Anyway this morning May 17, 2006 I woke up to another tornado dream. This time I was in a very populated area – possibly Southern California. I was riding as a passenger in a car and we were trying to find a good place to watch the lightning of a thunder storm that was blowing through.

We were just getting ready to stop when my eye caught a major tornado almost black with debris. It was a little scary because this thing was close, only a few hundred yards away. I told the driver to get us out of there.

The next minute seemed to take forever as the driver maneuvered the car in the parking lot to get us back out on the open road to try to escape this large vivid tornado. We got back on the major thoroughfare where we drove like crazy as the tornado seemed to wind back and forth following almost the same path.

About a mile up the road we found a large concrete garage structure that we drove into like many other of the cars around us. Now again I can’t say exactly where this was but I can say where it reminded of. The main drag had the feel of Foothill Blvd in San Gabriel Valley California. Once we were under the concrete garage structure and got out of the car along with other people. We moved towards a window or opening to look outside to see the damage.