23 September 2007
At a body of water. There is a little float made of polystyrene drifting on the water, and fishing line leads from this float to something that looks like fishing bait under the water. The line also goes from the float to me, but I’m not on the bank of the river like a person fishing would be, I’m drifting about a meter above the water. I think of some kind of invention, where I would throw the float far out into the water, but then a boat comes along and snags the line.
I start drifting along the bank to where some other people are fishing. At the edge of the dam there are barriers like those next found next to roads, the broad steel ones with short thick wooden poles. There is also a concrete ledge about 400 mm thick. I start walking towards the end of this barrier, thinking I will fish from there. There are fish jumping in the water I’ve got a fishing rod in my had, but I somehow lose my balance and the fishing rod falls in the water. I take off my shirt and reach down and pull the rod back up, and in the process find another, broken fishing rod in the water.
There is a woman sitting there fishing. I ask her what she is fishing for, and she says Salmon. She also tells me what bait to use and where they are casting. For some reason my line is crossed with some of the other fisherman’s lines, and they’re none too pleased about it. All the line is off my reel. As I real in the line is going onto the spool wrong, but ignore it, deciding to first sort out the immediate problem of and I’ll worry about the spool later.
When I get the line reeled in I find a couple of other fishing jigs attached to my hook, some of them very complex works of steel wire, while another one is just two rusted old hooks. My own bait seems to be still fine.
At a building, on the ground floor. To get from one end of the building to the other, it is easier to go up one floor, walk along the hallway, and then down again. There are some people who have never been at this building before. They are going to try this route, but they’re not sure if they will be able to find the way.