Dreamt that Barack Obama was walking coming forward with a long horizontal rope in front of him and another long horizontal rope behind him. The ropes were stretched out fully from left to right running from one end of the dream image to another – east to west, west to east. He was in the middle of both ropes by himself. Behind Obama were people in a single PYRAMID formation. They were all behind the second rope following Obama. Only Obama stood between the two ropes as they all moved forward. The group of people behind Obama numbered, for example, two, followed by three, followed by seven, etc. to build up the group in triangular or pyramid formation. Obama was corded off by these two horizontal ropes that ran east to west – these are not the actual number of people seen in each line of the pyramid of people that were behind Obama. This is as best as I can describe the dream.

I just heard on the news that there is an incident involving Obama’s campaign staff, but not much detail is being released by the news media. I feel that this dream pointed to this event. But as many dreams are symbolic, I believe that one possible interpretation is that from hence forward, due to winning the Iowa primaries, security around Barack Obama will tightened like never before with only a few people having direct access to him as suggested by the dream of last night. He will be roped or corded off from having direct access to the public, very much as the president is today.