I remember the feeling as if the world was ending – extreme fright and panic as if a nuclear explosion went off. The feeling was vivid and real. I was really feeling as if the world was going to end. There was burning, orange flames and smoke around a city – feels like a big city like New York. I can see tall buildings. Things were on fire. Then there is a shift. I am now falling. I am falling spread eagle from some were very high. I have time to think to my self - I am going to die I am really going to die. I see myself from above now. I impact spread eagle very hard on to the angled part of a boat deck. The boat is a large passenger ferry. It is white.

I do not die! I do not understand but I am too happy to question why. I feel an immense sense of relief as I pick myself up. I am surprised at how little of what just happened is affecting the people on the ferry. Why don’t they wonder why I am not dead? They seem to be ignoring me. I walk toward the stern of the boat and I see my wife in the middle isle between the two rows of bench seats. She is surprised that I am okay. She tells me she was so worried when she saw me falling but I tell her I’m okay now. We are both very emotional and we embrace and kiss each other over and over again in joy. I’m not sure what is going on with everyone else. I think they are all heading toward the front of the boat.

While kissing her head I repeat to my wife and try to reassure her, “it’s okay”, “I’m okay”, “I’ll protect you”, “everything will be okay”. At that moment as I have her in my arms I see two men suddenly appear behind her. They are wearing black leather jackets. One is bald and looks African American while the other is taller and gangly. He is wearing dark glasses. The bald one says to me “no it will not be – you will not be okay”. I am startled awake.