Today, on Sunday, January 27, 2008 at about 4:00 AM EST very early in the morning, I dreamt, i.e., saw in my dreams, a great mighty wall of brown, dirt-filled water bubbling at every dimension of visibility, with large and small bubbles, rushing forward at a great and mighty speed. The wall of water rolled forward like a mighty tsunami maintaining its wall-like status along the way, not breaking into a wave that would allow one to see over the wall or beyond the horizon. Although I cannot estimate the height of this wall of brown, dirty, bubbling water, which was very high indeed, if I were to make an awake-state “rational” guess, I would estimate the wall of water to be at about 15-30 feet high, but again I really do not know its height at all! Immediately after the dream I felt that this was NOT a tsunami, and certainly not a WAVE of those forms. What it is I do not know? Your imagination can take it from here!

As to place, date and time, I do not know but could use astrology based on the date and time of the dream to figure out where, when and how? For the time being, let your imagination soar as we watch to see the outcome of this dream!