where I went summers growing up), or in a strange town that I don’t know, and was driving prior to getting to it - and I am always looking out a big picture window. Always have the feeling ‘to run, seek shelter’. One time recently, after the storm hit the house I was in, afterwards I saw ‘like a kalidescope pattern of stars and paisley designs in multiple shimmering colors swirling in the sky’. One other time, a woman “stepped out” of the tornado and spoke to me as I could feel the wind whipping through the house, she told me “You shouldn’t fold your dollar bills in a 3-point like that, especially in a tornado, someone could get hurt by them” (???) I was afraid before she spoke that the tornado had ‘found’ me - but afterward more pensive and curious. Has anyone else had people ‘coming out’ of the tornado and speaking to them? I journal all of my dreams and even draw pictures afterwards. This helps me to track thoughts and dream contents. Was frusterated a few nights ago at the last dream and didn’t write it down. I was like so many others and thought “what is going on with these tornado dreams???” Then I found this site. Wow. Think I will write down that dream after all!

  93. Dawn says:

    Ps. Curious as to how many having these dreams have Christian-based faith?

  94. Ruby says:

    I too have been having tornado dreams for a long time now about 10 years maybe. Last night my in my dream my sister did not want to take cover in the closet and when it hit it took the roof off the house we were in and then her. After it passed I sought ouside to find her screaming out her name - i found her she was unconsious lying half way on a car - I thought she was dead and I shook her and she woke up - thats when i woke up crying and crying. My tornado dreams do bother me. They are scary. They are about 3 or 4 times a week. I have read that the intrepetation of tornado dreams mean, situations out control and stuff like that. But gosh for 10 years? Yeah sometimes life isnt honky dory, but sometimes life is going okay and when it is I feel I shouldnt dream of tornados. ?????

  95. heidi says:

    In the past year, I have dreamt both of tornados and tsunamis quite frequently. The tornado dreams are of multiple tornados touching down all around me, but never causing massive distruction. I am always in a different place, but most of the time I remember being in old, stone structures. With my tsunami dreams - 3 in the past 2 weeks, I always witness the recession of water, the huge wave but never get pounded by it. I am most of the time with some family members, but mainly with people I never met before. This dream also happens in places I never have been to and the last one we took refuge in an old stone structure that was either on the beach on in the water. I find it very interesting that so many people are have similar dreams.

  96. Adam says:

    I am very shocked to have found this page. I have had tornado dreams for a couple of years now, and I will usually have one once a week, once every two weeks, sometimes more and sometimes less. They are all very similar to everyone else’s posts, so nothing really new or different! Sometimes I die, sometimes I can get out it safely. Last night I was able to live through two tornadoes by hiding down in an underground parking garage, I could still hear the tornado above me as it tried sucking me up but I was safe! This happened in a downtown area, It was creepy because the sky on one side was clear and sunny, but the sky over the buildings were low, dark and fierce. These kind of dreams happen all the time, sometimes I am in a house where I usually feel helpless and end up feeling death, and there are times when I am out in the road somewhere and there are multiple tornadoes that I usually will not survive, Or if I do live I end up being scared to death anyway…How creepy, I can’t believe this many people dream the same things….All I know is every time it storms I am always freaking out about tornadoes and crap, I’m not even sure I was scared of them years ago…..

  97. Nessa says:

    I am so pleased to have come across this, like many others I have been having these dreams for many years. Until recently they were very much the same. I was upstairs in my parents house (a property they sold 3 years ago) in my bedroom looking towards the nearest town (which I could see from my room) and there were multiple tornadoes, the sky was very dark and they were coming towards us. I’d rush to get my family together somewhere safe and the dream would end. I had another of these dreams last week but the sky was so much darker and the dream much shorter, I didn’t get any further than looking out the window at the storm. Last night I had another of these dreams where I was in that house again but I was getting ready to get married, I was in my wedding dress standing at the front door looking over to my aunty’s house across the road. I could see her in one of the rooms because the light was on, she had people over for a party and she was asking them to leave so we could all go to the church. I needed to go over there but the rain and hail was so violent I couldnt step out the door. It was so dark it was like night. Hopefully others who read these posts will find comfort in knowing that others have the same reoccuring dream.

  98. marie says:

    I have had tornado dreams for years. They are not the same dream or place, but I figured out a few years back that I should expect something soon. With in 24 hours after one of these there is ALWAYS some type of drama with my mother, don’t know why. Just yesterday morning I woke up and told my husband, well i just had a tornado dream, and he said, oh great, Then I told him I was expecting 3 dealings of drama, because there were 3 twisters in this one. Then I watched the news and rememberd there is always a report of tornados on the news within hours of my dreams, so since there was a report of three tornados touching down in VA. I’m going to go with that’s why there were 3 and I don’t need to worry about 2 more drama issues from mom. I hope this isn’t some bigger sign for us. I had know idea other people had THE tornado dream. I really don’t remember my dreams but I allways remember my tornado dreams, they stay fresh in my mind for days. They seem so real and powerful, yet I never get hurt.

  99. Harry says:

    The tornadoes in Virginia at Monday (April 29th) made the news in the Netherlands yesterday . I wonder whether anybody here dreamt about that …

  100. Lori says:

    I just talked to a friend last night about similar tornado dreams we had both had, and today I have been on-line trying to find out more. This site is amazing! For years I had tornado dreams. The one consistent factor in every dream was that I would look to the horizon and see many many tornados coming toward me. They were usually the long ropey kind, I was usually scared, and there were often as many as 10 or more but they never got to me….I was always OK…..they always passed me by. Then I had one dream several years ago where the tornados made it to where I was, and as I looked around I was no longer scared. They were like tall strong pillars, and as they moved in close, I realized that they had beautiful carvings on them and I was able to reach out and touch them with my hand. I felt very peaceful, and all the fear was gone. I knew they wouldn’t hurt me. I don’t think I have had another tornado dream since then. I never could find a correlation between events in my life. The tornado dreams stopped when I was in my most turbulent years. As I read all these similar dreams, my impression is that most of them involve a spiritual message of some kind rather than a response to stress. It is so uncanny that so many people are having the same dreams. I never realized that. But I am not sure I completely understand the message.

  101. Jewel says:

    I had a dream this morning about 4 tornadoes the longer slim looking ones coming toward me on the horizon. The wind was blowing around us and I was moving family to safety in the basement and could not get to all of them fast enough, but I woke up before the dream was over. I have never dreamed about weather of any kind before.

  102. mary says:

    Like above ….having tornado dreams and finally googled to try to find out what they might mean….. I’ve had the dreams for the past 4 years, about 3xs per year. Had one last night. This was the closest the tornado has ever been. It passed right over my home, my family all survived I think. Prior I’ve always seen the tornados off aways in varing distances. I always wake up feeling this was not a normal dream….seems more real; and unexplainably significant. Another drem that comes close to feeling weird,repetative and significant is being in Chicago(I was only there once and years ago) and there is something destructive and big that happens there. The last time I had that drem was about 6 months ago.

  103. mary says:

    Like above ….having tornado dreams and finally googled to try to find out what they might mean….. I’ve had the dreams for the past 4 years, about 3xs per year. Had one last night. This was the closest the tornado has ever been. It passed right over my home, my family all survived I think. Prior I’ve always seen the tornados off aways in varing distances. I always wake up feeling this was not a normal dream….seems more real; and unexplainably significant. Another dream that comes close to feeling this weird,repetative,and significant ,is being in Chicago (I was only there once and years ago) and there is something destructive and big that happens there. The last time I had that dream was about 6 months ago.

  104. Kristal says:

    I’ve had a few dreams about tornados. They’re really weird. I can’t remember all the details of my previous dreams. Though I do know that all of a sudden there will be so many tornados all over the place and I’ll just watch them. I’ll be mildly scared..but what’s weird is…I’m always in strange places..places I’ve never been..houses and neighborhoods I’ve never seen. Sometimes the tornados will be close….and I’ll be kinda amazed cuz I know they’ll cause damage and are suppose to suck me up in the air..but they dont. I seem to always be hunting for shelter but never really finding any. Just the other night I had one…I was with my cousin and there was a tornado on the street and it seemed almost as if it was following us..and we kept searching for shelter…a ditch..something..but never really could find anything good enough. And last night I had another one. I was with a few people..some I dont know who were…didn’t really see their faces. One was my husband and the other was my mom though..and we were all in a white van..and we got out and went in this store and did a little shopping…and as we were getting back in the van…there was one of my cousins and she said that a tornado was coming..and I looked..and sure enough…the tornado just kinda swung around us in the sky(if that makes sense) and I jumped out and grabbed my husband and we were headed back into the store…and my mom was heading out with a buggy full of stuff and I told her there was a tornado and was wondering why she couldnt seem to hear it…it was right there! She seemed ablivious to it and only cared about getting her stuff in the van…the tornado just kinda disappeared…and I walked over and saw a couple of guys laying on the ground at their house and I walked over there to see if they were ok. (this is where it gets realy gross) I walked up to him..and noticed there were roaches crawling all over him and falling off of him…and I saw them in his mouth too (>.<) I proceded to ask him if he was ok all the while thinking that it was so gross…he must be dead…and then he said yes he was..and it tried to get up and kept falling and got his head stuck in the dirt?? Then there was another guy who I walked up to and asked if he was ok..and he had roaches all over him and the house behind him had roaches all over it….uhh…then it was over…wat does that mean!!?

  105. SarahM says:

    I just found this site while I was trying to find the meaning of my dreams. I have had around 15-20 tornado dreams in 2 months. In the first tornado dream, I was in a factory trying to find safety from the tornados. There were around 40 tall, skinny tornados all over town. I had that dream several times. Lately, my dreams have been at my parents house. There are always more than 5 tornados. In one dream, they were made of fire. In another dream, there were probably around 40 tornados again, and then a tornado, smaller than me, popped up right beside me. I touched it and felt a little suction, but no harm. Then last night was probably one of the worst dreams. I was trying to find shelter from the tornados. I found a small pit in the ground around 10×10 with just a very old 2×4 wooden roof. The tornados were directly on top of me and a lot of dirt was caving in while I was in it. Every tornado dream I have had, I was aways in a panic. Can anyone tell me what they could mean?

  106. Marie says:

    Speaking only for myself, I feel when I have a dream of a tornado, it means something spiritual. A message to me. The last one I had started with my family, a bunch of strangers and myself were all outdoors. I noticed a storm on the horizion. I quickly told everyone to get inside for safety. We went into a home, don’t know whose, and everyone sat down and basically waited. I walked up to a picture window and noticed the wind had picked up even more than when we were outdoors. I updated everyone in the room of the change. Not wanting to scare everyone, I didn’t divulge all the details about the storm. It looked black and was sort of hiding behind a bush. It did not scare me. I felt very strong facing what I thought was about to happen. Next thing I knew, three white tornados formed right in front of the picture window. Once again, I told everyone, but had no fear what so ever. Then to my surprise, a woman sort of flowed out of one of the cyclones and walked up to the home we were in and laid her hands on the home and prayed. That’s not all. She then walked right up to the picture window, smiled and me, and said: “Do not fear, all will be well.” My heart leaped for joy. I feel we are living in the last days, and God is not only warning His people, but others as well. I can’t say for sure who the woman was, maybe an angel. But she was very comforting to me. She looked me right in the eyes, and I could feel her strength. Bad times are ahead for us/America, but after reading Psl. 91, as a believer, I have nothing to fear.

  107. Vicki says:

    I’ve also been having recurrent tornado (sometimes Big Wave/tsunami dreams).

    -usually I’m always in charge of getting everyone to safety (usually family/relatives).

    -there are multiple tornadoes-skinny light ones and very dark, fat ones.

    -I would have to “duck” them out in shelters or by holding on to something, like a column inside a house and wait them out one by one.

    -Usually after one tornado comes and we survive it, another comes a few seconds later..I would see it far off from a window and announce it to everybody.

    -latest one: saw a “real” horse, then a huge plastic/metal “head” of a clown or some kind of carnival-like face fly in the air and drop down..then the tornado comes. I run into a closet, I try to close the door and find it hard from the sucking pressure. I remember telling my mom, “see, a horse is flying, what do you make of that?” Strange.

  108. Vicki says:

    As for the Wave dreams..

    the latest one I had involved me being at the bottom of this concrete driveway with high walls around me..depth kind of like a 12 ft. pool. Anyway it’s deep at one end and comes out onto land/beach on the other end. I’m at the deep end and see a huge wave crashing from the beach. A second one comes and we get wet. I look to the left and see a staircase.

    From the right a sort of gun-man is staring at me and starts running after me. I run up the staircase to escape the waves and the gun-man. I start dodging bullets. However, at the top, I’m cornered and he shoots me. However, I’m not dead and I fall down and close my eyes, pretending so that he would go away. He leans down quietly with his gun and checks to see if I’m breathing. Just as I’m about to burst and give myself away, I wake up.

  109. Lisa says:

    I had a dream last night… I vaguely remember it, as a matter of fact I think I caught it right before I forgot what it was about. My younger sister and I were selling something, clothes I think? Or we were shopping, it was something to do with purchasing or selling clothing… I’m pretty sure it was selling. The end part of the dream I remember the most vividly - we were in a dark colored car with another woman, I don’t remember who. I was seated in the backseat. As we were pulling away, my back door was open for some reason and right in front of my face was this thin, long, frightening whirlwind… I was hanging on to the side of the door, my legs were a bit out of the car. I peered forward to get a better look of the situation, and as I did I witnessed a twin whirlwind right by its side (which scared me a bit more, because they were so close in proximity and eerily close to me) - this twin whirlwind was by my knees. I remember that prominently, for some reason, that it was right next to my knees as my body lay part way extended from the car, like I was hovering or something.

    Although I’m used to my dreams being frightening, so even though I know I am scared in my dreams I am unaffected by it for some reason, like I am numb to the accustomed feeling. That’s all I have to say about that! I felt compelled to look it up after I woke up.

  110. ShindoW says:

    I have had these dreams since I was very young, about 6 or 7. It doesn’t progressively get worse or really any less voilent, its usually the same thing: the tornado is seen outside the window or in the area of my home and I am trying to get everyone to the safe place in our house (the shower). Most of the time it is dealing with my brother who cannot walk and is mentally retarded. I am struggling to pull him by myself (we are twins, I’m almost 21) and if I try to tell my mother, she never listens to me. Sometimes the dreams are in another house (my grandpa and grandma respectively) but even then its usually the same.

    I just found out about this phenomena today and I’m thinking about researching it now that I’ve seen how common it is!

  111. ShindoW says:

    I just started a website devoted to these dreams, everyone please join, I should have forums up asap!

  112. Chris T says:

    I can’t believe this many people are having the same dream. Just like a lot of you I had a very vivid one this morning and decided to research it a little more. I possibly have tornado dreams at least five times a month, and those are the ones I remember. I have had these dreams as long as I can remember and have never understood why they are always the same until this morning. I have not lived with my parents for over twenty years, but the dream is always at my parents house as if I was still living there. There is always four to five tornadoes that start off in the horizon, and I spot them thru the window of the house. I always grab everyone and run to my safe spot in the basement. Once we know we are safe we head out to see if there is any damage and there never is. This always repeats and I usually wake up. This morning however it went a little further, and as we were all outside looking around and I see another much bigger tornado heading right for us. I grab my brothers and parents and head back to the basement. This time I know it hits the house and the sounds were just awful. As the tornado passes we all go out and see that the house was trashed, and that has not happened in my dreams before. I woke up in a cold sweat not fully understanding what just happened. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  113. Sean says:

    Wow, there’s alot of people having these dreams. I dont remember my dream from last night as well as some of you do, but it was enough to leave me feeling shaky inside. All I clearly remember is the tornadoes themselves, they were everywhere I looked. I think it was kind of an open area with lots of hills, but the tornadoes were shooting debris around everywhere. There was one of these tornadoes that was completely made of fire that shot flames out as it spun. This is where it got real strange though. The fire tornado seemed to have a head and was very animated, like it was alive. I dont really remember being scared or anything during the dream, but when I woke up I was extremely shaken. Also, I dont usually remember anything from my dreams, but I can still picture this one. I’ve never had one of these dreams until now. Just thought someone might have an opinion. Thanks.

  114. Rhiannon says:

    It’s amazing to find that so many people have similar dreams as me. I’ve had reocurring tornado dreams about five a year. I usually see multiple tornadoes from a window, can feel the wind and power it creates, they are very strong and violent they destroy everything around me, as i sit fascinated watching them, then the tail always starts easing it’s way to me, as if it’s tryin to get me and sometimes it comes into the house through the window and I scramble lookin for places to hide. I always get out free but it gets so close I have fear of that its the end of my life, something I have no control over…it’s very scary.

  115. hannah says:


  116. hannah says:

    but i had a dream i just woke up from 20 minuites ago i was in my backyard playing with my dogs (im 10) then a f-5 shows up i grab my 2 dogs and run to my house i made it but only by 6 seconds and when i woke up 20 min. ago it was storming and there was a tornado watch I WAS SCARED:(


    July 22,2008

    I have had tornado dreams and many of them for the past 10 years??? I do not know what they mean all I know it that I want an answer…. I have these dreams and they are scary- They are always like F-5 tornados and there are many of them- I am never hurt but I am always watching them form and develop and wreck everything- I just had another one last night- they happen like 1 time a week- I need to know what is going on —

  118. NLS says:

    ShindoW, I went on your sight but there isn’t an option to post anything yet.

    I have been having these dreams since I was a kid and thought I was alone in this! Now I see I am with all you good people. I have a very odd theory and that is I think these dreams may be related to Alien Abduction… ok, If you believe in that at all, then hear me out, if not, ignore it.

    Many of you have reported that you actually get the sensation of being sucked up into the tornado, sometimes painful, always frightening… you see or sense something bad coming your way and cannot escape it, feel helpless. If you read people’s accounts of alien abduction, many are sleeping when it happens. They hear and feel the whooshing sound/hum of the craft above their home or outside their home… they are levitated up into the craft. Maybe these “tornado” dreams are the only thing our minds can come up with to explain what has happened to us??

  119. Peter says:

    I dream of many Tornadoes and I’m always trying to move away from them I never get hurt but they are real close and there is no path away from them I am surrounded by many. Its never just one Tornado its 3 or 4. I woke up last night scared after dreaming of really violent Tornadoes and being in the middle of the city trying to escape the destruction. I always manage to just keep out of the way of them. Ive read the other comments but no one has given a valid explanation as to what these dreams mean . I’m always alone in the dream trying to avoid them and always do . Does anyone know the possible meaning of Tornadoes in dreams. Is destruction coming for me in my life , I was really scared last night even after I woke up with a foreboding feeling. I don’t get scared of dreams but these ones do a number on me. Can anyone help me interpret these dreams . Is bad stuff coming for me ?

  120. Tania says:

    Wow! I have always had dreams about tornados and tidal waves. I’m from New Zealand where we don’t have big tornados like the US. It’s amazing how similar everyone’s dreams are to mine! I don’t need to even describe them as they are all so alike. Last night I dreamt that there were swirling clouds in the sky like they were at the eye of the storm or the start of tornados. There is always more than one tornado. I know that last night’s dream will be one of those that sticks with me through the day for a couple of days.

  121. Jules says:

    I have had a couple dreams about tornados in the past 3 months. I am never fearful in any of the dreams. The last dream had several rope tornados intermingled on the horizon with a beautiful shelf cloud. This dream occurred while I was staying in Colorado Springs for my best friends wedding. Then on Sunday night tornados touched down in Castle Rock which is a little ways north of Colorado Springs. I feel that there are huge changes in my life occurring, but I also feel that my intuition is very high right now. I have felt the tug of the Lord… I feel as though positive changes are occurring for me and that he wants me to come to back to Him. I am curious about those who have frightening tornado dreams vs. those who have beautiful tornado dreams and the correlation to their faith. Any ideas???

  122. Kuerno says:


    I usually am not afraid in my dreams unless I am with others and feel THEY might be vulnerable.

    I am kind of a weather nut and I would not think twice about driving closer to a Tornado so I could get a better look.

    Like I say with the exception of a few dreams where I might be diving with family I wouldn’t say I am frightened. Although I would typically try to get out of the way and where I could watch it in peace.

    Overall they are just realistic, Sure I take precautions against obvious dangers just like I would in real life but I am not waking up in a cold-sweat either. Most the time I watch with “awe” and curiosity.


  123. Karin says:

    In response to Peter, who wonders what they mean: I just found this site after searching the subject because I (once again) dreamed of multiple tornados last night. I have had this theme off and on since childhood (I’m 40). I believe these dreams often represent either feeling overwhelmed by external realities in your life, or a recurrance of stress that is based in your early family life (like relationship issues that might have their basis in issues from your family of origin). In my life, tsunami dreams have prceeded a major shift of some kind in my life, sometimes traumatic.

  124. Jake Hurley says:

    ive had about 5 of them since early 2008. the tornados range from a couple to alot. i always have to protect the people around me, because no one else is apparently able to see it. when i wake up, i feel like i havent been breathing for a while.

  125. Christa says:

    I had a dream of several tornadoes. First it was my home that was split in half - I could see outside in a distance a tornado. Then my father and my child were hurrying to a safe place because one tornado had come near, and we needed to get away from the winds.

    Then my dream shifted to storm chasers, one storm chaser was standing still and one formed around him, and he stood there not afraid. Then another formed behind that one.

    Then my dream again shifted to a doppler radar map pinpointing the largest tornado on record was heading toward my home. I was not in my home. Some how I was on the road that my home was on, but I was a mile or two away from my home and the tornado had already passed.

    Again I was with my dad, husband and daughter and we decided to go down the road and see what happened to my home. we came up on a hill, and caught up with the massive tornado, and we took shelter again in “half a home”.

    there were 5 tornadoes total. I have always had dreams about tornados for as long as I can remember. i live in tornado alley, but I have Never SEEN a tornado in my life. I don’t understand.

    I told my friend today, and she metioned several people were having dreams of tornadoes… and there is always “5″ she said there was something magic about 5, and a prophecy from God. ???

  126. Karin says:

    I have had several significant tornado dreams. The important thing for me is always what is the season as there is always a precognitive component to these dreams for me. Also, who is NOT in the dream seeking shelter. I had a significant dream last year about a tornado hitting in the summertime and hitting the building I was in but ending up walking out of a building that did a 360 from the tornado. This summer, two significant family crises happened on the same day.

  127. Nathan says:

    I have had one very intersting dream about three tornadoes that came down in the middle of the city that is near us. At first I felt some fear as me and my family fled for safety with the others around us. But as I so often do in my dreams, I realize that it is just a dream. Then I begin to wonder what I can do to stop these tornadoes and end the dream. My next thought as I recall is what would superman do? Immediatly I flew into the midst of these tonadoes flying faster and faster in the opposite direction, totaly decemating them from my dream. I woke up, chuckled and went back to sleep. Having conciece knowledge of dreaming and having control of them is not something unusuel.

  128. Cyvette W. says:

    I have had these tornado dreams since the mid to late 90’s. I usually an standing at the window of the apartment I lived in as a child, and see them coming. At times it is just the way the sky looks that lets me know one is coming. I am never hurt by them, I just start yelling a warning to those around me and trying to get them to safety. The majority of them seen not to notice the danger. I also have the wave dreams since around the same time. The tornadoes represent times of war, trouble, strife. Many don’t see these things coming to American soil, but they are. Especially the war. Though the waves may have foretold of the tsunami and even the catastrophic flooding caused by hurricane Katrina, there is another upcoming event that these dreams represent. It’s written of in Revelation 8:10-11. It’s the impact of a star called Wormwood. In one of the posted dreams on this thread, it was mentioned that the authorities planned to leak the info by putting it into movies. This has actually happened.

  129. Cyvette W. says:

    The movies Deep Impact and Armageddon were just that. There was even a practice mission to test the ability to deflect an asteroid on a crash course with the earth. It was called Deep Impact. From what I understood, this star was actually discovered in the 80’s, and is currently hidden by It’s position behind the sun. But it is reported to begin to be visible sometime between 2009 and 2010.

  130. Teresa says:

    I myself have had dreams of multiple tornados.. They are always in a new place and I see 5-6 tornadoes at once. Destroying buildings but never harming me. The buildings are all different colors. I have them several times a yr since I was young and im 24 now. I wonder if it is a sign somethings is going to happen in the years that come..but just the other day the were 6 tornados that touched down in missouri illinois area.

  131. Woowoo says:

    Tornadoes in dreams symbolize dangerous, destructive people. They can also represent destructive events in your life.
    If the tornadoes are far away and you don’t feel like they are threatening to you, then these people are around you but you are not currently targeting you.

    The closer to you these tornadoes are, the closer to you the dangerous, destructive people are.

    In any case, you better not get in their way and stay away from them. The course of tornadoes is unpredictable, just like these people.

  132. mn says:

    I have these dreams several times per month. The one last night being one of the worst, it knocked out my teeth. My subconscious has grown so accustom to dreaming of tornadoes they are generally no longer frightening. They always hit me or the structure I am hiding in. I don’t believe dreams have much meaning, if any. But it is odd this one keeps coming back and has for many years, especially considering I have never actually been in a tornado.

  133. saltlakegurl says:

    I also have reoccuring dreams of multiple tornadoes, a matter of fact I had one last night where i was actually in a tornadoe but was blown away cause i was holding onto some pole. But then all of a sudden the clouds from the tornadoe started falling down on me, after the tornadoe passed, I was telling someone how it felt like the clouds falling were evil spirits trying to get me.which everyone in the dream agreed…this goes to KuernoDeChivo I do think maybe some tornado dreams are about ur life being in chaos. But I also believe maybe some are like prophecies…the very first one I had I was looking out my back window…in herriman utah and saw probably 5 coming my way that some how got over the mountains from tooele. when I woke up i couldnt help but feel god was trying to warn me…now anytime there is a wind storm I always look out towards tooele waiting to see if there tornadoes. so since u said something about salt lake valley it would be interesting to see how many r having dreams about tornadoes in the salt lake area or where these people r from. just something to ponder

  134. KuernoDeChivo says:


    Most my dreams have been about Utah County and not Salt Lake although one was. It would be something to see those type of tornadoes roll into Salt Lake.

    BTW - remember there was a fairly large tornado for Utah standards that slammed into down-town Salt Lake City, so it is possible. There are a few videos of that even still up on YouTube.

  135. Christine says:

    I have had recurring tornado dreams where I was helping others get away since I was a teenager. They used to be extremely vivid and frequent. When I found out that I was an alcoholic and read that “The alcoholic is like a tornado roaring his way through the lives of others.” Something clicked inside of me and I had an “ah-ha” moment. Since then the dreams are less frequent and less vivid, but when I have them, I look at how I am behaving in my life towards others. Am I being a rampaging tornado, roaring through others’ lives? In most cases, I can say “Yes” and work on changing my behavior. I hope this helps.

  136. Nicole says:

    I am yet another person who has these recurring tornado dreams, but mine are different in that I am always fascinated by them. Of course, my first impulse is to get myself and the people I’m with in some form of shelter, but generally once I see that the tornado is not going to cause harm, I can relax and appreciate the beauty. Last night was a particularly wonderful dream….a wall cloud was coming, the sky darkened, I could see the tornado forming not too far from me. I was scanning around to see if there was a basement/shelter. But, the tornado just passed by- it was so amazing! I felt incredibly lucky to be able to witness this event first hand. I should mention that I wanted to be a tornado chaser when I was younger. Anyway, once the tornado passed by, it dissipated and the sky cleared, and I was left with this incredible feeling that this moment was meant to be, for me.

  137. Sunshine says:

    Hello everyone!
    Ugh…very tired this morning…these dreams of devastation leave me drained…last nite’s multiple tornado dream was as odd as the last one…only this one had a white cow giving birth in it…and I was searching for her groan in a house that had empty rooms, no doors or windows and barely a roof while tornadoes were dropping all around the area outside. I found the cow laying down in a room where she had given birth and I knew she wanted me to save and help her calf to safety that was to the right of her, there was some sort of weird creature off to the side of the calf coming it’s way, but I managed to lead the calf out of harms way. I was not afraid of the disaster surrounding me with major damage being done by the tornadoes. Then the calm came and I was outside looking at tree stumps on the ground as if they were sawed off and the imprint of a person on each one of them, as if they were burned into the wood. The next thing I knew…they were like 3d and growing coming to life form…I know, weird, huh? Anyways, that is all I can remember from that one. Any interpretations would be welcomed…just found this site, so I’ll book mark and pop in from time to time and will prob. be adding lots more dreams, as I have had many during my lifetime and many come true. They are usually about disaters, sad to say and I feel I need to document them. This site seems to be right up my alley….no pun intended lol…….. Thanks for being here. ps I did go shopping yesterday and other shoppers did seem to be like a bunch of restless animals ….must be the pre-Thanksgiving chopping thang….ho ho ho.

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