30 July 2007
First, I am riding around on my motorbike. There is another person that is riding with me. We land up in a city that looks a lot like Centurion, it is a place with the same type of waterfront. The other person goes into a hotel, while I stay at the waterfront. There are a lot of people. There is a person on a go - ped that comes past, but it’s one of those jobs where the rider still has to do some of the pushing, and he has to do a lot of work to keep going.
Then a person on a off - road bicycle catches my eye. He also has some kind of motor attached to his bike, and it makes a huge racket as he weaves his way through the crowds. I follow the person on the bicycle a short way, and come to a place where an off – road vehicle is parked right in the water, with water up to its bonnet. There is a woman in the vehicle, and she explains to the crowd that the vehicle will keep on going even while in the water because it has a snorkel attached to the air intake. She revves the engine, and it makes a huge noise.
I look at the water. There is a black oily dust on the water, but where the oily dust parts I can see through the water a bit. Then the vehicle in the water is sinking, and water is coming into the air – intake snorkel. The end of the air intake snorkel is silver, or chrome plated. The vehicle sinks right down, going down with the back first, but the woman inside does not seem bothered at all. After a while the vehicle simply drifts back into sight and comes up again.

I am in the hotel room where my friend had been. I have a bath and then I sleep for the night, and wake in the morning. In the morning I have a laborious task getting dressed, and I start worrying about the hotel room. My friend didn’t sleep in the room, he slept outside the hotel somewhere. Had we actually booked the room?
First I decide I’m just going to leave the hotel and find my friend and ask him, but then I decide to find out if the room had been paid for. If not, I will pay for the room before leaving.
As I’m sitting on the bed I look into a big mirror on one wall, and there is another man sitting on a second bed that is behind me. I’m a bit surprised to see him sitting there, and I turn around to look at him, but there is nobody on the bed. When I look back at the mirror there is nothing in the mirror either.
The man had sandy colored hair, grown straight almost like a thatched roof, with just about no style. He had a matching moustache. His face wasn’t fat or thin, and I think he was somewhere in his forties.