There is something wrong with the car. It is broken or completely smashed. I pull at some plants, meaning to pull them out of the ground, but they break off just above the ground.
In a large department shop, I think Macro, looking to buy a Swiss army knife. The first department I go to hasn’t got them, so I go to the tools department. I’ve got a measuring tape in my pocket, but it’s a very old tape, so I don’t worry about security thinking I’ve taken a new one. I ask the guy behind a counter for the knife, but he says he doesn’t have them.
There are machines working in this part of the shop. They are back – actors, (those huge digging machines). One is a display only, and the other is also going to be part of a display once it has finished its job.
The first one picks little orange balls out of a container, swings around and drops them in another container. As is swings around lots of the little balls fall around and on me. From here the second machine will later pick up the balls and put them back in the first container.
For now, the second machine is digging, picking up building rubble and putting it on a second storey gallery like place, where a person is overseeing the job.
There has been a fire in this department, there is a large area that is devastated, and only ashes remains. Some of the store workers are picking through the ashes, look for a steel rack of some kind that was supposed to have survived the fire.
I go outside, and it’s dark. I want to look through some of the rubble outside to see what survived. There is a single thread of spider – web glinting in the dark. I decide to walk through it and break it. It catches on my forehead, but as I pull to break it, it is surprisingly strong, and for a moment I wonder where the spider is.