I can't help but wonder why I continue to dream of flooding. When my stepdad was alive, I could go to him, and he would interpret the dream for me. Now, some of my dreams leave me in awe.
Several times this year I have dreamed of flooding. One of the dreams was unusual because the water just seemed to flow down the streets, and we were standing on the sidewalk looking at it.
Another time I dreamed we had to be rescued from our house as it was being washed away by the flood waters. Maybe all the talk about Katrina has been planted in my subconscious. But, other dreams were during a time when it was not hurricane season.
If someone out there knows how to interpret dreams, I would like to know what it means when I constantly dream of bodies of water?
There is a river that flows through a certain part of our city, and it used to flood every year. There hasn't been a flood for over five years now.
Is it normal for dreams to repeat themselves?