19 September 2007
At a shopping mall, I am some kind of living toy. I’m about thirty centimeters tall, and somehow I landed up in some woman’s shopping cart. Now I’m outside with her, and she is moving the groceries from her shopping trolley to her car. I am on the ground, and I decide to get into her car so long. The woman looks very big above me.

20 September 2007
At some person’s house, I think he might have said his name was Morne. First me and him are in a room, but there’s a party on and we go outside. There’s about seven people in all, but they look like a boring bunch. I make some kind of negative comment about the party and the garden, something about how I don’t like either. Everybody starts to do little things to irritate me, trying to get me to leave, and I decide to take the hint. There are two small dogs in the yard. I go to my bike and Morne opens the gate for me so I can get out.
At the bottom of the street there are two vehicles parked in the road, and I think one of them was broken down but had already been fixed. I help the drivers to move the vehicles. I think one had a shredded tire, because I try to get the old tire off the rim by pulling at it.
In an airplane that is about to make a crash landing. Something is wrong with the safety equipment, there is not enough for everybody.