Here’s what I remember.

I was looking at the news on the PC. I came across the “Drudge Report” and found an article about “Earth Changes” namely due to the increasing activity on the Pacific Coast and the “Ring of Fire”. There was a map pf projected changes along the West Coast. I do not remember all but what I did see and remember was alarming.

I could see loss of land mass all up and down the coast. Most of San Francisco area was flooded but what was surprising is how far the water went inland into the Northern and Central Valleys and particularly the Sacramento Valley. The words in the article as well as the narrative voices in the dream mentioned that it was a combination of rising ocean levels as well as land mass changes and even Tsunamis caused my earthquakes and volcanoes out in the Pacific Rim. As I looked at the map again it looked like the water went straight in eastward around the Bay area and then spread North and South once it reached inside the central valleys.

Oh and I remember thinking I needed to call someone to ask them if they had seen the news. It was someone who had been predicting changes but I don't remember who it was.


Needless to say I was shocked at what I saw. After the fact I wished I had looked at Oregon and Washington since have Family in the PNW. I also failed to get a good look of So-Cal. I only saw that out of my peripheral vision but I can say the Blue encroached upon the land along the entire coast line but I focused on the Sacramento-Fresno area since it seemed to take up the most area.

Now being quite alarmed I looked up the Elevation of the Sacramento Area when I got into work today. In my mind I was saying that such an event could never happen. After seeing that the elevation was only between 20-60 feet in that area I was really taken back.

This is the first dream I have had like this. The only other thing close to it was the re-occurring “Big-Waves” dreams I used to have where I could see the waves getting higher and eventually hitting the houses along the coast in places like Oxnard Ca.