15 September 2007
Incubate for GVR6
In a butchery. I order meat and watch as the butcher cuts long bones on a band saw. (Not sure what this machine is called, its one of those saws they use in a butchery, in any way) He doesn’t hold the bones down on the cutting surface like he should, he holds them in his high and pushes them against the blade.
I take my bag of meat, but I cannot leave the shop, because the bag must be marked or sealed or something, because it is ‘wildsvleis’ (Meat from a wild animal, very popular in South Africa).

16 September 2007
There is a machine where people pay for parking. Some person (I think female) is trying to get her change from the machine, but she doesn’t get all the change. When I look in the slot where the money must be I see the money, but it is wedged in the bottom, because the slot is very thin. I try to get my hand in there, but the slot is too thin to allow my hand to go in.
In a little shop where there are gambling machines. I am gambling at one machine, then move one machine to the left. A young person comes over and tells me the machine to my right always pays out big money. I don’t trust this person, and decide to cash out my gambling machine and leave. The machine pays me out 40 pounds, some in loose change but mostly in 2 pound coins. It is a whole lot of coins, and I keep it in a pocket of the coat I am wearing.
I turn on the youth and become really aggressive towards him, telling him that things will go very badly for him if he tries to follow me. He leaves the shop ahead of me, and after watching him go I turn and leave through the other door of the shop, going into the parking lot at the rear. It is dark outside. There are only a few vehicles parked in the parking lot, and not many people around. I am smoking a cigarette, but when I remember I had quite smoking I only take one more drag from the smoke and then throw it away.
This action triggers lucidity, and suddenly I know I am dreaming.
For a moment I’m at a loss of what I want to do, but I do know I want to fly, so I take a running jump and lift into the air and do a wide turn. Then I remember my task of the GVR6, but as soon as I think about it I wake up.