I was pretty deep asleep so this dream is a little cloudy.

I am about 80 percent sure I was in a medium size town near where I live. I was in a two or three story building that allowed me to look down to the streets below. I had headed up to the top so I could watch what was happening as I noticed military streaming into the town out of the east.

I was on a street that connects to a highway that heads East through the mountains.

Within minutes there were Olive-Drab Vehicles and armed troops walking down the streets.

Shortly after there were probably 20 -30 people in the upper room where I was watching what was happening. They had began to sit in rows back in the room like we were going to start some impromptu meeting. Everybody was very worried. Most people in the room were men. One man in O-D colored uniform mentioned that he would help protect us. In my mind I thought "Well there is only one of you... How will you protect us?... You might be the one needing protection if you get caught with us".

Everyone was talking about Martial Law and the consensus of the crowd was that we were now under Martial Law.

Looking down on the street many of the troops had exited their vehicles and began walking around starting some operation.

I heard some words being mentioned about that time but I am not sure what I heard. Then I woke up.