On a construction site where concrete is being poured. The concrete truck is unbalanced and flips over backwards all the way until it lands upside down. Diesel immediately starts spilling onto the ground, and there is already smoke in the air. I yell for the driver and on other person in the truck to get out, and together with some other people start looking for fire fighting equipment.
There is food messed about. It is leftover food from a meal, and it gets everywhere, in drain, on some old newspapers and everywhere on the table.
At T’s Dads place. My bike is standing outside, but when I come out her brother had stripped the thing into parts just for the fun of it. I am furious. I scream at him to go and look at how many kilo’s the bike has on the clock. He looks very sorry for what he did. I take a piece and start screwing it back together, but the wheels and everything has been taken apart, so I don’t know what I’m going to do.