I was in Japan, I was a tourist and was shopping in a town near a river, I was walking down a narrow street and there was neon signs on my right and some clubs on the left, I walked by a store which had been burned down and then noticed I could get into it and found some old books, then some people in blue clothes walked out and a guy asked how I got in and I said, the door was open and he said, yeah that happens sometimes, I went into a small office and on the second floor I looked out a window and saw a flooded river and there was some cars floating around in it and I thought, either there was a flood or a tidal wave. Then I went out to shop and I was looking for things to buy which were made in Japan and I walked into a store and this English guy tired to pick me up and was trying to show me things to buy, he recommended some chocolate in dark blue foil but when I looked more closely it was made in mexico, then I looked at some robes and thought the price would be the same in canada, anyway I went to the cash and the cashier spoke japanese to me and I couldn't find find my purse, I went find it and when I came back the English guy had explained that I could not speak Japanese and she looked at me and said "hello!".