In the dream, the earth under a building shifts without any seismic activity occurring. At a later time, a tall building falls on another building crushing it completely while I was trying to explain that this might happen. It might have taken some time after the earth shifted under the building before it fell onto another building.

I made a prediction on my website that a building that experienced no seismic activity would fall for seemingly for no apparent reason due to the earth shifting underneath. Since the lack of seismic activity was part of the dream, I postulate that the cause for the earth shifting under the building could possibly be due to a sonic boom or ultrasound vibration from a near distant or very far earthquake.

Possible Interpretation: The symbolism for the dream points to a great leader falling suddenly and dreadfully like Biblical Goliath. Even after warnings, the foundation collapses when the ground shifts underfoot – all control and support are lost. This may occur to more than one world leaders in different places in the world, which could include leader(s) of major industries, the arts and entertainment, health and medical industry, food supply and distribution or other walks of life, including the possible fall of a corporate giant.

This is how I would interpret the dream of May 29th should a tall multi-story building fall in a town or city that is connected somehow with a near or distant earthquake that projected strong ultrasound vibrations that affects a tall building.

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