In a small town somewhere in South Africa. There is a crossroads and a big signboard showing the names and directions to other towns. I am high up on some building or something built out of steel, don’t know which, and I’ve got a huge set of something like pliers or a bolt cutter with me. I cut off a looped piece of steel from something – the looped piece of steel is about a meter in diameter, it was holding together some plastic thing.
There is a café, I remember going into this café which was filled with people.
At a body of water. I think it might be the see, but there was no waves so it might be a dam. There is a large bay, and some small pleasure boats, like speed boats, on the water. A road runs next to the water, and I watch a truck on the road.
At an unknown location. I have parked my car (blue Toyota I owned long ago) and now I am in a house. I open a drawer and I’m surprised at finding more of my stuff than I though I would find. There are two screwdrivers, some keys and other stuff. I pull open more drawers and find even more of my stuff, small things like my wallet, keys and so on. I go out to my car. There are other people also on foot, some woman.