1. The recent rash of large to moderate earthquakes, as well as those in odd locations, throughout February will continue in March. Earthquakes from 3.5 to 5.0 were seen on the New Madrid Fault, Texas, and New England states. This increase in odd and frequent earthquakes will continue throughout the 2008 year and are a connected to the earth current pole reversal. The polarity of the earth’s magnetic pole is in flux, moving from north to south in a slow but fluidic manner,

2. Barack Obama will win the Democratic nomination. As soon as he does, he will be embroiled in one controversy after another. Mr. Obama will also face up to three assassination attempts, one that becomes highly televised; probably captured on live TV.

3. I see Russian Troops being deployed and mobilized along the Eastern
Russian boarder. This is a direct response to the US missile shield, especially when concrete agreements with the US form between the Czech Republic and Poland and intensifies when actual construction begins in each country.

4. I see a major scandal in England over on of its’ Prime Ministers. The scandal looks dug up by the English tabloid media to try to pump sales.

5. I see a large earthquake hitting north of Japan. The magnitude is between 6.5 and 7.5. There is a tsunami warning, but waves of only 4 feet are generated and dissipate before reaching land.

6. I see more spring melt off for Greenland and far less melt off for the rest of the artic. This raises questions and debate over global warming verses natural weather shifting.

7. I see Dmitry Medvedev as the new president of Russia. I also see President Bush making a negative statement about Dmitry Medvedev’s election, referencing to the lack of democracy involved. I see a response from Dmitry, referring to anti-US foreign policy and Mr. Bush. I also see Mr. Putin standing in the background, becoming darker in tone and making militaristic threats (worse than we are used to) while Dmitry stands forward speaking Peace, Peace, Peace.

8. I see a state ruling against gay marriage being over turned on the basis of being unconstitutional. This turn over become a concern to conservatives as to whether this ruling will influence future anti-gay marriage laws. The “gay” issue will again be used to bring republicans out to vote

9. I see a lot of happy announcements for people I general. There is a huge amount of pregnancies being announced and happy soon to be parents and grandparents. I see many newscasters, famous people, and family members and friends announcing pregnancies. In addition to pregnancies, I also see people happy about goals materializing this month.

10. I see NASA receiving or announcing a second clue that biological bacterial life once existed on mars. This evidence is similar to the evidence found on the Martian meteorite. I also see more and more focus on Mars, specifically life on Mars. I see a probe at the Martian probe sending more evidence of life on Mars. I soon see confirmation that bacterial life currently exists on the surface of Mars near the Polar Regions.