I have never had a dream of this nature before. I am a 55-year-old retired police detective. Last night I dreamt I was walking down a tree lined city street. It was dark but some people were still on the street walking. I did not recognize the street but I knew I was in Pittsburgh PA where I live. I could see all the neat houses that lined both sides of the street. Just then, I saw in the sky in front of me a massive explosion in the distance. I looked to my left, there was an underground parking garage, and I ran to the entrance. It was closed and the entrance was blocked by a gate of some kind. I reached down and was able to open the bottom of the gate enough to enter. I then started running down the ramps to the lower levels. It became dark and I had to feel my way along until I could go no lower. I had a cell phone in my pocket and I called my wife who was at home. Surprisingly the phone worked. (In addition, I remember being pleasantly surprised.) I asked my wife if she saw the explosion. She stated yes and said they announced on the news that it was a nuclear explosion. That someone had it in a truck and it must have went off by accident before whoever possessed the bomb could get it to his intended target. She said that it went of in Ridge, PA near Philadelphia PA. She told me that we should be safe because the fallout is not coming to Pittsburgh but that many people were killed and many more will be. I then woke up. I have never heard of a Ridge PA but this morning I did a Google search and found it about fifty miles NW of Philadelphia and one hundred miles from NY.