Sometime ’98 or ‘99 I was leaving my house in a mountainous area of Utah where I lived at the time. When I looked down towards one of the nearby small towns I noticed a bright red meteor falling from the sky. I believe I was on my way down to the town to pick up a member of my family.

On the way down to the town I noticed more of these meteors becoming even more intense. As I passed the city office and fire station of the very small town where I lived I wondered if I should stay in town to help with the situation. (at the time I was a member of the fire department and also served as an EMT)

By the time I got down to the town the meteors were hitting everywhere. I remember being by a building that had a corner or area that provided some protection from the elements. In this area the wind was being caught and papers and debris were being blown in a small whirlwind (like most of us remember in grade school) the only difference is that many of these papers and trash were on fire.

By the time I left the town there was a feeling of panic and being out of control (I lived in LA during the ’92 riots. The over all feeling was similar). As I headed back up to the hills where I lived I saw these meteors hitting the mountainside. It was at this point I realized it would most likely be useless to go to the fire station and that I might as well just go home. (it was typical during emergency weather or conditions for all available firefighters to be paged to the station to await possible calls).

Now in my opinion this is where the dream gets just a little weird. I ran up the porch to go into the house. I could see spirits…I guess…? Floating and flying through the air. Some came as animals and would kind of transform into a human type form.

I was more than a little freaked out so I opened the sliding glass door on the house and stepped inside. When I got inside I looked out and a small girl type spirit flew up to the door. She hovered off the ground and looked through the door and without making any sound she talked to me through the door. As far as I could tell she didn’t talk with here mouth but here words penetrated my body. I don’t recall exactly what she told me but I do remember my initial feeling that I wanted to do her harm was replaced by a more trusting feeling.

One of the things that I thought I understood at this point is that the meteors changed something or signified the change in something that allowed for the communication between us. At this point the dream fades…