I had this dream in the morning when I liked to sleep a bit more than normal. In my dream, I was in a room, no very big, full of woman sitting around. They were all dressed smart, long dress mostly color blue or green, with some hats or masks in the head. There were two guys in the center, one of them I knew immediately because I was in his course in the last evening.

He was using his hands to make a ball of light and I saw the bright light reflecting from the wall. The light came from his arm. I did not show much interest although what he was doing was extraordinary thing. I saw myself siting in the bed in the same room when other gay came near to me and I again was disinterested. After that I felt that this energy was already in my bedroom when I was sleeping and was all collected in a ball of light. I felt this energy and I become a flow of energy in resonance with the energy in my room. I was no more a person but only energy. I was paralised, I wanted to shout but I was not able. I felt that someone was pulling this energy and I became scared. I wanted to make the sign of the cross with my hand but I could not move my hands only finger; with them I made, in both hand, the letter "U" and my mind called the name of my salvator J. Christ. After that I awake up immediately.
I had a low mood for all the week and many thought.