Dreamt that there are animals livings on Madagascar that I have never seen before. (This might mean that no one has ever seen these animals before either.)

Madgascar is situated in the Indian Ocean east of Mozambique and South Africa.

In the dream, I saw a map of the southern most tip of Madagascar. This USGS map of the southern most tip of Madagascar is similar to the image of the map seen in the dream image:


About 1/3 of the map of Madagascar was land and 2/3 was a blue sea area, or perhaps it's 1/2 and 1/2? Either way, the area of the map covered in the dream image was the southern most tip of Madagascar.

Since the Indian Ocean was shown in the map of the dream image, could it mean that these animals have a special relationship with the sea as well? Will they be discovered soon or being discovered now? Do they live in the sea and come on land periodically or only on special occassions? Do they live on both land and sea, going back and forth at will or on a predetermined cycle?

I am more of the opinion that these animals live on land since the dream said the animals lived on Madagascar, but anything here is possible that might include the Indian Ocean.

Does this relate to an earthquake happening in the southern most tip of Madagascar possibly exposing these animals to human observation? Admittedly, this is a far out guess but it is very much within the realm of interpretative possibilities.

Last but not least interpretative possibility, since we are dealing with animals, land and possibly the sea, could the Goddess "Sedna" that resides within the mythology of the Inuit people (Eskimos) be activated here?

For more information on Sedna, please see: