I am something like a thoughtform drifting on what I perceive to be a planet. It is dark, there is no light yet, no sun or stars.
Then, like the coming together of a few factors, I see the first light appear, as if in the palm of my hand, two filaments of light twisting and turning together, but then immediately it is far off, and it is the first light ever, a dim red sun.
Now I can see I am on a big beach, by an ocean.

Now there are others like me, two others, I think. I now have form, but we are too primitive to communicate. (I perceive myself to be female?) Something is there to teach me. I am told to take a small stone (of about such size that I can close my fist around it). This stone resembles me. The group (myself and the other two) is vulnerable, we are too few. I must pick up another two stones, one for each of the group. I think I can use the stones to communicate. I am the (female) leader energy of the group.
I must pick up another stone. This is for doing special things with, I think it will protect us. I must teach the other two how to use the stones.
I am very old now.
I am shown that I can protect the group by picking up more stones, as if the group is bigger. One of the stones I picked up was actually the shell of a brown garden snail.

The time of the group is over, we must perform the ritual and end ourselves. The group is bigger now, there are about six of us, I think we are all female. Each has two sticks and a piece of string, and we are going to commit group suicide. I am very old now, and very scared. We are standing in a hole in the ground, and inside this hole is a deeper hole, perhaps filled with water, or is it just thick darkness?
Each of us plant one of our sticks in the ground and tie the other stick to it with the string. So one string is horizontal and the other is about vertical. The strings still have a long loose end, and this goes around our necks. I am scared of dying. We all jump at the same time, and for a moment I don’t want to do this anymore. I feel the string (rope?) tightening around my throat, and I make a strange choking sound. Then I am blacking out, and I except death.
The entity on my right does not want me to die, because I was the first, I am the oldest. She pulls me back up to the ledge, and unties the string from my neck.
I am relieved, but furious with her. Death had been so close, within my reach. I call out her name, and call her a bitch.