On 31 Dec 2007, I posted to 3 different websites my predictions for the new year. Among these was a premonition I had about a major new UFO sighting, which I felt would eventually become as well-known as the "Phoenix Lights" of 1997. Eight days later, (on 08 Jan 2008) the mainstream media reported a series of sightings around Stephenville TX. Strange UFO sightings continued in that area for a couple of weeks after that, and this UFO flap (which many call the "Stephenville Lights") is now considered to be the most important UFO event and largest mass sighting since the Phoenix Lights event.

Then on 08 Feb 2008, exactly one month after the first report, I awoke from a dream that ended with the word STEPHENVILLE in bright red letters (all caps) that floated above a black background. I viewed it from different angles, beginning with straight on and then gradually becoming so slanted that it seemed I was seeing it from the bottom edge. Later that evening, I posted this dream to websites and speculated that perhaps the UFOs would be returning to Stephenville soon.

About 30 hours after my dream (and about 22 hours after I posted my dream-based prediction), Stephenville was revisited by UFOs. To my knowledge, that was the last appearance of UFOs in the area around Stephenville. There are very few documented examples of someone correctly predicting the imminent appearance of a UFO at a specific location, and this dream is one of them!